‘Anybody wey want near God must believe sey e dey, and sey na im dey bless people wey dey try use all their mind find am.’HEB. 11:6.

SONG: 85, 134

1, 2. (a) Wetin go happen to our faith if we dey show sey we love Jehovah? (b) Which question dem we go talk about for this topic?

WE LOVE Jehovah, ‘because na im first love us.’ (1 John 4:19) One way wey Jehovah take show sey e love us, na the way e dey bless im servant wey no leave am. As we dey love Jehovah, our faith go dey strong. This one no go only make us believe sey e dey, but we go still see sey e no dey fail to do better thing for people wey e love.Read Hebrews 11:6.

2 To dey bless people na part of Jehovah character. This one dey show the kind person wey Jehovah be and wetin e fit do. Our faith no complete unless we dey sure sey Jehovah go bless people wey dey try use all their mind find am. We know this one because Bible talk sey, ‘Faith na to believe sey the things wey person dey wait for don happen, even though sey e never see am.’ (Heb. 11:1) Yes, faith go make us dey sure sey God go bless people wey dey serve am well. How the promise for Hebrews 11:6 fit help us? How Jehovah don take bless im servant for Bible time and for our time? Make we see.


3. Wetin Jehovah promise us for Malachi 3:10?

3 Jehovah don talk sey e go do better thing for people wey dey  serve am well, so e want make we do things wey go make am bless us. Na im make Bible talk sey: ‘“Make you test me, abeg, . . . ” na wetin Jehovah wey get plenty army talk, “to see whether I no go open all the door for heaven to pour blessing on top una until nothing go scarce again .”’ (Mal. 3:10) When we do the thing wey go make Jehovah bless us, this one show sey we dey thank Jehovah and sey we really like wetin e dey do for us.

4. Why we fit trust wetin Jesus talk for Matthew 6:33?

4 Jesus promise im disciple sey if dem put God Kingdom first for their life, God go support dem. (Read Matthew 6:33.) Jesus dey sure of wetin e talk because e know sey Jehovah go do anything wey E promise. (Isa. 55:11) We self dey sure sey, if we put faith for Jehovah, e go do wetin e promise us when e talk sey: ‘I no go ever leave you, and I no go ever forget you.’ (Heb. 13:5) This thing wey Jehovah promise us come make us trust wetin Jesus talk for Matthew 6:33.

Jesus show sey God go bless im disciples for wetin dem leave because of am (Check paragraph 5)

5. Why the answer wey Jesus give Peter fit make our faith strong?

5 E get one time wey apostle Peter ask Jesus sey: ‘We don leave everything follow you; wetin we go come gain?’ (Matt. 19:27) Jesus no shout for Peter. Instead, e tell im disciples sey God go bless dem as dem fit leave things because of am. The apostles and other people wey serve God well go rule with am for heaven. But even now, God dey bless im people. Jesus sey: ‘Anybody wey don leave house or brothers or sisters or papa or mama or children or land because of my name, go get am hundred times and e go get life wey no go end.’ (Matt. 19:29) God go bless Jesus disciples with things wey better pass  anything wey dem don leave. Brothers and sisters for congregation fit be our papa, mama, brothers, sisters, and children. You no gree sey this one better pass anything wey we don leave because of God Kingdom?


6. Why Jehovah promise im people sey e go bless dem?

6 Wetin Jehovah promise im people dey help dem bear any problem wey fit make dem stop to serve Jehovah. Apart from sey Jehovah dey bless im people today, e go still bless dem for future with many better things and dem dey wait for that time. (1 Tim. 4:8) True true, the strong faith wey we get sey God ‘dey bless people wey dey try use all their mind find am,’ go help us continue to serve Jehovah.Heb. 11:6.

7. How hope take be like anchor?

7 For the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talk sey: ‘Make una happy and make una mind sweet una well well, because una gain plenty for heaven. Remember sey na so dem still suffer the prophet dem wey dey before una.’ (Matt. 5:12) Apart from people wey get hope to go heaven, other people go get life wey no go end for earth. This one na better reason wey go make dem ‘happy and make their mind sweet dem well well.’ (Ps. 37:11; Luke 18:30) Whether we go live for heaven or earth, the hope wey we get fit be ‘like anchor for our life; e dey sure and e strong well well.’ (Heb. 6:17-20) Anchor na wetin dey hold ship strong for water even when heavy breeze dey blow. Na so the hope wey we get sey Jehovah go bless us still be. E go help us dey do and think wetin good and e go make us dey strong and stand well for Jehovah side. E go help us get the power to dey bear any wahala.

8. How our hope fit help us make we no too worry?

8 The hope wey we get for wetin Jehovah go do, go fit help us make we no too worry about any problem wey we dey face now. The things wey God promise dey make our mind come down. We happy to know sey if we ‘throw that load wey dey heavy us give Jehovah, e go help us’! (Ps. 55:22) We dey sure sey God ‘fit do over surplus of everything wey we beg am or think about.’ (Eph. 3:20) Think am: no be just plenty and no be surplus but ‘over surplus’!

9. For Jehovah to bless us, wetin we need to do?

9 For Jehovah to bless us, we need to get strong faith and dey do wetin e talk. Moses tell Israel people sey: ‘Jehovah go bless you for the land wey Jehovah your God dey give you to get as property, but only if you open ear hear Jehovah your God voice and sofri do everything wey e dey tell you today. Because Jehovah your God go bless you as e don promise you.’ (Deut. 15:4-6) You get strong mind sey Jehovah go bless you if you continue to serve am well? Na good thing if you get that kind mind.


10, 11. How Jehovah take bless Joseph?

10 God give us Bible to help us. Bible tell us how God take bless many of im servant wey serve am well. (Rom. 15:4) Joseph na one better example wey Bible talk about. Im brothers plan bad for am, dem come sell am as slave. After, when e dey Egypt, im oga wife come lie for im head. Dem come finally put am for prison. This one make God leave am? No! Bible sey: ‘Jehovah no leave Joseph at all and e continue to show am love wey no dey fail. Jehovah no leave Joseph and Jehovah make everything  wey e do succeed.’ (Gen. 39:21-23) Even with all the wahala, Joseph still continue to wait for Jehovah to help am.

11 After some years, Pharaoh come release Joseph from prison and e come be the second oga for Egypt after Pharaoh. (Gen. 41:1, 37-43) When im wife born two children for am, ‘Joseph name im first pikin Manasseh because, e sey, “God don make me forget all my problem and everything for my papa house.” And e name the second one Ephraim because, e sey, “God don bless me with pikin for the land where I suffer.”’ (Gen. 41:51, 52) Because Joseph no leave Jehovah, Jehovah bless am with better thing. E come fit save Israel and Egypt people make hunger no kill dem. The truth be sey, Joseph know sey na Jehovah help am and na im bless am.Gen. 45:5-9.

12. Wetin help Jesus continue to serve God even when e dey suffer?

12 Like Joseph, Jesus Christ continue to do wetin God want even when the wahala plenty and God bless am. Wetin help am? Bible tell us sey: ‘Because of the joy wey dey im front e bear am as dem nail am put for pole, e no mind the shame.’ (Heb. 12:2) Jesus happy sey e fit make God name clean. And im Father come bless am with many better things to show sey e like wetin Jesus do. Bible talk sey Jesus ‘don sitdown for the right hand of God throne.’ E come still talk for another place sey: ‘God raise am up and put am for high position, e come use better mind give am name wey big pass all other name.’Phil. 2:9.


13, 14. How Jehovah dey feel about wetin we do for am?

13 We dey sure sey Jehovah value everything wey we dey do to serve am. E understand any fear wey we get or if we no dey sure of wetin we fit do to serve am. E dey feel for us if money no dey to buy wetin we need. If sickness or other things wey dey worry us for mind no make us fit do reach as we dey do before for Jehovah work, e no dey make am happy. And we fit dey sure sey Jehovah dey value wetin im servant dey do to fit serve am.Read Hebrews 6:10, 11.

14 Still remember wetin Bible talk sey, Jehovah ‘dey hear prayer.’ So we fit dey sure sey e go answer us when we pray to am. (Ps. 65:2) ‘The Father wey dey pity person well well and the God wey dey make our mind come down’ go give us everything wey we need to make our mind come down so that we go continue to serve am well. Sometimes, e fit use our brothers and sisters for congregation take help us. (2 Cor. 1:3) Jehovah like am when we dey feel for other people and when we help dem. Bible talk sey: ‘Person wey dey help who no get dey borrow Jehovah something, and E go pay am back for wetin e do.’ (Prov. 19:17; Matt. 6:3, 4) So, when we dey use free mind dey help people wey get problem, Jehovah dey see the good wey we do as if we dey borrow am something. And e promise sey e go pay us back for wetin we do.


15. Which blessing from God you dey wait for? (Go check the first picture.)

15 People wey God choose to go heaven go get ‘the righteous crown wey the Lord and our righteous judge, go give as prize that day.’ (2 Tim. 4:7, 8) But, e no mean sey God play you wayo if no be heaven you dey go. Many people wey Jesus call ‘other sheep,’ dey wait for the paradise wey God go give dem for earth where dem go get life wey no go end. For there, ‘dem go  happy well well and their mind go come down because peace dey everywhere.’John 10:16; Ps. 37:11.

16. Wetin dey 1 John 3:19, 20 wey dey make our mind come down?

16 Sometimes, we fit feel sey wetin we dey do for Jehovah no reach anything. Or we fit dey wonder whether Jehovah like wetin we dey do for am. We fit even feel sey we no reach to get any better thing from Jehovah. Make we no ever forget sey ‘God big pass our heart and e know everything.’ (Read 1 John 3:19, 20.) E go bless us for anything wey we fit do for am because of the faith and love wey we get, even if wetin we do no reach anything for our eye.Mark 12:41-44.

17. Wetin be some of the things wey God don take bless us now?

17 Even though we dey last days and Satan dey rule this wicked world, Jehovah still dey bless im people. E dey make sure sey e teach im people well well and dem dey enjoy to do things together as one. E never be like this before! (Isa. 54:13) As Jesus don promise, Jehovah dey bless us now with brothers and sisters wey dey all the congregation for this world; dem love us like sey we come from one family. (Mark 10:29, 30) Apart from that one, people wey dey try use all their mind find God go get peace of mind, wetin dem get dey reach dem, and dem go happy. Nothing fit be like this blessing.Phil. 4:4-7.

18, 19. Wetin some Jehovah servant talk about how Jehovah take bless dem?

18 Jehovah people for the whole world don really see sey Jehovah dey bless dem with many better things. For example, one sister wey come from Germany wey im name na Bianca, talk sey: “I no fit thank Jehovah finish as e take help me with everything wey dey worry me and as e no leave me any day. The world no get peace and na so so confusion full everywhere. But as I come dey work for Jehovah, I come see sey I dey safe. Anytime wey I do anything for am, e dey bless me hundred times pass wetin I do.”

19 Or think about one old sister for Canada wey dey 70 years, im name na Paula. This sister get one bad sickness wey dem dey call spina bifida. E talk sey. ‘Even if I no fit waka, e no mean sey I no fit preach. I dey use different different way take preach; I dey use telephone and I dey preach to people wey I see. I get one notebook wey I dey write Bible verse and some things from our book dem, and I dey read am every time to help me make I no worry too much. I dey call this book “My Survival Notebook.” Anything wey dey worry us now na for small time, only if we put mind for all the better things wey Jehovah don promise us. Jehovah go always help us no matter wetin we dey suffer.’ Your condition fit no be like sister Bianca or sister Paula own. But, you fit still think of different different way wey Jehovah don take bless you and other people wey near you. E good well well to dey think about how Jehovah dey bless you now, and how e go bless you for future!

20. Wetin we go get if we continue to do everything wey we fit do to serve Jehovah?

20 No ever forget sey, God go ‘bless you well well’ because you dey use all your mind pray. You fit dey sure sey ‘after you don do wetin God want, you go see as e go do wetin e don promise.’ (Heb. 10:35, 36) So make we no stop to dey make our faith strong and make we do everything wey we fit do to serve Jehovah. We dey sure sey if we do like that, na Jehovah be the person wey go bless us.Read Colossians 3:23, 24.