“Una no know the day wey una Lord dey come.”MATT. 24:42.

SONG: 136, 129

1. Give example wey show why e good to know wetin time be and wetin dey happen for where we dey. (Check the first picture.)

AS WE dey look the clock wey dey the television for convention, e dey show time wey dey count go down: five, four, three, two, one! We know sey time don reach to sitdown hear the song wey go play before the convention start for morning or afternoon. Yes, time don reach to hear our sweet Kingdom song and to ready our mind for the convention talk dem. But what if some people no even put mind for the song wey dey play, dem still dey waka, dey greet and gist with their friend? Dem no even know sey the program want start. This one mean sey dem no know wetin dey happen, sey time don reach, sey chairman dey the platform, and sey other people don sitdown. This kind thing dey help us remember the time wey dey “count go down” for another big thing wey want happen for front. Something wey we suppose put mind sey e dey come. Wetin be that?

2. Wetin make Jesus tell im disciple dem sey make dem ‘continue to dey watch’?

2 When Jesus Christ dey tell im disciple dem about the small  time wey remain for the world to end; e tell dem sey: ‘Make you dey look, make you dey watch, because you no know when e go be.’ E still tell dem many times after this one sey: ‘Make una continue to dey watch.’ (Matt. 24:3; read Mark 13:32-37.) For this same matter, wetin Matthew write show sey Jesus warn im disciple make dem open their eye, e sey: ‘So make una continue to dey watch, because una no know the day wey una Lord dey come. Make una ready, because the Son of man go come the time wey una no think sey e go come.’ E come repeat am again sey: ‘So, make una continue to dey watch because una no know the day or the time.’—Matt. 24:42-44; 25:13.

3. Why we no dey take Jesus warning play?

3 As Jehovah people, we no dey take this warning play. We know sey we dey live for the ending part of the small time wey remain for this world to end, before ‘great tribulation’ start! (Dan. 12:4; Matt. 24:21) Today for the whole world, we dey see war, people dey do many bad bad thing, plenty church wey dey deceive people just full everywhere, hunger dey well well, plenty sickness, and ground dey shake open. Even self, the way Jehovah Witness people don take preach about God Kingdom for the whole world, dey surprise many people. (Matt. 24:7, 11, 12, 14; Luke 21:11) E dey hungry us to see the time wey Jesus go come do everything wey God get for mind.—Mark 13:26, 27.


4. (a) Why we believe sey, now, Jesus know when Armageddon go come? (b) Even if we no know when great tribulation go start, wetin we dey sure of?

4 We know sey convention get time wey e take dey start for morning and afternoon. But e no get how we try reach wey we fit know the year, day or time wey great tribulation go start. When Jesus dey this world, e sey: ‘Nobody know that day and the time, even the angel dem for heaven or the Son no know, but na only the Father know.’ (Matt. 24:36) But now, Jehovah don give Jesus Christ power for heaven to take fight this world wey Satan dey control. (Rev. 19:11-16) So e make sense to believe sey now, Jesus know the time wey Armageddon go come. But we no know. Na im make e dey important make we continue to dey watch till the time wey great tribulation go start. But Jehovah know the time and e don already put the date when this world go end. E know sey time wey great tribulation go start don dey reach. This great tribulation no go waste time come! (Read Habakkuk 2:1-3.) How we take know?

5. Give one example wey show sey everything wey Jehovah promise dey always happen when e suppose happen.

5 Everything wey Jehovah don promise, dey always happen when e suppose happen! For example, make we think about the date wey e save Israel people from Egypt. That day na Nisan 14, for the year 1513 before Jesus time. Moses talk about that day when e sey: ‘The day wey e reach 430 years, that day, na im all Jehovah people waka comot from Egypt.’ (Ex. 12:40-42) Na for the year 1943 before Jesus time na im the ‘430 years’ start, the time wey the promise wey Jehovah promise Abraham start to work. (Gal. 3:17, 18) After that time, Jehovah tell Abraham sey: ‘Make you know true true sey your pikin dem go be stranger for country wey no be their own and the people for there go make dem slave and suffer dem reach 400 years.’ (Gen. 15:13; Acts 7:6) The  ‘400 years’ wey dem go suffer start from the year 1913 before Jesus time. Na that time Ishmael start to take Isaac do yeye after Isaac don stop to suck breast. E end when Israel people comot from Egypt for the year 1513 before Jesus time. (Gen. 21:8-10; Gal. 4:22-29) True true, four hundred years before e happen, na im Jehovah put the date wey e go save im people!

6. Why we sure sey Jehovah go save im people?

6 Joshua, wey follow for the people wey dem save from Egypt, help Israel people remember sey: ‘Una know with all una mind and una don see am for una life sey nothing for inside all the good things wey Jehovah una God don promise una wey never happen. All of dem don happen. No one wey no happen.’ (Josh. 23:2, 14) We dey sure sey Jehovah go save us for the great tribulation wey dey come, as e don promise us. But to follow for the people wey God go save, we must continue to dey watch.


7, 8. (a) Which work watchman dey do for olden days, and wetin we fit learn from dem? (b) Give example of wetin fit happen if sleep catch watchman as e dey do im work?

7 Make we learn from the example of olden days people why e good make we continue to dey watch. That time many of the big big town like Jerusalem get high fence wey surround dem. Because of the fence, their enemy no fit enter anyhow. And dem still get place on top the fence wey watchman fit stand dey look everywhere. Na morning and night the watchman dem dey stand for the place and for their gate. If dem see any problem, dem go quick quick tell the people wey dey inside the town. (Isa. 62:6) Dem go put eye for their work and dem no go sleep because if dem sleep, many people fit die.—Ezek. 33:6.

8 Josephus wey write about Jew people talk how Rome army take scatter Jerusalem for the year 70 after Jesus time. E sey Rome army enter one place wey dem dey call Tower of Antonia wey near Jerusalem fence. From there, dem come get the chance to fit burn the temple and to scatter Jerusalem reach ground. This one make Jew people suffer wetin dem never suffer before. Wetin cause all this one? Na because the watchman dem sleep go!

9. Wetin many people today no know?

9 Many country today like to use soldier and computer check the kind people and everything wey dey happen for their country. Dem no want make their enemy dem or anything wey go cause wahala enter the country. But na only problem or enemy wey dey come from another government dem go fit see. Dem no know sey e get government for heaven wey God don put for Jesus Christ hand. Dem no even know wetin that government go soon do to all this human being government. (Isa. 9:6, 7, ftn.; 56:10; Dan. 2:44) But if we continue to dey do wetin Jehovah want and dey serve am well, we go ready any time wey that judgement day go come.—Ps. 130:6.


10, 11. (a) Wetin fit happen to us now and why we no go let am happen? (b) Why you dey sure sey Devil don block people mind make dem no believe wetin Bible talk?

10 Think of one watchman wey sleep no enter im eye at all for the whole night as e dey do im work. But around the time wey im work go finish, e don tire and sleep fit catch am that time. Na so e still be for us,  the more we dey near when this world go end, e go dey hard us to pursue sleep comot. E go bad well well if we stop to dey watch! Make we come talk about three things wey fit make us stop to dey watch.

11 Devil dey make people comot mind for matter wey concern God. E no tey before Jesus die, wey e warn im disciple dem three times about ‘the person wey dey rule this world.’ (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) Jesus know sey Devil go block people mind. E dey do am to comot their mind from the things wey God don promise sey e go soon do. (Zeph. 1:14) Satan dey use all the fake fake religion wey full the whole world take dey deceive people. Wetin you dey see as you dey follow people talk? You no dey see sey Devil don ‘block their mind make dem no believe’ sey this world go soon end and sey Jesus don already dey rule for heaven? (2 Cor. 4:3-6) Many times people dey talk sey dem no want hear. Many of dem dey feel sey e no concern dem when we dey tell dem sey this world go soon end.

12. Why we no go let Devil deceive us?

12 No let this character wey people get make you stop to dey watch. You sabi pass dem. Paul tell Christian dem for Thessalonica sey: ‘Una know true true sey Jehovah day dey come,’ e come still talk sey, e dey come ‘like thief for night.’ (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6.) Jesus warn us sey: ‘Make una ready because na the time wey una no think sey e go be, na im Son of man dey come.’ (Luke 12:39, 40) Small time, Satan go deceive many people to talk sey, ‘peace dey, no fear!’ E go make dem believe sey nothing dey happen. What about us? That Judgment day no suppose ‘surprise [us] like when thief come’ so far we ‘no sleep’ and our ‘sense complete.’ Na im make e good make we dey read Bible every day and dey think about wetin Jehovah dey tell us.

13. Wetin this world dey make people do? Wetin we go do if we no want make e affect us?

13 This world dey make people no put mind for things wey concern God. Today, wetin dey many people mind na only to pursue wetin belle go chop and their business. Dem no dey put mind for things wey concern God. (Matt. 5:3) Na all their mind and body dem dey put to get the things wey dey this world—‘wetin our body like and wetin our eye like.’ (1 John  2:16) Another thing be sey, the different different film and music wey dey this world dey make people ‘like enjoyment pass God,’ and e dey worse every day. (2 Tim. 3:4) Na im make Paul tell Christian dem sey make dem ‘no dey plan to do the bad things wey their body like.’ This one fit make dem no put mind for things wey concern God.—Rom. 13:11-14.

14. Which warning dey Luke 21:34, 35?

14 Na God spirit we want make e dey control our life no be how people for this world take dey live life. Na this spirit God dey use help us sabi wetin go soon happen for front. [1] (1 Cor. 2:12) But e good make we no forget sey no be just “big big things” for life fit make person sleep for things wey concern God. If we too put mind for the “normal things” for life e fit still make us comot mind for God matter. (Read Luke 21:34, 35.) Other people fit dey laugh us because we dey try put mind for things wey God like but make we no let am worry us. We know sey na only small time remain for this world. (2 Pet. 3:3-7) But make we dey gather together with our brothers and sisters for our congregation meeting every time, the place wey we fit get God spirit.

You dey do everything wey you fit do, to put mind for things wey concern God and im Kingdom? (Check paragraphs 11-16)

15. Wetin happen to Peter, James and John? How that kind thing fit happen to us?

15 The sin wey dey our body fit make am hard us to dey watch. Jesus know sey the sin wey dey our body dey make us do bad things sometimes. Think about wetin happen the night wey dem want kill Jesus. E know sey to continue to do wetin God want, e go need to beg God make e help am. Jesus tell Peter, James and John make dem ‘continue to dey watch,’ as e dey pray. But, dem no know how the thing wey want happen, serious reach. So, instead make dem do wetin Jesus tell dem, their body wey don weak come make dem sleep. Even though sey Jesus self don tire, e no sleep. E pray well well make im Father help am and na wetin dem suppose do be that.—Mark 14:32-41.

16. Wetin Jesus talk for Luke 21:36 wey go help us ‘no sleep’?

16 If we no want ‘sleep’ for matter wey concern God, no be only better mind wey we get go help us. Some days before dem come arrest Jesus for garden of Gethsemane, Jesus tell im disciple dem sey make dem dey pray. (Read Luke 21:36.) So if we no want sleep for matter wey concern God, we self go dey pray every time.—1 Pet. 4:7, ftn.


17. Wetin we go do to ready ourself for wetin go happen for front?

17 Since Jesus don talk sey we no know the time when this world go end, now no be time to dey sleep for matter wey concern God. No be time to dey pursue the things wey people for this world dey pursue or the bad things wey our body want. All this things no go last. (Matt. 24:44) God and Jesus don tell us for Bible wetin dem get for mind for us and things wey go help us no sleep. Make we dey put eye for things wey concern God Kingdom and make am the number one thing for our life. This one go help us near God more more. E good make we know the things wey Bible talk sey go happen for our time and how e take dey happen. E go help us ready for wetin go happen for front. (Rev. 22:20) This one na life and death matter!

^ [1] (paragraph 14) Check chapter 21 for the book God’s Kingdom Rules!