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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  July 2016

Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book

Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book

Wetin e mean to join the two stick together wey dey Ezekiel chapter 37?

The message wey Jehovah give Ezekiel show sey hope dey for Israel people, sey dem go be one again when dem go back to the Promise Land. E still talk about how God people go take get one mind for the last days.

Jehovah tell Ezekiel sey make e write on top two stick. E go write on top one sey: ‘This one na for Judah and Israel people wey dey with am.’ And e go write for the other one sey: ‘This one na for Joseph, na Ephraim stick, and all the family for Israel wey dey with am.’ The two stick go come be ‘one stick’ for Ezekiel hand.—Ezek. 37:15-17.

Wetin ‘Ephraim’ mean? Jeroboam come from Ephraim tribe and na im be the first king wey rule the ten-tribe kingdom wey  dey north for Israel. Na Ephraim come many pass and get power pass other tribe. (Deut. 33:13, 17; 1 Ki. 11:26) This tribe come from Joseph pikin wey be Ephraim. (Num. 1:32, 33) Na special blessing Joseph get from im papa, wey be Jacob. So we fit talk sey ‘Ephraim stick,’ na the stick wey mean the ten-tribe kingdom. Israel people don be slave for Assyrian people hand tey tey before Ezekiel write about the two stick. Na for the year 740 before Jesus time dem carry dem as slave. (2 Ki. 17:6) When Babylon win Assyrian, dem come take over. Na so Israel people take full everywhere for the area wey Babylon dey rule that time.

Na for the year 607 before Jesus time, Babylon people come carry the people wey dey the two-tribe kingdom wey dey south for Israel go Babylon as slave. Dem still carry all the people wey remain for the ten-tribe kingdom. Before that time for the two-tribe kingdom, na only people for Judah tribe dey be king and the priest dem dey serve for the temple wey dey Jerusalem for Judah. (2 Chron. 11:13, 14; 34:30) So we fit talk sey the stick ‘for Judah’ mean the two-tribe kingdom.

Na which time dem take join this two stick wey mean the ten-tribe kingdom and the two-tribe kingdom together? Na for the year 537 before Jesus time, when Israel people come back to Jerusalem and build God temple again. When dem come back from Babylon all of dem come be one people. Dem no come dey see two-tribe kingdom or ten-tribe kingdom again. (Ezek. 37:21, 22) All Israel people come dey worship Jehovah together again. Prophet Isaiah and Jeremiah don first talk am sey e go happen like this.—Isa. 11:12, 13; Jer. 31:1, 6, 31.

Wetin we learn about worship wey dey clean for God eye when Ezekiel talk sey people wey dey worship Jehovah go ‘be one?’ (Ezek. 37:18, 19) This thing wey Jehovah use Ezekiel talk don happen fo our time? Yes. E first happen for 1919 when God sofri start to dey arrange im people again and make dem get one mind. Satan plan to take scatter Jehovah people no work.

That time, many of God people wey come dey serve Jehovah together again, get the hope sey dem go be king and priest with Jesus for heaven. (Rev. 20:6) Dem come be like Judah stick. But as time dey go, many people wey get hope to live for paradise come dey serve Jehovah with the people wey dey go heaven. (Zech. 8:23) Dem be like Joseph stick because dem no get hope to rule with Jesus for heaven.

Today, people wey go rule with Jesus for heaven and people wey go stay for this earth dey serve Jehovah as one. Na Jesus Christ, wey Bible talk about as ‘my servant David,’ be their King. (Ezek. 37:24, 25) Jesus pray sey make all im disciple get one mind just as im and im Father get one mind. * (John 17:20, 21) Jesus still talk sey people wey go rule with am for heaven(the small group of sheep) and the ‘other sheep.’ Go ‘be one group of sheep.’ And na one person go dey lead dem. (John 10:16) Wetin Jesus talk really show how Jehovah people for our time go dey use one mind serve am, whether dem dey go heaven or dem go stay this earth!

^ par. 5 E good to know how Jesus take arrange some of the story wey go make us know sey e don start to dey rule for heaven. Wetin e first talk about na ‘the better slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust.’ This slave na small group of people wey God choose from inside the people wey dey go rule with Jesus for heaven and na dem go direct the work. (Matt. 24:45-47) After, e come talk some story wey the people e concern pass na the people wey go rule with am for heaven. (Matt. 25:1-30) The last one wey e talk na about people wey put mind to live for this earth wey go dey support ‘Jesus brothers.’ (Matt. 25:31-46) Ezekiel still talk the same thing about our time. E first talk about wetin go happen to people wey get hope sey dem go rule with Jesus for heaven. Na true sey no be every time wey Bible talk about the ten-tribe kingdom, e dey talk about people wey get hope to stay for paradise earth. But as dem come be one with the two-tribe kingdom, e dey make us remember the one mind wey Jehovah people get—the people wey dey go heaven and the people wey go dey this earth.