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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  July 2017

‘Cry With People Wey Dey Cry’

‘Cry With People Wey Dey Cry’

‘Make una continue to support each other and dey make each other strong.’​—1 THESS. 5:11.

SONG: 121, 75

1, 2. Why e good make we talk about wetin we fit do to help people wey their person die? (Check the first picture.)

E GET one sister wey im name na Susi. E don nearly reach one year wey im pikin die. But the sister talk sey e still dey pain dem for body like sey na yesterday e happen. E get another brother wey im wife die. E talk sey as im wife just die, mouth no fit talk how e pain am reach. E even make am sick. This kind thing dey happen to many people today. Many brothers and sisters no think sey their person fit die before God Kingdom come. E fit be sey na our person die, or we know person wey e happen to. We fit come dey think sey: ‘If this kind thing happen to person, wetin fit make im mind come down?’

2 Some people talk sey, if something happen to person, as time dey go, e no go too dey feel am again. But, na so e really be? E fit no be like that. One sister wey im husband die talk sey, ‘I don see am sey, na wetin person do as time dey go, na im dey help am.’ E just be like person wey get wound. If e treat am well, e go dey go small small. Na so e still be when our person die. If we do something about am, as time dey go, the pain go dey go. But wetin fit help people wey their person die?


3, 4. If our person die, why we dey sure sey Jehovah fit make our mind come down?

3 Jehovah na our Papa. Na im be the number one person wey dey make our mind come down. E dey pity person and e ready to help us. (Read 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.) Jehovah really know how our problem dey do us for body. Why we talk so? Na because of wetin e tell im people. E tell dem sey: ‘Na me dey make una mind come down.’​—Isa. 51:12; Ps. 119:50, 52, 76.

4 E get people wey Jehovah love wey die. Some of dem na Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David. (Num. 12:6-8; Matt. 22:31, 32; Acts 13:22) Bible talk sey e dey hungry Jehovah to bring dem come life again. (Job 14:14, 15) When dem come back, dem go happy. Their body go strong and dem no go sick. Jesus na God Son, and God love am well well. (Prov. 8:22, 30) How you think sey e do Jehovah for body when e see how im Son suffer reach before e die? Mouth no fit talk how e pain Jehovah reach!​—John 5:20; 10:17.

5, 6. How Jehovah take dey make our mind come down?

5 We no dey shake because we know sey Jehovah go help us. So, when we dey pray, make we tell am everything wey dey our mind. Jehovah understand how e dey do us for body if our person die. E ready to help us. This one dey really make our mind come down! But how e take dey help us?

6 Jehovah dey use im holy spirit make our mind come down. This one na one way wey e take dey help us. (Acts 9:31) Jesus talk sey Jehovah ‘go give holy spirit to people wey beg am.’ (Luke 11:13) Susi wey we talk about before, talk sey: “E get many times wey we go just kneel down dey beg Jehovah to make our mind come down. And everytime wey we pray, the peace wey God dey give, dey guide our heart and mind.”​—Read Philippians 4:6, 7.


7, 8. Why we dey sure sey Jesus fit make our mind come down?

7 When Jesus dey this earth, e show sey e get the kind mind wey im Father get. E show am for wetin e talk and wetin e do. (John 5:19) Jehovah send Jesus come help ‘people wey no happy’ and people wey their person die. E make their mind come down. (Isa. 61:1, 2; Luke 4:17-21) Jesus pity people wey dey suffer and e ready to help dem.​—Heb. 2:17.

8 Jesus get family and e know other people. E fit be sey na when e dey young some of dem die. For example, e be like sey na when e dey young im papa wey be Joseph die. * That time, Jesus fit never reach 20 years or e dey around 20 years. How you think sey e go be for Jesus that time? Or, how you think sey e be for am to see im mama, im brothers, and im sisters dey cry? You no think sey e really pain am?

9. How Jesus take show sey e really understand how people dey feel?

9 When Jesus start to preach, e show sey e really understand how people dey feel, and e sorry for dem. For example, when im friend Lazarus die, e know sey e go bring am come life again. Even with that one, e still pain am well well to see Mary and Martha dey cry. The thing pain am reach bone sotey e come dey cry.​—John 11:33-36.

10. Why we dey sure sey our problem dey pain Jesus?

 10 Jesus talk things wey make people mind come down. How that one fit help us today? Bible make us know sey: ‘Whether na yesterday, today or forever, Jesus Christ no dey change.’ (Heb. 13:8) Jesus go bring people wey don die come life again. No wonder Bible sey na im be the ‘Person wey God choose to give us life.’ This one dey make our mind come down. Jesus still understand wetin e be like for our person to die. So, ‘e go fit help people wey dey face problem.’ (Acts 3:15; Heb. 2:10, 18) When we dey face problem today, we dey sure sey e dey pain Jesus. E understand wetin we dey face. And e go make our mind come down when we need am.​—Read Hebrews 4:15, 16.


11. Which Bible verse don make your mind come down?

11 We see am for Bible sey e pain Jesus when Lazarus die. That place for Bible na one of the place wey fit make our mind come down. No wonder Bible talk sey: ‘Everything wey dem write before our time, dem write am for us to learn. This things for Bible dey give us hope, e dey help us endure, and e dey make our mind come down.’ (Rom. 15:4) If our person die, e get other Bible verse wey fit help us. Some of dem na:

  • ‘Jehovah near people wey something dey worry for mind. E dey save people wey no dey happy.’​—Ps. 34:18, 19.

  • ‘When something dey worry me for mind, you make my mind come down, and you make me happy.’​—Ps. 94:19.

  • ‘God wey be our Father love us. The way e dey make our mind come down go last forever, and e dey give us better hope. E dey do this one because of im favor. We pray sey make God and Jesus Christ our Lord make una mind come down. Make dem still make una strong for every good thing wey una do and talk.’​—2 Thess. 2:16, 17. *


12. Wetin we fit do to make person mind come down?

12 When our person die, brothers and sisters for congregation fit still help us. (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11.) How you fit help ‘people wey no dey happy’ and make their mind come down? (Prov. 17:22) Remember sey ‘time dey to keep quiet and time dey to talk.’ (Eccl. 3:7) E get one woman wey im husband die. The woman name na Dalene. E talk sey: “People wey their person die need to talk wetin dey their mind and how body dey do dem. So when dem dey talk, make we no cut dem. E good make we listen well. Na wetin go help dem pass be that.” E still get one person wey im name na Junia. Im brother kill imself. Junia talk sey: “Even if you no fit really know how e pain dem reach, wetin matter pass be sey, you want understand how body dey do dem.”

13. Wetin we suppose remember?

13 No forget sey everybody no be the same. All of us get how we take dey show sey something dey pain us. Sometimes, na only person know how something dey pain am reach. To even talk am come out, fit be wahala. Bible talk sey: ‘Na only person know wetin dey pain am for mind. And no other person fit really know the kind happiness wey dey im mind.’ (Prov. 14:10) Even when person talk how something dey  pain am reach, other people fit still no really understand wetin e dey try talk.

14. Wetin we fit do to make people mind come down?

14 Na true sey e fit hard us to know wetin to tell people wey their person die. But Bible talk sey: ‘Wetin person wey get sense talk dey make person well.’ (Prov. 12:18) Many people don see better thing wey dem go talk for the brochure wey be, When Someone You Love Dies. * But many times, wetin better pass na to ‘cry with people wey dey cry.’ (Rom. 12:15) E get one woman wey im husband die. Im name na Gaby. E talk sey: ‘My mind dey come down when I cry. But na when other people follow me cry, na im my mind dey come down pass. E dey help me know sey wetin dey pain me, still dey pain dem.’

15. Which other thing we fit do to make people mind come down? (Check the box “ Better Word Wey Fit Make Person Mind Come Down.”)

15 E fit dey hard you to talk to the person face to face. If na so, you fit write wetin you want talk put for card, e-mail, text message, or letter. You fit write any place come out for Bible wey fit help the person. You fit still write some of the better character wey the person wey don die get; or any better thing wey una do together. Junia wey we talk about before, talk sey: “I dey happy when person send me short message. And when brothers and sisters invite me to come spend time with dem, e dey make me happy no be small. This things make me know sey people love me and dem get me for mind.”

16. Which other better way we fit help people to make their mind come down?

16 Our prayer fit still help people wey their person die. E good make we dey remember dem for our prayer or pray with  dem. E fit hard you to pray with dem because you think sey you go cry. But when you pray with dem from your mind, your prayer fit really make their mind come down. No worry even if you cry or your voice dey shake. Dalene wey we don talk about before, talk sey: “Sometimes when sisters come visit me to tell me sorry, I dey ask dem if dem go like pray with me. When dem first start to pray, to talk dey hard. But as dem dey pray dey go, their voice go dey strong more more, and their prayer dey really come from their mind. Their strong faith and the love wey dem show me, don make my faith strong.”


17-19. Why e good make we continue to make people mind come down?

17 The time wey something take dey pain us for body, dey different from another person own. If person die, many people dey go there when e just happen. But as time dey go, people fit no too dey come again. Many people go don go back to wetin dem dey do before. But e good make we go when the thing just happen, and when people no dey too go there again. Bible talk sey: ‘Real friend dey show love every time, And na brother wey dem born for time when problem dey.’ (Prov. 17:17) So make we ready to help people wey their person die. And make their mind come down, until dem no too dey feel am again.​—Read 1 Thessalonians 3:7.

18 Get am for mind sey e get some kind things wey dey make people remember their person wey die. Things like: When e reach the time wey dem marry, or when dem go another person own. E fit be music, picture, things wey dem dey do before, one kind smell, wetin dem dey listen to, or when some kind season reach. E fit start to do things wey only im no dey do before, like when e go assembly or Memorial. When e remember, e dey really pain am no be small. One brother wey im wife die talk sey: “When e reach the time wey we dey celebrate our marriage, I think sey e go hard for me before. True true, e no easy for me at all. But some brothers and sisters come arrange one small party. And dem invite my tight friends come so that only me no go dey alone.”

19 Remember sey e good to always encourage people wey their person die. Make we no just wait for only the time wey special thing dey happen. Junia wey we talk about before, talk sey: “E good to dey spend time with people and help dem, even when special thing no dey happen. All this things dey make dem happy, and e dey make their mind come down.” Na true sey we no fit comot all the things wey dey pain dem for mind. And we no go fit make dem stop to remember their person wey die. But we fit do something wey go make their mind come down. (1 John 3:18) Gaby wey we talk about before talk sey: “When my husband die, Jehovah use the elders take help me. Dem help me know sey Jehovah really love me. I thank Jehovah well well.”

20. Wetin Jehovah promise us wey dey make our mind come down?

20 Jehovah na God wey dey make our mind come down. E don promise to comot everything wey dey make us cry. Bible let us know sey, Jehovah go bring people wey don die come life again. (John 5:28, 29) God still promise us sey, e ‘go comot death forever, and Jehovah go clean the tears’ wey dey people eye. (Isa. 25:8, ftn.) This one dey really make our mind come down! When that time reach, we no go dey ‘cry with people wey dey cry.’ But, ‘we go happy with people wey dey happy.’​—Rom. 12:15.

^ par. 8 Joseph dey alive when Jesus dey 12 years. But after that time, Bible no talk about am again. For example, the first miracle wey Jesus do na when e turn water to wine. Bible no talk anything about Joseph that time, or after that time. When dem nail Jesus for pole, e tell apostle John make e take care of Mary. If Joseph still dey alive that time, you think sey Jesus for tell John to take care of im mama?​—John 19:26, 27.

^ par. 11 Other Bible verse dem wey don help many people mind come down na Psalm 20:1, 2; 31:7; 38:8, 9, 15; 55:22; 121:1, 2; Isaiah 57:15; 66:13; Philippians 4:13; and 1 Peter 5:7.

^ par. 14 Check the topic “Comfort the Bereaved, as Jesus Did,” wey dey November 1, 2010, Watchtower (for English).