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Jehovah Fit Do Everything

Jehovah Fit Do Everything

WHEN my wife Mairambubu dey inside bus one day, e hear one woman dey talk sey: “People no go die again, and even people wey don die go come back to life.” My wife like wetin the woman talk, and e come dey hungry am to know more. When dem reach where dem dey go, the bus come stop. As everybody dey come down, my wife run follow the woman. The woman na Jehovah Witness, im name na Apun Mambetsadykova. To talk to Jehovah Witness that time fit put person for wahala. But wetin we later learn from that woman change our life.


Dem born me for 1937, inside one farm wey people dey gather do (kolkhoz). Na Kyrgyzstan people we be, and na Kyrgyz language we dey speak. My papa and mama dey work with other people for this farm. Dem dey always give the people wey dey work for the farm food to chop. But na only once a year dem dey pay dem money. E no easy for my mama to take care of me and my junior sister. I no too go school, na only five years I spend for school. And when I stop school, I come start to dey work for the farm, and I put body for the work.

Mountain wey dem dey call Teskey Ala-Too

People poor well well for my area, and e no easy for person to survive. When I dey young, I no too dey think about why God make human being, or think about how tomorrow go be. I no ever think sey to learn about God and wetin e go do for us fit change my life. E go sweet you to know how the good news about God Kingdom take spread for Kyrgyzstan. E start for northern Kyrgyzstan, and na this area my town dey.


Na around 1950 the truth about God really reach Kyrgyzstan. And people come dey know am. But e no easy for Jehovah Witness to teach people the truth wey dey Bible. That time, Kyrgyzstan dey under Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). But Jehovah Witness people wey dey USSR no gree put  hand for politics matter. (John 18:36) Because of this one, government come dey look dem as enemy. But nothing go fit stop God message make e no reach the heart of people wey want learn about God. One better lesson wey I don learn be sey, Jehovah “fit do everything.”​—Mark 10:27.

Emil Yantzen

Na the suffer wey dem suffer Jehovah Witness people na im make dem spread for Kyrgyzstan. Why e be like that? That time, the government dey send people wey dem no like go Siberia. When dem release this people, plenty of dem come Kyrgyzstan. Some of dem carry God word enter Kyrgyzstan. One of this people na Emil Yantzen wey dem born for Kyrgyzstan for 1919. When dem send this man go one place to suffer am, e come meet Jehovah Witness for there. Dem teach am about Jehovah and e become Jehovah Witness. E come back to Kyrgyzstan for 1956. And na near Sokuluk e come dey stay. This place near my town. For 1958, dem form one congregation for Sokuluk, and na im be the first congregation for Kyrgyzstan.

Victor Vinter

Later, after about one year, Brother Victor Vinter pack come the place wey dem dey call Sokuluk. Dem suffer this brother well well because e no gree leave Jehovah. Dem first send am go prison two times, and e stay there for three three years. Later, dem come still put am for prison for ten years. Dem still send am go another place for five years. But even as dem suffer God people reach, the message about God continue to spread.


Eduard Varter

For 1963, na about 160 Jehovah Witness dey Kyrgyzstan. Many of dem come from Germany, Ukraine, and Russia. One of dem na Brother Eduard Varter. This brother baptize for 1924 for Germany, and e hold Jehovah tight. Around 1940, Germany people send am go one camp to do hard work. After some years, USSR come still send am go another place to suffer am. For 1961, e pack go one town wey dem dey call Kant. This place no too far from where we dey.

Elizabeth Fot; Aksamai Sultanalieva

E get one sister wey still dey stay for Kant, im name na Elizabeth Fot. This sister hold Jehovah tight. Na tailor e be, and e sabi the work well well. Because of this one, big big people come be im customer. One of dem na one woman wey im name na Aksamai Sultanalieva. This woman husband dey work for government office. When the woman come collect im cloth, e ask this sister many question. E ask am question about why God make human being, and wetin dey happen to person wey don die. The sister use Bible answer the question. Later, this woman become Jehovah Witness and e preach well well.

Nikolai Chimpoesh

Around that time, dem make Brother Nikolai Chimpoesh circuit overseer. Na Moldova e come from, and e serve as circuit overseer for almost 30 years. This brother visit different different congregation. E arrange how to print our book and how to share am. But police dey watch wetin e dey do. Na this one make Brother Eduard Varter advice am sey: “When police people ask you question about how we take dey get our book, tell dem sey e dey come from our headquarter wey dey Brooklyn. Look the police for eye. No allow anything make you fear.”​—Matt. 10:19.

After this brother advice Nikolai, e no too tey, police people come call am go their headquarter for Kant. Brother Nikolai tell us wetin happen for there.  E sey: “Policeman ask me where we dey get our book from. I tell am sey na from Brooklyn. The policeman no come know wetin e go talk again. E tell me sey make I dey go, and dem no ever call me again.” People wey get mind like this brother continue to dey use sense preach for my area for northern Kyrgyzstan. Na around 1980 my family start to learn about Jehovah, and na my wife first hear the good news.


My wife come from one area wey dem dey call Naryn Region for Kyrgyzstan. The first time when I see am na for August 1974 when e come visit my sister. I just like am when I see am. Na that same day we marry.

Apun Mambetsadykova

Na wetin happen for January 1981, I dey talk about for the beginning of this story. That time, my wife enter bus dey go market, e come hear wetin one woman dey tell person about death and resurrection. And because my wife want learn more, e come ask the woman im name and where e dey stay. The woman tell am sey im name na Apun. But instead of the sister to tell am im address, e come ask my wife to tell am where our house dey. The sister do this one because dem ban Jehovah Witness work that time. Wetin happen that day make my wife happy reach house.

My wife tell me sey: “I hear better things today. One woman tell me sey, small time, people no go dey die again. And people no go dey fear animal wey dey bush again.” Wetin my wife tell me just be like story story. I come tell am sey: “Make we wait until the woman come tell us more.”

After three months, Apun come our house. Later, other sisters come dey visit us. Na so we take meet some of the first Kyrgyz people wey be Jehovah Witness. This sisters come dey teach us the truth about Jehovah, and wetin e get for mind to do for us. The name of the book wey dem take study with us na From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained. * As e be sey na only one of this book dey for Tokmok, we come use hand take copy am.

One of the first thing wey we learn na wetin God talk for Genesis 3:15. God go use Jesus, wey be King of God Kingdom, take make wetin that verse talk happen. This na better news wey everybody suppose hear! So why we no go go tell people? (Matt. 24:14) E no tey, wetin we dey learn come dey change our life.


One brother wey dey for Tokmok invite us go one wedding. For the wedding, me and my wife come see sey Jehovah Witness people no dey behave like other people. Dem no share alcohol for the wedding. Dem really arrange everything well. This wedding different from other ones wey we don go. For other wedding, people dey overdrink, dey behave anyhow, and dey use bad word.

We still go some of the meeting wey the congregation for Tokmok dey do. Dem dey do the meeting for forest, if weather good. The brothers and sisters know sey police dey put eye for their body. So dem come put person wey go help dem dey check if police dey come. For winter (season wey cold well well), we dey gather for person house. Police people dey come meet us sometimes and ask us wetin we dey do. So na sense the brothers use when dem dey baptize me and my wife for Chüy River for July 1982. (Matt. 10:16) When we gather for the forest, everybody no come at once, dem come small small. We sing one of our song, and listen to the talk for people wey want baptize.


For 1987, one brother tell me sey make I go check one person wey like our message for Balykchy. We spend four hours for train before we reach there. Many times wey we dey travel go Balykchy, we dey see many people wey like God message. We come see am as chance to preach more.

Me and my wife dey always travel go Balykchy. And na almost every weekend we dey stay there. We dey go preaching, and do meeting for there. People wey want collect our book come dey plenty well well. We dey carry the book come from Tokmok. We dey put dem inside sack wey people dey use take carry potato. Even two full sack no dey reach us give people every month. When we dey go Balykchy and when we dey come back, we still dey preach to passengers inside train.

For 1995, dem come form one congregation for Balykchy. This na eight years after the first time wey we go Balykchy. No be small money we spend as we dey travel go Balykchy that time. And we no too get money. So, how we take manage? One brother dey always give us money wey dey reach us take care of ourself. Jehovah really bless us as e see sey we want do more for im work. (Mal. 3:10) True true, Jehovah fit do everything!


For 1992, dem come make me elder, and na me be the first Kyrgyz person to become elder for the country. For our congregation for Tokmok, we come see new way to do more for Jehovah work. We start to study with many Kyrgyz student wey dey go technical school. One of dem na Branch Committee member now, and two na special pioneer. We still do wetin we fit do to help other people for congregation. Around 1990, na Russia language we take dey do our meeting. And na im dem take dey write our book dem. But we come see sey people wey dey speak Kyrgyz language for our congregation come dey plenty. So I come dey interpret wetin dem dey talk for meeting for dem, so that e go easy for dem to understand am.

Me and my wife for 1989 with eight of our children

As we dey born children, me and my wife dey use  our time train dem. We dey carry dem go preaching and meeting. Even when our daughter Gulsayra, dey 12 years, e like to dey preach to people wey dey pass for road. Our children like to dey cram Bible verse. All this things help our children and grandchildren to put body for Jehovah work. Out of our 9 children and 11 grandchildren wey dey alive, 16 of dem dey serve Jehovah, or dey follow their papa and mama go meeting.


The brothers and sisters wey start Jehovah work for here around 1950, go happy well well to see the better things wey don happen. Since around 1990, dem no dey too disturb our work again. We don dey free to preach, and now, plenty brothers and sisters fit gather together to worship Jehovah.

Me and my wife for preaching

The first time when me and my wife go convention na for 1991. Dem do the convention for Alma-Ata (Almaty) for Kazakhstan. Na 1993 dem do the first convention for Kyrgyzstan. And dem do am for Spartak Stadium wey dey Bishkek. Brothers and sisters use one week take clean the stadium. This one sweet the manager of the stadium, sotey e no collect money from the brothers.

Another better thing happen for 1994. Na that year Jehovah organization print the first book for Kyrgyz language. Now, we even get brothers and sisters wey dey translate our book for Kyrgyz language. And dem dey our branch office for Bishkek. Na 1998 government give us free hand to do our work for Kyrgyzstan. Jehovah don bless our work for Kyrgyzstan. Now, we don many pass 5,000 publishers. We get 83 congregation and 25 group wey dey use different language. The language na Chinese, English, Kyrgyz, Russian, Russian Sign Language, Turkish, Uighur, and Uzbek. Even though sey we come from different different place, all of us dey worship Jehovah with one mind. Na Jehovah make all this better things happen.

Jehovah don really change my life. I come from poor family wey dey do farm work. Na only five years I spend for school. Even with that one, Jehovah don use me take teach people Bible. I don even teach people wey go school pass me. I be elder for congregation. True true, Jehovah dey do things wey people think sey no fit happen. As I dey think about all the things wey Jehovah don do for me, e dey make me want tell other people about am. The truth be sey, Jehovah na the God wey “fit do everything.”​—Matt. 19:26.

^ par. 21 Na Jehovah Witness people print am but we no dey print am again.