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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  January 2018

Memorial Dey Help Us Get One Mind

Memorial Dey Help Us Get One Mind

“E good and e sweet for brothers to dey together as one.”​—PS. 133:1.

SONG: 18, 14

1, 2. Wetin we go do for 2018 wey dey make people get one mind, and why e be like that? (Check the first picture.)

NA ONCE every year we dey remember Jesus death. For March 31 this year, Jehovah people for the whole world go gather together to remember Jesus death. We go do am for evening after sun don go down. Plenty people wey we invite go still join us do am. For all the things wey people dey do for this world, na Memorial dey make people get one mind pass.

2 Plenty people go gather to remember Jesus death for their area when time reach. And we know sey this one go make Jehovah and Jesus happy. Bible talk about “plenty people wey nobody go fit count,” wey “come from different country and place,” and wey dey speak different language. Dem go praise God and Jesus sey: “Our God wey sitdown for the throne, na you and the Lamb save us.” (Rev. 7:9, 10) So, as plenty people dey gather every year to remember Jesus death, dem dey praise Jehovah and Jesus for the better thing wey dem do.

3. Which question we go answer for this topic?

 3 For this topic, we go answer four question: (1) How I go take prepare for Memorial so that I go gain something from am? (2) How Memorial take dey help all of us get one mind? (3) Wetin we fit do to make sure sey we continue to get one mind? (4) E get any Memorial wey go be the last one? If na yes be the answer, which Memorial go be the last one?


4. Why we no suppose miss Memorial?

4 Why e good make we go Memorial? Our meeting na one way wey we take dey worship Jehovah. And na Memorial be the meeting wey special pass. Jehovah and Jesus dey see people wey dey try to make sure sey dem go Memorial. Unless e get serious thing wey happen, we no suppose miss Memorial. If we dey show sey we value all our meeting, we dey give Jehovah more reason to keep our name for im book. And if our name dey that book, we go get life wey no go end.​—Mal. 3:16; Rev. 20:15.

5. Wetin we fit do to know if we still dey Jehovah side?

5 Before Memorial day reach, we fit arrange our time well so that we go get more time to pray to Jehovah. And we still need to think about how we take dey serve Jehovah to know if we still be im tight friend. (Read 2 Corinthians 13:5.) But how we go take do am? Na when we dey check whether we still dey Jehovah side. To do this one, we need to ask ourself sey: ‘I really believe sey this na the only organization wey Jehovah dey use take do wetin e get for mind? I dey do wetin I fit do to preach to people and teach dem about God Kingdom? The way I dey live my life dey show sey I really believe sey na the last days we dey, and Armageddon go soon come? I still get that strong faith for Jehovah and Jesus wey make me give Jehovah my life?’ (Matt. 24:14; 2 Tim. 3:1; Heb. 3:14) If we dey think about this kind question, e go help us know the kind person wey we really be.

6. (a) Wetin we go do to get life wey no go end? (b) How one elder take dey prepare for Memorial every year? And how you go take do like am?

6 We get different different topic for our book wey talk about Memorial. E good make we dey read dem and think about wetin we read. (Read John 3:16; 17:3.) We no fit get life wey no go end if we no know Jehovah and “continue to get faith” for Jesus. So e good make we dey study things wey go help us near Jehovah and Jesus well well. This na one better way to prepare for Memorial. Na wetin one brother wey don be elder for many years dey do. As time dey go, e dey gather some Watchtower wey talk about Memorial, and the love wey Jehovah and Jesus don show us. Some weeks before Memorial day, e go come read dem again. And e go sitdown think about why e good to do the Memorial. Sometimes, e dey add one or two new one join the ones wey e get. E still dey read and dey take time think about the place for Bible wey we dey read for Memorial time. This brother talk sey this one dey make am learn new things every year. The one wey better pass be sey, e come dey love Jehovah and Jesus pass before. If you dey study like this brother, you self go dey love Jehovah and Jesus more more. And you go continue to thank dem for wetin dem do. This one go really help you gain from the Memorial.


7. (a) Wetin Jesus pray about for the night wey dem do the first Lord Evening Meal? (b) Wetin show sey Jehovah don answer Jesus prayer?

7 For the night wey Jesus do the first Lord Evening Meal, e pray sey make im disciples get one mind. For the prayer, e talk sey im and im Father value the one mind wey their two get. (Read John 17:20, 21.) Jehovah love Jesus well well, and e don really answer that prayer. Na im make many many people today believe sey na Jehovah send Jesus. Our Memorial dey show sey all of us get one mind. E no get any other meeting wey be like Memorial. For Memorial day, different different people for the world dey gather together as one, no matter the country wey dem come from, whether dem be black or dem be oyibo. For some area, e dey hard to see black people and oyibo people dey serve God together for the same place. Other people dey see am as bad thing. But no be so Jehovah and Jesus dey see am. For their eye, na good thing for people to do things together with one mind, no matter where dem come from, or who dem be.

8. Wetin Jehovah tell Ezekiel?

8 As people wey dey serve Jehovah, the one mind wey we get no dey surprise us. Jehovah don already talk about am for the message wey e tell prophet Ezekiel. The message na about two stick wey dem join together, one “na for Judah” and the other one “na for Joseph.” (Read Ezekiel 37:15-17.) Dem explain wetin this one mean for “Question From People Wey Dey Read Our Book” wey dey July 2016 Watchtower. That place talk sey: “The message wey Jehovah give Ezekiel show sey hope dey for Israel people, sey dem go be one again when dem go back to the Promise Land. E still talk about how God people go take get one mind for the last days.”

9. How wetin Ezekiel talk take dey happen for the Memorial wey we dey do every year?

9 From 1919, Jehovah start to arrange im people small small again, and make dem get one mind again. This people na the anointed, and na dem be “Judah” stick. Later, many people wey get hope to live for paradise come join dem. Na this people be “Joseph” stick. The two group of people come be one, and Bible call dem “one group of sheep.” (John 10:16; Zech. 8:23) Jehovah promise to join this two stick together so that dem go be one for im hand. (Ezek. 37:19) Today, the two group dey serve Jehovah together as one. Na Jesus Christ be their King. And na im be the person wey God talk about as “my servant David.” (Ezek. 37:24, 25) For the Memorial wey we dey do every year, we dey see the one mind wey this two group get. But wetin you fit do so that the one mind wey we get go continue?


10. Wetin you fit do to make sure sey we continue to get one mind?

10 One thing wey we fit do to make the one mind wey we get continue, na to carry body down. When Jesus dey this world, e tell im disciples to dey carry body down. (Matt. 23:12) People for this world dey like to raise shoulder. Make we no do like dem. Instead, make we dey do wetin elders for congregation tell us and make we dey respect dem. This one go show sey we no dey raise shoulder, and our congregation go continue to get one mind. The one wey better pass be sey, Jehovah go happy when we no dey raise shoulder. Bible talk sey “God no dey support people wey dey  carry shoulder, but e dey show favor to people” wey dey carry body down.​—1 Pet. 5:5.

11. If we think about wetin the Memorial bread and wine mean, how e go take help us?

11 Before Memorial day, and especially Memorial night, make we settle down think about wetin the bread and wine mean. Na this one be the second thing wey we fit do to continue to get one mind. Why we talk like that? (1 Cor. 11:23-25) The bread mean Jesus body wey no get sin, wey e use as sacrifice. And the wine mean im blood. But no be just to know wetin dem mean. No forget sey Jesus sacrifice show sey Jehovah and Jesus really love us well well, and no love pass this one. Jehovah send im Son come die for us. And Jesus use im mind come die for us. When we think about how Jehovah and Jesus love us reach, e suppose make us love dem back. Na the love wey all of us get for Jehovah dey join us together. This love dey make us continue to get one mind.

When we dey forgive people, e dey make all of us continue to get one mind (Check paragraph 12, 13)

12. How the story wey Jesus talk take show sey Jehovah want make we dey forgive people?

12 The third thing wey we go fit do to continue to get one mind, na to forgive people wey do wetin pain us. God dey forgive us because of Jesus sacrifice. If we dey forgive other people, e show sey we like as Jehovah dey forgive us. Jesus talk one story to show sey e good to forgive people. After you don read this story for Matthew 18:23-34, ask yourself sey: ‘I ready to do wetin Jesus talk? When I dey do things with my brothers and sisters, I dey feel for dem and I dey patient with dem? I dey ready to forgive people wey do wetin pain me?’ Because of the sin wey dey our body, e get some things wey people go do wey fit hard us to forgive. But, Jesus story let us know wetin Jehovah want make we dey do. (Read Matthew 18:35.) Jesus make am clear sey, Jehovah no go forgive us if we no forgive our brothers wey don really change. Make we dey remember this one. When we dey forgive other people as Jesus talk, all of us go continue to get one mind for congregation.

13. If we dey do wetin go make peace dey, how that one go take make all of us continue to get one mind?

13 When we dey forgive people, e dey  show sey we like to make peace. Apostle Paul talk sey make we try well well to continue to get one mind, and do wetin go make peace dey. (Eph. 4:⁠3) For this Memorial time, especially for the Memorial night, take time think about how you dey treat other people. Ask yourself sey: ‘I really dey show sey I no dey carry wetin person do me for mind? People know me as person wey dey do everything to make sure sey peace and one mind dey among us?’ All this question na serious question wey we suppose sitdown think about.

14. How we suppose love our brothers and sisters?

14 Wetin be the fourth thing wey we fit do so that the one mind wey Jehovah people get go continue? We need to dey show love like Jehovah. (1 John 4:8) Make we no ever talk about our brothers and sisters sey, “I just dey manage dem, I no really like dem.” If we get that kind mind, we no dey do wetin Paul talk. E sey make we “dey take love bear wetin people do” us. (Eph. 4:2) Paul no just talk sey make we dey “bear wetin people do” us. Instead, e sey make we “dey take love” bear am. The two no be the same thing. Na different different kind of people dey Jehovah organization, and na Jehovah draw dem come im side. (John 6:44) If Jehovah no love dem, you think sey e for draw dem come im side? So e get any reason why you no go love dem? Make we love our brothers and sisters the way Jehovah want make we love dem!​—1 John 4:20, 21.


15. How we take know sey last Memorial go dey?

15 One day, we go do the last Memorial. How we take know? For First Corinthians, apostle Paul tell anointed ones sey as dem dey remember Jesus death every year, dem “dey tell other people about the Lord death until e come.” (1 Cor. 11:26) Jesus still talk sey e “dey come,” when e talk about things wey go happen before the world end. E talk about great tribulation wey go soon start, sey: “Then the Son of man sign go show for heaven, and e go pain people for everywhere for this earth. Dem go see Son of man dey come ontop the cloud wey dey heaven. E go come with power and better glory. And [Jesus] go use loud trumpet take send im angels. Dem go gather the people wey e don choose from the four side wey wind dey, from one end of heaven go reach the other end.” (Matt. 24:29-31) This verse talk sey ‘dem go gather the people wey Jesus don choose.’ Na people wey dey go heaven this place dey talk about. This one go happen after the first part of great tribulation, and before Armageddon start. Jesus go take anointed ones wey remain for earth go heaven. For Armageddon, all the 144,000 anointed ones wey dey heaven with Jesus go follow am fight the kings wey dey this earth. And dem go win the fight. (Rev. 17:12-14) The Memorial wey we go do before Jesus go “come” take anointed ones wey remain for earth go heaven, go be the last one.

16. Why you want make sure sey you go Memorial this year?

16 Make we make sure sey we go the Memorial wey we go do for March 31, 2018. And make we beg Jehovah make e help us do wetin go make the one mind wey we get continue. (Read Psalm 133:1.) Remember sey, one day we go do the last Memorial. Before that time reach, make we continue to dey do Memorial. And make we value the one mind wey Memorial dey help us get.