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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  December 2017

You Still Remember?

You Still Remember?

You take time read the Watchtower wey never tey wey we print? See whether you fit answer all this question:

Wetin go help papa and mama wey pack go another country know the language wey dem go use take teach their children Bible?

Children fit learn the language of the new area wey dem dey. Dem fit learn am for school or from other people. And na better thing for pikin to fit speak pass one language. But papa and mama need to know the language wey go make the pikin understand wetin Bible talk and help am near Jehovah more more. This one go help dem choose the congregation wey dem go join, whether na the congregation wey dey use the language of the new area, or the congregation wey dey use their language. But before papa and mama think about wetin go favor dem, make dem first think about wetin go favor their children.​—w17.05, pp. 9-11.

When Jesus ask Peter sey: “You love me pass this things?” Wetin be the “things” wey Jesus dey talk about? (John 21:15)

E be like sey Jesus dey talk about the fish wey dey there, or the fish business wey Peter dey do. E fit still be sey na the two Jesus dey talk about. After Jesus die, Peter go back to im fish business. E good make person wey dey serve Jehovah ask imself sey, ‘Na my work be the number one thing for my life?’.​—w17.05, pp. 22-23.

Wetin make Abraham tell Sarah to talk sey dem be brother and sister? (Gen. 12:10-13)

Sarah na really Abraham sister. Na the same papa born dem but different mama. If to sey Sarah talk sey Abraham na im husband, maybe dem for kill Abraham. And if to sey Abraham die, e for no fit born the pikin wey God promise am.​—wp17.3, pp. 14-15.

Wetin Elias Hutter do to help people wey want learn Hebrew?

This man want help im student know the main Hebrew word wey dem use for Bible. This one go help dem know the small small word (wey dem dey call prefix and suffix) wey dem add join the main word. So e come use dark writing take write the main Hebrew word, but e no make the one wey dem add join am dark. Na the same thing dem do for the footnote wey dey New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures​—With References.​—wp17.4, pp. 11-12.

Wetin e good make Christian get for mind if e want get gun wey e go dey use protect imself from other people?

Some of dem na: (1) E need to know sey Jehovah value life. (2) Jesus no tell im disciples to carry sword wey dem go use protect theirself. (Luke 22:36, 38) (3) Bible sey we go change our sword to wetin person take dey do farm work. (4) Life get value pass money and property. (5) We no want do wetin go worry other people for mind. And, (6) we want show other people better example. (2 Cor. 4:2)​—w17.07, pp. 31-32.

Some things wey Matthew and Luke write about Jesus family and when e dey small, dey different. Why e be like that?

Matthew talk about Joseph pass Mary. E tell us wetin Joseph do when e know sey Mary get belle. E still tell us how angel take tell Joseph for dream sey make dem run comot go Egypt. E later tell us how dem take go back to Israel. Luke talk about Mary pass Joseph. For example, e tell us how Mary take go visit Elizabeth. E still tell us wetin Mary do when dem later see Jesus for the temple when e dey 12 years.​—w17.08, p. 32.

Wetin be some of the things wey people do to destroy Bible?

The word wey dem take write Bible don change as time dey go. New government still change the language wey people dey speak that time. Some people don try to make sure sey dem stop to dey translate Bible to the language wey people sabi.​—w17.09, pp. 19-21.

You get your own angel wey dey protect you?

No. Jesus talk sey im disciples angel dey look God face. (Matt. 18:10) This one no mean sey im disciples get one one angel wey dey protect dem. Wetin e mean be sey angels dey put eye for the things wey Jesus disciples dey do.​—wp17.5, p. 5.

Which love better pass?

E get love wey dey make person do wetin Bible talk. The name of this love na a·gaʹpe. This love dey make people near each other well well. E dey make person think of wetin e fit do wey go favor the other person. And e still dey make person do good things for other people.​—w17.10, p. 7.