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Who Dey Lead God People Today?

Who Dey Lead God People Today?

‘Remember the people wey dey direct una.’​—HEB. 13:7.

SONG: 125, 43

1, 2. After Jesus don go heaven, wetin im apostle dem fit dey think?

JESUS apostle stand for Mount of Olives dey look Jesus, wey be their master and friend, as e dey go up until cloud cover am. (Acts 1:​9, 10) Na around two years Jesus take teach dem, advise dem, and lead dem. Now e don go. Wetin dem go do?

2 Before Jesus leave dem, e tell dem wetin dem go do. E sey: ‘Una go dey preach about me for Jerusalem, and for all the area for Judea and Samaria, go reach where far pass for this world.’ (Acts 1:8) How dem go fit do this work finish? Na true sey Jesus promise dem sey God go give dem holy spirit. (Acts 1:5) But, for the good news to reach the whole world, dem go need to arrange and direct how dem go do am. For olden days, Jehovah use human being take direct and arrange how im people go dey do things. So, the apostles fit dey think for their mind sey, ‘Jehovah go give us another leader?’

3. (a) After Jesus go heaven, wetin the apostles do wey Jehovah support? (b) Wetin we go learn for this topic?

 3 E no reach two weeks after Jesus don go heaven wey im disciples choose Matthias so that dem go complete twelve apostles, as Judas Iscariot don comot. Dem check Bible and pray make God direct dem before dem choose am. (Acts 1:​15-26) Why dem need to choose another person and why Jehovah support dem? E get work wey Matthias need to do for God. * Jesus no just choose im apostles to dey follow am go preach but dem go still do one special work for God people. Which work be that? And how Jehovah use Jesus take help dem do am? How the way dem take do things that time take be like the way Jehovah people dey do today? And how we go take ‘remember the people wey dey direct’ us, especially the group of people wey be ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’?—Heb. 13:7; Matt. 24:45.


4. Which work the apostles and other elders for Jerusalem do for their time?

4 For Pentecost 33 C.E., the apostles start to direct things for congregation. That time, ‘Peter and the Eleven apostles stand up’ come dey preach to plenty people. People wey be Jew and people wey no be Jew dey among dem. (Acts 2:​14, 15) Many of dem come be Christian. After, this people wey don be Christian ‘no stop to use all their time take dey learn wetin the apostles dey teach.’ (Acts 2:42) Na the apostles dey direct how dem go use the money wey congregation contribute. (Acts 4:​34, 35) Na their work to teach congregation about God. Na im make dem sey: ‘We go use our time dey pray and dey preach God word.’ (Acts 6:4) And dem tell some brothers to go preach for area wey the good news never reach. (Acts 8:​14, 15) As time dey go, other elders wey God use holy spirit choose come join the apostles dey direct things for congregation. Dem work together as one group to direct things for congregation.—Acts 15:2.

5, 6. (a) How holy spirit take help the brothers wey dey direct? (Go check the first picture.) (b) How angels take help the brothers wey dey direct? (c) How Bible take help the brothers wey dey direct?

5 Christians for apostle time, know sey na Jehovah dey use Jesus lead the group of elders wey dey Jerusalem. How dem take know? The first thing be sey, this group get holy spirit. (John 16:13) Na true sey Jehovah give holy spirit to all the Christian wey dey go heaven. But the spirit make the apostles and the other elders for Jerusalem fit do the special work wey God give dem. For example, people for congregation no know whether person must circumcise before e go be Christian. But, for the year 49 after Jesus time, holy spirit come help the brothers wey dey direct the work to know wetin dem go do. People for congregation do wetin dem talk. Na im make congregation ‘continue to strong for faith and come dey plenty everyday.’ (Acts 16:​4, 5) The letter wey carry wetin dem want make congregation do, show sey this brothers wey dey direct get the character wey holy spirit dey give like, love and faith.—Acts 15:11, 25-29; Gal. 5:22, 23.

6 The second thing be sey, angels help the group of elders for Jerusalem. For example, na angel tell Cornelius make e send  people go call apostle Peter. After Peter preach to im and im family, God give dem holy spirit even though dem never circumcise. Cornelius come be the first person wey no be Jew and wey no circumcise before e baptize. This one make the apostles and other brothers to fit do wetin God get for mind. Dem come gree make people wey no be Jew and wey no circumcise be Christian. (Acts 11:​13-18) As the elders for Jerusalem dey direct the work, angels still put hand so that many people go hear the good news. (Acts 5:​19, 20) The third thing be sey, Bible help this brothers wey dey direct. Dem let Bible help dem know wetin to do, whether na matter about wetin dem believe or how congregation go dey do things.—Acts 1:20-22; 15:15-20.

7. Wetin make us fit talk sey na Jesus lead Christian for apostle time?

7 Even though sey na the group of elders for Jerusalem dey direct congregation that time, dem know sey na Jesus be their Leader. Apostle Paul talk sey: ‘Jesus give some of dem as gift to be apostle.’ E come still talk sey: ‘Make we dey use love grow for everything like Christ, wey be head.’ (Eph. 4:​11, 15) Na im make dem no bear any apostle name. Instead, dem come dey bear Christian. (Acts 11:26) Paul know sey, when the apostles and elders talk anything from Bible, e good make the disciples dey do wetin dem talk. But, e sey: ‘I want make una know sey as Christ be every man head, [even for people wey dey direct]; na so God be Christ head.’ (1 Cor. 11:​2, 3) Yes, even though Jesus Christ dey heaven, Jehovah use am lead Im people.


8, 9. From 1870, which work Brother Russell do?

8 From 1870, Charles Taze Russell and some people wey work with am, want make people serve God the way Bible talk. People go need to learn wetin Bible talk for the language wey dem dey speak. Na im make dem come register Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society for 1884 and na Brother Russell come be president. * E study Bible well, and e no fear to tell people sey some things wey dem believe no correct. For example, people believe Trinity and and dem believe sey if person die, im soul no dey die. Brother Russell learn from Bible sey Jesus Christ go start to rule for 1914 and nobody go take eye see Jesus. (Luke 21:24) E use im time and power take tell people about wetin e dey learn. E even use im money, e no tight hand. E clear sey, na Jehovah and Jesus use Brother Russell that time.

9 Brother Russell no want make people dey praise am. For 1896, e come write sey: ‘We no want make anybody dey praise us at all or praise wetin we write. We no want make people dey call us big name like, Reverend or Rabbi. And we no want make any group dey answer our name.’ E later talk sey: ‘No be human being work be this.’

10. (a) Which time Jesus choose ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’? (b) Explain how we come take understand small small sey Governing Body different from Watch Tower Society.

10 For 1919, Jesus choose ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust.’ This one happen three years after Brother Russell die. Why e choose dem? Na to give people wey dey follow am ‘food for the correct time.’ (Matt. 24:45) This small group of brothers wey Jehovah use im spirit choose dey arrange wetin Jehovah people dey learn from Bible. That time,  dem dey headquarters for Brooklyn, New York. Na after 1940 we start to use the name “governing body” for our book dem. That time, na brothers wey be “governing body” still dey direct matter for Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. But for 1971, Jehovah organisation make am clear sey the main work wey Governing Body dey do, different from the one wey Watch Tower Society dey do. Na im make, from that time, anointed brothers fit be Governing Body member even if dem no dey among brothers wey dey direct matter for Watch Tower Society. Nowadays, na brothers wey be part of “other sheep” dey direct wetin Society go do about any matter wey concern government. Apart from Watch Tower Society, e get other name wey Jehovah people dey use for other country, so that government go dey allow us do our work. This arrangement dey let Governing Body fit dey use their time well dey teach and direct Jehovah people about wetin go help dem serve Jehovah well. (John 10:16; Acts 6:4) July 15, 2013, Watchtower talk sey, ‘the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust’ na small group of brothers wey go rule with Jesus and na dem still be Governing Body.

Governing body, around 1950

11. How Governing Body take dey arrange their work?

11 Governing Body dey do meeting before dem know wetin to do about matter. How dem take dey do am? Na once every week dem dey do the meeting. This one dey help dem fit talk things together and e dey help dem get one mind. (Prov. 20:18) Every year, na different different Governing Body member dey do chairman for the meeting. And na so because dem no get oga. (1 Pet. 5:1) Governing Body divide theirself to form six group. This six group still dey change their chairman every year. No Governing Body member dey feel sey e be leader. Instead, e dey see imself as part of the people wey Jehovah dey teach and e dey follow anything wey dem talk.

Since when Jehovah choose the slave wey dem fit trust for 1919, the slave don dey teach God people wetin dem suppose know (Check paragraph 10, 11)


12. Since Governing Body fit do mistake and God no dey talk to dem from heaven, which question this one fit make us ask?

12 God no dey talk to Governing Body from heaven as e take talk to some people for Bible time. Governing Body fit do mistake. So, dem fit change things wey we believe and the way dem dey direct matter. No wonder wey we get this topic “Beliefs Clarified” for Watch Tower Publications Index, wey talk about some things wey don change for wetin we believe since 1870. Jesus no tell us sey that slave no go do mistake for the “food” wey e prepare, or things wey dem dey teach. So, how we go take answer Jesus question, wey be: ‘Who really be the slave wey get sense and wey dem fit trust?’ (Matt. 24:45) Wetin make us know sey na Governing Body dey do this work today? Make we talk about the three things wey help the apostles and elders wey direct congregation matter for apostle time.

13. How holy spirit don take help Governing Body?

13 Holy spirit dey help Governing Body. Holy spirit don help Governing Body understand things for Bible wey dem no first understand. For example, think about the things wey we don change about wetin we believe wey dey “Beliefs Clarified.” The truth be sey, we no fit praise any human being for ‘the deep things wey dey God mind’ wey we  don understand and fit explain! (Read 1 Corinthians 2:10.) Governing Body agree with wetin apostle Paul talk, when e sey: ‘No be human being sense make us know this things, but na the spirit still dey teach us this things wey we talk.’ (1 Cor. 2:13) For many years, people no know the truth wey dey Bible and dem dey fake religion hand. But since 1919, Governing Body don help people know many things for Bible. This one no show sey na holy spirit dey help dem?

14. How Revelation 14:​6, 7 take show sey angels dey help God people today?

14 Angels dey help Governing Body. Today, Governing Body dey direct how eight million Jehovah Witness people dey preach for the whole world. No be small work for dem. Why this work never stop? One thing be sey, angel hand dey inside. (Read Revelation 14:​6, 7.) Many times, na when person dey pray make God help am, one publisher go just come preach to am! * For many place, dem dey suffer Jehovah Witness people so that dem go stop to preach. But even for this place dem, many people still dey enter Jehovah organization. This one dey happen because angels dey support the work.

15. Give example of how Governing Body take different from people wey dey lead for church?

15 Bible dey help Governing Body. (Read John 17:17.) Think about wetin happen for 1973. For the June 1 Watchtower wey dem print that year, one question for inside na: ‘People wey never  stop to take snuff, smoke cigar and igbo fit baptize?’ The answer come be: ‘From wetin Bible talk, dem no fit.’ The Watchtower talk about some Bible verse and why dem suppose disfellowship person wey no gree stop this things. (1 Cor. 5:7; 2 Cor. 7:1) Dem still write for inside sey: ‘This one no mean sey we no know wetin we dey do or sey we want control wetin other people dey do. Wetin we talk na wetin God want because na wetin we see for Bible.’ E get another organization wey dey follow wetin Bible talk like this, even when e fit hard some of their member to do? One new book wey talk about religion for United States, talk sey: ‘People wey dey lead for church dey change wetin dem dey teach everytime so that e go match wetin their members and other people like and believe.’ As Governing Body dey let wetin dey Bible direct dem, who we go talk sey na im really dey lead God people today?


16. Wetin be one way to remember Governing Body?

16 Read Hebrews 13:7. The word ‘remember’ fit still mean to ‘talk about something.’ So, one way to ‘remember the people wey dey direct us,’ na to talk about Governing Body for our prayer. (Eph. 6:18) Na dem dey teach us things for Bible, dey direct the preaching work for the whole world, and dey arrange how we go use money wey we contribute. When you think about all this work wey dem dey do, you go see sey dem need our prayer.

17, 18. (a) How we go take support Governing Body? (b) How we go take show sey we dey support Governing Body and Jesus for preaching work?

17 No be only for mouth we go remember Governing Body. E still good make we dey do wetin dem talk. Dem dey use our book dem, our meeting, assembly, and convention dey tell us things wey we go do. Na dem still dey choose circuit overseer, and circuit overseer go come choose who go be elder for congregation. Circuit overseer and elders go show sey dem remember Governing Body when dem dey do everything wey Governing Body tell dem. And when all of us dey respect the people wey dey direct us, we dey show sey we respect Jesus, our Leader.—Heb. 13:17.

18 Another way to remember the Governing Body, na to put our body for the preaching work. Na im make Paul tell Christians make dem get the kind faith wey people wey dey direct dem get. Governing Body dey put body for the work make people for everywhere hear the good news about God Kingdom. This one dey show sey their faith strong well well. You dey support Governing Body for this work? If you dey support dem, your body go sweet you when Jesus go tell you sey: ‘Just as una do am to the one wey small pass among my brothers, una don do am to me.’—Matt. 25:34-40.

19. Why you ready to follow Jesus, our Leader?

19 When Jesus go heaven, e no forget people wey dey follow am. (Matt. 28:20) E know sey na holy spirit, angels, and Bible really help am fit direct the work wey e come do for this world. So, e don still use this things wey help am help Governing Body. As people wey go rule with Jesus for heaven, dem ‘dey follow am no matter where e go.’ (Rev. 14:4) So, when we dey do wetin dem talk, we dey follow Jesus Christ, our Leader. E go soon give us life wey no go end. (Rev. 7:​14-17) No leader for this world fit promise us that kind life!

^ par. 3 E fit be sey Jehovah want make 12 apostle form the ‘12 foundation stone’ for New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:14) Na im make if any of the 12 apostle wey serve God well die, dem no need to choose another person to complete dem.

^ par. 8 From 1955, the name come change to Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

^ par. 14 Go check pp. 58-59 for our book “Bearing Thorough Witness” About God’s Kingdom.