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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  June 2016

Jehovah Get You for Mind

Jehovah Get You for Mind

WHY we believe sey Jehovah really get us for mind? Na because Bible talk am. For 1 Peter 5:7, Bible talk sey: ‘Throw all the things wey dey worry una give am because e get una for mind.’ Wetin you don see wey fit make you believe sey this one na true?


Jehovah example show sey e dey do us well and e no dey tight hand

One thing be sey, God get the kind character wey you go like make your friend get. We dey like make friend with people wey dey treat us well and wey no dey tight hand. Every day, we dey see sey Jehovah dey do us well and e no dey tight hand. For example, Bible sey: ‘E dey let im sun shine for wicked and good people, and e dey let im rain fall for good and bad people.’ (Matt. 5:45) Wetin sun and rain dey do for us? E dey do plenty things for us, one of dem be sey God dey use am ‘give us food and dey make us happy.’ (Acts 14:17) Jehovah dey make sure sey ground dey bring plenty food. And who go sey e no like better food?

But why e come be sey many people no dey see food chop? Na because of people wey dey rule. Dem no dey think of wetin dem go do make people life better. Instead, dem dey think about how dem go take continue to rule and how dem go take chop government money. That one na problem wey Jehovah go soon comot. E go comot all government and na im Kingdom wey dey heaven go come dey rule. Na Jesus, im Pikin, be  the King wey go rule. That time, nobody go hungry. But before that time reach, God dey give im people food and wetin dem need. (Ps. 37:25) That one no show sey God get us for mind?


Jehovah example show sey e no dey tire to hear prayer

Better friend like am when una dey gist together. If you dey tell your friend your problem, you no go like am if e put ear for wetin you dey talk? Na so Jehovah still dey do. E dey put ear for our prayer. Na im make Bible tell us sey make we ‘no stop to pray’ and make we ‘dey pray every time.’—Rom. 12:12; 1 Thess. 5:17.

How many hour you think sey Jehovah take dey hear our prayer? One example wey dey Bible help us know the answer. Before Jesus select im apostle dem, ‘e pray to God from night go reach morning.’ (Luke 6:12) E fit be sey as e dey pray, e call their name and talk about their good and bad side. And e still beg im Papa make e help am choose well. As day break, Jesus don know sey e don choose the correct people wey suppose be im apostle. As the Person wey dey ‘hear prayer,’ Jehovah dey happy to put ear if people use better mind pray. (Ps. 65:2) Even though sey we take plenty hour pray about matter wey dey worry us, Jehovah no dey tire to hear our prayer.


Jehovah example show sey e dey forgive

Sometimes, e dey hard people wey be better friend to forgive. This kind thing fit make dem no be friend again. Jehovah no be like that. Bible dey tell everybody wey get better mind sey make dem beg Jehovah make e forgive dem, ‘because e dey forgive finish.’ (Isa. 55:6, 7) Wetin make God dey forgive us like that?

Na because God love us well well. God love everybody for this world sotey e come send im Pikin, Jesus, make e come save us  from sin and the wahala wey sin dey give us. (John 3:16) No be only this one e do for us o! Because of wetin Jesus do, God fit forgive people wey e love. Apostle John talk sey: ‘If we confess our sin, because im na person wey dey do wetin e talk and wey dey do good, e go forgive us.’ (1 John 1:9) Because Jehovah dey forgive, people fit still be im friend. This one no dey make you happy?


Jehovah example show sey e dey help us

Better friend dey help if wahala dey. What of Jehovah? Bible talk sey: ‘Even if [God servant] fall, e no go remain for ground, because na Jehovah dey hold im hand.’ (Ps. 37:24) Jehovah get many way e take dey help im servant dem. See one thing wey happen for one place wey dem dey call St. Croix for Caribbean island.

For school, one young sister dey get wahala from im classmate dem because e no gree salute flag. Before e handle the matter, e first pray to Jehovah. E come use the next assignment wey dem give am for class talk about flag matter. E use My Book of Bible Stories take tell dem Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego story. E come tell dem sey na the story help am make e no dey salute flag. E talk sey: “Jehovah save the three of dem because dem no gree serve image.” As e talk finish e come give im classmate the book and eleven of dem collect. The young sister happy well well sey Jehovah give am power and sense to talk about that hard topic.

You don ever think sey Jehovah no get you for mind? Make you read this Bible verse and think about dem well well: Psalm 34:17-19; 55:22; and 145:18, 19. Ask people wey don dey serve Jehovah tey tey, how Jehovah don take help dem. And anytime wey you want make God help you for any matter, tell am for prayer. Na that time you go see sey Jehovah get you for mind.