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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  February 2018

Get Faith and Dey Obey Like Noah, Daniel, and Job

Get Faith and Dey Obey Like Noah, Daniel, and Job

“Noah, Daniel, and Job . . . [go only fit save theirself] because dem dey do wetin good.”​—EZEK. 14:14.

SONG: 89, 119

1, 2. (a) How the example of Noah, Daniel, and Job fit help us? (b) Wetin happen around the time wey Ezekiel write wetin dey Ezekiel 14:14?

WHICH problem you dey face? Na money problem, sickness, or people dey suffer you as you no gree leave Jehovah? Sometimes, e dey hard you to continue to get joy as you dey serve Jehovah? If you dey face this kind problem, the example of Noah, Daniel, and Job fit help you. The three of dem get sin for body like us, and dem face some of the wahala wey we dey face. Some problem wey dem face almost kill dem, but dem no leave Jehovah side. Jehovah want make we copy the example of this people wey get faith and wey obey am.​—Read Ezekiel 14:12-14.

2 Ezekiel dey Babylon when e write wetin dey Ezekiel 14:14 for 612 B.C.E. * (Ezek. 1:1; 8:1) After e write am, e no too tey, dem come destroy Jerusalem for 607 B.C.E. That time, the people wey get the kind character wey Noah, Daniel, and Job get  no too many, and dem survive. (Ezek. 9:1-5) Some of dem na Jeremiah, Baruch, Ebed-melech, and Rechab people.

3. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

3 Today, na only better people wey be like Noah, Daniel, and Job go survive Armageddon. (Rev. 7:9, 14) Make we learn why Jehovah see Noah, Daniel, and Job as better example of people wey do wetin good. We go talk about (1) the problem wey dem face and (2) how we go take copy their example.


4, 5. Wetin be some of the problem wey Noah face, and wetin show sey e really try?

4 The wahala wey Noah face. Na Enoch be Noah great-grandpapa. The people for Enoch time wicked well well. Bible even tell us sey dem talk bad things about God. (Jude 14, 15) The bad things wey dem dey do come dey plenty. And for Noah time, Bible tell us sey katakata come full everywhere. Some angel come this earth, and dem change their body to human being own. Dem marry women and the women born children wey wicked well well. (Gen. 6:2-4, 11, 12) But Noah no join the people wey dey do bad. Bible talk sey: “Noah do wetin Jehovah like. . . . For inside all the people wey dey alive for im time, e show sey im na good person. Noah follow the true God waka.”​—Gen. 6:8, 9.

5 We fit learn something from wetin that Bible verse talk about Noah. No be just 70 or 80 years Noah take serve God well before the heavy rain fall. Noah serve God well for almost 600 years before the rain. (Gen. 7:11) Today, we get people wey dey follow us serve Jehovah, and this people dey help us hold Jehovah tight. But Noah no get people like that. E be like sey even im own brothers and sisters no join am serve Jehovah. *

6. Wetin show sey Noah really get mind?

6 Noah no be only good person. Bible talk sey e “preach about wetin good.” Noah no fear to tell people about Jehovah. (2 Pet. 2:5) Apostle Paul talk sey e “condemn the world with im faith.” (Heb. 11:7) People go don laugh Noah and even cause trouble for am. Dem fit even don threaten am. But Noah no “fear” dem. (Prov. 29:25) Instead, e get the strong mind wey Jehovah dey give im servant wey get faith.

7. Wetin be some of the wahala wey Noah face when e dey build the ark?

7 Before God tell Noah to build ark, e don pass 500 years wey Noah don dey do wetin God like. God tell am make e build the ark wey go save human being and animal. (Gen. 5:32; 6:14) To build that kind ark fit be big work for Noah eye. But no be only that one go don worry Noah for mind. E know sey the ark fit make people laugh am, or even cause trouble for am pass before. But Noah no let that one stop am. Bible talk sey e “do all the things wey God command am.”​—Gen. 6:22.

8. How Noah take show sey e believe sey Jehovah go take care of im family?

8 Another thing be sey e no easy for Noah to take care of im family. Before the heavy rain fall, people dey work well well before dem see food chop because the ground no dey produce well. We know sey e still affect Noah. (Gen. 5:28, 29) But even as things hard reach, Noah no put wetin im family want as the number one thing for im life. Instead, e do wetin God talk and e build the ark. E be like sey e  take Noah 40 or 50 years to build the ark finish. Even after the heavy rain fall, Noah continue to do wetin Jehovah like for another 350 years before e die. (Gen. 9:28) Noah na really better example of person wey get faith and wey obey God!

9, 10. (a) How we go take copy Noah example? (b) Wetin Jehovah go do for you if you dey obey am?

9 How we go take copy Noah example? We go dey do wetin Jehovah like, and we no go put hand for this world matter. Instead, we go dey put God Kingdom as the number one thing for our life. (Matt. 6:33; John 15:19) Because we no dey do the bad things wey people for this world dey do, this one dey make people hate us. For example, we no dey play with God law about marriage and sex matter. For some place, this one dey make people talk bad things about us for newspaper and television. (Read Malachi 3:17, 18.) But we dey copy Noah example, we no dey fear people. Instead, we love Jehovah and we ready to do wetin go make am happy. We know sey na only Jehovah fit give us life wey no go end.​—Luke 12:4, 5.

10 But what of you? You ready to do wetin Jehovah want, even when other people dey laugh you, or dey talk bad thing about wetin you dey do? You believe sey Jehovah go fit give you and your family wetin una need even when things hard? Get am for mind sey, if you get the kind faith wey Noah get and you obey Jehovah, e go take care of you.​—Phil. 4:6, 7.


11. Which wahala Daniel and im three friend face for Babylon? (Go check the first picture.)

11 The wahala wey Daniel face. Dem carry Daniel go Babylon and the people for there no dey serve God. Na juju dem dey serve. Babylon people no like Jew people. Dem dey laugh dem, and dem still dey laugh Jehovah wey be Jew people God. (Ps. 137:1, 3) This one go don pain Daniel and other people wey dey serve Jehovah! Another thing be sey, dem come dey train Daniel and im three friend so that dem go fit work for Babylon king. This one come make many people put eye for their body. The name of Daniel three friend na Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. Dem want make dem dey eat the king food. And some of the food na food wey Jehovah tell im people make dem no eat. But Daniel no want “dirty imself with the king food.”​—Dan. 1:5-8, 14-17.

12. (a) Which kind character Daniel get? (b) Which kind eye Jehovah take look Daniel?

12 E fit no easy for Daniel to dey carry body down. Why e be like that? Daniel sabi things well well, and this one make dem put am for high position. (Dan. 1:19, 20) But Daniel no ever carry shoulder or think sey other people must do wetin e talk. Daniel dey always talk sey na Jehovah dey help am do the things wey e do. (Dan. 2:30) Daniel young that time, but Jehovah see am as better example. Na this one make am call im name join people like Noah and Job. Daniel no fail Jehovah. E get faith and e continue to do wetin Jehovah talk till e die. E be like sey Daniel dey almost 100 years when God angel tell am sey na “special person” e be.​—Dan. 10:11.

13. Wetin fit be the reason why Jehovah help Daniel get high position?

13 Jehovah really help Daniel. Na this one make dem put am for high position for Babylon. And when Medo-Persia people take over Babylon, dem still put am for high position. (Dan. 1:21; 6:1, 2) E fit be sey Jehovah help Daniel get this high position because e want use Daniel help im people. Jehovah don first do something like that for Joseph, when e dey Egypt.  And e still do am for Esther and Mordecai for Persia. * (Dan. 2:48) Ezekiel and other Jew people go don happy, as dem see how Jehovah use Daniel take help dem.

Jehovah dey value people wey stand well for im side (Check paragraph 14, 15)

14, 15. (a) How our time take be like Daniel time? (b) Wetin papa and mama fit learn from Daniel papa and mama?

14 How we go take copy Daniel example? Today, we dey live like stranger for this world wey bad things full. Fake religion still full everywhere. Bible call all this fake religion Babylon the Great. E still talk sey ‘demons dey stay’ there. (Rev. 18:2) But we wey dey serve Jehovah dey different. This one dey make people laugh us. (Mark 13:13) Make we near Jehovah like Daniel. Make we still dey carry body down, dey trust Jehovah, and dey do wetin e like. This one go make Jehovah still see us as better person.​—Hag. 2:7.

15 Wetin papa and mama fit learn from Daniel papa and mama? Daniel grow for Judah, and the people that time dey do bad things. But na from small pikin Daniel start to do wetin good for God eye. This one show sey im papa and mama go don train am well. (Prov. 22:6) Daniel name mean sey “Na God Be My Judge.” This one show sey im papa and mama love Jehovah. (Dan. 1:6, ftn) So if you be papa or mama, make you no tire to teach your pikin. Dey sofri teach dem about Jehovah. (Eph. 6:4) E still good make you dey pray with dem, and dey remember dem for your prayer. And as you dey try to help your children love Jehovah, Jehovah go dey bless you.​—Ps. 37:5.


16, 17. Wetin Job no do when e get money, and when e dey suffer?

16 The wahala wey Job face. Job na one person wey im life turn upside down. Before, na Job “rich pass for all the people wey dey East.” (Job 1:3) E get money, people know am well well, and dem dey respect am. (Job 29:7-16) But the things wey Job get no make am start to dey think sey e better pass other people. And e no make am think sey e no need God again. Jehovah even talk sey Job na im “servant,” and e dey do the correct thing. ‘E dey always talk true, e dey fear God and e no dey do bad.’​—Job 1:8.

17 Before Job know wetin dey happen, everything for im life just change. E no come get anything again. Wetin happen to Job pain am sotey life come tire am.  We know sey na Satan make Job suffer like that. Satan talk sey Job dey serve God because of the things wey God dey give am. (Read Job 1:9, 10.) Jehovah take the matter serious. So wetin e do to show sey Satan dey lie? Jehovah allow Satan suffer Job. This one give Job the chance to show sey e hold God tight, and e dey serve am because e love am.

18. (a) Wetin you like about Job? (b) Wetin we learn about Jehovah from the way e treat Job?

18 Satan do Job many bad things. Job come even dey think sey na God dey cause im problem. (Job 1:13-21) Three people wey talk sey dem be Job friend even tell am wetin pain am. Dem talk sey na God dey punish am for the bad things wey e do. (Job 2:11; 22:1, 5-10) But Job no leave Jehovah. Na true sey Job talk anyhow sometimes. But Jehovah know sey na the suffer make am talk like that. (Job 6:1-3) God see Job as person wey no stop to serve am, even though sey Satan suffer am and lie for im head. Later, Jehovah come bless Job. E give am times two of wetin e get before. And Jehovah still add 140 years join im life. (Jas. 5:11) Even after the wahala, Job continue to serve Jehovah with all im heart. Na this one make Ezekiel write im name for the Bible verse wey we take this topic from. E write this thing tey tey after Job die.

19, 20. (a) How we go take copy Job example? (b) How we go take show sey we dey pity people like Jehovah?

19 How we go take copy Job example? No matter how things be, make we dey always put Jehovah as the number one Person for our life. This one mean sey we go trust am, and ready to dey use all our heart do wetin e talk. We even get more reason to trust Jehovah and obey am pass Job. Think am: We know many things about Satan and the style wey e dey use deceive people. (2 Cor. 2:11) The book of Job na one place for Bible wey help us know why Jehovah dey allow us suffer. Wetin Daniel write for Bible help us know sey God Kingdom na government wey go rule the whole earth. And na Jesus Christ God choose to be King of that Kingdom. (Dan. 7:13, 14) We still know sey na that Kingdom go soon comot all the suffer suffer for this world.

20 Job story still teach us why e good make we dey pity for our brothers wey dey suffer. Some of dem fit even talk anyhow like Job. (Eccl. 7:7) But make we no judge dem. Instead, make we try to see why dem talk like that, and make we pity dem. This one go show sey we dey copy Jehovah wey love us and wey dey pity us.​—Ps. 103:8.


21. How 1 Peter 5:10 take concern Noah, Daniel, and Job story?

21 Noah, Daniel, and Job live for different time and the problem wey dem face different. But all of dem sofri bear the wahala wey dem face. Their story dey make us remember wetin apostle Peter talk when e sey: ‘But after una don suffer small, the God of all favor go by imself finish una training. E go make una stand well, e go make una strong, una no go shake.’​—1 Pet. 5:10.

22. Wetin we go learn for the next topic?

22 Wetin dey 1 Peter 5:10 still concern people wey dey serve God today. For there, Jehovah promise us sey e go make us strong and stand well for im side. And na wetin all of us want be that. So wetin we go do? Make we get faith and ready to obey Jehovah like Noah, Daniel, and Job! For the next topic, we go see sey this people really know Jehovah and na this one make dem hold am tight. Dem “understand everything” wey Jehovah want make dem do. (Prov. 28:5) Make we copy their example.

^ par. 2 Na 617 B.C.E. dem carry Ezekiel go Babylon. And na for the sixth year after dem carry am go Babylon e write wetin dey Ezekiel 8:1–19:14. This one mean sey e write am for 612 B.C.E.

^ par. 5 Lamech, wey be Noah papa, get faith for Jehovah. But e die five years before the heavy rain fall. If Noah mama, and im brothers and sisters still dey alive when the heavy rain fall, dem no survive am.

^ par. 13 E fit be sey na Jehovah still help Daniel three friend get the position wey dem get.​—Dan. 2:49.