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We Thank God for Im Favor

We Thank God for Im Favor

“From the surplus wey im get, all of us don get favor wey no dey end.”JOHN 1:16.

SONG: 95, 13

1, 2. (a) Which story Jesus talk about the owner of one farm? (b) Wetin this story dey teach us about open hand and favor?

ONE farmer go market one early morning go find people wey go work for im farm. The people gree for the money wey e sey e go pay dem. E still go the market again, e stay the market the whole day, dey find more people because e need more people. No matter sey afternoon don finish wey e hire dem, e sey e go pay dem better money. When evening reach, e call all of dem make e pay dem their money. E pay all of dem the same money, whether dem work from morning reach evening or only evening or one hour. The people wey im first hire start to complain. The owner of the farm tell them sey: ‘No be this money we gree sey I go pay una? I no get right to pay all the people wey work for me anything wey I want? Una dey jealous because I get open hand?’—Matt. 20:1-15, ftn.

2 This Jesus story make us remember one character wey Jehovah get wey Bible talk about plenty times—im ‘undeserved kindness’ (favor). [1] (Read 2 Corinthians 6:1.) The people wey work for only one hour no suppose collect complete money. But the owner of the farm show dem extra  favor. Different different Bible translate “undeserved kindness” as “grace”. One man wey dey put eye for Bible matter well well talk sey undeserved kindness (favor) na free gift wey person no suppose get but dem still give am, even if the person no work for the gift.


3, 4. Why and how Jehovah don take show human being favor?

3 Bible talk about ‘God favor wey be free gift.’ (Eph. 3:7) Why and how Jehovah dey give this ‘free gift’? If to sey we dey do everything wey Jehovah want without mistake, we fit talk sey all the good wey e dey do for us na our right. But as e be, we no dey fit. Na wetin make King Solomon write sey: ‘No good person wey dey this world wey dey do good every time wey no dey sin.’ (Eccl. 7:20) Apostle Paul follow talk for this matter, e sey: ‘All of us don sin and we no fit reach the level wey God don set for us,’ and ‘wetin sin dey pay na death.’ (Rom. 3:23; 6:23a) Na wetin we suppose get be that.

4 But Jehovah show how e love us reach when e do the kind thing wey nobody fit do. E send ‘im only special Son’ wey big pass all the gift wey e don give, make e come die for us. (John 3:16) Na im Paul come write about Jesus sey God give am praise and honor because e suffer come die. So because of God favor e fit die for everybody. (Heb. 2:9) True true, God use Jesus Christ, our Lord, give us life wey no go end as gift.—Rom. 6:23b.

5, 6. Wetin fit happen if (a) sin dey rule us? (b) favor dey rule us?

5 How we come take get this sin wey dey kill all of us? Bible talk sey: ‘Because of one person [Adam] sin, death come dey rule as king’ wey dey control everybody wey come from Adam. (Rom. 5:12, 14, 17) But we happy sey we fit choose sey we no want make sin dey rule or control us. If we dey show sey we get faith for Jesus sacrifice, na Jehovah favor go come dey rule us. How that one fit happen? ‘Where sin plenty, favor even plenty pass am. So that wetin go happen? So that as death don make sin rule as king, na so favor go use truth rule as king because of Jesus Christ wey go bring life wey no go end.’—Rom. 5:20, 21.

6 Even if we still be sinner, e no mean sey we go let sin dey control our life. Anytime wey we sin, we go beg Jehovah make e forgive us. Paul warn Christian dem sey: ‘Make sin no be una oga, because na favor dey control una no be law.’ (Rom. 6:14) So na favor dey rule us. Wetin we fit gain from this one? Paul explain am, e talk sey: ‘God favor dey train us to comot eye for things wey God no like and things wey this world like and make we dey live with sense and dey do good and dey hold God tight even though sey we dey this world.’—Titus 2:11, 12.


7, 8. Wetin Bible mean when e sey Jehovah dey show us im favor for ‘different different way’? (Go check the first picture.)

7 Apostle Peter write sey: ‘As the gift take reach una hand one by one, make una use am dey help unaself because una be better servant wey don get God favor wey dey show for different different way.’ (1 Pet. 4:10) Wetin that one mean? E mean sey no matter  how the problem wey we jam for this life be, Jehovah go fit help us manage am. (1 Pet. 1:6) Jehovah get the type of favor wey match any problem wey we get.

8 True true, Jehovah dey show im favor for different different way. Apostle John write sey: ‘From the surplus wey im get, all of us don get favor wey no dey end.’ (John 1:16) The different different way wey Jehovah take dey favor us, dey make us get many blessing. Wetin be some of dem?

9. How we take dey gain from Jehovah favor? And how we fit thank am for this one?

9 E dey forgive us. Because of the favor wey Jehovah get, e dey forgive our sin. But na only when we repent and we try well well make we no do am again, e go fit forgive us. (Read 1 John 1:8, 9.) As Jehovah dey pity us, we suppose dey thank and praise am. When Paul dey write give the Christian wey God choose with holy spirit like am, e sey: ‘E save us from darkness hand, come carry us put for the kingdom wey im Son wey e love well well get, because of am we don free because the ransom na im make God forgive our sin.’ (Col. 1:13, 14) We go fit enjoy many blessing because God dey forgive us.

10. Wetin we dey enjoy because of God favor?

10 We go fit enjoy peace with Jehovah. Before, we be God enemy because dem born us for sin. Paul talk sey this one na true, when e sey: ‘When we be God enemy, im Son come die for us to make us settle with God.’ (Rom. 5:10) We fit enjoy peace with God now because we don settle. Paul talk sey na big thing Jehovah do for us and na im favor make am do am. E sey: ‘Now wey dem don call us [people wey go follow Christ rule] better people because of faith, make we enjoy peace with God because of our Lord Jesus Christ, wey because of am we don get chance to enter this favor wey we stand for inside now because of faith.’ (Rom. 5:1, 2) Which blessing fit pass this one?

Different different way wey Jehovah take dey show us favor: We don get the chance to hear the good news (Check paragraph 11)

11. How the people wey go follow Jesus rule dey make ‘other sheep’ come sabi wetin good?

11 We go fit be good people for God eye. The way we be, e dey hard us to be good people. But prophet Daniel talk sey for the time of the end, ‘the people wey dey think matter well,’ wey be the people wey go follow Jesus rule for heaven wey still dey this earth, go ‘dey make many people come sabi wetin good.’ (Read Daniel 12:3.) Because dem dey preach and teach, dem don make many people wey be ‘other sheep’ to fit dey do wetin good for Jehovah eye. (John 10:16) But na only because of Jehovah favor this one fit happen. See as Paul take explain am, e sey: ‘Na free gift for dem to talk sey dem be good people because of im favor as e don take ransom free dem because Jesus Christ don pay.’—Rom. 3:23, 24.

The chance wey we get to pray (Check paragraph 12)

12. How prayer dey show sey Jehovah get favor?

12 We fit talk to God for prayer. Because of Jehovah favor, we fit talk to am for prayer even though sey e sitdown for im throne for heaven. The truth be sey, Paul talk sey Jehovah throne na ‘throne of favor’ and e sey make we get ‘free mind to talk’ when we want pray. (Heb. 4:16a) Jehovah don give us this chance because of im Son, and na ‘because of am the way dey  free and we get this free mind to talk and we no dey fear because we believe am.’ (Eph. 3:12) True true, we fit talk to Jehovah for prayer because e don show us favor.

We dey get the help wey we need when we need am (Check paragraph 13)

13. How favor fit ‘help us when we need help’?

13 Jehovah go help us when we need help. Paul talk sey make we no fear to talk to Jehovah for prayer, ‘so that e fit favor us and show us favor wey go help us when we need help.’ (Heb. 4:16b) Any time wey wahala full our body or our problem come be like chukuchuku for body, we fit beg Jehovah make e pity us and help us. Jehovah dey answer our prayer even as we no reach to get answer from am. Sometimes, e dey use our brothers and sisters take help us ‘so that we fit get strong mind talk sey: “Na Jehovah dey help me; I no go fear. Wetin person fit do me?”’—Heb. 13:6.

14. How Jehovah favor take dey make our mind come down?

14 Our mind fit come down. Another thing wey we dey enjoy because of Jehovah favor be sey e dey make our mind come down even when we get problem. (Ps. 51:17) Paul write give Christian dem for Thessalonica wey dey face wahala, e tell dem sey: ‘Make our Lord Jesus Christ imself and God our Father, wey love us and dey always make our mind come down and wey give us better hope because of im favor, make una mind come down and make una strong.’ (2 Thess. 2:16, 17, ftn.) Our mind dey really come down because we know sey Jehovah love us and because e dey do plenty good things for us!

15. Which hope we get because of God favor?

15 We get hope sey we go fit live life wey no get end. Because of our sin, we  no fit give ourself hope. (Read Psalm 49:7, 8.) But Jehovah don give us better hope. Jesus promise people wey dey follow am sey: ‘This na wetin my Father want, sey, make everybody wey know the Son and wey dey show sey e get faith for the Son, get life wey no go end.’ (John 6:40) So we get that hope sey we fit get life wey no go end because of God favor. Paul wey like this hope well well talk sey: ‘God don show im favor, wey fit save different different kind of people.’—Titus 2:11.


16. How some of the first people wey be Christian take God favor play?

16 Na true sey Jehovah favor dey make us get many blessing but make we no think sey that one na chance to dey sin anyhow. Some for inside the first Christian dem try ‘take God favor as chance to do bad things.’ (Jude 4) This people dey think sey dem fit dey sin as dem like and Jehovah go always dey forgive dem. The worse part be sey, dem even try make other brothers and sisters join dem for their bad life. Today too, anybody wey dey do like that dey ‘make the spirit of favor vex.’—Heb. 10:29.

17. Which warning Peter give us?

17 Today, Satan don deceive some Christian because dem dey think sey dem fit dey sin as dem like and Jehovah go just dey forgive dem. The truth be sey Jehovah ready to forgive anybody wey repent from im sin. But e want make we try well well so that we no go continue to do bad. E use im spirit take make Peter write sey: ‘So, una wey I love well well, as e be sey una don know this thing, make una look well so that una no go join do the mistake wey people wey no get law dey do, come fall comot from where una stand. No, but make una dey grow for inside the favor and how una take know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.’—2 Pet. 3:17, 18.


18. Wetin Jehovah favor suppose make us do?

18 We dey thank Jehovah well well for this favor wey e don show us. So make we dey use wetin we get serve God and help people. How we fit do am? Paul give us the answer, e sey: ‘Since e be sey because of the favor wey e give us make us get different different gift, if na to preach, make we dey preach well; or the person wey dey teach, make e teach well; or the person wey dey give advice, make e dey give advice; the person wey dey pity for other people, make e happy as e dey do am.’ (Rom. 12:6-8) So because of the favor wey Jehovah give us we get plenty work to do. We go dey preach well well, dey teach people Bible, dey help our brothers and sisters and to dey forgive anybody wey do wetin we no like.

19. Wetin we go learn for the next topic?

19 We thank Jehovah because e don show us love well well. So, make we do everything wey we fit do ‘to preach well about the good news of God favor.’ (Acts 20:24) We go talk about this one well for the next topic.

^ [1] (paragraph 2) Go check the meaning of “Undeserved kindness” in the “Glossary of Bible Terms” in the revised New World Translation.