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Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin


This magazine carry the topic wey we go study from January 30 go reach February 26, 2017.


I Come Be Everything to Everybody

The many work wey Jehovah organization give Denton Hopkinson from when e dey young, don help am see sey Jehovah love different different kind of people.

God Use Favor Release Una

You fit gain better things when you dey think about how Jehovah take release you from sin.

‘Put Mind for the Spirit Make You Enjoy Life and Peace’

Romans chapter 8 get advice wey go help you gain the blessing wey Jehovah dey give everybody.

You Still Remember?

You don read the Watchtower wey never tey wey we print? Try see how many of this question from Bible you fit answer.

Tell Jehovah All the Things Wey Dey Worry You

Sometimes, things dey worry God servant for mind. Four things fit help you gain from the ‘the peace wey God get.’

Jehovah Dey Bless People Wey Dey Find Am

How the promise for Hebrews 11:6 fit help us? How Jehovah don take bless im servant for Bible time and how e take dey do am now?

Cool Temper—Na Better Sense

E no easy to control yourself when person do wetin vex you, but Bible tell Christians sey e good to get cool temper. Wetin fit help you get this fine character?

Different Different Topic for 2016 Watchtower

Different different topic wey arrange wey dey Watchtower wey we dey study for meeting.