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Use Your Freedom Well

Use Your Freedom Well

‘Where Jehovah spirit dey, freedom dey there.’2 COR. 3:17.

SONG: 62, 65

1, 2. (a) Wetin people talk about this matter of freedom? (b) Wetin Bible talk about this matter, and which question dem we go talk about?

WHEN one woman want choose wetin e go do, e tell im friend sey: ‘No make me think too much; just tell me wetin I go do. Na that one simple pass.’ This woman like make dem dey tell am wetin e go do instead of am to use the freedom wey God give us to choose wetin we want do. What of you? You dey like to choose wetin you go do by yourself, or you dey like make other people tell you wetin you go do? Wetin you think about this matter?

2 E don tey wey people dey talk about this matter. Some people sey no be we dey choose wetin we want do. Dem sey God don already plan everything wey we dey do. Other people sey if na we dey really choose wetin we go do, no law go dey tell us wetin to do and wetin we no go do. But to sabi the truth about this matter, we go check wetin Bible talk. Why? Because Bible tell us sey Jehovah give us freedom to fit choose wetin we want. (Read Joshua 24:15.) Bible still answer this question dem: How we go take use our freedom well? Na everything we dey free to do? How we fit use our freedom show how we love Jehovah reach? Why we suppose let other people use their freedom choose wetin dem want?


3. Wetin we fit learn from the way Jehovah dey use im freedom?

3 Na only Jehovah get the freedom to do anything wey e want do. But we fit learn from the way e dey use am. For example, e choose Israel people to be im ‘special property,’ make dem dey answer im name. (Deut. 7:6-8) E no just choose dem. E do am because na wetin e don already promise Abraham im friend. (Gen. 22:15-18) Another thing be sey, Jehovah dey always use love and better mind choose wetin e go do. This one show for the way e take correct Israel people everytime wey dem leave am go serve another god. When dem really repent, nobody dey tell Jehovah before e pity dem and before e show dem love. E sey: ‘I go cure dem make dem no dey leave me. Na my mind I go take love dem.’ (Hos. 14:4) Na better example Jehovah show, as e use im freedom help other people!

4, 5. (a) Who God first give freedom to choose wetin e go do, and how e use am? (b) Which question you go ask yourself?

4 When Jehovah make person, e let am choose wetin e want because e love am. The first person wey e give this freedom na Jesus im first Son, wey resemble am. (Col. 1:15) Even before e come this earth, e choose sey e no go leave im Father and e no follow Satan do wetin bad. After, when Jesus come this earth, Satan tempt am. But Jesus use im freedom well, e no fall for Satan. (Matt. 4:10)The night before dem kill Jesus, e pray well well to Jehovah sey e go continue to do wetin Jehovah want. E sey: ‘Father, if na wetin you want, comot this cup from my side. No let wetin I want happen, but make e be wetin you want.’ (Luke 22:42) Make we do like Jesus; make we use our freedom take praise Jehovah and do wetin e want. But, you think sey we fit?

5 Yes, we fit do like Jesus because we fit copy God character. (Gen. 1:26) But, e get where we fit do reach. We no be like Jehovah wey fit do anything wey e want. Bible talk sey make we follow Jehovah law if we want choose wetin we go do; make we no overdo. For example, wife go respect im husband and children go respect their papa and mama. (Eph. 5:22; 6:1) Since e get where we fit do reach, ask yourself, ‘How I go take use this freedom wey Jehovah don give me?’ The way we use am fit make us get life wey no go end or die. So, make we talk about am.


6. Which example show sey e good for us to get law wey go help us know where we go do reach?

6 Na true sey we really get freedom to choose, even when God no want make we do some things? Yes, na true! Why we talk so? Law wey dey help person know where e fit do reach, dey protect am. For example, we fit sey we want travel go far place with motor. But, what if law no dey to control the speed wey people dey drive or which side of the road dem go dey? Your mind go rest? For where! E good make person know where e suppose do reach so that all of us go really enjoy this freedom wey God give us. Make we talk about some example wey go help us see sey e good make Jehovah law dey help us know how we go use our freedom.

7. (a) How the freedom wey Jehovah give Adam, make am different from other animals for garden of Eden? (b) Which time Adam use im freedom well?

 7 God make the angels make dem fit choose wetin dem go do by theirself. Na so e still make the first man, Adam. This one make Adam different from animals, because animal life na one way. Make we talk about one time wey Adam use im freedom well. Jehovah make animal before e make Adam. But, Jehovah allow Adam, wey be im first pikin for this earth, to give the animals name. God ‘come dey bring dem come meet the man so that e go see wetin e go call dem one by one.’ After Adam look the animal well, e go come give the animal the name wey fit am. This work make the man happy. Jehovah no change the name wey Adam choose for the animals. But, ‘na any name wey the man call the animals, na im come be their name.’Gen. 2:19.

8. How Adam take use im freedom, and wetin come happen?

8 God put everything wey dey the Garden for Adam hand. E tell am sey: ‘Make una born children and make una full this earth; make una dey control everything wey dey this earth. I don put the fish, the bird wey dey fly and all the animal wey dey waka for this earth for una hand.’ (Gen. 1:28) But, Adam come overdo. E do wetin God sey make e no do when e chop the fruit wey God sey make e no chop. Adam no use im freedom well. Na im make many people come dey suffer. (Rom. 5:12) As we don see sey no be better thing come out from wetin Adam do, make we use our freedom well. Make we let Jehovah tell us where we suppose do reach.

9. Wetin Jehovah tell Israel people make dem choose, and wetin dem choose?

9 All of us dey sin and die today because we come from Adam and Eve. But, God no collect the freedom to choose from us. We know because of wetin God tell Israel people. God use Moses tell dem sey make dem choose whether dem go be Im special people or dem no go be. (Ex. 19:3-6) Wetin dem choose? Dem choose sey dem go do all the things wey God sey make dem do to be im special people. All of dem sey: ‘Everything wey Jehovah don talk, we ready to do am.’ (Ex. 19:8) But as time dey go, dem no come use their freedom well; dem no do wetin dem promise Jehovah. Na better thing this example teach us. Make we no ever leave Jehovah and make we dey do wetin e tell us. This one go show sey we dey value the freedom wey e don give us.1 Cor. 10:11.

10. Which people example help us know sey even with the sin wey dey our body, we fit use our freedom do wetin Jehovah want? (Go check the first picture.)

10 Hebrews chapter 11 talk about 16 servant of God wey use their freedom well; dem follow wetin Jehovah talk. Because of that one, God bless dem well well and dem come get hope sey better things dey front for dem. For example, Noah show sey e get strong faith when e do wetin God tell am. God tell am make e build ark wey go save im family and from there people go full this world again. (Heb. 11:7) Abraham and Sarah use their mind do wetin God tell dem as dem travel go the place wey e promise dem. Even after dem start this long journey, dem still ‘get chance to go back’ to Ur where money dey. But, because of their strong faith ‘dem put eye for the better place’  wey ‘God don promise.’ (Heb. 11:8, 13, 15, 16) Moses no gree put eye for the better things wey dey Egypt, e ‘choose sey e go suffer with God people instead of to dey enjoy sin for small time.’ (Heb. 11:24-26) Make we copy the kind faith wey all this servant of God for olden days get as dem value the freedom wey Jehovah give dem, and dem use am do wetin Jehovah want.

11. (a) Wetin be one of the blessing wey we go get if we use our freedom well? (b) Wetin go make you use your freedom well?

11 We fit dey think sey e better if another person just tell us wetin we go do. But that one fit make us no enjoy one of the blessing wey we suppose get if we choose by ourself. Deuteronomy 30:19, 20 (read am) talk about this blessing. For verse 19, God tell Israel people to choose wetin dem want. For verse 20, Jehovah give dem chance to show whether dem really love am. We self fit choose sey na Jehovah we go worship. The main thing wey suppose make us use this freedom well na because we get love and respect for Jehovah, and we want praise am.


12. Wetin we no go use our freedom do?

12 Think am sey you give your friend one better gift. You go happy if e trowey the gift for dustbin or, e use am wound another person? Now, you think sey Jehovah go happy as e dey see many people dey choose wetin no good and dey use the freedom wey e give dem take dey wicked other people? True true, as Bible talk, for ‘last days’ people no go ‘sabi thank person.’ (2 Tim. 3:1, 2) Abeg, make we no ever use this freedom wey Jehovah don give us anyhow, and make we no take am play. But wetin go help us use our freedom well?

13. How person fit use im freedom anyhow?

13 All of us fit choose the kind friend wey we want follow waka, style of cloth or hair, and the film or music wey we want listen to or watch. But, we fit come dey use this freedom ‘as excuse to do bad thing’ if we dey do wetin our body want or if we dey follow the world. (Read 1 Peter 2:16.) Instead of us to see our freedom ‘as chance to do the bad things wey the flesh want,’ make we do everything wey we fit do to choose  wetin go help us do wetin Bible talk. E sey: ‘Do everything to praise God.’Gal. 5:13; 1 Cor. 10:31.

14. Why e good make we trust Jehovah when we dey use the freedom wey e give us?

14 Another thing wey go help us make we no use our freedom anyhow, na to trust Jehovah and let am direct us with im law. Na only am be ‘the Person wey dey teach us wetin go make our life better, the Person wey dey show us the road wey we suppose follow.’ (Isa. 48:17) E good make we carry ourself down and agree with wetin Bible talk, when e sey: ‘E no dey for person hand to direct im way. E no dey the hand of person wey dey waka even to direct imself.’ (Jer. 10:23) Adam, Eve and some Israel people put mind for wetin dem think sey better pass. Make we no ever do like dem, but make we ‘take all our mind trust Jehovah.’Prov. 3:5.


15. Wetin Galatians 6:5 teach us?

15 One thing wey we go carry for mind be sey, we must let other people choose wetin dem want. Why? Because everybody get freedom to do wetin e want do. Two people wey dey serve Jehovah no go always choose the same thing. We know this one because, our character and how we love God reach no be the same. Remember wetin dey Galatians 6:5. (Read am.) When we know sey ‘everybody go carry im own load,’ we go let other people use their freedom choose wetin dem want.

Make we no force other people do wetin go make their mind judge dem, even if our mind no judge us (Check paragraph 15)

16, 17. (a) The way brothers for Corinth use their freedom bring wahala. How? (b) How Paul take settle am, and wetin this one teach us about other people freedom?

16 Bible show why we suppose let other people choose wetin dem want. Make we see one example. For the congregation wey dey Corinth, e get one matter wey bring quarrel. The matter na about meat wey people use do sacrifice wey dem dey sell for market. Some brothers for the congregation think sey: ‘Since idol no get life, person fit eat the meat if im mind no go judge am.’ But some of dem wey don worship idol before feel sey, if person chop the meat e don serve idol. (1 Cor. 8:4, 7) This one na serious matter, e reach to scatter the congregation. How Paul take help dem see the matter as Jehovah see am?

17 Paul first help dem remember sey, no be food go make dem near God more. (1 Cor. 8:8) E still warn dem make dem no allow their freedom be like stone wey fit fall person wey im mind dey quick judge am. (1 Cor. 8:9) Later, e come tell brothers wey their mind no allow dem chop the meat make dem no judge people wey chop am. (1 Cor. 10:25, 29, 30) For this kind serious matter wey concern how we dey worship Jehovah, na person go use im mind choose wetin e go do. So, for matter wey no serious reach this one, you no think sey we suppose let our brothers use their freedom choose wetin dem want?1 Cor. 10:32, 33.

18. How you go take show sey you value your freedom to choose?

18 Jehovah don really give us freedom wey go make us choose wetin we want. (2 Cor. 3:17) We value this freedom because we fit use am show Jehovah how we love am reach. So, make we use our freedom dey praise Jehovah and make we let other people choose wetin dem want. This one go show sey we happy for this better gift wey Jehovah don give us—freedom!