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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  December 2016

Cool Temper—Na Better Sense

Cool Temper—Na Better Sense

The work wey one woman, wey im name na Toñi dey do na to take care of old people and people wey no well. E come go one house go work. When e ring the bell of the house, na one woman come out. The woman come dey curse Toñi, dey shout for am sey e no quick come take care of im mama. Toñi beg the woman make e no vex, even though sey e no come late.

TOÑI still go the house another time. The woman shout for am again. Wetin Toñi come do? E still beg am make e no vex. E tell the woman sey e understand how things be. Toñi talk sey: ‘E no easy for me. I know sey I no come late, so the woman no suppose shout for me like that.’

If na you be Toñi, wetin you for do? You for control your temper? Or e for hard you to control am? The truth be sey, e fit no easy for you to control your temper, especially if something like wetin happen to Toñi happen to you.

But, Bible advise us sey make we dey control our temper. E still talk sey person wey fit control im temper dey show sey e get sense. James write for Bible sey: ‘Who get sense and who sabi something among una? Make e use im better character do wetin show sey e get cool temper wey person wey get sense get.’ (Jas. 3:13) How person wey get cool temper dey show sey e get  sense wey come from God? And wetin go help us get this character?


Cool temper fit stop quarrel. ‘Answer wey person sofri give dey make person stop to dey vex, but word wey person no sofri talk dey make person quick vex.’Prov. 15:1.

If we vex because of wetin happen, e fit cause more wahala. E be like when person pour petrol for fire. (Prov. 26:21) But if we use cool temper talk to the person, e fit make am stop to dey vex. Cool temper fit even make person wey hate us change im character.

Na wetin happen to Toñi be that. Because of the way Toñi use cool temper talk to the woman, the woman start to cry. The woman talk sey some problem dey im family and some things dey worry am. Toñi come preach to the woman and e start to study Bible with am. Why? Because e sofri talk, e get cool temper, and e control im temper.

Cool temper dey make us happy. ‘People wey get cool temper dey happy, because dem go get this earth.’Matt. 5:5.

Wetin make people wey get cool temper dey happy? Many people wey dey quick vex and wey like trouble before dey happy today, because dem don use cool temper cover body like cloth. Dem dey live better life now and dem know sey better things dey wait for dem for front. (Col. 3:12) One circuit overseer for Spain, wey im name na Adolfo, remember how im life be before e start to serve Jehovah.

E talk sey, ‘I no sure sey na life I dey live that time. I no dey fit control my temper. I dey vex anyhow sotey my friends come dey fear me. Later, things change. E get one fight wey dem stab me six times; blood comot for my body. Na small thing remain I for die.’

Today, Adolfo dey teach people how to get cool temper and im good example dey help dem. Many people like to near am because of im better character. Adolfo sey e happy the way im life take change. E sey e thank Jehovah sey e help am get cool temper.

Cool temper dey make Jehovah happy. ‘My pikin, show sey you get sense and my mind go sweet, so that I go know wetin I go tell the person wey dey insult me.’Prov. 27:11.

Na Satan be the number one enemy wey dey insult Jehovah. God suppose vex because of all the insult from Satan. But Bible talk sey Jehovah ‘no dey quick vex.’ (Ex. 34:6) We fit show sey we get sense if, like Jehovah, we no dey quick vex and we dey control our temper. Jehovah like this kind thing well well.Eph. 5:1.

For this last days, people hate each other well well. We fit meet people wey ‘dey make mouth, dey gossip people anyhow, no fit control theirself, and wicked finish.’ (2 Tim. 3:2, 3) But make that one no make us stop to show sey we get cool temper. No forget wetin Bible tell us, sey ‘the sense wey God dey give . . . e like peace, e get open mind.’ (Jas. 3:17) When we dey show sey we like peace and we get open mind, e show sey we get the sense wey God dey give. That kind sense go make us sofri talk to person wey do wetin make us vex. And we go dey near Jehovah more more, the Person wey im sense no dey ever finish.