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No Forget the Main Thing

No Forget the Main Thing

‘Make people know sey you, wey your name na Jehovah, na only you high pass for the whole world.’​—PS. 83:18.

SONG: 46, 136

1, 2. (a) Wetin be the main thing wey we suppose put for mind? (b) Why e good make we dey always think about am?

THE main thing for many people life today, na money. Wetin dey their mind pass na how to gather plenty money, or to keep the one wey dem don already get. Other people own na how to take care of their family and their body. Dem still dey think about wetin dem go use their life do.

2 But, e get one serious matter wey suppose dey our mind pass. Na to show whether we support Jehovah as our King and whether Jehovah dey rule well. Because of our problem and other things wey we dey do everyday, we fit forget this serious matter. Make we no let am happen. Make we continue to support Jehovah as our King. If we do like that, we go fit dey manage our problem for life. E go still make us near Jehovah more more.


3. Wetin Devil talk about how God take dey rule?

3 Wetin Satan do, come make some people think sey no be Jehovah suppose rule us. E talk sey God no dey rule well, and God no want make better thing reach our hand. Wetin Satan mean be sey, things go better if human being  rule theirself. (Gen. 3:1-5) Satan still talk sey nobody dey use im mind serve God. If better suffer come, the person no go support God again. (Job 2:4, 5) So, Jehovah don give human being chance to rule theirself. This one go make am clear sey, if God no rule us, our own don finish.

4. Why e good make dem settle the matter about how Jehovah dey rule?

4 Jehovah know sey wetin Devil talk about am na lie. But e still give am time to let people know whether wetin e talk correct. Why? The thing be sey, the matter concern everybody for heaven and earth. (Read Psalm 83:18.) Wetin Adam and Eve do, show sey dem no support Jehovah as their King. From their time come reach today, many people dey copy dem. This one fit make some angels and people dey feel sey, wetin Devil talk about God correct. And if e still dey their mind like that, the matter go still dey ground. People no go get one mind about the matter, and problem go still dey. But, when everybody don see am sey Jehovah na better King, dem go come support am as King forever. Everybody for heaven and earth go be one family.​—Eph. 1:9, 10.

5. Wetin we need to do to show sey na Jehovah side we dey?

5 Everybody go see sey Jehovah na better King. E go clear sey Satan and human being no sabi rule. Then Jehovah go remove dem. Na God Kingdom go dey rule and e go bring better come. People wey do wetin Jehovah like, go dey alive. This one go show sey human being fit support Jehovah as their King. (Isa. 45:23, 24) You want dey among people wey dey Jehovah side? Na wetin all of us want be that. For that one to happen, we need to know how this matter serious reach. Make we talk about am.


6. The matter about who fit rule us well, how e serious reach?

6 Who fit rule us well? Na Jehovah, or na another person? Na this matter suppose dey everybody mind. E serious pass the life wey we want enjoy for future. But this one no mean sey our matter no concern Jehovah. E want make we happy, and e go still give us life wey no go end for paradise. How we take know?

7, 8. To show sey Jehovah na better King, wetin e go do? And why e go do am?

7 Jehovah love us well well. E love us sotey e send im Son come die for us so that we fit get life wey no go end. (John 3:16; 1 John 4:9) If Jehovah no do wetin e promise, wetin Devil lie about am go be true. E talk sey God no dey rule well and e no want make better thing reach our hand. Other people wey no support God as King, go come dey sey: ‘E talk sey e go come. Where am now? Nothing don change since our papa-papa die. Since the world start, everything still dey as dem dey.’ (2 Pet. 3:3, 4) So, Jehovah go make sure sey e save people wey dey im side. Na part of wetin e go do to show sey im na better King. E go do everything wey e promise! (Read Isaiah 55:10, 11.) Another thing be sey, anything wey Jehovah dey do as King, na because e love us. So we dey sure sey e go always love people wey no  leave am. E no go ever forget wetin we do to support am.​—Ex. 34:6.

8 Na serious matter to know whether Jehovah dey rule well. But that one no mean sey, Jehovah no get am for mind to save us. And e no still mean sey e no value us. The thing be sey, we dey put wetin suppose be first for front. Before we think about the life wey God go give us, make we first think about how to support Jehovah as King. When we remember this one, we go support Jehovah as the King wey go rule us well.


9. Wetin Satan talk about Job? (Go check the first picture.)

9 Wetin dey the book of Job, go help us see why e good to support Jehovah as our King. This book na one of the book wey dem first write for Bible. For there, Satan talk sey if Job see better suffer, e go leave God. Satan come talk sey make God suffer Job. But Jehovah no do wetin e talk. Instead, Jehovah let Satan suffer Job. E tell am sey: ‘Everything wey e get dey your hand.’ (Read Job 1:7-12.) E no tey, Job lose im property. Im servant and ten children wey e love well well die. Satan make am be like sey na God dey punish Job. (Job 1:13-19) Satan come still put one bad sickness for Job body. (Job 2:7) As if that one no reach, im wife and three people wey sey dem be im friend, come tell am wetin really pain am.​—Job 2:9; 3:11; 16:2.

10. (a) How Job take show sey e dey God side? (b) Wetin e no do well?

10 Wetin Satan talk na true? For where! Upon wetin Job suffer, e no leave God. (Job 27:5) But e get when Job mind comot for wetin suppose be the main thing. E come dey talk about the good things wey e don do for life. E even talk sey make God tell am why e dey suffer. (Job 7:20; 13:24) We fit talk sey na wetin e suffer make am talk like that. But, Jehovah still correct Job for the things wey e talk. How Jehovah take do am?

11, 12. How Jehovah take change the way Job dey think? Wetin Job come do?

11 Wetin Jehovah tell Job dey Job chapter 38 go reach chapter 41. E no get anywhere for there wey show sey Jehovah tell Job why e dey suffer. God no need to explain anything give am. Instead, Jehovah let Job understand sey, na small pikin e be to am. E still help Job see sey other matter  wey serious pass im own, dey ground. (Read Job 38:18-21.) This one help Job change how e dey think.

12 Job don suffer many things. So e fit make person dey think sey, the way Jehovah talk to am no good. No be so, and Job no think like that. Even with im suffer, e still talk better thing after God correct am. E sey: ‘I no suppose talk wetin I talk. I sitdown for sand sand and ashes to show sey I regret wetin I talk.’ Job body sweet am after Jehovah correct am. (Job 42:1-6) Before Jehovah talk to Job, one young man wey im name na Elihu, don correct Job. (Job 32:5-10) Job take the correction wey dem give am. Jehovah like the way Job take serve am well, even when e dey suffer. And after, Jehovah come let other people know.​—Job 42:7, 8.

13. Even after Job suffer don end, how Jehovah correction take continue to help am?

13 Even after Job suffer don end, e go continue to use the advice wey God give am. How? Na true sey, ‘Jehovah bless Job for the end pass the beginning.’ And ‘e come still get another seven son and three daughter.’ But, that one no mean sey the suffer go just comot for im mind at once. Na small small. (Job 42:12-14) For example, e miss all im children wey first die. Sometimes, e fit remember wetin e suffer. Even if e later know why e suffer, e fit still dey think wetin go make am suffer reach like that. If Job start to think like that, e fit remember wetin God don tell am. This one go help am dey put the main thing for mind, and e mind go come down.​—Ps. 94:19, ftn.

When we dey problem, we dey remember to support Jehovah as our King? (Check paragraph 14)

14. Wetin we fit learn from wetin happen to Job?

14 We self fit learn from wetin Jehovah tell Job, and e fit make our mind come down. After all, Jehovah put this things for Bible for us. Na ‘for us to learn, so that as we dey endure and as we dey get better advice from the things wey dey inside Bible, we fit get hope.’ (Rom. 15:4) So, wetin we fit learn? Make we no think about our problem sotey we comot mind from the main thing. Make we always remember sey, the main thing na to support Jehovah as our King. Like Job, make we serve Jehovah well even when we dey suffer. This one go show sey na Jehovah side we dey.

15. Wetin fit happen if we dey bear suffer?

15 Job story dey make our mind  come down. Why? Because e make us know sey, our suffer no be because Jehovah dey vex for us. Instead, na chance for us to take show sey we support the way God dey rule. (Prov. 27:11) If we dey bear suffer, we dey make Jehovah happy and we dey get hope more more. (Read Romans 5:3-5.) Wetin happen to Job show sey ‘Jehovah dey pity person well well and e dey show mercy.’ (Jas. 5:11) So, we dey sure sey Jehovah go bless everybody wey dey im side. When we get this one for mind, e go help us ‘dey patient and dey happy as we dey endure.’​—Col. 1:11.


16. Why e good to always remember sey na Jehovah we dey support as King?

16 The truth be sey, e no easy to always remember to show sey na Jehovah we dey support as King. Na so e be sometimes, when we get problem full ground. Even small problem fit big for our eye if we too dey think about am. So anytime we dey face wahala, e good to always put the main thing for mind. Make we remember to support Jehovah as King.

17. If we dey always preach, how e go take help us put mind for the main thing?

17 If we dey always preach, e go help us put mind for the main thing. For example, e get one sister wey im name na Renee. The sister get stroke and e dey always feel serious pain; e still get cancer. When e dey hospital, e preach to people wey dey work for there, people wey come take treatment, and visitors. For one hospital, e take 80 hours preach for just two and half week. Even as the sister want die, e still show sey na Jehovah e support as King. This one come make im mind come down.

18. How Jennifer story take help us know sey, e good to always support Jehovah as King?

18 We fit still show sey we dey Jehovah side, when we dey face small small problem everyday. For example, one sister wey im name na Jennifer, stay airport for three days. E dey wait for the aeroplane wey suppose carry am go im place. Jennifer come tire, as no plane dey come carry dem. This one for make am just dey one place dey pity imself. But e no do like that. Instead, e pray to Jehovah to help am know how e fit preach to other people wey dey wait like am. Wetin come happen? E preach to many people and give dem many of our book dem. Jennifer talk sey na Jehovah help am to fit preach to people, even though sey e don tire. True true, e no forget to show sey e dey Jehovah side.

19. Who Jehovah people dey support as King?

19 E don tey wey Jehovah people really know wetin e mean to support Jehovah as King. This one make dem different from fake religion. So e good make you still show sey you support Jehovah.

20. How Jehovah dey feel about wetin you dey do to show sey you support am?

20 When you dey serve Jehovah well, and you dey bear any suffer, e show sey you dey support Jehovah. So, get am for mind sey, Jehovah value wetin you dey do to support am. (Ps. 18:25) For the next topic, we go talk other reason why we suppose support only Jehovah. We go still see other things wey we fit do to use all our mind support am as King.