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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  June 2017

You Go Settle Quarrel Make Peace Dey?

You Go Settle Quarrel Make Peace Dey?

JEHOVAH want make we value peace. E want make we dey do wetin go make peace dey. If we dey do this one, peace go dey congregation. E go still make people come join us dey serve Jehovah.

For example, e get one native doctor wey dem know well well for Madagascar. E see the one mind wey Jehovah Witness people get. E come talk sey: ‘If I want join any church, na Jehovah Witness I go join.’ After sometime, e stop to do im native doctor work. E come follow the advice wey Bible give about marriage. And e start to serve Jehovah, wey be God of peace.

Like that native doctor, many people dey enter Jehovah organization every year. Dem see sey Jehovah people get the peace wey dem don dey find. But Bible let us know sey if we too dey ‘jealous and like to quarrel,’ e fit cause problem for congregation, and e fit scatter friends. (Jas. 3:14-16) We happy sey Bible don give us better advice wey go help us. The advice go help us stop jealousy and quarrel, and continue to make peace. Make we see how the advice don take help other people.


‘I no too dey flow with one brother wey we dey work together. E get one time wey two people come see us as we dey halla for each other.’​—CHRIS.

‘One sister wey me and am dey always preach together, just stop to dey follow me go preaching. E still stop to dey talk to me. I no even know why.’​—JANET.

‘Three of us dey talk for phone when one person come talk bye-bye. For my mind, e don cut the call. I come start to talk bad things about am to the other person. I no know sey e never cut am.’​—MICHAEL.

‘For our congregation, two pioneer come dey quarrel. One of dem come dey talk anyhow to the other person. Their quarrel no come dey make some people for congregation happy.’​—GARY.

You fit think sey na small thing happen to this people. But wetin happen, fit make dem stop to get joy, and peace fit no dey congregation again. You go happy to know sey, dem settle their quarrel. Wetin help dem? Dem follow the advice wey dey Bible. Which advice for Bible you think sey help dem?

‘Make una no quarrel with each other for road.’ (Gen. 45:24) Na wetin Joseph tell im brothers when dem dey go back go meet their papa be that. Sense really dey wetin Joseph talk! Things fit spoil when person no fit control imself and e dey quick vex. E fit  still make other people vex. Chris come see sey, e dey hard am to follow wetin person talk, and e still dey raise shoulder up. So e come want change im character. E go beg the brother wey e first quarrel with. And e do everything to fit control im temper. As im workmate see sey Chris dey try to change, imself come still try to change. Now the two of dem dey happy as dem dey serve Jehovah together.

‘Plan dey fail when dem no talk am together.’ (Prov. 15:22) Janet follow that advice for Bible, when e see sey im friend no dey talk to am again. E come talk sey e go follow the sister talk about the matter. As dem dey talk, Janet come sofri ask the sister make e tell am wetin e do am, wey make am no dey talk to am again. When dem first start to talk, dem no first dey flow with each other. But as dem come dey talk, things come dey flow, and dem come dey understand theirself. The sister come see sey, wetin make am dey vex before, no even concern Janet. E come beg Janet, and dem dey serve Jehovah together again.

‘If as you want come give something for altar, and for there you come remember sey your brother dey vex for you, leave wetin you want give for the front of altar, make you first go settle with am.’ (Matt. 5:23, 24) Na Jesus give us this advice for Sermon on the Mount. When Michael see sey wetin e talk about the other brother no good, e no happy at all. E come do everything to make sure sey peace dey. Wetin e come do? E carry body down, go meet the brother wey e talk bad about, to settle the matter with am. Wetin come happen after e don beg am finish? Michael talk sey: ‘My brother use all im mind forgive me.’ Dem come be friend again.

‘No dey carry wetin una do unaself for mind and no stop to dey use all una mind forgive unaself, even if na wetin suppose make you vex for the other person.’ (Col. 3:12-14) You remember the two pioneer wey we talk about? Na one elder come help dem see sey, dem no suppose let their quarrel cause problem for other people. E still help dem see sey dem no suppose to dey carry wetin dem do theirself for mind, so that peace go dey the congregation. Dem follow the advice wey the elder give dem. Dem dey do things together well now anytime wey dem go preaching.

The advice wey dey Colossians 3:12-14, go fit still help you when person do wetin you no like. Many people don see sey if dem dey carry body down, e go help dem to dey forgive and no dey carry wetin person do  dem for mind. If you see sey e dey hard you to forgive, you fit follow the advice wey dey Matthew 18:15. Na true sey for this verse, Jesus dey talk about wetin we go do if person commit serious sin. But, wetin dey that verse fit still help you. So make you use better mind, and carry body down go meet your brother or sister to settle the matter.

Bible get other better advice wey fit help us. For am to work, we go get the character wey holy spirit dey help person get. Dem be ‘love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.’ (Gal. 5:22, 23) Think am like this. For engine to work well, e need oil. Na so e go still be, if we get the character wey the spirit dey help us get. E go easy for us to fit settle any quarrel, so that peace go dey.


Everybody get their own character and how dem dey do things. Na this one dey make friendship sweet. But our different character fit still cause wahala. One brother wey don be elder tey tey, talk sey: ‘E fit hard person wey dey shame to dey with another person wey free with people. We fit no see am as anything, but e fit cause wahala.’ You think sey, people wey get different character no go fit be friend? Make we see the example of apostle Peter and John. Which kind eye you take dey look Peter? You fit dey see Peter as person wey dey talk im mind, and e no dey waste time do something. What of John? You fit dey see am as person wey sabi show love, and e dey think well before e talk or do something. Peter and John get different character. But even with that one, two of dem use one mind serve Jehovah together. (Acts 8:14; Gal. 2:9) Na so e still be today, brothers and sisters wey get different character fit still use one mind do things together.

E fit get person for your congregation wey you no like how e dey talk or do things. E  good make you remember sey Jesus die for that person. That one go make you show am love. (John 13:34, 35; Rom. 5:6-8) Instead make you stop to do things with the person, ask yourself: ‘The way that brother or sister dey do things, Jehovah hate am? E just open eye dey do wetin go pain me? Or na because we get different character?’ E still good make we ask ourself: ‘Which of the brother or sister better character I fit copy?’

E good make we get that last question for mind. For example, if the person sabi talk and you quiet, think of how that one dey help am for preaching. Try follow am go preaching make you see how e take dey flow with people. The brother or sister fit dey dash people things pass you. You don see how e dey happy anytime e dey dash things to people wey don old, wey dey sick and wey no get? E get anything wey you fit learn from am? The thing be sey, you and your brother or sister fit no get the same character. But if una dey look each other good side, e go help una dey use one mind do things together. E fit no make una be tight friend, but e fit help una near each other. This one go make you and the whole congregation get peace.

For apostle time, e get two women wey their name na Euodia and Syntyche. The way dem dey do things no be the same. Even with that one, apostle Paul advise dem sey ‘make dem get one mind wey agree with the Lord own.’ (Phil. 4:2) Make we self dey use one mind serve Jehovah with our brothers and sisters. If we do like that, peace go dey the congregation.


If grass dey grow well well for where you plant flower, you go clear am comot make e no spoil the flower, no be so? Na wetin we go still do, if we see sey, we don dey get bad mind for our brothers and sisters. If we no do am, e fit affect the whole congregation. If we love Jehovah and our brothers, we go do  everything to make sure sey nothing spoil the peace wey dey the congregation.

If we dey carry body down and ready to settle quarrel, peace go dey congregation

If we dey settle quarrel with the mind to make peace, the better thing wey go come out, fit surprise us. Na wetin happen to one sister be that. E talk sey: ‘I feel sey one sister dey use small pikin eye look me. The thing come dey disturb my mind. E come dey do me somehow for body, and I no come dey answer am well again. I come tell myself sey, “as e be sey e no dey respect me, me self no go respect am.”’

The sister come dey think about wetin e dey do. E talk sey: ‘I come dey see sey me self get some character wey no good. And I no happy with myself at all. I come know sey I need to change the way I dey think. After I pray to Jehovah about the matter, I come buy something go give am. I still write letter give am sey make e no vex for me. We come settle the matter, hug each other, and we forget about am. We no come dey quarrel again.’

Everybody dey find peace. But when dem feel sey person want chance dem or dem start to carry shoulder up, dem fit do wetin go make peace no dey again. This one na normal thing for this world today. But e no suppose be like that for Jehovah people. Dem suppose get one mind so that peace go dey. Jehovah use Paul write sey: ‘I dey beg una make una dey do the things wey make God call una. Make una dey carry unaself down, dey gentle, no dey hurry, dey take love bear wetin people do una. Make una dey try well well to keep the one mind wey holy spirit dey give with the peace wey dey keep una together.’ (Eph. 4:1-3) You see that ‘peace wey dey keep us together,’ money no fit buy am! So make we dey make am strong. Make we do everything to make sure sey we settle any quarrel wey we get with our brothers and sisters.