YOU know any brother or sister wey go another country go preach for where dem need more publisher? You don ever ask yourself: ‘Wetin dey make dem go another country? How dem take dey ready for this kind work? I go fit join do this work?’ If we want know the answer, we go ask people wey don dey do the work. So make we ask dem.


Why e come your mind to go preach for another country wey dem need more publisher? Amy, wey dey about 35 years come from United States. E talk sey: “E don tey, wey I dey think how I fit go another country go preach, but e come be like sey I no go ever fit do am.” Wetin change im mind? “For 2004, one husband and wife wey dey preach for Belize sey make I come visit dem and join dem pioneer for one month. Na im I go and e sweet me well well! After one year, I come go pioneer for Ghana.”

Aaron and Stephanie

Stephanie wey come from United States too, don dey reach 30 years. Some years wey don pass, e look as condition be for am, come tell imself sey: “As e be sey my body still strong and I never marry, I go fit work for Jehovah pass as I dey do now. This thing wey e think, help am check imself and come make am fit go Ghana go preach. Filip and Ida na husband and wife wey never old, and dem be pioneer wey come from Denmark. Their mind dey always dey to go preach for where dem need more publisher. Dem come dey plan how dem go fit do am. Filip sey, “when the chance come out,” e be like Jehovah come tell us sey: ‘Make una dey go!’” For 2008, dem go Ghana go preach and e pass three years wey dem stay there.

Brook and Hans

Hans and Brook na husband and wife wey be pioneer for United States. Dem dey around 30 years. For 2005 dem join help brothers and sisters wey Hurricane Katrina (heavy breeze wey dey carry  rain and thunder come) scatter their property. After, dem fill form sey dem want join brothers and sisters wey dey build Branch Office, Assembly Hall and Kingdom Hall but dem no call dem. Na im Hans come talk sey, “We come hear one talk for convention wey talk about how King David take change im plan when Jehovah no let am build temple. The talk help us see sey e no bad to change wetin person get for mind to do for God work.” (1 Chron. 17:1-4, 11, 12; 22:5-11) Brook talk join wetin Hans talk, e sey: “Jehovah want make we try another road.”

After dem hear sweet sweet story from their friend dem wey dey preach for other country, e make dem go pioneer for another country. For 2012, Hans and Brook come go Ghana go pioneer for four month and dem help one sign language congregation for there. This work wey dem do for Ghana, help dem. E help dem because even when dem go United States again, dem still dey put God work as the first thing for their life. Dem join the people wey build the branch office wey dey Micronesia.


How you take ready for this work? Stephanie talk sey, “I read different different topic for Watchtower wey talk how person fit go preach for where dem need more publisher. * I still tell the elders for my congregation, our circuit overseer and im wife sey I go like go another country go preach. The thing wey help me pass be sey, I dey tell Jehovah my plan for prayer.” Stephanie continue to dey live simple life, e no spend money anyhow. This one help am fit save money wey e use as e go another country go preach.

Hans talk sey: “We beg Jehovah sey make e direct us because we ready to go anywhere wey e want make  we go. For the prayer, we still tell am the day we go start.” Hans and Brook come write letter give four branch office. Dem come go Ghana, after the branch wey dey there, tell dem sey dem fit come. Na two months dem plan to stay but Hans talk sey: “We really like the congregation wey we join for Ghana, that one come make us stay pass as we plan.”

Adria and George

George and Adria na husband and wife wey come from Canada; dem don dey near 40 years. Dem know sey Jehovah dey bless the good wey person do, no be only the better mind wey e get to do am. So dem do wetin go make their plan work. Dem ask one sister wey don already dey preach for Ghana many question. Dem still write letter go branch office for Canada and Ghana. Adria talk sey, “We start to think how we go take make our life simple pass as e simple before.” Na this plan help dem fit go Ghana for 2004.


After una travel go another country, which kind problem una get and how una take manage am? The first thing wey happen to Amy be sey e come dey miss im family. “Everything just different from how we dey do things for our place.” Wetin help am? E talk sey: “When my family people call me, tell me sey dem like the work wey I dey do, e help me make I no forget wetin carry me come this place. We come later dey use computer talk; for there we fit see each other. E come be like sey dem no too  dey far from where I dey stay because we dey see ourself for computer.” Amy talk sey the sister wey e make friend with, help am know how people for the area dey do things. “Na this my friend I come dey go meet anytime wey I no understand why person do something. The sister help me know wetin I go do and wetin I no go do. This one come help me enjoy my preaching.”

George and Adria talk sey when dem first reach Ghana, e be like sey na olden days. Adria talk sey: “Na bucket we dey use wash, instead of washing machine. E dey tey well well before food dey done. But after sometime, we no come dey see am as anything again.” Brook sey: “Even as things no too easy for us wey be pioneer, we happy with the life wey we dey live. When we put all the better things wey don happen to us together, e dey make us happy as we dey remember dem.”


Why you go advise person make e do this kind work? Stephanie talk sey: “If you dey where people dey listen to your preaching and ready to study with you every day, body go just dey sweet you. To go preach for country wey dem need more publisher, na one good thing wey I don do!” For 2014, Stephanie and Aaron marry; and today dem dey work for Ghana branch office.

Christine, one pioneer wey don pass 30 years, wey come from Germany, talk sey: “This kind thing no be wetin person fit forget.” Christine first pioneer for Bolivia before e go Ghana. E still talk sey: “As I no dey stay near my people again, na Jehovah I dey always go meet make e help me. I don near am pass as I near am before. I don see the one mind wey Jehovah people get, wey no dey anywhere. This work don make life sweet me.” E never tey wey Christine and Gideon marry, and dem dey Ghana dey pioneer.

Christine and Gideon

Filip and Ida talk wetin dem do to fit help people wey dem dey study Bible with. “Na about 15 people we dey study Bible with before but we come make am 10 so that we fit dey study with dem well.” The people gain? Filip talk wetin happen, e sey: “I study Bible with one young man wey im name na Michael. The man dey ready for im study and e even ready to study every day. This one make us fit finish the whole Bible Teach book for one month. After this one, Michael come be unbaptized publisher. The first day wey e start preaching, e ask me sey: ‘Abeg you fit help me with the people wey I dey study Bible with?’ I surprise. Michael tell me sey e don start to study Bible with three people but e need help to fit teach dem well. See how we take need people to teach Bible sotey even Bible student don be Bible teacher!

Ida and Filip

Amy talk how e quick sabi sey dem need more people to preach. E sey: “E no tey after I reach Ghana, we go preach for one small village. For the village, we come dey find deaf people. Instead of one deaf person, we see reach eight deaf people for only that one village!” After, Amy come marry Eric, and two of dem dey do special pioneer work. For the country dem get pass 300 deaf publisher and people wey dey study Bible. So dem join one sign language congregation to help some of dem. George and Adria own be sey, to come preach for Ghana don help dem know wetin e mean to be missionary. Think as dem happy reach, when dem invite dem go 126th class for Gilead School! Now, dem be missionary for Mozambique.


E dey sweet person for belly to see as brothers and sisters come from another country, dey join hand with the brothers and sisters wey dey the country, to help people serve Jehovah. (John 4:35) Every week, na about 120 people dey baptize for Ghana. Like the 17 brothers and sisters wey go Ghana go preach, many publisher for the whole world don let the love wey dem get for Jehovah make dem ‘use their mind join’ do Jehovah work. Dem dey preach for area wey dem need more publisher. This work wey dem take their mind dey do, dey make Jehovah happy!—Ps. 110:3; Prov. 27:11.

^ par. 9 See, for example, the articles “Can You Serve Where the Need for Kingdom Publishers Is Greater?” and “Can You Step Over Into Macedonia?The Watchtower, April 15 and December 15, 2009.