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Two pioneer wey their name na George Rollston and Arthur Willis park dey put water for their radiator.​—⁠1933, for Northern Territory


‘No Road Too Far and No Road Too Bad’

‘No Road Too Far and No Road Too Bad’

FOR March 26, 1937, two brothers wey their name na Arthur Willis and Bill Newlands sofri drive their motor wey dust full im body enter one place wey dem dey call Sydney for Australia. Two of dem don tire well well. E don reach one year since dem start to dey travel like this and dem don travel pass 12,000 miles (19,300 km). Dem dey travel go far place wey hard to reach for Australia. Dem no dey travel because dem want see new area or because dem want go do new thing. But, dem be pioneer wey like to dey preach well well. And dem ready to go preach about God Kingdom for far place where people no too many for Australia.

Before 1930, Bible Students * for Australia no too many. That time, dem preach well well for city and town wey dey waterside or wey near waterside. But for inside Australia people no too many. The land for there be like desert and e big pass Nigeria six times. Brothers and sisters for Australia know sey people wey dey follow Jesus go preach about am ‘go reach where far pass for this world,’ even for inside Australia where people no too many. (Acts 1:8) But how dem go take do this big work? Dem ready to do everything wey dem fit do because dem know sey Jehovah go help dem and bless their work.


For 1929, different congregation wey dey Queensland and Western Australia do different different motor wey pioneer fit use take go preach for their territory wey far well well. Dem give the motor to pioneer wey fit drive am and wey fit repair am when e spoil. This pioneer dem travel go many place where Jehovah Witness people never preach before.

Some pioneer wey no fit buy motor, use their bicycle take travel go. For example, for 1932, Bennett Brickell wey dey 23 years travel from Rockhampton wey dey Queensland, go preach for one part of the state wey far well well. E use five month take preach round. E carry blanket, food, cloth and many book put for im bicycle dey go. Even when im bicycle tire spoil, e no stop. E know sey Jehovah go help am. E ride im bicycle pass 200 miles (320 km). And some of the place wey e pass na place wey other people no survive because dem no see water drink. E  pass 30 years wey Brother Brickell take travel round Australia dey preach. E use bicycle, machine and motor. Na im be the first person to go preach to people wey dem dey call Aborigines and e form new congregation. Many people wey dey those far far place for Australia, know am well well and dem dey respect am.


Australia dey among the place wey people no too many. But the place where people no really dey, na for those village wey far well well for inside. Jehovah Witness people don show sey dem ready to go even this kind far place go preach.

Stuart Keltie and William Torrington wey be pioneer really show sey dem ready to go preach for the village wey far well well and wey people no too dey. For 1933, dem cross the place wey dem dey call Simpson Desert go preach for Alice Springs town for Australia. Sand sand full that desert no be small. When their motor spoil for road, dem leave am for there. But Brother Keltie use camel continue im preaching even though e get fake leg wey dem use wood do! Jehovah bless their work when dem meet one man wey im name na Charles Bernhardt. E get hotel for William Creek, near where train dey stop. The man later become Jehovah Witness. E sell im hotel and only im pioneer for 15 years. E preach for some of the place wey far and wey dry well well for Australia.

Arthur Willis is getting ready to leave on a preaching trip in the vast Australian outback.—Perth, Western Australia, 1936

For all this pioneer to continue, dem need to get strong mind and power wey help dem pass all the wahala wey dem face. E get one time when road no good and e hard brother Arthur Willis and Bill Newlands wey we first mention for up to travel. E take dem like two weeks to travel 20 miles (32 km) because heavy rain wey fall for desert, make potopoto full everywhere. Dem pass road wey sand sand full, road wey stone full, and river wey sand full. Sometimes, dem go dey under hot sun dey sweat as dem dey struggle to push their motor pass road wey sand sand full. Many times when their motor spoil, dem go use bicycle or leg take waka for some days until dem reach the town wey near dem pass. And when dem reach there, dem go wait for some weeks before dem bring wetin dem want take repair their motor. But even with all this wahala, dem no lose hope. Arthur Willis later talk wetin dey insideThe Golden Age magazine, e talk sey: ‘No road too far and no road too bad for Jehovah people.’

Charles Harris pioneer for many years. E talk sey the hard life for those place wey far well well and where people no too dey, help am near Jehovah more more. E still talk sey: ‘For this life, e better make person get only small property wey e fit get. If Jesus ready to sleep for outside because of preaching, make we self ready to do like am.’ And na wetin many pioneer do be that. Dem do everything wey dem fit do to preach the good news for different different place for Australia. Dem help plenty people come serve Jehovah and support im Kingdom. Dem do well!

^ par. 4 Na for 1931 Bible Students start to bear the name Jehovah Witness.—Isa. 43:10.