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“E Dey Give Power to Person Wey Don Tire”

“E Dey Give Power to Person Wey Don Tire”

Our yeartext for 2018 na: “The people wey put their hope for Jehovah go get power again.”​—ISA. 40:31.

SONG: 3, 47

1. Wetin be some problem wey we dey face? But wetin dey make Jehovah happy? (Check the first picture.)

LIFE for this world no easy at all. Many of us get serious sickness for body. Some of us wey don dey old, fit still get family member wey old pass us to care for. Some of us dey struggle to even find wetin our family need to survive. And we know sey many of our brothers and sisters dey face some of this problem at once. E dey take plenty time and money to manage this problem. E fit even make life tire person. But you know sey Jehovah go help you. Jehovah don promise sey things go soon better and you believe am. The strong faith wey you get dey make Jehovah happy!

2. How Isaiah 40:29 fit make our mind strong, but which serious mistake person fit make?

2 Sometimes, you dey feel sey your problem don pass wetin you fit bear? If na so you dey feel, know sey other people don feel like this before. E get some people wey serve Jehovah for Bible time, wey feel sey dem no fit bear their problem again. (1 Ki. 19:4; Job 7:7) Wetin dem do wey help dem? Dem believe sey Jehovah go make dem strong, and Jehovah no fail dem. Bible talk sey God “dey give power to person wey don tire.”  (Isa. 40:29) E dey pain us sey some brothers and sisters don stop to serve Jehovah because of problem. Dem sey dem go come back ‘when things better.’ To this kind people, Jehovah work no be better thing. Dem dey see am like load. So dem stop to read Bible, to go meeting, and preaching. And na wetin Satan want be that.

3. (a) Wetin we fit do to spoil Satan plan? (b) Wetin we go talk about for this topic?

3 Devil no want make we use all our mind and power do Jehovah work. E know sey na wetin dey make us strong be that. So, when body don tire you and you no happy, wetin you go do? Make you near Jehovah more more. Bible talk sey ‘e go make you stand well, and e go make you strong.’ (1 Pet. 5:10; Jas. 4:8) For this topic, we go talk about two things wey fit make us no use all our power dey serve Jehovah again. We go see how Bible fit help us dey bear problem. But make we first talk about the power wey Jehovah get to make us strong. We go use Isaiah 40:26-31 take talk am.


4. Wetin we fit learn from Isaiah 40:26?

4 Read Isaiah 40:26. Nobody don fit count all the stars wey God make. Science people talk sey the number of stars for only our galaxy (where earth and stars dey) fit plenty reach 400 billion. Even as dem many reach, Jehovah give all of dem name. Wetin this one teach us? Stars no get life, but Jehovah put dem for mind. But you get life, and you dey serve Jehovah because you love am, no be because dem force you. So you no think sey Jehovah go still get you for mind? (Ps. 19:1, 3, 14) Jehovah wey be our Papa know you pass the way you know yourself. Bible tell us sey God “sabi the number of hair wey dey” our head. (Matt. 10:30) And e still sey: “Jehovah know wetin dey happen to person wey dey do the correct thing.” (Ps. 37:18) True true, Jehovah know all the problem wey you dey face, and e fit give you the power to bear all of dem.

5. Wetin make us dey sure sey Jehovah go fit give us power wey go help us?

5 Read Isaiah 40:28. Na Jehovah power dey come from. For example, make we talk about the power wey e give only our sun. One man wey study science, wey im name na David Bodanis, talk sey the amount of power wey dey come out from the sun every second, plenty well well. E even plenty pass the power wey dey many atomic bomb (bomb wey get power well well) wey dem put together. Another science person still talk sey the power wey dey come out from the sun for only one second, go reach everybody for this world use for 200,000 years! If Jehovah fit dey give sun power, that one mean sey e fit give us power wey go help us bear any problem.

6. Why we fit talk sey Jesus load dey easy to carry? How that one make you feel?

6 Read Isaiah 40:29. To serve Jehovah dey sweet well well. Jesus tell im disciples sey: “Make una carry my load for una shoulder.” But e come still sey: “Una go get rest of mind. My load easy to carry, and e no heavy.” (Matt. 11:28-30) Wetin Jesus talk for there really correct! For example, e get sometimes wey you go don tire, but you still go meeting or preaching. How body dey do you when you come back? You go just get one kind power again. And that one go make you ready to face any problem. The truth be sey, Jesus load really easy to carry!

7. Which experience show sey wetin dey Matthew 11:28-30 na true?

 7 E get one sister wey get one sickness wey dem dey call chronic fatigue syndrome. The sickness dey make body tire person everytime. Life dey tire the sister, and e still dey get serious headache wey dem dey call migraine. This one dey make am hard for am to go meeting sometimes. But when e try go meeting one day, body sweet am no be small! E talk sey: “The public talk wey dem give that day na about how person wey no happy, go fit dey happy. The way dem give the talk just be like sey na me dem dey talk to. E touch me well well, sotey I come dey cry. Wetin happen come make me remember sey I suppose to dey go meeting everytime.”

8, 9. Wetin Paul mean when e talk sey: “When I dey weak, na that time I get power”?

8 Read Isaiah 40:30. No matter how we think sey we strong reach, e still get wetin we no fit do by ourself. E good make we get this one for mind. Apostle Paul na strong man wey do many things. But e no fit do everything wey e want do. When e tell Jehovah about im problem, Jehovah tell am sey: “Na when person dey weak my power dey complete.” Paul understand wetin Jehovah tell am. So e come sey: “When I dey weak, na that time I get power.” (2 Cor. 12:7-10) Wetin Paul mean?

9 Paul know sey e get where im power reach. E get things wey e no fit do if God no help am. God holy spirit fit give Paul power when e dey weak. Apart from that one, holy spirit fit make Paul do things wey e no fit do by imself. The same thing fit still happen to us today. If Jehovah give us holy spirit, we go strong well well!

10. How Jehovah take help David bear problem?

10 Many times, David see sey na God holy spirit give am power. Na im make am talk sey: “Na when you help me I fit attack plenty soldiers; na God power I fit take climb high fence.” (Ps. 18:29) Sometimes, our problem dey be like high fence wey we no fit climb by ourself. Na only Jehovah fit help us solve this kind problem.

11. How holy spirit take dey help us bear problem?

11 Read Isaiah 40:31. Eagle no dey use only im power fly go far place. Na warm breeze dey push the eagle go up. E dey make the eagle fit save im power. So when you dey problem wey big pass you, remember wetin we don talk about eagle. Beg Jehovah make e use holy spirit give you more power, the way warm breeze dey give eagle more power to fit fly. (John 14:26) And we fit tell Jehovah to give us im spirit anytime wey we need am. E fit be sey, for some of us, na when we get problem with brothers and sisters for congregation, na im we go need holy spirit pass. But why we even dey get problem with our brothers self?

12, 13. (a) Why we dey get problem with our brothers and sisters sometimes? (b) Wetin Joseph story teach us about Jehovah?

12 All of us dey make mistake, na im make us dey get problem with people sometimes. This one dey make us do or talk things wey fit make other people vex. And other people fit still make us vex. E fit no easy to bear at all. But we fit see am as chance to show Jehovah sey we no go leave am. We dey show sey we hold Jehovah tight if we dey use one mind do things with our brothers and sisters. Even though sey dem dey do mistake, Jehovah still love dem. So make we self love dem.

Jehovah no leave Joseph; e no go leave you too (Check paragraph 13)

13 Jehovah no dey block problem make e no reach our side. Joseph story  show sey this one na true. When Joseph still dey young, im brothers sell am as slave because of jealousy. The people wey buy am, come carry am go Egypt. (Gen. 37:28) Joseph na Jehovah friend and e dey serve am well. So e go don pain Jehovah when e see as dem treat Joseph. Jehovah see everything wey dey happen to Joseph, but e no stop am. After, dem come lie for Joseph head sey e try to sleep with Potiphar wife. This one come make dem put am for prison. Jehovah no still stop wetin dem do Joseph, but e no leave am. Instead, Bible talk sey: “Jehovah make everything wey e do get head.”​—Gen. 39:21-23.

14. Wetin we go gain when we “stop to” vex?

14 E get plenty people wey dem no treat well. But their own fit no reach David own. Even with that one, David no carry wetin people do am for mind. Instead, e talk for Bible sey: “Stop to vex and trowey hot temper; no vex make you no go do wetin bad.” (Ps. 37:8) The main thing wey go make us “stop to” vex na because we want be like Jehovah. Bible sey Jehovah “no dey punish us as our sin reach.” (Ps. 103:10) But e still get other better things wey we go gain if we “stop to” vex. Person wey dey vex fit give imself high blood pressure (B.P.), and e fit cause breathing problem. E fit still affect im liver, im pancreas, and e fit cause other problem for im belle. When person dey vex, e dey hard am to think well. And when person don vex well well, e fit do wetin e no suppose do. This one fit make am no happy for some time. But Bible talk sey “cool temper dey give life to person body.” (Prov. 14:30) So, wetin we fit do if other people do wetin make us vex? And how we fit take settle matter with our brother or sister? If we follow the advice wey dey Bible, e go help us.


15, 16. If person do wetin pain us, wetin we go do?

15 Read Ephesians 4:26. E no go surprise us if people wey no dey serve Jehovah dey treat us anyhow. But, what if na person for congregation or our family? That one dey pain reach bone, and e fit make life tire us. What if e dey hard you to forget the matter? You go carry am for mind, even when e don tey wey the thing happen? Or you go quick settle the matter as Bible talk? If you no quick go meet the person, e go hard for una to settle the matter.

16 What if you no fit stop to think about wetin the person do you? Wetin you go do to settle with am? Make you first beg Jehovah for prayer. Tell am make e help you to fit talk with your brother well. No  forget sey the brother or sister na still Jehovah friend. (Ps. 25:14) God love the person. And God dey use better mind do things with im friends. So e want make we dey do like am. (Prov. 15:23; Matt. 7:12; Col. 4:6) The second thing wey you go do, na to sitdown think about wetin you go tell the person. No think sey your brother or sister get am for mind to make you vex. E fit be sey na mistake, or na you dey think another thing. Ready to beg the person, because you fit still get hand for wetin cause the problem. If you want talk to the person, you fit start with something like, “Maybe I dey quick vex. But wetin you talk yesterday, ehn . . . ” If you don talk with am, and the matter no settle, continue to go meet am. Pray for am and tell Jehovah to bless am. Tell Jehovah make e help you put mind for the better character wey your brother get. No matter wetin happen, know sey Jehovah like wetin you don do. Jehovah know sey you don try settle the matter with the brother or sister, wey be im friend.


17. How Jehovah go take help us when we sin? And why e good to allow Jehovah help us?

17 Some people don do wetin bad well well before. Because of that one, dem dey feel sey dem no go fit do wetin go make Jehovah happy again. When mind dey judge person, e dey be like heavy load wey person carry. King David talk how im mind worry am because of wetin e do. E sey: “When I no talk am come out, my bone come dey dry because na a whole day I dey cry. Your heavy hand come dey ontop me, for daytime and for night.” David get the mind to do wetin Jehovah want make im servant do. Na better thing be that. E talk sey: ‘Last last, I confess my sin give you. You come forgive all my sin.’ (Ps. 32:3-5) If you don do wetin bad well well, Jehovah ready to help you be im friend again. But make you go meet elders for congregation. (Prov. 24:16; Jas. 5:13-15) So no waste time! If you waste time, life for paradise fit no reach your hand. But what if your conscience still dey worry you, even after Jehovah don forgive you tey tey? Wetin you go do?

18. If person conscience still dey judge am for wetin e do, how Paul example fit help am?

18 E get sometimes wey apostle Paul no happy for the bad things wey e don do before. E talk sey: “I be the apostle wey small pass. And because I suffer God congregation, I no reach the person wey dem suppose dey call apostle.” But e come still sey: “But na God favor make me be who I be.” (1 Cor. 15:9, 10) Paul don do bad things before, but Jehovah forgive am. And e want make Paul get am for mind sey e don forgive am. If wetin you do really pain you, tell Jehovah about am. And if na wetin bad well well, make you tell elders. If you don do this one, you fit dey sure sey Jehovah don forgive you. So no let your conscience dey judge you again!​—Isa. 55:6, 7.

19. Wetin be our 2018 yeartext, and why e make sense?

19 As we dey near the time wey this world go end, the truth be sey, things go dey hard more more. But remember sey Jehovah ‘dey give power to person wey don tire, and e dey give more power to people wey don weak.’ So e fit give you the power wey you need to take continue to serve am. (Isa. 40:29; Ps. 55:22; 68:19) For 2018, that one go always dey our mind everytime wey we go Kingdom Hall. Na so because our yeartext talk sey: “The people wey put their hope for Jehovah go get power again.”​Isa. 40:31.