“Una go . . . see how righteous person take different from wicked person.”​—MAL. 3:18.

SONG: 127, 101

1, 2. Wetin fit spoil our better character? (Check the first picture.)

MANY doctor and nurse dey treat people wey get sickness wey fit catch another person. Dem dey take care of this kind people because dem want make dem well. But the doctor and nurse need to make sure sey the person sickness no catch dem. Many of us just be like the doctor and nurse. We dey stay with people wey get bad character, and we fit even dey work with dem for the same place. Their bad character be like sickness wey fit catch another person. And if we no take time, this people character fit spoil our better character.

2 Bible talk sey for last days, people no go dey behave well. Apostle Paul talk about am for the second letter wey e write give Timothy. E talk about the bad character wey people wey no dey serve Jehovah get. E sey this kind people go full everywhere. (Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13.) E fit surprise us sey many people dey behave like this. But if we no take time, we fit start to dey copy the way this kind people dey think, the way dem dey talk, and the things wey dem dey do. (Prov. 13:20) How this bad character take different from the one wey Christian suppose get? And as we dey preach to this kind people, wetin we go do to  make sure sey dem no spoil our better character? We go answer this question for this topic.

3. Which kind people 2 Timothy 3:2-5 dey talk about?

3 Apostle Paul talk sey “things go hard well well” for last days. E still talk sey the kind things wey go dey happen go hard person to bear. Paul talk about 19 bad character wey people go get for our time. The character wey e talk about still be like the one wey dey Romans 1:29-31. But some things wey e mention for Second Timothy, no dey any other place for the second part for Bible wey dem dey call Greek Scriptures. But Bible no talk sey everybody go dey behave like this. People wey dey serve God go dey different.​—Read Malachi 3:18.


4. How person wey dey raise shoulder dey behave?

4 Paul talk sey people go like only theirself and dem go still like money. After that one, e talk sey dem go dey make mouth, dey carry shoulder, and dem go dey do like sey nobody better pass dem. People wey dey behave like this no dey look other people as anything. Dem fit dey think like this because dem fine, get money, dey for high position or sabi do things pass other people. Dem want make people dey praise and respect dem like sey dem be God. One man wey sabi this matter talk sey: “For this kind person mind, e get small altar where e dey worship imself.” Some people talk sey to carry shoulder bad well well, sotey people wey dey carry shoulder no like to see this character for person body.

5. For Bible time, how some people wey serve God well take raise shoulder?

5 Jehovah no like am if person dey carry shoulder. Jehovah hate this kind character. (Prov. 6:16, 17) Person wey dey carry shoulder no fit be God friend. (Ps. 10:4) Na Devil get this kind character. (1 Tim. 3:6) Even some people wey serve God well come later dey carry shoulder. For example, Uzziah wey be Judah king serve Jehovah well for many years. But Bible tell us sey “as e see am sey e don get power, e come begin carry shoulder up. Na this one cause wahala for am. E do wetin Jehovah im God hate, as e enter inside Jehovah temple go dey burn incense ontop the altar wey dem take dey burn incense.” E even get one time wey King Hezekiah carry shoulder. But e come later change.​—2 Chron. 26:16; 32:25, 26.

6. Wetin for make David raise shoulder, but why e no do like that?

6 Some people dey carry shoulder because dem fine, people know dem, dem sabi music, dem strong, or dem get high position. But David get all this things. Even with that one, e no ever carry shoulder. When David kill Goliath finish, King Saul come give am im pikin make e marry. David come talk sey: “Who I be? Who my family be, and who my papa family be for Israel, wey I go come marry king pikin?” (1 Sam. 18:18) Wetin make David continue to dey put body down? E know sey all the better character and the things wey e get na because Jehovah carry imself down come help am. (Ps. 113:5-8) All the better better things wey David get na from Jehovah.​—Check 1 Corinthians 4:7.

7. Wetin go help us carry body down?

7 Jehovah people dey do like David. Dem dey try to carry body down. Jehovah na the Person wey high pass for heaven and earth. But e still dey carry body down. This one really dey touch us. (Ps. 18:35) We dey try to follow wetin Bible talk. E sey: “E good make una get good mind, no dey carry shoulder up, dey do things sofri  sofri and make una dey patient with unaself.” (Col. 3:12) We still know sey person wey get love “no dey boast, and e no dey carry shoulder up.” (1 Cor. 13:4) If we no dey carry shoulder, e fit make other people come serve Jehovah. E just be like when person start to serve Jehovah because of im wife better character.​—1 Pet. 3:1.


8. (a) Why some people dey think sey na normal thing if children no obey their papa and mama? (b) Wetin Bible sey make children dey do?

8 Paul talk sey people for last days no go dey treat each other well. E sey children no go dey obey their papa and mama. The book, film, and program wey people dey watch for television today, dey teach children make dem no dey hear word. E dey even make people think sey na normal thing for children to behave like this. But the truth be sey, when children no dey obey their papa and mama, peace no go dey family. And we know sey na different different family dey form community, and if wahala dey family, e fit affect community. E don tey wey people know this one. Na im make for Greece for olden days, if pikin beat im papa or mama, e no go get any right again. For Rome law, if person beat im papa, dem dey look am like person wey kill person. The part of Bible wey dem use Hebrew write, and the part wey dem use Greek write, sey make children dey obey their papa and mama.​—Ex. 20:12; Eph. 6:1-3.

9. Wetin go help children to dey obey their papa and mama?

9 Wetin children go do so that dem no go dey copy people wey no dey obey their papa and mama? Make dem dey think about all the good things wey their papa and mama don do for dem. This one go make pikin value wetin dem do for am, and e go ready to obey im papa and mama. E still good make dem know sey Jehovah wey be our Papa, want make dem dey obey their papa and mama. If children dey talk good things about their papa and mama, e go make other children copy their better example. This children go come dey respect their own papa and mama pass before. Na true sey if papa and mama no get love for their pikin, e go hard for the pikin to obey dem. But if pikin know sey im papa and mama really like am, e go like to do wetin dem tell am, even when e hard. One boy wey im name na Austin talk sey: “E dey hard me sometimes to do wetin my papa and mama talk. But I know sey wetin dem talk na something wey I fit do. Dem dey tell me why I suppose do am. And dem dey allow me talk to dem. All this one make am easy for me to do wetin dem talk. I know sey dem really like me. So I no want do anything wey go make dem vex.”

10, 11. (a) How people wey no get love dey behave? (b) How people wey dey follow Jesus go like other people reach?

10 Paul talk about other bad character wey show sey people no go love each other. After e don talk about children wey no go dey obey their papa and mama, e come talk about people wey no go sabi thank person. This one mean sey people no go dey show sey dem value wetin person do for dem. E still talk about people wey no go do as dem talk. Dem no go want agree for anything, and when dem get problem with other people dem no dey gree settle am. Another thing be sey, dem go dey talk bad about people and even about God, and trust no go dey. People go dey gossip or spoil people name. *

 11 People wey dey serve Jehovah no get the kind character wey people for this world get. Dem really love other people. And no be today dem start am. Jesus tell us the law wey big pass for inside the Law wey Jehovah give Moses. The first one na to love Jehovah, and the second one na to love our neighbor. (Matt. 22:38, 39) Jesus still talk sey correct Christian go love each other. And na this love go make people know sey dem really be im disciple. (Read John 13:34, 35.) E even talk sey im disciple go love their enemy.​—Matt. 5:43, 44.

12. How Jesus take show sey e love people?

12 Wetin Jesus do show sey e love people well well. E travel go tell people about God Kingdom for different different city. E cure blind people, people wey no dey fit waka, people wey get leprosy, and deaf people. E even bring people wey die come back to life. (Luke 7:22) Jesus still die for everybody, even though sey many people no like am. Wetin Jesus do show the kind love wey Jehovah get for us. Like Jesus, Jehovah Witness people for the whole world love other people.

13. If we love people, how that one fit make dem come dey serve Jehovah?

13 When we love people, e fit make dem want follow us serve Jehovah. For example, when one man for Thailand go our convention, e see sey the brothers and sisters love theirself. And this one touch am well well. When e reach house, e come sey make Jehovah Witness come dey study Bible with am two times every week. And e preach to all im family people. Six month after the convention, e do im first Bible reading for meeting. You dey show sey you love other people? Ask yourself: ‘I dey try do everything wey I fit do to help people for my family, for congregation, and for preaching? I dey see people the way Jehovah dey see dem?’ This question go help you know whether you dey show love.


14, 15. Which bad character some people get? How some of dem don take change?

14 People for last days still get other bad character wey we no suppose get. Na im  make this kind people no suppose be our friend. Bible sey dem no go like wetin good. Some Bible talk sey this ‘people go hate good thing’ or ‘dem no go want take eye see good thing.’ Dem no go fit control theirself and dem go wicked finish. Some of dem go stubborn. Dem no go dey think before dem do things, and dem no dey care if wetin dem do dey cause problem for other people.

15 People wey get all this character dey behave like animal. The good thing be sey, many people wey get this kind character before, don change. Na wetin Bible talk sey go happen be that. (Read Isaiah 11:6, 7.) Bible talk sey animal wey people dey fear like wolf and lion, go dey stay with sheep and cow, and dem no go chop dem. Bible still talk sey this kind thing go happen because the whole earth go know Jehovah. (Isa. 11:9) Since animal no fit learn about Jehovah, e clear sey prophet Isaiah no dey only talk about how animals go be for paradise. E still dey talk about how many people go take change their character, even though sey e bad well well.

Bible dey help people change their life! (Check paragraph 16)

16. How Bible don take change some people?

16 E get some people wey wicked well well before, and other people dey fear dem. But when this people change, dem come gentle and stop to dey cause wahala. You fit read this kind story for “The Bible Changes Lives,” wey dey our jw.org website. Some people sey dem dey serve God, but e no dey show for their character. People wey dey serve Jehovah no be like that. Some people wey dey make people fear before, don “wear the new character wey God make.” The better life wey dem dey live dey show sey dem get this character. (Eph. 4:23, 24) As people dey learn about God, dem dey see why e good for dem to follow wetin e talk. This one dey make dem change wetin dem believe, how dem dey think, and how dem dey behave. The truth be sey, e no easy for person to change, but God spirit dey help person wey ready to do wetin e want.


17. Wetin we fit do so that we no go copy the bad character wey people for this world get?

17 The way Jehovah people take different from people wey no dey serve am dey clear more more. We need to do wetin we fit do to make sure sey we no copy the bad character wey people for this world get. Bible tell us sey make we no follow this kind people wey 2 Timothy 3:2-5 talk about. But we no fit run from this kind people kpatakpata. E fit be sey, we dey work with dem for the same place, dey go the same school, or dey stay the same house. But wetin we fit do so that we no go dey think and behave like dem? Make we dey study Bible and dey waka with people wey love Jehovah. This one go help us continue to be Jehovah tight friend.

18. Wetin our better character fit make people do?

18 E still good make we dey help people learn about Jehovah. Use any chance wey you see take preach. Pray make Jehovah help you know wetin you go talk. Make we dey let people know sey we be Jehovah Witness. This one go make people praise Jehovah because of our good character. Bible dey help us “comot eye for things wey God no like and things wey this world like.” E dey make us use sense live our life, dey do wetin good, and hold God tight even as we dey this world. (Titus 2:11-14) People dey see us when we dey behave well. And this one fit make some of dem talk sey: “We want follow you because we don hear sey God dey with una.”​—Zech. 8:23.

^ par. 10 For Greek, the word for person wey dey spoil person name na di·aʹbo·los. Bible use this word for Satan because Satan dey spoil God name.