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Why E Good Make We Praise Jah?

Why E Good Make We Praise Jah?

‘E dey sweet and na correct thing to praise Jah!’​—PS. 147:1.

SONG: 104, 152

1-3. (a) Around which time we fit talk sey dem write Psalm 147? (b) Wetin we fit learn as we dey study Psalm 147?

IF PERSON do the work wey dem give am well or show sey e get better character, we suppose praise am. If we dey praise people like that, what about Jehovah? You no think sey we suppose dey praise am? E good make we praise Jehovah because e get power well well. We dey see the kind power wey e get for the things wey e make. E still good make we praise Jehovah because e send Jesus to come die for us. This one show sey e love us no be small.

2 Na something make the person wey write Psalm 147 praise Jehovah. E come still tell other people to join am praise Jehovah.​—Read Psalm 147:1, 7, 12.

3 We no know who write Psalm 147. E fit be sey the person dey when Jehovah free Israel people from Babylon. (Ps. 147:2) This one make am praise Jehovah because Israel people go fit worship God again for their own land. E still talk other things wey make am praise Jehovah. Wetin be this things? Which reason you get to praise Jah (Hallelujah) for your life?​—Ps. 147:1, ftn.


4. When King Cyrus free Israel people, how you think sey e do dem for body? And why body do dem like that?

4 How you think sey e do Israel people for body when dem be slave for Babylon? Babylon people come dey use dem do yeye. Dem come dey talk sey: ‘Sing one of una Zion song for us.’ But Israel people no want sing. Why? Because dem don destroy Jerusalem where dem dey worship Jehovah before. (Ps. 137:1-3, 6) So because of that one, dem no happy. Dem really need person wey go make their mind come down. Jehovah come help im people as e don promise before. E use Cyrus, wey be Persia king take free Israel people from Babylon. Cyrus come take over Babylon. And e come talk sey: ‘Jehovah don tell me to build house for am for Jerusalem. Make anybody wey dey here wey be Im people, go there. And Jehovah im God go dey with am.’ (2 Chron. 36:23) This one really make Israel people mind come down!

5. Wetin the person wey write Psalm 147 talk about Jehovah?

5 Jehovah make all Israel people mind come down, and e do am one by one. Na wetin e still dey do for us today. The person wey write Psalm 147 talk sey, Jehovah dey ‘heal people wey something dey worry for mind. E dey bandage their wound.’ (Ps. 147:3) Wetin that place talk for Bible na true. Jehovah dey care for people wey dey face problem, whether dem dey sick or dem no happy. E ready to make our mind come down, and to make us happy. (Ps. 34:18; Isa. 57:15) E dey give us sense and power to fit bear any wahala.​—Jas. 1:5.

6. How we fit gain from Psalm 147:4? (Go check the first picture.)

6 The same person wey write Psalm 147, come see some stars wey Jehovah make. E talk sey, Jehovah dey count the stars, and e dey call all of dem by their name. (Ps. 147:4) Why e be like sey e change the topic, come dey talk about stars? E see the stars wey dey up, but e no know how many dem be. Today, we don see sey stars many pass as we know before. For example, the earth dey where dem dey call Milky Way galaxy. Science people talk sey, the stars for only Milky Way galaxy many well well (billions). And e fit be sey the number of galaxy wey dey (plenty star wey dey together), even plenty pass the stars wey dey Milky Way galaxy (trillions)! The truth be sey, we no fit count the stars. But Jehovah wey make dem, give all of dem name. This one mean sey Jehovah really know dem one by one. (1 Cor. 15:41) What about human being, Jehovah know us? Since e know where the stars dey one by one, e clear sey e know us one by one. E know where you dey, how body dey do you, and e know wetin you really need anytime.

7, 8. (a) Wetin Jehovah get for mind as e dey save im people from wahala? (b) Give example wey show sey Jehovah understand wetin we dey face?

7 Jehovah no only know you. E still understand how body dey do you when you dey problem. And e get the power to help you. (Read Psalm 147:5.) You fit think sey your problem big pass you, and you no fit handle am. Remember sey, God know where your power reach. And ‘e no forget sey na sand sand you be.’ (Ps. 103:14) Because of sin wey dey our body, we dey make the same mistake everytime. Sometimes, e fit be sey we talk wetin we no suppose talk, do bad thing wey our body want make we do, or we dey put eye for wetin other people get. When e happen like that, e dey pain us and we dey regret am. But Jehovah no be like that. Even though sey e no dey make mistake, e understand everything about us!​—Isa. 40:28.

 8 Jehovah don help you when you dey face problem before? (Isa. 41:10, 13) E get one sister wey Jehovah help. The sister name na Kyoko and na pioneer. When dem send am go another place, e no happy at all. How Jehovah take show sey e understand this sister problem? For the new place wey e dey, e get many people wey understand wetin e dey face. The sister sey, e come be like sey Jehovah dey tell me sey: “I love you, no be because sey you be pioneer, but because you be my pikin. And you don promise to use your life serve me. I want make you enjoy your life because you dey among people wey dey tell other people about me!” E get how Jehovah don take show you sey e understand everything about you?


9, 10. Wetin Jehovah dey do when e want help us? Give example.

9 Sometimes we need cloth to wear, where to stay, and food wey we go chop. You fit dey worry sey food wey you get no go reach you. But the thing be sey, Jehovah make this earth for plant to grow, so that we go dey see food chop. E get one bird wey dem dey call raven. Jehovah dey make sure sey dem see food chop, even the small small ones. (Read Psalm 147:8, 9.) If Jehovah dey give this bird food, we fit trust am sey e go give us wetin we need.​—Ps. 37:25.

10 But the main thing be sey, Jehovah dey give us things wey go make our faith strong. E still dey give us ‘peace wey pass anything wey person fit think.’ (Phil. 4:6, 7) E get one man wey im name na Mutsuo. Im and e wife see Jehovah power for the way e take help dem when wahala happen for Japan. For 2011, plenty water scatter people property and kill people for Japan. Na small thing remain, Mutsuo and im wife for die. Wetin save dem be sey, dem climb where water no fit reach dem for their house. The water destroy almost all their property. But dem still see one room sleep for their house wey don scatter. Cold catch dem for night no be small. When day break, dem come dey look for something wey go make their mind come down. The only book wey dem fit see na 2006 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses. When Mutsuo open the book, the topic wey e first see na “The Deadliest Tsunamis Ever Recorded.” The topic na about one earthquake wey happen for Sumatra for 2004 wey make water scatter people property. Na this one wey happen for Sumatra don kill people pass for the whole world. Mutsuo and im wife cry as dem dey read the story. This one come make dem see sey Jehovah really love dem because e give dem wetin dem just need that time. And this one really make their mind come down. Jehovah still use brothers and sister give dem other things wey dem need. But wetin really help dem pass, na some of the branch committee members wey dem send go Japan to encourage dem. Mutsuo talk sey: “E just be like sey Jehovah near all of us wey the thing happen to one by one and e dey take care of us. Ah, our mind really come down!” The main thing wey Jehovah dey do for us when we dey wahala, na to make our faith strong. But e still dey make sure sey e give us things wey we need to survive.


11. Wetin we go do if we want make Jehovah help us?

11 Bible talk sey, ‘Jehovah dey raise people wey no dey carry shoulder up.’ This one show sey e love us and e ready to help us. (Ps. 147:6a) But wetin we go do if we want make Jehovah help us? We need to do wetin go make we and Jehovah be tight  friend. For this one to happen, e good make we dey carry body down. (Zeph. 2:3) People wey dey carry body down dey leave matter for God hand. Dem know sey na God fit help dem comot wetin dey pain dem for mind. Jehovah love this kind people.

12, 13. (a) If we want make God help us, wetin we go comot hand from? (b) Which kind people dey make Jehovah happy?

12 Bible still talk sey, Jehovah ‘dey bring wicked people come down.’ (Ps. 147:6b) Wetin this place talk na serious matter! And we no want make this kind thing happen to us. But we want make Jehovah continue to love us. So, make we comot hand from wetin e no like. (Ps. 97:10) For example, we must comot hand for sex matter wey no clean for God eye. This one mean sey, we go comot hand from anything wey fit make us do am. For example, we no go even look anything wey dey show naked people. (Ps. 119:37; Matt. 5:28) E fit no easy. But if we do everything wey we fit do to stop am, Jehovah go bless us.

13 If Jehovah no help us, we no go fit comot bad things for our mind. So, we need to trust am. You think sey Jehovah go happy, if we dey put mind sey, we fit help ourself or other people fit help us? No! Jehovah no want make we trust wetin Bible call, ‘the power wey horse get’ and the ‘strong leg wey man get.’ (Ps. 147:10) But e good make we dey beg Jehovah to help us. Jehovah no be like people wey person dey go meet to advise am. This people fit tire for person. But Jehovah no be like that. Even when we dey always beg Jehovah to help us, e no dey tire to listen. Bible talk sey: ‘Jehovah dey happy with people wey dey fear am, and people wey dey put mind for im love wey no dey fail.’ (Ps. 147:11) Because Jehovah love no dey fail, we get the mind sey e no go stop to help us comot the bad things wey dey our mind.

14. Which kind mind the person wey write Psalm 147 get about Jehovah?

14 Jehovah do wetin make us dey sure sey, e go help us when we need help. When Israel people go back to Jerusalem, the person wey write Psalm 147 come dey think about how Jehovah take dey help dem. E talk sey: ‘E dey make the gate for your city strong. E dey bless your children wey dey the city. E bring peace come your area.’ (Ps. 147:13, 14) The person wey write this psalm, know sey Jehovah go make the gate of the city strong to protect im people. This one make am get the mind sey Jehovah go help dem.

How Bible fit help us when we feel sey our problem don too plenty? (Check paragraph 15-17)

15-17. (a) Sometimes when we dey problem, wetin fit dey come our mind? How Jehovah take dey use Bible help us? (b) Which example show sey God word ‘no dey waste time’?

15 If you get problem wey dey worry you for mind, Jehovah fit give you sense to handle am. Psalm 147 talk sey, God ‘dey command the earth, and wetin e talk no dey waste time’ to happen. Then e come talk sey, Jehovah ‘dey make snow fall like cotton wool, e dey scatter ice and e dey throw ice block.’ E come ask sey: ‘Who fit bear the cold?’ E come still sey, ‘when God talk, dem dey melt.’ (Ps. 147:15-18) Na Jehovah get sense pass, and na im get power pass. Since e fit control ice block and snow, you no think sey e fit help you handle any problem?

16 Today, Jehovah dey use Bible guide us. E dey use am help us know wetin we go do anytime. No wonder Bible talk sey, ‘wetin e talk no dey waste time.’ You remember wetin you read for Bible wey don help you before? What about wetin you read for our book wey ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’ dey give us? Or, wetin you watch for JW Broadcasting never help you? You fit don see  wetin help you for jw.org. Elders for congregation or brothers and sisters fit don advice you. (Matt. 24:45) All this one show sey, Jehovah no dey waste time to help you.

17 One sister don really see sey Bible get power. The sister name na Simone. E dey feel sey e no reach anything for God eye. E come even think sey Jehovah no like am. But even when e no happy, e still dey pray to Jehovah. E no stop to beg Jehovah to help am. The sister still continue to do personal Bible study. E talk sey: “E no get anytime wey Jehovah never help me.” This one don help am know sey Jehovah value am.

18. Why you feel sey Jehovah dey bless you? Wetin go make you praise Jehovah for your life?

18 The person wey write Psalm 147 know sey, for Bible time, God show Israel people favor. Na only dem God give im law. (Read Psalm 147:19, 20.) Today, na only us dey bear God name. Na real blessing be that. We dey happy sey we know Jehovah. And Jehovah dey use im Word dey help us for our life. This one don make we and Jehovah be tight friend. The person wey write Psalm 147 praise Jehovah. Make we do like am. We get many reason to praise Jah for our life. And make we still go tell other people to join us praise Jah.