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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  December 2017

Different Different Topic for 2017 Watchtower

Different Different Topic for 2017 Watchtower

Wey dey show the magazine wey carry the topic


  • Love​—Na Better Character, Aug.

  • No Let Devil Spoil Your Mind, July

  • Settle Quarrel Make Peace Dey, June

  • When Una Friendship Want Scatter, Mar.


  • Dem Like Preaching Pass Before and Dem Ready to Preach More More (1922 convention), May

  • Dem Use Their Mind Do the Work (single sisters), Jan.

  • Dem Use Their Mind for Turkey, July

  • Enjoy Your New Congregation, Nov.

  • ‘God Go Bless Person Wey No Dey Tight Hand’ (contribution), Nov.

  • ‘No Road Too Far and No Road Too Bad’ (Australia), Feb.

  • Simple Life Don Make Dem Happy, May

  • The Good Thing Wey One Sister Do, Oct.

  • “When We Get Assembly Again?” (Mexico), Aug.


  • Abigail Get Better Sense! June

  • How Dem Take Dey Carry Fire Travel for Olden Days? Jan.

  • How Gaius Take Help Im Brothers, May

  • Joseph of Arimathea, Oct.

  • Name for Bible Wey Dey One Olden Days Pot, Mar.

  • No Put Eye for Only How Person Be for Outside, June

  • People Wey Dey Sell for Jerusalem Temple Na ‘Thief’? June

  • Why Jesus Condemn Jew People Wey Dey Swear? Oct.


  • E bad for Christian to use wetin dem dey call IUD? Dec.

  • Jehovah ‘no go let anything wey pass our power tempt us’ (1Co 10:13), Feb.

  • Make Christian get gun wey e dey use protect imself from other people? July

  • Person must be firstborn before the Messiah go come from im family? Dec.

  • Some things wey Matthew and Luke write about Jesus family and when e dey small, dey different. Why e be like that? Aug.


  • Even Though I Be Deaf, I No Stop to Preach (W. Markin), May

  • God Show Us Im Favor for Different Different Way (D. Guest), Feb.

  • I Don Gain Because I Make Friend With Wise People (W. Samuelson), Mar.

  • I Happy to Work With People Wey Love Jehovah (D. Sinclair), Sept.

  • I Leave Many Things So That I Go Follow the Master (F. Fajardo), Dec.

  • I No Stop to Be Jesus Soldier (D. Psarras), Apr.

  • Jehovah Bless Us Because We Bear Wahala (P. Sivulsky), Aug.

  • Jehovah Dey Bless People Wey Do Wetin E Want (O. Matthews), Oct.


  • ‘Cry With People Wey Dey Cry,’ July

  • Dey Pity for People Like Jehovah, Sept.

  • Dey Pity People and Judge Well Like Jehovah, Nov.

  • Dey Show Real Love, Oct.

  • ‘Do Wetin You Promise,’ Apr.

  • ‘Give Men Wey You Fit Trust,’ Jan.

  • ‘God Word Get Power,’ Sept.

  • Help ‘Strangers’ Serve Jehovah With Sweet Mind, May

  • How to Pull the Old Character Trowey, Aug.

  • How Zechariah Vision Take Concern Us Today? Oct.

  • ‘I Get Hope for God,’ Dec.

  • ‘I Know Sey E Go Come Back to Life Again,’ Dec.

  • Jehovah Blessing Better Pass Money, July

  • Jehovah Dey Help Us No Matter Our Problem, June

  • Jehovah Go Make Your Plan Get Head, July

  • Jehovah ‘Wey Dey Judge the Whole World’ Go Always Do the Correct Thing, Apr.

  • Jehovah Word Go Last Forever, Sept.

  • Jesus and the Angels Dey Your Back, Oct.

  • Jesus Sacrifice Na Gift From Jehovah, Feb.

  • Know Where You Suppose Do Reach, Jan.

  • Learn How to Control Yourself, Sept.

  • Make Dem Praise Jehovah Because You Use Your Mind Support Im Work! Apr.

  • Na Jehovah Lead Israel People, Feb.

  • ‘No Fear, Get Strong Mind, and Do the Work,’ Sept.

  • No Follow Wetin People Dey Talk, Nov.

  • No Forget the Main Thing, June

  • No Let Anything Make You Miss Wetin God Promise, Nov.

  • No Stop to Get Love, May

  • Papa and Mama Help Your Children Get Life, Dec.

  • Put Mind for Things Wey Get Value, June

  • Show Sey Jehovah Na Your King, June

  • The Peace Wey God Dey Give Pass Wetin Person Fit Understand, Aug.

  • To Serve Jehovah Fit Cause Katakata for Family, Oct.

  • ‘Trust Jehovah and Do Wetin Good,’ Jan.

  • Use All Your Heart Sing! Nov.

  • Use All Your Mind Serve Jehovah! Mar.

  • Use Better Mind Wait for Jehovah! Aug.

  • Use Your Freedom Well, Jan.

  • Wear the New Character and No Pull Am, Aug.

  • Wetin Go Comot When God Kingdom Come? Apr.

  • Wetin Jehovah Get for Mind Go Happen! Feb.

  • Who Dey Lead God People Today? Feb.

  • Who We Go Respect and Praise? Mar.

  • Why E Good Make We Praise Jah? July

  • You Dey Copy How Jehovah Take Dey Judge Matter? Apr.

  • You Dey Run Go Meet Jehovah to Help You? Nov.

  • You Fit Know Where to Do Reach Even When E Hard, Jan.

  • You Go Learn From Their Example? Mar.

  • ‘You Love Me Pass This Things?’ May

  • Young People “Dey Do Things Wey Go Save Una,” Dec.

  • Your Faith Go Help You Choose Wetin Good Mar.