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Dem Use Their Mind Do the Work for Madagascar

Dem Use Their Mind Do the Work for Madagascar

E GET one sister wey im name na Sylviana. The sister na pioneer and e dey 27 years. E talk sey: “My friends wey go preach for where pioneers no too dey, tell me wetin dem enjoy. I really want enjoy wetin dem enjoy. But I dey fear sey I no go fit do like dem.”

Wetin Sylviana talk don happen to you before? You really want go stay area where dem need more people to preach, but you dey fear whether you fit do am? If you dey feel like that, no worry! Jehovah don help many brothers and sisters to fit go dey preach for this kind place. Make we ask some of dem wey do this work for Madagascar how Jehovah don take help dem. Madagascar na the fourth island wey big pass for this earth.

For ten years wey don pass now, many publishers from 11 country * don dey go Madagascar. E don pass 70 publishers and pioneers wey go this place for Africa. Many people for Madagascar like Bible well well. Plenty publishers for there don still use their mind go preach for the different different area for Madagascar. Make we hear from some of dem.


Perrine and Louis

Louis and Perrine na husband and wife, and dem don pass 30 years. Dem pack from France go Madagascar. For some years, dem don dey think about how dem go take go another country go dey preach. But Perrine no want go. The sister sey: “I dey fear to go place wey I no know. I no too happy to leave our family, the congregation, the house wey we dey stay, the different different place for our area, and the things wey we dey do everyday. The truth be sey, e hard for me to comot all this things wey dey worry me for mind.” For 2012, Perrine come get mind; im and Louis come pack go Madagascar. How Perrine feel about wetin dem do? E sey: “When I remember wetin happen, I fit talk sey we see how Jehovah take help us, and this one make our faith strong.” Im husband sey: “Ten of our Bible student come the first Memorial wey we do for Madagascar. And this one make us happy!”

 Dem later face some problem. But wetin help dem continue to preach for Madagascar? Dem beg Jehovah to give dem power to fit endure. (Phil. 4:13) Louis talk sey: “Jehovah answer our prayer and e make our mind come down. We come fit put mind for the better things wey we dey see for our work. Some of our friends for France still send us e-mail and letter. This one give us mind to continue our work.”​—Phil. 4:6, 7; 2 Cor. 4:7.

Because Louis and Perrine endure, Jehovah bless dem well well. Louis talk sey: “For October 2014 we go Bible School for Christian Couples * for France. We no go ever forget the school. Jehovah do well for our body as e let us go the school.” When dem finish the school, dem come send dem go Madagascar back. This one make belle sweet dem well well.


Nadine and Didier

Didier and Nadine na husband and wife wey come from France. Dem don pass 50 years when dem pack go Madagascar for 2010. Didier talk sey: “Before we reach this age, we don first pioneer. Then we come born three children. When dem don big, we come dey think whether we fit go do the preaching work for another country.” But Nadine talk sey: “I no want go before, because I no want comot from where our children dey. But dem come tell us sey: ‘If una go another country go do Jehovah work, e go make us happy!’ Wetin our children talk give us mind to pack. Even if where we dey stay far from where our children dey, we happy sey we still dey talk with dem everytime.”

E no easy for Didier and Nadine to learn Malagasy language. Nadine smile talk sey: “We no be small children wey dey quick learn language.” Wetin help dem? Dem first join congregation wey dey use French language. After, when dem feel sey dem don get time to learn Malagasy language, dem come go congregation wey dey use Malagasy language. Nadine still sey: “Many people wey we dey see for preaching dey like to study Bible. Many times, dem dey thank us sey we come preach to dem. This thing first surprise me well well. Pioneer work for this area sweet, no be small!” Nadine sey when e wake up for morning, e dey happy to go preaching.

Didier smile as e remember the time when e start to learn Malagasy language. E sey: “E get one part wey I handle for meeting. Brothers and sisters come dey answer question, but I no understand wetin dem dey talk. The only thing I come dey talk na, ‘Thank you.’ After I thank one sister wey answer question, people wey sitdown for im back come dey give me sign sey the answer no correct! I come quick call one brother wey answer the question. But I no even know if im answer correct.”


For one convention wey dem go for 2005, Thierry and im wife, Nadia, watch the drama wey be “Pursue Goals That Honor God.” The drama, wey talk  about Timothy, really touch dem. E come make dem want go live for area where dem need more publishers. Thierry talk sey: “When the drama finish, we come dey clap. I come dress near my wife, and I ask am sey, ‘Where we dey go?’ My wife come sey na wetin e still dey think be that.” E no tey after that time, two of dem come dey plan how dem go fit do wetin dem get for mind. Nadia talk sey, “Small small, we come dey reduce our property until wetin remain fit enter four bag!”

Left: Nadia and Marie-Madeleine; Right: Thierry

As dem reach Madagascar for 2006, dem start to enjoy preaching for there. Nadia sey, “The way people for here dey listen dey make us happy well well.”

But after six years, two of dem come face one problem. Nadia mama fall break hand and e injure for head. The mama dey stay for France, and im name na Marie-Madeleine. After Nadia and im husband talk with their mama doctor, dem come tell am make e come live with dem for Madagascar. Their mama don reach 80 years that time. But e still happy to go stay with im children. How the mama feel as e dey live for another country? E talk sey: “Sometimes, e no easy to master some kind things. But even though sey I no strong reach as I be before, I still dey do wetin I fit do for congregation. And wetin make me really happy be sey, as I dey stay with my children for here, e dey help dem fit continue their preaching work.”


Riana dey use Tandroy language give talk

E get one brother wey im name na Riana, e dey 22 years. And e grow for Alaotra Mangoro. This area dey for eastern Madagascar, and their land dey produce well. E know book and e want go university before. But after e learn wetin Bible talk, e come change mind. E sey: “I come try finish secondary school quick and I promise Jehovah sey, ‘If I pass my last exam, I go start to pioneer.’” After Riana finish school, e do wetin e promise. E come go stay with one brother wey be pioneer. E see part-time work do, and e start to pioneer. E talk sey, “For everything wey I don do for my life, na this one better pass.”

But Riana family people no understand why e no want go university make e get better work. E talk sey: “My papa, my uncle, and my grandmamma sister, advice me make I go university. But I no want let anything make me stop to pioneer.” E no tey, e come dey hungry Riana to go area wey dem need more publishers to preach. Wetin be one thing wey make am want go that kind place? E sey: “Thief come our house and dem thief many of my things. Wetin happen make me remember wetin Jesus talk about ‘better thing wey person dey keep for heaven.’ I come tell myself sey, I go try well well to make sure sey I do God work.” (Matt. 6:​19, 20) Riana come pack go one place wey far well well for south of Madagascar. The place want be like desert and e far reach 800 miles (1,300 km) from im former place. Na people wey dey speak Tandroy language dey stay for the area. Why e go there?

Riana start to study with two men wey dey speak Tandroy language for one month before thief come im house. E learn how to talk some things for their language. E come dey think about the many Antandroy people wey never hear the good news about God Kingdom. E talk sey, “I come pray to Jehovah make e help me go stay area wey dem dey speak Tandroy language.”

Riana pack go the area, but e no see work. One man even tell am sey: “Why you come here? People from this place dey go where you come from to fit get work!” After two weeks, Riana come go convention for another area. The money wey e carry no reach anything. E no know wetin e go do. For the last day of the convention, one brother put something inside Riana coat pocket. Wetin e put? Na money! The money reach am travel go Antandroy back, and e still reach am take start small yogurt business. Riana talk sey: “Jehovah just help me when I need am. I come fit continue to help people wey never fit learn about Jehovah!” Plenty work still dey for am for congregation. Riana talk sey: “Na every two weeks I dey give public talk. Jehovah dey use im organization train me.” Today, Riana still dey help many people for the area to learn about Jehovah.


Jehovah promise us sey im wey be “the God wey like truth go bless anybody wey dey find blessing for the earth.” (Isa. 65:16) When we do everything wey we fit do to preach more, Jehovah go bless us. Make we talk about Sylviana, wey we first talk about for the beginning of this topic. Remember sey e first dey fear to go area wey need publishers. E think sey im power no reach am. Wetin make am think like that? E talk sey: “My left leg take three-and-a-half inches (9 cm) short pass my right leg. So if I dey waka, I dey bend go one side and I dey quick tire.”

Sylviana (left) and Sylvie Ann (right) with Doratine for the day wey e baptize

Even with this problem, Sylviana still do wetin e get for mind. For 2014, Sylviana and one young sister wey dey im congregation, come join hand go one small village. The sister name na Sylvie Ann and im na pioneer. The village wey dem go far reach 53 miles (85 km) from where dem dey stay. Jehovah really bless dem! Sylviana talk sey: “After one year wey I preach for the area, one young girl wey don born wey I dey study with, come baptize for our circuit assembly. Im name na Doratine.”


All this brothers and sisters really get faith. Wetin dem talk teach us sey we fit do more for our preaching work, even when problem dey. If you copy their example, you go see sey wetin Jehovah promise im servant for Bible na true. E sey: “I go make you strong, yes, I go help you.” (Isa. 41:10) This one go make us near Jehovah more more. Apart from that one, when we use our mind go do the work for our country or another country, we dey prepare ourself for the work wey Jehovah go give us for paradise. Didier, wey we talk about before, talk sey: “We dey train ourself when we go place wey need more publishers. Na better training wey go help us for front!” We dey hope sey many people go join for this work!

^ par. 4 This publishers come from Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Guadeloupe, Luxembourg, New Caledonia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

^ par. 8 This school no dey again. Na School for Kingdom Evangelizers come dey now. Pioneers wey go another country go do Jehovah work, fit fill form to go the school. Dem fit go for their own country, or for another country wey dey do the school for their language, so far dem qualify.