“Our God, we dey thank you and praise your better name.”​—1 CHRON. 29:13.

SONG: 80, 50

1, 2. Wetin show sey Jehovah no dey tight hand?

JEHOVAH no dey tight hand. Na im give us everything wey we get. Na Jehovah get all the gold and silver for this world. Na Jehovah still get other better things wey dey make human being, plant, and animal dey alive. (Ps. 104:13-15; Hag. 2:8) Jehovah use some of this better things take help im people for Bible time.

2 For example, when Israel people dey for wilderness, Jehovah give dem food and water for 40 years. (Ex. 16:35) So dem get everything wey dem need. (Neh. 9:20, 21) Jehovah use prophet Elisha take help one woman wey im husband don die. E make the small oil wey the woman get many. The woman come sell the oil. And when e sell am finish, e come pay the person wey e dey owe money. The money wey remain help the woman and im children to survive. (2 Ki. 4:1-7) Jehovah give Jesus power to do miracle. E do miracle wey help plenty people get food, and e even get one time when e do miracle to get the money wey e need.​—Matt. 15:35-38; 17:27.

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

3 Na Jehovah get all the better things wey dey this earth. And e  fit use am help any of im servant. But e tell the people wey dey serve am sey make dem use wetin dem get to take support im work. (Ex. 36:3-7; read Proverbs 3:9.) Why Jehovah want make we give am part of the things wey e give us? How people for Bible time take contribute to support people wey dey direct Jehovah work? How Jehovah organization take dey use the money wey people contribute? We go answer all this question for this topic.


4. Why we dey give Jehovah wetin we get?

4 We dey give Jehovah wetin we get because we love am, and because we value wetin e dey do for us. When we think about all the things wey Jehovah dey do for us, e dey really touch our heart. E get wetin King David talk when e dey talk about the things wey dem need to build Jehovah temple. E talk sey na Jehovah give us everything wey we get. And na from the things wey e give us we dey give am back.​—Read 1 Chronicles 29:11-14.

5. How Bible take show sey the things wey we dey give Jehovah from our mind na part of our worship?

5 One way we take dey worship Jehovah na to dey contribute. E get one vision wey apostle John see. For the vision, e hear Jehovah servants for heaven dey talk sey: “Jehovah our God, na only you reach to get all the power, praise and respect because na you make everything. Everything dey, because you want am like that.” (Rev. 4:11) True true, Jehovah reach to get all the praise and respect wey we fit give am. So we go make sure sey na the things wey better pass we dey give Jehovah. Jehovah send Moses make e tell Israel people sey make dem dey do three festival every year. Israel people dey use this festival worship Jehovah. And Jehovah tell dem sey make dem no come with empty hand. (Deut. 16:16) Na so e still be today. As part of our worship to Jehovah, we dey use our mind give Jehovah wetin we get. This one dey show sey we value and support the work wey Jehovah organization dey do.

6. Why e good make we dey give people things? (Go check the first picture.)

6 E good make we dey give people things. Make we no just dey collect things from people. (Read Proverbs 29:21.) How you think sey papa and mama go feel, if their pikin buy gift for dem from the small pocket money wey dem dey give am? Dem go really happy! What if the pikin na pioneer and still dey stay with dem for house? You no think sey im papa and mama go happy if e dey give dem some money to buy things for house? The papa and mama fit no expect am, but dem go collect am. Why? Because the pikin use am show sey e value everything wey im papa and mama do for am. Na so e still be when we dey give Jehovah the better things wey we get. E know sey e good for us to dey give.


7, 8. Which better example people for Bible time show us when dem contribute (a) to support Jehovah work? (b) to support people wey dey direct Jehovah work?

7 Bible tell us about people wey use their mind give things. Some of dem contribute wetin dem get to support Jehovah work. For example, when Israel people want build tabernacle, Moses tell dem sey make dem contribute. King David still do the same thing when dem want build Jehovah temple. (Ex. 35:5; 1 Chron. 29:5-9) For King Jehoash time, the priest dem use the money wey people contribute take repair the temple. (2 Ki. 12:4, 5) Brothers and sisters for apostle time still contribute. For example, when the brothers for Judea no  get food to eat, other brothers send wetin dem get to help dem.​—Acts 11:27-30.

8 Jehovah people still contribute to support the people wey dey direct Jehovah work. For example, when Jehovah give Israel people Law, e share things for other tribes. But e no give anything to the people wey dem dey call Levites. Jehovah come tell Israel people sey make dem dey contribute wetin dem get to support this Levites. And this one help the Levites put eye for Jehovah work wey dem dey do for tabernacle. (Num. 18:21) Some women wey get better mind, still use wetin dem get take help Jesus and im apostles.​—Luke 8:1-3.

9. How some of Jehovah people take get wetin dem contribute?

9 Na different different way this people take get wetin dem contribute. E be like sey the better things wey Jehovah people bring from Egypt, dey among wetin dem contribute to take build the tabernacle. (Ex. 3:21, 22; 35:22-24) For apostle time, some Christian sell their property like land or house, and dem give the money to the apostles. The apostles come use the money take help the brothers and sisters wey need help. (Acts 4:34, 35) Other Christian dey always keep money wey dem dey contribute to support Jehovah work. (1 Cor. 16:2) So everybody that time get wetin dem fit give, both the ones wey get money well well and the ones wey poor well well.​—Luke 21:1-4.


10, 11. (a) How we fit take copy people for Bible time wey use their mind contribute? (b) How you dey feel as Jehovah dey let you contribute to support im work?

10 Today, Jehovah organization fit tell us sey dem need money for something. For example, dem fit dey plan to build Kingdom Hall wey your congregation go dey use. Or dem fit dey plan to repair una Kingdom Hall. Dem fit still tell us sey dem need money to take repair the branch office for our country. Dem fit even need money to arrange the place where we dey do convention, or to help our brothers wey dey wahala. We still dey contribute to support brothers and sisters wey dey work for our headquarter, and branch office wey dey different country. Wetin we contribute dey help Jehovah organization take care of people wey be missionary, special pioneer, or circuit overseer. Some congregation get money wey dem dey always send to branch office. Dem dey use this money build Assembly Hall and Kingdom Hall wey brothers for different part of the world go use.

11 All of us get wetin we fit give to support the work wey Jehovah organization dey do for our time. Many times, we no dey know the people wey dey contribute. We fit contribute for Kingdom Hall, or we fit use our jw.org website. But when we dey contribute, we no dey let other people know the amount wey we contribute. Some of us fit dey think sey the small small money wey we dey contribute no mean anything. But the truth be sey na from many small small contribution Jehovah organization dey see the money wey dem dey use. No be from the big big ones wey people dey contribute sometimes. Our brothers, even the ones wey poor well well, just be like the Christians for Macedonia. The Christians for Macedonia poor well well but dem still beg sey dem want contribute. And dem really use their mind contribute.​—2 Cor. 8:1-4.

12. How Jehovah organization dey use the money wey people dey contribute?

12 Governing Body dey use the money wey people dey contribute well. (Matt. 24:45) Dem dey pray before dem choose wetin dem want do. Dem dey sofri plan how dem go take use the money, and dem dey use am do wetin dem plan. (Luke 14:28)  For Bible time, na men wey dem trust dey hold the things wey people contribute. This men dey make sure sey dem use the things for Jehovah work. For example, when Ezra dey travel go Jerusalem, e carry gold, silver and other better things wey the king of Persia give am. If we calculate this better things today, e pass 100 million U.S. dollars (36 billion naira). Ezra know sey this things na for Jehovah work. So e tell the people wey carry am wetin dem go do to make sure sey nothing happen to the things. (Ezra 8:24-34) Apostle Paul collect the money wey brothers contribute to help the Christians for Judea. E send some brothers make dem carry the money go Judea. But Paul make sure sey this brothers “take care of everything well,” and dem “do the right thing both for God eye and for people eye.” (Read 2 Corinthians 8:18-21.) Today, Jehovah organization dey copy Ezra and apostle Paul example. Dem dey handle the money wey people contribute well and dem no dey spend am anyhow.

13. Why Jehovah organization change how dem take dey spend money?

13 If papa and mama see sey the money wey dem dey spend pass wetin dem dey get, dem fit try to reduce am. Or, dem fit start to dey live simple life because dem want do more for Jehovah work. Na so Jehovah organization still dey do. E get plenty new things wey we dey do now. Sometimes, the money wey we dey spend dey plenty pass wetin people dey contribute. Na this one make Jehovah organization dey look for how dem go take reduce the money wey dem dey spend. And dem still dey make the work wey dem dey do simple, so that dem go fit manage the money well and do plenty better things.


Wetin you dey contribute, dey support the work wey we dey do for the whole world (Check paragraph 14-16)

14-16. (a) Wetin be some of the things wey dem dey use your contribution do? (b) How you don take gain from this things?

14 Jehovah dey give us plenty things for this our time pass before. Na so plenty people wey don dey serve Jehovah tey tey dey talk. For example, we get jw.org and JW Broadcasting now. The number of language wey get the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures don increase. For 2014/2015, dem do “Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom!” International Convention. Dem do this convention for big big stadium for 14 city wey dey different part of the world. Everybody wey go this convention happy well well sey dem go.

15 Plenty people dey thank Jehovah organization for the better things wey dem dey give us. For example, one husband and wife wey dey serve for one country for  Asia talk something about JW Broadcasting. Dem sey: “We dey preach for one small city. So sometimes, we dey think sey na only us dey. And we fit forget sey we get brothers and sisters for the whole world wey dey do Jehovah work. But when we watch the different program for JW Broadcasting, e dey make us remember sey we get brothers and sisters for different part of the world. The brothers and sisters for here like JW Broadcasting well well. Many times, dem dey talk sey when dem watch the program finish, e dey make dem feel sey Governing Body member na their friend. Dem dey happy pass before sey dem dey Jehovah organization.”

16 For the whole world, e nearly reach 2,500 Kingdom Hall wey dem dey build or repair now. E get one Kingdom Hall wey dem build for Honduras. The brothers and sisters wey dey use the new Kingdom Hall talk sey: “We dey happy sey we dey part of Jehovah family wey dey heaven and earth. And e dey sweet us sey we get brothers and sisters for the whole world. We dey hope sey one day we go get Kingdom Hall. And now, Jehovah and im organization don help us fit get this new Kingdom Hall for our place.” People still dey talk like this when dem give dem Bible or our book for their language. When our brothers dey for wahala, dem dey happy well well when Jehovah organization help dem. Many of our brothers don see the better thing wey dey metropolitan witnessing, or when dem preach for open place. This one dey make dem happy.

17. Wetin show sey Jehovah dey our back?

17 E dey surprise people sey na only the money wey people dey use their mind give, we take dey do all the things wey we dey do. One manager for one big company go one of the place where we dey print our book. E surprise sey dem no dey pay the people wey dey work for there. E still surprise am sey na the money wey people dey use their mind contribute we take dey do our work, and we no dey do any program to get money. E talk sey this kind thing no fit happen. Na true e talk! This kind thing no fit happen. But na because Jehovah dey our back, na im make us dey fit do this work.​—Job 42:2.


18. (a) Wetin we go gain if we dey give wetin we get to support Jehovah work? (b) How we fit help our children and new people see sey e good to dey contribute?

18 Na better thing e be as Jehovah allow us to dey support im work today. E promise sey e go bless us if we dey use wetin we get support im work. (Mal. 3:10) E still promise us sey e go better for us if we no dey tight hand. (Read Proverbs 11:24, 25.) And when we dey give, e dey make us happy. Bible tell us sey “na when we give, we dey happy pass when dem give us.” (Acts 20:35) Wetin we dey do and wetin we dey talk for this matter, fit help other people. E go help our children and new people see sey e good make dem dey contribute to support Jehovah work. And this one go make Jehovah bless dem.

19. Wetin this topic don teach you wey you go dey do?

19 Na Jehovah give us everything wey we get. And when we dey give am the things wey e give us, e dey show sey we love am. E still dey show sey we value wetin e don do for us. (1 Chron. 29:17) For Bible time, Jehovah people contribute to build im temple. And Bible tell us sey “the people happy well well sey dem take their mind give this things, because na all their heart dem take give Jehovah this things.” (1 Chron. 29:9) Make we copy this people example. And make we continue to dey happy as we dey give Jehovah the things wey e give us.