‘Where una keep wetin una value, na there una mind go still dey.’​—LUKE 12:34.

SONG: 153, 104

1, 2. (a) Which three better things Jehovah don give us? (b) Wetin we go learn for this topic?

NA Jehovah get everything for heaven and earth. (1 Chron. 29:11, 12) Im na Papa wey no dey tight hand. Na im make, e dey give us things wey get value. We happy well well sey Jehovah don give us this things! Some of dem na (1) im Kingdom, (2) our preaching work, and (3) the truth wey we dey learn from Bible. But, we need to show sey we value dem. Na so because if we use this things play, we fit no value dem again. Wetin go make us continue to value dem? Make we dey remember wetin make us first like dem. Make we still continue to do wetin go make us like dem more more. Jesus talk sey: ‘Where una keep wetin una value, na there una mind go still dey.’​—Luke 12:34.

2 Make we come learn how we fit show sey we value this three things well well​—God Kingdom, our preaching work, and the truth for Bible. As we dey talk about dem, dey think about wetin you fit do to like dem more more.


3. Wetin the business man for Jesus story want do to fit buy that fine stone? (Go check the first picture.)

3 Read Matthew 13:45, 46. Jesus talk story about one business man wey dey buy and sell fine fine stone. Dem dey call the stone pearl. The stone dem get value well well. But one day, the man see the one wey better pass other ones wey e don see. No wonder belle come sweet am. E ready to sell all im property to fit buy this one. E mean sey this stone go really get value well well, no be so?

4. If we value God Kingdom the way the business man take value the stone, wetin we go do?

4 Wetin we learn? God Kingdom be like that fine stone. Make we value am the way the business man take value that stone. How we fit do am? Make we ready to comot body from anything wey fit make us no enter God Kingdom. (Read Mark 10:28-30.) Make we talk about two people wey do like that.

5. Wetin Zacchaeus do to show sey e want enter God Kingdom?

5 Zacchaeus na one of the people wey value God Kingdom. Im na oga of people wey dey collect tax. E get money well well because e use wayo collect people money. (Luke 19:1-9) One day, e come hear Jesus dey preach about God Kingdom. Wetin e hear sweet am well well. So, e no waste time stop the bad things wey e dey do. E sey: ‘See! I go give half of my property to poor people. And Lord, wetin I use wayo collect from person, I go give am back four times.’ E come use im mind return the money wey e collect from people. And e stop to put eye for wetin no be im own.

6. Wetin one woman do because e want enter God Kingdom? Wetin make am do am?

6 The second example, na about one woman wey be lesbian before (woman wey dey sleep with woman). The woman na president for one lesbian group. The group want make dem give dem chance to live their lesbian life. One day, dem come preach to am about God Kingdom. As e dey study Bible, e come like wetin e dey learn about the Kingdom. E see sey e need to stop many things wey e dey do. (1 Cor. 6:9, 10) Because e love Jehovah, e comot from the group and stop to live lesbian life. E baptize for 2009. The next year, e come be regular pioneer. E clear sey, this woman like Jehovah and im Kingdom pass wetin im body want.​—Mark 12:29, 30.

7. How we fit continue to show sey we value God Kingdom?

7 Because we want enter God Kingdom, many of us don stop to do many bad things. (Rom. 12:2) But we no go just relax. Some people fit start to like money pass God Kingdom. Their body fit dey push dem to put hand for sex wey no clean for God eye. So that nothing go chance God Kingdom for our life, e good make we continue to shine our eye. (Prov. 4:23; Matt. 5:27-29) Jehovah don give us another thing wey go help us value im Kingdom well well. Wetin be that?


8. (a) Wetin make apostle Paul talk sey our preaching na better thing wey dey inside clay pot? (b) How Paul take show sey e value the preaching work?

8 Remember sey Jesus give us work. That work na to preach and teach the good news about God Kingdom. (Matt. 28:19, 20) Apostle Paul know sey the  work about the new covenant get value well well. E talk sey na better thing wey dem put inside clay pot. (2 Cor. 4:7; 1 Tim. 1:12) Wetin make am talk like that? Because of the sin wey dey our body, Bible sey we be like clay pot. But the good news wey we dey carry go give people na better thing. E fit save us and people wey listen to us. Na im make Paul talk sey: ‘I dey do everything because of the good news, so that I go fit tell other people.’ (1 Cor. 9:23) Paul like the work well well. Na im make e do everything to make sure sey e help people to be Jesus disciple. (Read Romans 1:14, 15; 2 Timothy 4:2.) This one help am to fit bear suffer, no matter how the suffer strong reach. (1 Thess. 2:2) Like Paul, how we fit show sey we like preaching well well?

9. How we fit show sey we like preaching well well?

9 Apostle Paul put eye down so that e fit preach to people anywhere wey e see dem. That na one way wey Paul take show sey e like to preach well well. Like Jesus apostles and disciples, we dey preach to people from house to house, for open place, and anywhere wey we see people. (Acts 5:42; 20:20) E good make we try see how we fit preach pass as we dey preach now. If we fit, make we do auxiliary or regular pioneer. We fit still learn another language, we fit go another area for our country, or go another country go preach.​—Acts 16:9, 10.

10. Because Irene try use another language preach, how Jehovah take bless am?

10 E get one single sister for United State. Im name na Irene. E like to preach to people wey dey speak Russian language for there. For 1993, e come join group wey dey use Russian language do congregation meeting for New York City. That time, na only about 20 publishers dey the group. Even if e don reach like 20 years wey Irene don dey use the language preach, e sey: ‘I still never sabi speak the language well.’ Jehovah don bless Irene and other people wey dey use the language preach. Today, na six Russian congregation dey New York City. Among the people wey Irene study with, fifteen people baptize. Some of dem na Bethelite, pioneer, and elder. Irene talk sey: ‘I get other things for mind to do before. But I no think sey any of dem for make me happy like this one.’ True true, e value preaching work well well!

You dey put the preaching work for your plan every week, to show sey you value am? (Check paragraph 11, 12)

11. Wetin we fit gain when we continue to preach?

11 Like apostle Paul, no matter wetin  we suffer, make we continue to preach. This one go show sey we value preaching well well. (Acts 14:19-22) For example, around 1930 and 1940, our brothers for United States over suffer. But like Paul, dem no shake. Dem continue to preach. When government try to stop dem, dem no gree. Dem carry the matter go court and dem win many case. For 1943, Brother Nathan H. Knorr talk about one of the case wey we win for Supreme Court for U.S. E talk sey, if to sey the brothers stop to preach, dem for no carry us go court. E still talk sey, na because the matter go court, na im make government allow many brothers everywhere dey preach. Brothers for other country don still win some court case because their faith strong. Na so! When preaching dey our blood, no shaking!

12. Wetin you don ready to do about your preaching?

12 When we value our preaching, we no go just dey count hour. Instead, we go do everything wey we fit do ‘to preach well about the good news.’ (Acts 20:24; 2 Tim. 4:5) But wetin we go teach people? That na another better thing wey God give us. Make we talk about am.


13, 14. For Matthew 13:52, wetin Jesus mean when e talk about person wey dey ‘keep better things for store’? How we go take dey keep better things for there?

13 The third thing wey God don give us, na the truth wey we don learn from Bible. Truth come from Jehovah. (2 Sam. 7:28; Ps. 31:5) Because e no dey tight hand, e dey teach people truth. And na people wey obey am, e dey teach. From the time wey dem preach to us, we don dey learn many truth. We learn some from Bible, our book dem, convention, assembly, and meeting. As time dey go, we come know many things. Jesus talk sey we go be like person wey dey ‘keep better things for store,’ old things and new things. (Read Matthew 13:52.) Make we dey find truth the way person dey dig ground find better things. If we do like that, Jehovah go help us learn many new things. (Read Proverbs 2:4-7.) How we fit find this new things?

14 We need to dey study Bible and our book dem everytime, and dey do research. This one go help us learn truth wey we no know before. Because we just learn am, e go ‘new’ for our eye. (Josh. 1:8, 9; Ps. 1:2, 3) For July 1879, dem print the first Watchtower. The Watchtower talk sey truth be like flower wey plenty grass cover. If person want find that kind flower, e go put eye down. And when e don see am, make e no just relax. Make e still dey find more. So, make e dey hungry us to learn more truth join wetin we don learn before.

15. Why we fit call some truth for Bible ‘old’ things? And which one you like pass?

15 We learn many better things when we first start to study with Jehovah Witness people. Because na this things we first learn, we fit call dem ‘old’ things. Wetin be some of dem? We learn sey na Jehovah give us life, and e get why e make human being. We still learn sey God love us. And because of this love, e send im Son come die for us so that sin and death go leave us. Apart from that one, we learn sey God Kingdom go remove suffer suffer. And  we still learn sey, when the Kingdom don start to rule, we go live better life wey no go end.​—John 3:16; Rev. 4:11; 21:3, 4

16. Anytime some things wey we understand change, wetin we suppose do?

16 Sometimes, the way we understand some things wey dey Bible, fit change. Anytime e happen like that, make we settle down study the way dem take explain am, and think about am. (Acts 17:11; 1 Tim. 4:15) We no go only look the main thing wey change. But we go still try understand the small small things wey make the new one different from the old one. With this style, we go fit understand this new things, come add am join wetin we know before. Why e be sey this one no be waste of time?

17, 18. How holy spirit fit help us?

17 Jesus talk sey God spirit go help us remember things wey we don learn. (John 14:25, 26) How this one fit help us as we dey teach people Bible? Make we use one brother story talk am. Im name na Peter. E dey 19 years for 1970. That time, e just enter Bethel for Britain. When e dey preach one day, e meet one man wey dey around 50 years. Peter ask the man whether e go like learn Bible. The man na leader for Jew religion wey dem dey call rabbi. So Peter question surprise am. The man come use question test Peter. E ask am sey: ‘So, my boy, which language dem take write the book of Daniel?’ Peter answer am sey: ‘Dem write part of am for Aramaic.’ Peter remember how the man take surprise because e know the answer. But Peter talk sey: ‘The man no surprise reach me! How I take know the answer? When I go house, I come check the Watchtower and Awake! magazine of some month wey don pass. I come see one topic wey talk sey dem use Aramaic write Daniel.’ (Dan. 2:4, ftn.) True true, holy spirit fit help us remember wetin we don learn before.​—Luke 12:11, 12; 21:13-15.

18 If we value the truth wey Jehovah dey teach us, we go dey add new things join wetin we don already learn. As we dey do this one, e go make us ready to fit teach other people.


19. Why e no good to play with the better things wey Jehovah don give us?

19 For this topic, we don learn about some of the better things wey Jehovah don give us. We don still see wetin we go do to show sey we value dem. But Satan and this world want make we lose this better things. If we no put eye down, we fit start to put mind for work wey dey pay big money. We fit dey think how to live big man life, or dey show ourself because of wetin we get. Apostle John tell us sey this world, and the things wey people like, no go dey again. (1 John 2:15-17) So, make we no play with the better things wey God don give us. Make we continue to show sey we value dem.

20. So that you no go lose the better things wey you get, wetin you don ready to do?

20 Make you ready to comot body from anything wey fit make you stop to value God Kingdom. No stop to use all your mind preach. Value this work wey fit save people. No tire to learn the truth wey dey Bible. As you dey do this one, you dey ‘keep better things for heaven wey no dey finish. Thief no fit near there and insect no fit chop am. Because where una keep wetin una value, na there una mind go still dey.’​—Luke 12:33, 34.