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You Know?

How dem take dey carry fire travel for olden days?

ABRAHAM dey prepare to go far place go do sacrifice to Jehovah. Genesis 22:6 tell us wetin e come do. E sey: ‘Abraham carry the wood wey e want use do offering wey dem burn for fire give Isaac im pikin. E come carry the fire and knife for hand, and two of dem come dey waka go together.’

Bible no tell us how people take dey light fire for olden days. Some people study about this Abraham and Isaac story. One of dem talk sey e go hard Abraham and Isaac to carry fire travel from the start of that long journey go reach the end. So, e fit be sey na the thing wey dem dey use light fire the story dey talk about.

Other people talk sey, to light fire for olden days no be small work. E easy for people to collect hot charcoal from their neighbor take make fire, instead of dem to light am by theirself. So, some people wey dey study this kind matter believe sey Abraham carry container wey hot charcoal dey inside. The container fit be clay pot wey get long chain hand and person fit gather hot charcoal from the fire wey dem light the night before the next day. (Isa. 30:14) E no go hard person wey carry hot charcoal dey travel to use the charcoal and dry pieces of wood light another fire.