“Just as una dey always hear word, . . . make una continue to dey fear God and dey do things wey go save una.”​—PHIL. 2:12.

SONG: 133, 135

1. Why e good for person to baptize? (Check the first picture.)

PLENTY people dey baptize every year. And many of dem na young people. Some of dem never reach 13 years, and some dey between 13 and19 years. Dem born some of dem inside Jehovah organization. You dey among dem? If your answer na yes, we give you hand! Everybody wey dey follow Jesus need to baptize, and na one of the better thing wey person need to do to get life wey no go end.​—Matt. 28:19, 20; 1 Pet. 3:21.

2. Why we no suppose to dey fear to give Jehovah our life?

2 Na true sey plenty better things go reach your hand if you baptize. But work still dey. How? The day wey you baptize, dem ask you sey, “Because Jesus die for you, you don repent from your sin and give Jehovah your life to do wetin e want?” And you sey, yes. As you baptize, e show sey you don give Jehovah your life. You promise Jehovah sey you go love am and you ready to put wetin e want as the number one thing for your life. This na serious matter. But na something wey you go regret? No, you no go ever regret am. Na better thing for person to put im life for Jehovah hand. Think am, if we no dey for  Jehovah side, e clear sey na Satan side we dey. Satan no want make you get life wey no go end. E go happy well well if e no reach your hand. And if you dey im side, e mean sey you no dey support the right wey Jehovah get to rule us.

3. Because you give Jehovah your life, how e don take bless you?

3 Before you baptize, you promise Jehovah sey you go serve am. Just think about how e don take bless you since then. Now wey you don give Jehovah your life, you fit nack hand for chest talk sey: “Jehovah dey my side; I no go fear. Wetin person fit do me?” (Ps. 118:6) Nothing better pass to dey for Jehovah side and for Jehovah to dey see you as im friend.


4, 5. (a) Why e be sey na only you fit do wetin go save you? (b) Na only young people dey face wahala? Explain.

4 As you don baptize, na wetin you do go make Jehovah save you. Wetin your papa and mama dey do for Jehovah no go fit save you, even if you dey stay the same house with dem. E good make you get this one for mind because you no know the kind wahala wey you go face tomorrow. For example, e fit be sey you never reach 13 years when you baptize. But now when you don grow small, you fit dey face some kind problem wey you never face before. And the way you dey see things fit don change. One girl wey dey 18 years talk sey: “E no go pain pikin sey im na Jehovah Witness just because dem no give am birthday cake for school. But as the pikin dey grow, im body fit dey move am well well to sleep with person. Na this time the pikin need to really dey sure sey na to do wetin Jehovah talk better pass.”

5 No be only young people dey face new problem. Even people wey don grow finish before dem baptize dey face some kind problem wey dem no put mind sey go happen. The problem fit be about marriage, work, or sickness. No matter our age, all of us go face problem wey go show whether we hold Jehovah tight.​—Jas. 1:12-14.

6. (a) Wetin your promise to Jehovah mean? (b) Wetin you fit learn from Philippians 4:11-13?

6 Wetin go help us stand well for Jehovah side no matter wetin happen? Na if we remember sey we promise to serve Jehovah no matter how things be. This one mean sey you tell Jehovah sey you go continue to serve am even if your papa, mama, or friend dem stop to dey serve am. (Ps. 27:10) So no matter how things be, get am for mind sey Jehovah go fit help you do wetin you promise am.​—Read Philippians 4:11-13.

7. Wetin e mean to fear God and do things wey go save you?

7 Jehovah want make you be im friend. But na you go do wetin go make you and Jehovah continue to be friend. And make you no stop to dey do things wey go save you. The truth be sey, to do this things no easy. Na this one make Philippians 2:12 talk sey make you “continue to dey fear God and dey do things wey go save” you. This one mean sey you need to dey do things wey no go scatter you and Jehovah as friend. And make you no leave Jehovah no matter the problem wey you face. No tell yourself sey ‘nothing dey happen.’ Even some people wey don dey serve Jehovah tey tey, don comot from im side. So wetin you fit do to get life wey no go end?


8. Wetin be some of the things wey person dey do when e dey do Bible study? And why e good to dey do this things?

8 If you want be Jehovah friend, you  need to dey listen to am and dey talk to am. Bible study na one better way to listen to Jehovah. When we dey do Bible study, we dey take time read Bible and our book dem. We still dey settle down think about wetin we don learn. So when you dey do your own Bible study, no do am like person wey dey read book to pass exam. Better Bible study just be like person wey dey travel to see wetin e never see before. So if you want gain something from wetin you dey study, get am for mind to learn new things about Jehovah. This one go help you near Jehovah pass before, and Jehovah self go near you.​—Jas. 4:8.

You dey always listen and talk to Jehovah? (Check paragraph 8-11)

9. Wetin Jehovah organization don give us wey don help you study Bible well?

9 Jehovah organization don give us many things wey go make our Bible study make sense. For example, if you go jw.org for English, you go see one place wey dem write “Teenagers” and under am, you go see “Bible Study Activities.” E go help you see how you go take dey do wetin you dey learn from Bible. “Study guides” for “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” book, still dey there to help you believe wetin you dey learn from Bible. The “study guides” go help you know how to tell other people wetin you believe. Other things wey go help you study Bible well still dey for April 2009 Awake! under “Young People Ask . . . How Can I Make Bible Reading Enjoyable?” So, dey study Bible and dey think about wetin you learn, because this things dey among wetin go help you get life wey no go end.​—Read Psalm 119:105.


10. Why e good make we dey always pray?

10 We dey listen to Jehovah when we dey do Bible study. But we dey talk to Jehovah when we dey pray. Make we no dey look prayer as something wey no mean anything. And make we no dey look am like charm wey people think sey dey bring good luck, or wey dey make person plan get head. Instead, we dey talk to Jehovah when we dey pray. Jehovah want make you dey talk to am. (Read Philippians 4:6.) If something dey worry you for mind, Bible sey make you “throw that load wey dey heavy you give Jehovah.” (Ps. 55:22) You believe sey if you  follow wetin that verse talk e go help you? Plenty brothers and sisters go tell you sey this verse don help dem. E fit still help you!

11. Why you suppose to dey always thank Jehovah?

11 We no dey only pray to Jehovah to ask am for something. Bible show sey e good make we dey thank God. (Col. 3:15) Sometimes, our problem fit make us no see all the better things wey Jehovah don do for us. Try to think of three better things wey Jehovah dey do for you everyday, and thank am for this things. E get one sister wey dey 18 years, im name na Abigail. E dey 12 years when e baptize. This sister talk sey: “I believe sey na Jehovah we suppose thank pass any other person. Make we dey always thank am for the better things wey e don give us.” E still sey: “If we dey get only the things wey we thank Jehovah for, how many things for dey our hand?” *


12, 13. Why you suppose to dey think about how Jehovah don take show you sey e good?

12 Jehovah help David when e dey inside wahala. Na this one make am talk sey make we taste Jehovah “and see sey Jehovah good.” E still talk sey: “Person wey trust am go happy.” (Ps. 34:8) Wetin David talk for here, show sey e don take im eye see sey Jehovah good. When you dey read Bible, our book dem, and dey go meeting, you go see how Jehovah take help other people stand well for im side. But as you dey near Jehovah, you go dey see how e take dey help you. Wetin you don see for your life, wey show you sey Jehovah really good?

13 Jehovah don draw us near body, and we don still near im Son. This na one better way Jehovah don take show us sey e good. Jesus talk sey: “Nobody fit near me unless the Father wey send me bring am come.” (John 6:44) You believe sey na Jehovah choose you to come serve am? Pikin wey dem born for Jehovah organization fit talk sey, ‘Na my papa and mama Jehovah draw near body, I just dey do follow follow.’ But no be your papa and mama make you be Jehovah friend. You promise to serve Jehovah and you baptize, na this one make you be im friend. This one show sey Jehovah really know you. Bible tell us sey: “If anybody love God, God know this person.” (1 Cor. 8:3) Na better thing Jehovah do for you as e bring you come im organization. So value wetin Jehovah don do for you.

14, 15. How preaching take dey make your faith strong?

14 Jehovah dey give us mind to preach. This na another way e take dey show us sey e good. We dey preach from house to house and some dey preach to their classmate for school. But e dey hard some children to preach to their classmate for school. Maybe e don happen to you before. You fit dey wonder if dem go listen to you. E fit no hard you to talk to one of your classmate. But e no easy to talk to many of dem at once. You know wetin go help you?

15 Think about why you believe wetin Bible talk. Na this one be the first thing wey go help you. Use the “study guides” wey we talk about before. We get am for our website to help you think about wetin you believe, and why you believe am. E go still help you know how you go take  tell other people wetin you believe. If you dey sure of wetin you believe and you prepare well, e go dey hungry you to tell other people about Jehovah.​—Jer. 20:8, 9.

16. Wetin fit help you stop to dey fear when you dey tell other people wetin you believe?

16 You fit still dey fear to tell other people wetin you believe, even if you prepare well. E get one sister wey baptize when e dey 13 years, and e dey 18 years now. E talk sey: “I know wetin I believe, but to talk am come out na wahala.” But wetin help this sister? E sey: “I dey try to free myself when I dey talk to dem. If e no dey hard my classmate to talk about wetin dem dey do, e no suppose hard me to tell dem wetin I believe. So when we dey talk, I go just talk something like, ‘I dey teach person Bible one day, and . . .’ Then I go continue with wetin I want tell dem. Na true sey I no start am like sey I want preach to dem, but e dey hungry some of dem to know how I take dey teach people Bible. Some of dem dey even ask me question about am. As I dey use this style, e come dey make am easy for me to preach to dem. And after I don preach to dem, e dey make me happy!”

17. Wetin fit help you preach to other people?

17 People go like to listen to us if we dey respect dem and dey show dem sey we get dem for mind. E get one girl wey im name na Olivia. Na 17 years e dey. E baptize before e reach 13 years. E talk sey: “I dey fear sey if I just start to talk about Bible matter when I dey talk to person, dem go look me like person wey dey carry Bible matter for head.” Later, Olivia no come dey think like that again. Instead, e talk sey: “Many young people no know anything about Jehovah Witness. E fit be sey na only us be the Jehovah Witness wey dem know. So na wetin we do go show if dem go listen to us or dem no go listen. What if we dey shame or fear or e dey hard us to tell dem wetin we believe? Or what if, as we dey talk, we come dey shake? Dem fit come dey look us as if we no dey sure of wetin we dey talk. Because we no get mind to talk about wetin we believe, dem fit no want listen to us. But, make we no dey fear when we dey talk to dem, and make we dey sure of wetin we believe. Make we still make am dey part of wetin we dey talk about when we dey gist. This one fit make dem respect us.”


18. Wetin you go do if you want get life?

18 We don see am sey to do wetin go save you na serious matter. Some of the things wey you go do na to dey read Bible and dey think about wetin you dey read. You go dey pray to Jehovah, and still dey think of how Jehovah don take bless you. If you dey do all this things, e go help you dey sure well well sey Jehovah na your Friend. This one go make you want tell other people about the things wey you believe.​—Read Psalm 73:28.

19. Why e no be waste of time to do wetin go save you?

19 Jesus talk sey: “If anybody want follow me, make e no dey think about imself. Make e ready to suffer and continue to follow me.” (Matt. 16:24) This one show sey, if we want dey follow Jesus, we must promise Jehovah sey we go use our life serve am and we go baptize. This one go make plenty better things reach our hand now, and for God Kingdom, we go get life wey no go end. So make you continue to dey do everything wey you fit do to save yourself!

^ par. 11 If you want know more about this matter, abeg check jw.org for English. Under “Teenagers,” you go see “Young People Ask​—Why Should I Pray? You go still see where dem write “worksheet”.