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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  June 2016

Character Wey Better Pass Diamond

Character Wey Better Pass Diamond

E don tey wey people know sey diamond na better thing. And, na plenty dollar person fit take buy some of dem. But you think sey anything dey wey better pass diamond or other things like gold and coral for God eye?

 One unbaptized publisher wey im name na Haykanush, wey dey stay for Armenia, see passport for near im house. Plenty money and bankcard dey inside the passport. E come tell im husband wey still be unbaptized publisher like am.

Even though sey dem need money and dem dey owe money, dem take the money go the address wey dem see inside the passport. The man wey get the passport and im family no believe sey person fit do that kind thing. Haykanush and im husband come tell the family sey na wetin dem dey learn from Bible help dem do am. Dem know sey dem no suppose take wetin no be their own. Dem come use that chance talk about Jehovah Witness people, and give dem some of our book.

Haykanush no gree take the money wey the family give am to take thank am for wetin e do. The next day, the man wife come greet Haykanush and im husband for house. E dash dem one diamond ring to show sey the family happy for wetin dem do.

Like that family, plenty people fit surprise for the kind thing wey Haykanush and im husband do. But you think sey e go surprise Jehovah? How Jehovah go feel about wetin dem do? Sense dey this thing wey dem do?


E no hard to know the answer to all this question. Why? Because God servant believe sey for Jehovah eye, to dey do like am better pass to get diamond, gold and other things. The truth be sey, no be the same way wey Jehovah take dey see things many people take dey see am. (Isa. 55:8, 9) For people wey dey serve Jehovah, one thing wey better pass na to dey show sey dem get the kind character wey Jehovah get.

We fit see am from wetin Bible talk about deep sense and good sense. Proverbs 3:13-15 talk sey: ‘The man wey don see the good sense wey e dey find go happy and even the man wey get deep sense; to get am better pass to get silver, and to get am as gain better pass to get gold. E better pass coral stone; you no fit take anything take compare am.’ E clear sey Jehovah like better character pass any other thing wey we fit get.

What of to do the correct thing?

Jehovah dey always do the correct thing; e no fit lie. (Titus 1:2) Na im spirit apostle Paul take write wetin e tell Hebrew Christian dem for im time, e sey: ‘Make una no stop to dey pray for us because we know sey we get good mind as we want make sure sey everything wey we dey do na the right thing.’—Heb. 13:18.

For this matter, Jesus show us good example. If you remember, the time wey High Priest Caiaphas use vex tell Jesus sey: ‘I want make you use the God wey no dey die, take swear sey you go tell us whether na you be Christ, God Pikin!’ Even though Jesus know sey dem fit kill am if e gree sey na im be Messiah, e no lie.—Matt. 26:63-67.

What of us? We go gree talk true for matter wey we know sey to talk small lie fit make us get plenty money or property?


For this last days, e hard to dey do the correct thing because many people dey  think of only theirself, and dem like money well well. (2 Tim. 3:2) You fit quick see this one for people body when e be sey money no too dey or when e hard to get work. Many people dey think sey e no bad to thief, lie or do other wayo things. This kind thinking don spread sotey many people dey talk sey for money or property matter, e no get how e be wey person no go play wayo. Even some people for congregation don put hand for this kind thing. And that one don spoil the better name wey dem get for congregation.—1 Tim. 3:8; Titus 1:7.

But many Christian today dey do like Jesus. Dem know sey the kind character wey God like better pass anything wey person fit gain. Na im make young people for congregation no dey carry expo to fit pass exam. (Prov. 20:23) Na true sey no be every time wey person do the correct thing dem go thank am for wetin e do, like dem do for Haykanush. But na that one God want make we do and e go help us get clean mind and this na better thing.

One example for this matter na Gagik own. E talk sey: “When I never be Christian, I dey work for one big company. The oga wey get the company no dey gree talk all the money wey the company dey gain, so that e no go pay all the tax wey e suppose pay. As na me be manager for the company, my own na to bribe the person wey dey collect tax make e no put eye for the bad thing wey the company dey do. This one make dem know me as person wey sabi wayo well well. As I come learn wetin dey Bible, I no gree do that kind work again, even though sey dem dey pay me better money for the company. I come start my own business. As I start the business, I go register am for tax office.”—2 Cor. 8:21.

Gagik still talk sey: “E no come easy for me to give my family wetin dem need because the money wey I come dey get, be like half of wetin I dey get before. But I dey happy now pass before. I get clean mind for where Jehovah dey. My two pikin fit learn from me and now, I dey help do many things for congregation. The tax people and other people wey I dey follow do business, come know me as person wey no dey do wayo.”


Jehovah love people wey dey copy im character and to do the correct thing na one of dem. (Titus 2:10) E give King David im spirit make e write sey: ‘E get the time wey I young and now I don old, but I never see where God leave person wey dey serve am, or sey im pikin come dey beg for food.’—Ps. 37:25.

Ruth example show sey this one na true. Even though sey Naomi im mother-in-law don old, Ruth no gree leave am. Ruth even pack follow am go Israel, where e fit worship Jehovah. (Ruth 1:16, 17) For Israel, Ruth no do any wayo. When e go gather food for farm as Jehovah Law talk, e put eye for im work. As Jehovah no leave Ruth and Naomi na so e later do for David. (Ruth 2:2-18) The better thing be sey no be only wetin Ruth go take dey live Jehovah give am. Jehovah choose Ruth make e be King David and Jesus Christ mama mama!—Ruth 4:13-17; Matt. 1:5, 16.

E fit hard some of Jehovah people to fit get the kind work wey go give dem the  things wey dem need for life. Instead make dem find short cut wey go make dem play wayo take get money, dem dey put eye for their work and dey do am well. With this one dem show sey na the kind character wey God get dem like pass. And to do the correct thing na one of dem.—Prov. 12:24; Eph. 4:28.

Like Ruth for olden days, Jehovah people for the whole world get faith sey Jehovah go fit help dem. Dem take all their mind trust the Person wey don promise dem for Bible sey: ‘I no go ever leave una, and I no go ever forget una.’ (Heb. 13:5) Jehovah don show many times sey e fit and e go help poor people wey no dey do wayo. As e don talk sey e go give us wetin we need for life, e dey do am.—Matt. 6:33.

Na true sey diamond and other things like gold and coral cost well well. But we know sey for our Papa for heaven, to do the correct thing and to get the kind character wey e get na im better pass. True true, e better pass diamond and coral!

If we no dey do wayo, we go get clean mind and we no go fear to preach