FOR apostle time, many people hear the ‘good news about God Kingdom.’ Christians that time really put body for the work. (Matt. 24:14) Some of dem even travel go other country go preach. For example, when apostle Paul dey do im missionary work, e preach well well for one area. One country wey dem dey call Turkey today, dey the area. * After about 2,000 years from apostle Paul time, for 2014, we come arrange preaching for Turkey. This one dey special. Why we arrange am? Which people go?


The publishers for Turkey pass 2,800. But the people wey dey the country reach 79 million. If you share the number of people for Turkey give the publishers, e mean sey one publisher get almost 28,000 people to preach to. E no easy o! The people wey dem don fit preach to, no many. Na this one make us arrange to go preach for the area. We want use small time take preach to many people. Five hundred and fifty brothers and sisters from other country come travel go Turkey. Dem sabi speak the language wey people for Turkey dey speak. Dem join the publishers for the country preach. Any better thing come out?

Many people hear the good news. One congregation wey dey Istanbul for Turkey, write sey: “When people see us, dem ask us sey: ‘Una arrange any special convention for here? We just dey see Jehovah Witness people for everywhere!’” One congregation wey dey where dem dey call Izmir for Turkey, still write sey: “One man wey dey work for taxi park, go meet one of the elders. E ask am sey, ‘Wetin dey happen? E be like sey una come dey preach pass before?’” True true, people see as we dey preach.


The brothers and sisters wey come from other country, really enjoy this preaching. For example, Steffen wey come from Denmark, talk sey: “Na everyday I dey preach to people wey never hear about Jehovah before. My mind tell me sey I really make people know who Jehovah be.” Jean-David wey come from France, write sey: “We fit stay one street dey preach, and we dey tey for there. E sweet, no be small! Many people no really know who Jehovah Witness be. Almost every house wey we go, we dey preach, dey show video, and people dey collect our book.”

Jean-David (center)

 Na only two weeks e take the 550 brothers and sisters to give about 60,000 different different book! Because of this preaching, many people really hear the good news.

Dem put body for preaching pass before. This preaching wey we arrange, make brothers put body for the work pass before. E come dey hungry many people to do regular pioneer. The truth be sey, after 12 months wey dem do this preaching, about 82 publishers for Turkey come be regular pioneer.


The brothers wey come from other country, still talk how their preaching come take better when dem go back to their country. For example, one sister from Germany, wey im name na Şirin, write sey: “The brothers for Turkey preach for anywhere wey dem see people. To talk to people no hard dem. I dey shame well well to preach for anywhere. But I happy for this preaching wey dem arrange.” The sister come even fit preach to people for where train dey pass for underground, and e give dem tract. Wetin help am? Na prayer and the brothers example for there. Now, e no dey shame like before again.


Johannes wey come from Germany, talk sey: “I learn some things wey I fit use for my preaching. The brothers for Turkey really want preach to many people, as dem fit. Dem dey use any chance preach. I come tell myself sey when I go back to Germany, na wetin I go do be that. Now, I dey preach to plenty people pass before.”


Zeynep wey come from France, talk sey: “The preaching wey dem arrange, make my preaching better. E help me get mind more more, and I come trust Jehovah pass before.”

The publishers come near each other more more. The brothers wey come from different country get one mind, and dem love each other. This one no go ever comot for their mind. Jean-David wey we talk about before, talk sey the brothers really take care of dem well. E still sey: “Dem treat us like their friend and their family person. Dem let us stay for their house. I know sey all of us na one, no matter where person go for this world; I don read am many times for our book dem. But this time, I don take my eye see am.” The brother talk sey, e come sweet am  more more sey e be Jehovah Witness. E thank Jehovah sey e let am be im servant.

Claire (center)

Claire wey come from France, talk sey: “Whether we come from Denmark, France, Germany, or Turkey, all of us be like one family. E just be like sey God use one big eraser take clean wetin divide different different country.”

Stéphanie (center)

Stéphanie wey still come from France, add join wetin Claire talk. E sey: “This preaching wey dem arrange teach us sey, no be language or where we come from make us get one mind. But we get one mind because we love Jehovah.”


Even after the special preaching for Turkey, big work still dey there. Because of this one, many of the brothers wey come from other country, want go back to Turkey again. Some don already go. Dem try well well.

For example, e get one small group wey get only 25 publishers for one area. For many years, na only one elder dem get. For 2015, six brothers from Germany and Netherland come go support dem. If you see as the publishers happy ehn!


How life be for this brothers wey go back to Turkey? The truth be sey, things hard sometimes. But better thing dey come out from wetin dem dey do. See wetin some of dem talk:


One brother wey don marry travel from Spain go Turkey. Im name na Federico, and e dey around 40 years. E talk sey: “I dey free, because I no get many property. Na this one help me put mind for wetin better pass.” Dem come ask am if e go advise person to go preach like that. E talk sey: “Yes o! When you get the mind to go another country go help people know Jehovah, you dey put yourself for Jehovah hand. You go really see as e go help you well well.”


E get another brother wey travel from Netherlands go Turkey. Im name na Rudy. E don nearly reach 60 years and e don marry. E talk sey: “E really dey sweet us to preach for where Jehovah Witness no too many. We don fit preach to many people wey  never hear the message before. Nothing dey sweet us pass when we see people dey happy because dem don know Jehovah.”


Sascha, one brother wey come from Germany still travel go Turkey. E don marry and e dey around 40 years. E talk sey: “Everytime wey I go preach, I dey meet people wey never hear about Jehovah before. But because I don help dem to fit learn about Jehovah, that one dey make me happy well well.”


One sister wey don marry travel from Japan go Turkey. Im name na Atsuko and e dey around 30 years. E talk sey: “Before, I dey always pray make Armageddon quick come. But after I go Turkey, I come dey thank Jehovah sey Armageddon never come. When I see how Jehovah take dey direct our preaching work, e dey make me near am more more.”

Alisa na still another sister wey travel from Russia go Turkey. E dey around 30 years, and e talk sey: “As I come preach for this place, e don really make me know the kind person wey Jehovah be.” (Ps. 34:8) E still talk sey: “Jehovah no be just my Papa, na still my tight Friend. E don help me for different different way, and that one don make me sabi am pass before. Many better things don happen to me and Jehovah don bless me well well!”


This special arrangement to preach for Turkey, don make many people hear the good news about God Kingdom. Even with that one, many place still dey wey dem never preach. As brothers and sisters dey travel go preach for Turkey, dem dey meet people wey never hear about Jehovah before. You go like preach for this kind place? If you get am for mind, no waste time. Make you go help this people wey want learn about Jehovah. Bible talk sey the ‘time don reach.’ (John 4:35) You go fit go preach for another country where plenty people want learn about Jehovah? If you fit, make you start to do things wey go make am work. No forget sey: If you go preach for another country, you go gain am well well. Mouth no go fit talk the kind blessing wey you go get!​—Acts 1:8.

^ par. 2 Check the brochure “See the Good Land,” pp. 32-33 (for English).