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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  January 2018

Which Kind Love Dey Really Make Person Happy?

Which Kind Love Dey Really Make Person Happy?

“The people wey their God na Jehovah go happy!”​—PS. 144:15.

SONG: 111, 109

1. Wetin make our time different?

THIS time wey we dey, different from other time. Bible talk sey Jehovah go gather ‘plenty people from different country and place, and dem be people wey dey speak different language.’ This thing wey Bible talk dey happen for our time. Bible talk sey this people go plenty, and now dem don pass eight million. “Dem dey worship” God “day and night.” (Rev. 7:9, 15; Isa. 60:22) This people love God and dem still love other people. This kind people never plenty reach like this before.

2. Which kind love Bible talk sey people wey no be God friend go get? (Check the first picture.)

2 Bible still talk sey for our time, people go get another kind of love. Dem no go love God and other people. Instead, dem go only like theirself and other things. Apostle Paul sey: ‘For last days, people go love only theirself, dem go like money and dem go like enjoyment instead of God.’ (2 Tim. 3:1-4) Christian no suppose get this kind love wey Paul talk about. The people wey get this kind love no be God friend. Some people think sey this love dey make person happy, but no be true. Instead, e dey make people think of only wetin go favor dem. And  this one dey make life hard for everybody.

3. Wetin we go talk about for this topic, and why we go talk about am?

3 Paul know sey this bad love fit spoil the better love wey Christian get. Na this one make am talk sey make we “no follow this kind people waka.” (2 Tim. 3:5) E no get how e be, we dey meet this kind people everyday. But wetin we go do so that this people no go spoil our better character? And wetin we go do to make Jehovah happy? Make we explain the kind love wey Paul talk about for 2 Timothy 3:2-4. And we go still talk how this love take different from the one wey God want make we get. This one go help us check the kind love wey we get. And e go still help us see how we go take dey show the kind love wey dey really make person happy.


4. Why e no bad for person to love imself?

4 Paul talk sey ‘people go love only theirself.’ But e bad for person to love imself? No, na normal thing for person to love imself and e good. Na so Jehovah make us. Jesus talk sey: “You must love your neighbor as you take love yourself.” (Mark 12:31) If person no love imself, e no go fit love other people. Bible still tell us sey: “Make husband . . . love their wife as dem take love their body. Man wey love im wife, love imself. Person no dey hate imself but e dey chop well and sofri take care of imself.” (Eph. 5:28, 29) This one show sey person suppose love imself.

5. Wetin person wey like imself too much dey do?

5 As we don talk before, e good make person love imself and na normal thing. But the kind love wey 2 Timothy 3:2 talk about no be like that. The love wey that Bible verse dey talk about, na love wey dey make person think of wetin go only favor am. Person wey too like imself go dey think sey e better pass other people. (Read Romans 12:3.) E dey only care about imself, e no dey care about other people. And if something happen, this kind person dey quick blame other people. E no dey gree blame imself. This kind people no dey really happy.

6. Which better character people wey love God dey get?

6 Bible talk sey for last days people go love only theirself, and na this one be the first bad character wey Paul mention. Some people wey dey study Bible matter talk sey, Paul first mention this bad character because na im dey make person get the other ones wey e later talk about. The people wey love God no get this kind bad character. Instead, the love wey dem get dey make dem get better character. E dey make dem happy, get peace, dey patient, get better mind, and dey do good. E still dey help dem get faith, dey sofri do things and dey sabi control theirself. (Gal. 5:22, 23) David talk sey: “The people wey their God na Jehovah go happy!” (Ps. 144:15) Jehovah na God wey dey happy, and im people still dey happy. The people wey dey serve God dey happy as dem dey do things for other people. Dem no be like those people wey only like theirself, and wey like to dey get things from other people.​—Acts 20:35.

Wetin go help us no be like people wey only love theirself? (Check paragraph 7)

7. Which question go help us know the kind love wey we get for God?

7 How we go take know if we don dey love ourself pass God? Philippians 2:3, 4 talk sey: “Make una no use trouble or oversabi do anything, but carry yourself down when you dey do things, with the mind sey other people better pass you.  No think about wetin go favor only yourself, but still dey think about wetin go favor other people.” We fit ask ourself sey: ‘I dey follow this advice? I dey try to do wetin God want make I do? I dey try to help people wey dey my congregation, and people wey I dey meet for preaching?’ To help other people, we go need to use our power and we go ready to do wetin go favor dem, even if e no go favor us. E no easy to do this one, but we know sey e dey make Jehovah happy. E get any other thing wey better pass this one?

8. Wetin some people don do because dem love God?

8 Some people get better work wey go make dem get money well well. But because dem love Jehovah and want do more for am, dem stop this kind work. E get one sister wey im name na Ericka. The sister na doctor and e dey stay America. But no be im work be number one thing for im life. Instead, e put mind for Jehovah work and e come be regular pioneer. The sister and im husband don do Jehovah work for many country. E talk sey: “We get many better story about things wey happen as we dey help congregation wey dey speak another language. And we don get plenty friend. All this things dey make belle sweet us. I still be doctor, but no be only people wey dey sick I dey help. I dey use all my mind and power help people learn about Jehovah, and I dey help my brothers and sisters for congregation. This one dey really make me happy.”


9. Why people wey like money no dey really happy?

9 Paul talk sey people “go like money.” When one brother wey be pioneer dey tell one man for Ireland about God, the man bring im wallet come out. E come show the brother money and e tell am sey: “Na my god be this!” E no shame to talk am. Many people fit no talk am come out like this man. But the truth be sey, plenty people for this world like money and the things wey money fit buy. But Bible tell us sey: “Person wey like silver no dey ever get the one wey go belleful am. And if person like money and property, the one wey e get no dey ever reach am.” (Eccl. 5:10) This kind person no dey ever feel sey the money wey e get don reach. E dey do wetin e fit do to get more. This kind person dey cause serious problem for imself.​—1 Tim. 6:9, 10.

10. Wetin Bible talk about money and poverty?

10 The truth be sey, all of us need money. E dey help us sometimes. (Eccl. 7:12) But person no need to get everything for am to really happy. Even if na small e get, e fit happy. (Read Ecclesiastes 5:12.) Agur, wey be Jakeh pikin talk for Bible sey: “No make me too poor or make me too rich. Just give me the food wey go belleful me.” We fit understand why e talk sey e no want too poor. E talk sey if e too poor, e fit go thief and that one no go make God happy. But wetin make am pray sey e no want too get money? E sey: “So that I no go too rich make I come deny you sey, ‘Who be Jehovah?’” (Prov. 30:8, 9) E fit get people wey you know wey dey put mind for their money instead of dem to trust God.

11. Wetin Jesus talk about money?

11 People wey like money no fit be God friend. Jesus talk sey: “Nobody fit serve two oga. E go hate one and love the other one, or e go hold one tight and leave the other one. Una no fit serve God and money.” But before e talk this one, e sey: “Make una stop to dey gather things for unaself for this earth, where insect and rust fit spoil am and where thief fit enter  come thief am. Instead, keep better thing for yourself for heaven. Where insect no fit chop am, and e no fit rotten. And where thief no fit enter.”​—Matt. 6:19, 20, 24.

12. How simple life fit help us do more for Jehovah work? Give example.

12 Many people wey dey serve Jehovah dey try to live simple life. This one dey make dem happy pass before, and e dey make dem get more time for Jehovah work. E get one brother wey dey stay America, im name na Jack. This brother sell im big house and im business because e know sey that one go give am chance to fit join im wife dey pioneer. The brother talk sey: “E no easy for us to sell our fine house and land wey dey for better place. I remember sey wahala for work dey always make me squeeze face come house. But my wife wey be regular pioneer dey always happy. E dey tell me sey no oga better pass the one wey e dey work for. But now wey I don join am dey pioneer, two of us dey work for Jehovah.”

Wetin go help us no be like people wey only like money? (Check paragraph 13)

13. Wetin go help us know how we like money reach?

13 For us to know how we like money reach, e good make we ask ourself this question: ‘I really believe wetin Bible talk about money and I dey follow am? Na to find money be the number one thing for my life? I value money and property pass the way I like Jehovah and people? I really trust Jehovah sey e go give me wetin I need?’ We know sey Jehovah no go ever fail us if we trust am.​—Matt. 6:33.


14. Enjoyment na bad thing? Explain.

14 Many people today “like enjoyment” as Bible talk. But as we talk before, e no bad for person to like imself, and money no be bad thing. Na so enjoyment still be. But some people believe sey e no good for person to enjoy imself at all. No be so Jehovah talk. Bible tell people wey dey serve God sey: “Make you go chop and make you enjoy your food. Make you use sweet mind drink your wine.”​—Eccl. 9:7.

15. Which kind enjoyment 2 Timothy 3:4 dey talk about?

15 Second Timothy 3:4 talk about people wey like enjoyment instead of God.  Bible no talk sey dem go like enjoyment pass God, because that one go mean sey dem still love God small. But no be so e be. Dem like enjoyment “instead of God.” One man wey dey study Bible matter talk sey: “This [verse] no mean sey dem love God small. E mean sey dem no love God at all.” This na serious warning to people wey too like enjoyment. So when Bible talk about people wey “go like enjoyment,” e mean sey “enjoyment for this life” go make this kind people forget theirself.​—Luke 8:14.

16, 17. Which better example Jesus show us about enjoyment?

16 When Jesus dey this earth, e enjoy imself but e no overdo am. E go one marriage. And when wine don dey finish for the marriage, Jesus come turn water to wine. Another time, e still follow other people enjoy. (John 2:1-10; Luke 5:29) E get one time wey people wey think sey na dem holy pass come dey talk sey Jesus too dey eat and drink. But Jesus correct dem.​—Luke 7:33-36.

17 Na Jehovah work be the number one thing for Jesus life, no be enjoyment. And e do wetin e fit do to help people. Jesus suffer well well before e die, but e no worry because e want make we get life wey no go end. Jesus tell the people wey ready to follow im example sey: “Make una happy even when people curse una, suffer una, and lie sey una do many many bad thing because of me. Make una happy and make belle sweet una, because una get plenty gain for heaven. Before una time, na so dem take suffer the prophet dem.”​—Matt. 5:11, 12.

Wetin go help us no be like people wey only like enjoyment? (Check paragraph 18)

18. Which question go help us check how we like enjoyment reach?

18 Wetin go help us check how we love enjoyment reach? Make we ask ourself sey: ‘I like enjoyment pass meeting and preaching? I ready to leave enjoyment because of Jehovah work? If I want enjoy myself, I dey first sitdown think how Jehovah go see am?’ If we really love Jehovah, we no go only run from things wey we know sey e no like. But we go still run from things wey we think sey fit make am vex.​—Read Matthew 22:37, 38.


19. Which kind people no dey ever happy?

19 E don reach about 6,000 years wey human being don dey suffer. And this world wey Satan dey control go soon end. Today, we dey see people wey like theirself pass any other thing. We still dey see people wey like money and enjoyment. This kind people dey only put mind for wetin dem go get. And na wetin dem want be the number one thing for their life. But this kind life no dey make person really happy. Instead Bible tell us sey: “The person wey Jacob God dey help go happy. E dey put im hope for Jehovah wey be im God.”​—Ps. 146:5.

20. How the love wey you get for Jehovah take dey make you happy?

20 We love Jehovah well well. And every year, plenty people dey come join us. This people don come love Jehovah like us. This one really show sey Jesus don start to dey rule, and im Kingdom go soon bring better things come this earth. E no get wetin dey make person happy pass when e dey do wetin Jehovah want, and e know sey wetin e dey do dey make God happy. The people wey love Jehovah no go ever stop to happy! For the next topic, we go see some of the bad character wey people wey only love theirself and other things dey get. And we go still learn how this bad character take different from the one wey Christian suppose get.