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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  February 2018


Public Talk Make God Word Spread for Ireland

Public Talk Make God Word Spread for Ireland

FOR May 1910, Brother Charles T. Russell and other passengers dey one boat wey dey go Belfast. This one na the fifth time wey Brother Russell dey go Ireland. As dem dey reach where dem dey go, dem come see as sun dey shine for hill wey plant dey grow ontop. Brother Russell see two big ship wey dem never make finish. One of the ship name na Titanic and the second one name na Olympic. * After where the ship dey, e come see twelve Bible Students wey dey wait for am near the water.

About 20 years before this time, Brother Russell don plan to travel from America go other part of the world. Why? Na because e want make the good news spread reach everywhere for the earth. For July 1891, e come go Ireland. This na the first place wey e travel go. E enter one ship wey dem dey call City of Chicago. Around evening time, the ship come near one town wey dem dey call Queenstown. Wetin Brother Russell see go don make am remember how im papa and mama take describe the place wey dem come from. Brother Russell and im friends no only see sey the town and village for there fine. But dem still see sey many people want learn about God.

Na seven times Brother Russell visit Ireland. The things wey e talk for the first time come make people for Ireland dey hungry to hear more. So all the time wey e go there, many people gather to listen to im talk. The second time wey Brother Russell go Ireland na for May 1903. And this time, dem advertise im talk for newspaper for Belfast and Dublin. Brother Russell sey the people listen well well to im talk about the faith wey Abraham get and the blessing wey human being go get for front. The topic of the talk na, “The Oath-Bound Promise.”

Because people for Ireland like God Word, Brother Russell come still visit there when e dey go Europe the third time. One morning for April 1908, when Brother Russell dey come out from the ship for Belfast, five brothers come greet am. When evening reach, e come give one public talk. The title of the talk na, “The Overthrow of Satan’s Empire.” Dem don already advertise this talk before Brother Russell come. Na about 300 people wey ready to learn come listen to this talk. But e get one man for inside wey no agree with wetin Brother Russell dey talk. Brother Russell come quick use Bible take correct am. For Dublin, e still get another man wey no agree with wetin Brother Russell dey talk. This man even worse pass the first man. Im name na Mr. O’Connor and im na secretary for one church organization wey dem dey call YMCA. E pass 1,000 people wey come listen to the talk, and this man want deceive dem. E no want make dem listen to the Bible Students. But wetin come happen?

Make we carry our mind go wetin fit don happen that day. Imagine sey e get one man wey want learn the truth wey dey Bible. E come tell imself sey e want go listen to the public talk wey dem advertise for newspaper. When e reach the hall where dem go give the talk, e see sey the place full with people. To even see seat sitdown na wahala. But e manage to see seat. E come put ear down as one man dey talk for platform. The man wey dey give talk wear long black coat, e get white hair, and white beard beard. As e dey give the talk, e dey use im hand demonstrate and e dey waka for the platform. After e read one  place for Bible, e go use another place take explain am. So the man wey dey listen come dey understand the truth wey dey Bible. Even though sey the person wey dey give the talk no use microphone, everybody for inside the hall hear wetin e talk. E give the talk for one hour thirty minutes, and everybody listen. After the talk finish, e come give people chance to ask question. O’Connor and im friends come use this chance take dey argue with am. But e use Bible take answer their question well. Because people like the way e take answer the question, dem come dey clap. After everything don finish, this man wey dey listen come go meet the Bible Students sey e want learn more. Na so many people for Ireland take learn the truth.

For May 1909, Brother Russell start to travel again. This na the fourth time wey e dey travel. For New York, e enter one ship wey dem dey call Mauretania. One brother wey sabi operate one machine wey be like typewriter follow am travel. Im name na Brother Huntsinger. This brother follow am so that as dem dey travel, Brother Russell go dey talk wetin dem go write for Watch Tower. This brother go come dey type am. Na 450 people for Belfast listen to the talk wey Brother Russell give for there. About 100 of dem stand because dem no see seat sitdown.

The time wey Brother C. T. Russell dey inside the ship wey dem dey call Lusitania

For the fifth time wey Brother Russell go Ireland, e still give talk for there. Na this im journey we talk about for the beginning of this story. After e give talk for Dublin, one man wey people know wey dey study Bible matter come ask am question. Na O’Connor carry the man come so that the man go ask Brother Russell question. But Brother Russell use Bible answer the man question. This one make belle sweet the people wey dey listen. The next day, Brother Russell and im friends come enter one boat wey carry dem go Liverpool. From there, dem come enter one ship wey dem dey call Lusitania. This ship come carry dem go back to New York. *

Public talk wey dem advertise for The Irish Times newspaper for May 20, 1910

Dem still advertise Brother Russell talk when e go Ireland the sixth and seventh time for 1911. For April, 20 Bible Students for Belfast welcome 2,000 people wey come hear the talk. The title of the talk na, “Hereafter.” O’Connor still come the talk wey dem do for Dublin, and e carry one pastor follow body. The pastor come dey ask question. When dem use Bible answer the man question finish, the people wey dey listen come dey clap. For October and November that year, Brother Russell give talk for other town and plenty people listen to im talk. When e go give talk for Dublin again, O’Connor and 100 people wey dey cause wahala want come scatter the meeting. But the people wey dey listen to the talk support Brother Russell.

Na Brother Russell be the main person wey dey give public talk that time. But even with that one, e still know sey “nobody fit talk sey if e no dey, Jehovah work no go move,” because “na Jehovah get the work wey we dey do.” All this public talk wey dem advertise that time really help people. E teach dem the truth wey dey Bible. Na the same thing public talk still dey do today. Which better thing come out from this public talk wey dem advertise? Many people hear the good news and dem come dey form new congregation for everywhere for Ireland.​—Better story about us from Britain.

^ par. 3 E no reach two years before Titanic sink.

^ par. 9 For May 1915, dem bomb this ship for water near Ireland.