JEHOVAH WITNESS people dey use all their mind and power preach for different different country where publishers no too plenty. And single sisters dey among dem. E don pass ten years wey some of dem don dey preach for another country. Wetin give dem mind to fit do this work? Wetin this work don teach dem? Dem don gain anything? We ask some of this sisters how the work be. If you be single sister wey really want do this work and enjoy am, we dey sure sey their answer go help you. Yes, all of us fit learn from this sisters example.



If you be single sister wey dey pioneer, you dey fear sey you no go fit pioneer for another country? Anita, wey dey 75 years get that kind fear before. Na for England e grow, and na there e start to pioneer when e dey 18 years. E talk sey: ‘I like to dey teach people about Jehovah, but I no ever think sey I fit go preach for another country. I never learn another language before, and I dey sure sey I no go fit sabi any one. So when dem call me to come Gilead School, I suprise! I no believe sey dem go fit call ordinary person like me. But I come talk am for my mind sey: “If Jehovah feel sey I fit do am, I go try am.” E don pass 50 years now, but I still dey Japan dey do missionary work since that time.’ E still talk sey: ‘When I dey tell other young sisters sometimes sey, “Carry your bag follow me make we go do the work wey sweet pass for life!”, you go see am for my face sey I dey happy. E sweet me sey many of dem don join me.’


Many sisters wey don preach for another country talk sey e no first easy for dem to go. Wetin give dem mind?


Maureen wey dey 64 years now, talk sey: “When I dey grow, wetin dey my mind na to use my life help other people.” As Maureen reach 20 years, e come go one place wey dem dey call Quebec for Canada, where dem need more pioneers. E still talk sey: ‘After, dem come invite me go Gilead School but I come dey fear because I no want go where I no know and where my friends no dey. I still no want leave only my mama to dey care for my papa wey no well. Many night, I go dey cry dey tell Jehovah wetin dey worry my mind. When I tell my papa and mama wetin dey disturb me, dem sey make I go the School. I still see how Jehovah  use my congregation people take help my papa and mama well well. That one come make me dey sure sey Jehovah go take care of me. Na that time I come know sey I don ready to go!’ Maureen start missionary work for 1979, and e pass 30 years wey e do the work for West Africa. Now, Maureen dey Canada dey take care of im mama and e dey do special pioneer work. When e dey remember the time wey e dey another country dey preach, e sey: “Jehovah give me wetin I need, when I need am.”


Wendy wey dey 65 years now, start to pioneer for Australia before e reach 20 years. E talk how e be for am that time. E sey: ‘I sabi shame well well and e no easy for me to talk to person wey I no know. But pioneer work really help me. E make me fit dey talk to different different people and that one come make me get strong mind. As time dey go, I come see sey I no dey fear to talk to people again. This work help me to fit trust Jehovah, and I start to think sey I go fit pioneer for another country. One single sister invite me to follow am go preach for Japan for three months. E pass 30 years wey the sister do missionary work for there. This one na another thing wey make me want go another country go preach.’ For 1986, Wendy come travel go one country wey dem dey call Vanuatu. From east of Australia the country far reach about 1,100 miles (1,770 km).

Wendy still dey Vanuatu, dey work for the remote translation office wey dey there. E talk sey: ‘Wetin dey sweet me pass be sey, dem dey form new new group and congregation for different different village wey dey inside bush. I no fit thank Jehovah finish for how e take use me do im work for this place.’

Kumiko (center)

Kumiko wey dey 65 years now, dey pioneer before for Japan when im pioneer partner tell am sey make dem travel go one country wey dem dey call Nepal. Kumiko talk sey: ‘My pioneer partner dey tell me everytime sey make we go, but I just dey tell am no. I dey think whether I fit learn another language and stay for another country. I still dey worry about how to get money wey go reach me travel. As I still dey think about wetin I go do, I come get accident when I dey drive machine. Na so I take see myself for hospital. For there, I come dey think for my mind sey: “Who know wetin go happen to me again? I fit come get one kind big sickness wey fit make me no pioneer for another country. Why e dey hard me to go preach for another country? Make I try am for one year na.” I come beg Jehovah well well sey make e help me do wetin I get for mind.’ After Kumiko comot for hospital, e come go stay for Nepal small. Later, im and im pioneer partner come travel go pioneer for Nepal.

 E nearly reach ten years wey Kumiko pioneer for Nepal. E sey: ‘All my problem that time be like Red Sea wey block road for Israel people. But Jehovah comot am for me as e take open road for Israel people. I happy sey I gree go preach for where Jehovah Witness people no plenty. Many times, when I dey study Bible with one family, five or six other people go gather to hear wetin I dey teach dem. Even small children dey tell me sey make I give dem our tract. E sweet me to preach for that kind place wey people dey gree hear our message.’


E no surprise us sey, even if all this single sisters wey we talk about get mind, dem still face many problem. But wetin help dem?


Diane wey come from Canada and wey dey 62 years now, talk sey: ‘E first hard me to leave my people go far place.’ E do missionary work for Ivory Coast (wey be Côte d’Ivoire now) for 20 years. E talk sey: ‘I beg Jehovah to help me love the people for where I go preach. Brother Jack Redford wey be one of the brothers wey teach us for Gilead School, tell us sey e fit no easy for us when we first reach where we dey go. E sey we fit even dey worry because of how the place be, especially if poverty dey there. But, e come sey: “No look the poverty. Look the people face. See how dem dey do when you tell dem the truth wey dey Bible.” Na wetin I do be that, and na better blessing e come be for me! If I dey tell dem about the good news of God Kingdom, I dey see as dem dey happy!’ Wetin still help Diane? E talk sey: ‘Me and my Bible students come be friend and I happy well well as dem come dey follow me serve Jehovah. E come be like sey I dey with my family. I come get many mama, papa, brothers, and sisters as Jesus talk.’Mark 10:29, 30.

Anne, wey dey 46 years, dey preach for Asia where dem ban our work. E talk sey: ‘All the years wey I take preach for other country, I stay with sisters wey their place and character different from my own. Sometimes, na this one dey cause problem, and we go come dey vex for each other. When this kind thing happen, I dey try near dem more, so that I go fit understand dem well. I still try to do things wey go show sey I love dem. I happy sey all the things wey I do to understand dem no be waste. E help me fit keep better friends wey help me continue for my preaching work.’


For 1993, Ute wey come from Germany go do missionary work for Madagascar. Ute dey 53 years now.  E talk sey: ‘E first hard me to learn the people language and to master their weather. Malaria, worm and other sickness really disturb me. But people help me well well. The sisters, their children and my Bible students sofri help me sabi the language. My missionary partner really take care of me when I dey sick because e love me. But the number one person wey help me na Jehovah. I dey tell am everything wey dey worry me. I go come wait make e answer my prayer, and sometimes I dey wait for days or months. Jehovah help me comot all my problem.’ Ute don dey preach for Madagascar for 23 years now.


Jehovah bless other brothers and sisters wey don go preach for where publishers no too plenty. Like dem, single sisters wey don do this work talk sey the work don make their life better. Wetin be some things wey dem don enjoy?


Heidi, wey come from Germany wey dey 73 years now, still dey do missionary work for Ivory Coast (wey be Côte d’Ivoire now) since 1968. E talk sey: ‘Wetin dey make me happy pass na to see the people wey I teach Bible as dem dey do well for truth. This people just be like my children. Some of my former Bible students don be pioneer and elder for congregation now. Many of dem dey call me Mama or Grandmama. One of dem wey be elder, im wife and their children take me like their family person. So, Jehovah don give me one pikin, one daughter-in-law and three grandchildren.’3 John 4.

Karen (center)

Karen wey come from Canada, dey 72 years now, and e pass 20 years wey e do missionary work for West Africa. E talk sey: ‘The work make me learn how to use all my mind help people. I come dey patient and get love for people pass before. And as I dey preach with people wey come from different different place, I sabi many things wey I no sabi before. I learn sey no be only one way person fit do something. E sweet me well well to get friend full everywhere for the whole world! Even if we no dey together again, and our work wey we dey do for Jehovah don change, we still be friend till today.’

Margaret, wey come from England dey 79 years now. E do missionary work for one place wey dem dey call Laos. E talk sey: ‘Because I go another country go preach, I don take my eye see how Jehovah dey help people wey come from different different country come im organization. Wetin I see make my faith strong well well. This one make me dey sure sey na Jehovah dey direct im organization and sey wetin e want go happen.’

True true, single sisters wey dey go another country go preach don show good example wey we no go forget. Una do well! (Judg. 11:40) And the good thing be sey, dem dey plenty more more. (Ps. 68:11) Why you no try do wetin go make you fit follow the example of the single sisters wey we talk about for this topic? If you fit do am, you don taste Jehovah be that. And you go see sey Jehovah good.Ps. 34:8.