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Wear the New Character and No Pull Am

Wear the New Character and No Pull Am

‘Make una dey wear the new character like cloth for body.’​—COL. 3:10.

SONG: 43, 106

1, 2. (a) Why we fit wear the new character? (b) Which part of the new character Paul write for Colossians 3:10-14?

NA TWO times New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures use the word ‘new character.’ (Eph. 4:24; Col. 3:10) This character na the character ‘wey God make the way e want.’ We go fit wear that new character for our body. You know why? Na because Jehovah make human being to be like am. This one dey make us fit copy im fine fine character.​—Gen. 1:26, 27; Eph. 5:1.

2 Na true sey we get sin for body because we be Adam and Eve children. Because of this one, we dey make mistake sometimes. The place wey we dey stay still dey affect how we dey behave. But we know sey Jehovah dey pity for us, and e go help us. This one make us know sey, we fit be the kind person wey God want make we be. For us to fit do this one, we go talk about some of the new character wey Jehovah use Paul write for Bible. (Read Colossians 3:10-14.) We go still see how we fit take show all this character when we dey preaching.


3. Wetin be one part of the new character?

3 Paul talk about things wey go show sey we dey wear the new  character. One of dem na, make we no dey do partial. E talk sey: ‘E no matter whether person na Greek or na Jew, whether e don circumcise or e never circumcise, whether na stranger, or Scythian, whether na slave, or na free person; but Jesus Christ na everything to everybody.’ * Make we no dey feel sey we better pass other people for congregation. We fit dey think sey we better pass dem because of our color, or because dem no come from the same place where we from come, or because of who we be for our area. Remember sey all of us na one because we dey follow Jesus example.​—Col. 3:11; Gal. 3:28.

4. (a) How Jehovah servant suppose treat other people? (b) Wetin happen for South Africa wey make am hard for brothers to fit do things together?

4 When we wear the new character, we go dey treat everybody with respect, no matter where dem come from or who dem be. (Rom. 2:11) For some place for this world, e dey hard dem to treat other people with respect. South Africa na one example. Before for South Africa, the government people separate where oyibo people dey stay from where black people dey stay. Both people wey be Jehovah Witness, and people wey no be Jehovah Witness dey stay there. Because of this one, for October 2013, Governing Body arrange wetin go help brothers for South Africa know each other well. (2 Cor. 6:13, ftn.) How dem take do am?

5, 6. (a) Which arrangement Governing Body make to help brothers for South Africa? (Go check the first picture.) (b) How e take help dem?

5 Brothers come arrange some weekend make two congregation spend time together. The brothers and sisters for the two congregation dey use different language; some na oyibo and some na black. Dem go preaching together, dem go meeting together, and dem visit each other for house. Many congregation join this arrangement. The plenty letter wey people send go Bethel, show sey better thing come out from inside. Even people wey no be Jehovah Witness still write. For example, one pastor talk sey: “I no be Jehovah Witness, but I go talk sey, the way una take dey arrange una preaching work really make sense. Both black people and oyibo people dey do things together.” How this arrangement take help the brothers and sisters?

6 E get one sister wey e name na Noma. Na Xhosa e dey speak, and na Xhosa-language congregation e dey. The sister dey sofri manage, and e dey do am somehow for body to invite oyibo people wey dey English congregation come im house. But after, e follow oyibo people go preaching, and visit dem for their house. The way dem take treat the sister, make am happy. This one come make am talk sey: “Oyibo people no different from us. We be the same!” E come reach their congregation turn to invite oyibo people wey dey English congregation. The sister cook food and e invite some of dem come im house. One of the people wey e invite, na one elder wey be oyibo. Noma talk sey: “When I see the oyibo brother happy to sitdown ontop one rubber crate, the thing surprise me.” This arrangement dey help many brothers and sisters for South Africa to make new friends with different brothers and sisters. And dem ready to continue!


7. Why e good make we dey use better mind help people?

7 Jehovah people go continue to face wahala until this world wey Satan dey control end. We fit no get work, we fit dey struggle with serious sickness, and people fit dey cause trouble for us because we dey serve Jehovah. Things like, heavy breeze fit  scatter our property. Person fit thief our property, and other wahala wey we dey face. When we dey face this kind wahala, e good make we dey use better mind help each other. If we dey pity for people, e go make us use all our mind help dem. (Eph. 4:32) If we dey do this one, e go show sey we get the new character. This one go help us copy Jehovah example and make people mind come down.​—2 Cor. 1:3, 4.

8. Which better thing dey happen when we use better mind help people? Give example.

8 People wey come from another country, or people wey no too get, dey your congregation? If dem dey, how you fit use better mind help dem? E good make we make dem our friend, and let dem know sey we value dem for congregation. (1 Cor. 12:22, 25) E get one man wey im name na Dannykarl. Na Philippines e dey stay before e pack go Japan. For where e dey work, people no dey treat am well because no be Japan person. One day e come go our Kingdom Hall. Dannykarl talk sey: “Almost all the people wey dey the Kingdom Hall na Japan people, but dem welcome me well. The way dem take welcome me come be like sey e don tey wey we know each other.” Because the brothers for there treat Dannykarl well, e come help am near Jehovah more more. After sometime, e come baptize, and na elder e be now for im congregation. Other elders for there dey happy sey Dannykarl and im wife Jennifer, dey the congregation. The elders talk sey: “Two of dem dey live simple life and dem dey pioneer. Dem dey put God Kingdom as the number one thing for their life, and dey show better example.”​—Luke 12:31.

9, 10. Give example wey show sey better thing dey come out when we help people for preaching.

9 We dey get the chance to ‘do good for everybody’ when we go preach to dem. (Gal. 6:10) Some brothers and sisters don learn another language because dem want help people wey pack come their country. (1 Cor. 9:23) Better thing don come out from their work. For example, e get one sister wey im name na Tiffany. Na Australia e dey stay. E go learn how to speak one language wey dem dey call Swahili. Wetin make am learn am? Na because e want use am help one congregation wey dey speak Swahili for one city wey dem dey call Brisbane. Even though e no easy to learn the language, Tiffany don gain better thing. E talk sey: “If you want enjoy preaching well well, make you join congregation wey dey speak another country language. Even if you no dey the country, e go just be like sey you dey there. The brothers love each other and dem dey do things with one mind. This one go make you see sey Jehovah hand dey.”

Wetin dey make Christian help people wey pack come their country? (Check paragraph 10)

10 E get one family for Japan wey still do the same thing. Their daughter wey im name  na Sakiko talk sey: “Around 1990, when we dey preach, we dey always meet people wey pack from Brazil come Japan. Some of the place wey we dey show dem for their Portuguese Bible na Revelation 21:3, 4 or Psalm 37:10, 11, 29. When we dey read am, dem dey listen well, and sometimes tears go dey comot from their eye.” Sakiko still talk sey: “When we see am sey dem really want learn about Jehovah, my family come start to learn Portuguese.” Later, dem come form one Portuguese-language congregation for Japan. For many years, the family don help many people wey pack go Japan to be Jehovah servant. Sakiko still talk sey: “To learn Portuguese no easy o, na work. But the blessing wey we get pass the time wey we take learn the language. We thank Jehovah for everything.”​—Read Acts 10:34, 35.


11, 12. (a) Why e good make we wear the new character for body like cloth? (b) Wetin go help us make we no dey raise shoulder up?

11 We no dey wear the new character because we want make people dey praise us. We dey do am to make Jehovah happy. Satan first be good angel for heaven. But e come do wetin Jehovah no like because e think sey e too much. (Still check Ezekiel 28:17.) So if this kind thing fit happen to good angel, then e go hard us well well to dey carry body down. Why? Because we get sin for body. But even with that one, we go fit still dey carry body down. How we go take do am? Make we see.

12 One thing wey go help us to dey carry body down, na to dey read Bible everyday, and dey think about wetin we read. (Deut. 17:18-20) Another thing wey go help us na to dey think about wetin Jesus teach. We go still think about wetin e do wey show sey e no raise shoulder up. (Matt. 20:28) E get one time wey Jesus wash im disciples leg. (John 13:12-17) Make we still dey pray everytime make God give us im holy spirit. God spirit go help us fight anything wey dey make us think sey we better pass other people.​—Gal. 6:3, 4; Phil. 2:3.

13. Wetin we go gain if we no dey raise shoulder?

13 Read Proverbs 22:4. Jehovah no want make we dey carry body up. If we no dey raise shoulder, we go gain better thing. E go make peace dey congregation, and everybody go dey do things with one mind. Jehovah go show us im favor if we no dey raise shoulder. Apostle Peter talk sey make we dey carry body down ‘because God no dey support people wey dey carry shoulder, but e dey show favor to people wey’ dey carry body down.​—1 Pet. 5:5.


14. Which person dey gentle and dey patient pass?

14 Today, if person dey gentle and e dey patient, people dey see am as yeye person wey no get power. But that one no be true! This two better character come from Jehovah the Person wey get power pass for heaven and earth. E no get person wey dey gentle and wey dey patient reach Jehovah. (2 Pet. 3:9) For example, Jehovah show sey e dey patient when e use im angel answer Abraham and Lot question. (Gen. 18:22-33; 19:18-21) And e pass 1,500 years wey Jehovah take dey patient with Israel people even though sey dem get strong head.​—Ezek. 33:11.

15. Which example Jesus show wey we need to copy?

15 Jesus self dey gentle. (Matt. 11:29) E show sey e dey patient with the way e take treat im disciples when dem make mistake. When Jesus dey preach, people wey no like am talk bad things about am. But Jesus no do dem back. E dey patient until dem kill am for wetin e no do. Jesus suffer serious pain when dem nail am for pole. But before e die, e pray make im Father forgive  the people wey kill am because dem no know wetin dem dey do. (Luke 23:34) Jesus show sey e dey patient and e dey gentle even when dem dey suffer am. This one na better example for us!​—Read 1 Peter 2:21-23.

16. How we fit show sey we dey gentle and we still dey patient?

16 How we go take show sey we dey gentle and we dey patient? Paul talk sey: ‘No dey carry wetin una do unaself for mind and no stop to dey use all una mind forgive unaself, even if na wetin suppose make you vex for the other person. As Jehovah take dey use all im mind forgive una, make una still dey do like that.’ (Col. 3:13) For us to fit obey this command wey dey Bible, we go need to dey gentle and still dey patient. When we dey forgive each other, peace go dey congregation, and we go dey do things with one mind.

17. Why e good make we dey gentle and still dey patient?

17 If we want get life wey no go end, Jehovah want make we dey gentle and still dey patient. E want make we wear am like cloth for body. (Matt. 5:5; Jas. 1:21) When we get all this fine fine character, e go show sey we be Jehovah servant. E go still help other people do wetin Bible talk.​—Gal. 6:1; 2 Tim. 2:24, 25.


18. If we love people wetin we go do?

18 Na love go make us show all this character wey we dey talk about since. For example, some Christian for James time no dey treat poor people well. But dem dey treat people wey get money well. James come let dem know sey Jehovah no like wetin dem dey do. Jehovah want make dem love other people the way dem take love theirself. James still tell dem sey: ‘Na sin e be if una continue to dey do partial.’ (Jas. 2:8, 9) If we love people, we go treat dem well whether dem go school or dem no go. Love go still help us treat people well no matter where dem from come, whether na oyibo or na black people, whether dem get money or dem no get. Make we no dey pretend sey we like everybody. Make wetin we dey do show sey we no dey do partial.

19. Why e good make we wear love like cloth for body?

19 ‘Love dey patient and e get good mind. E no dey carry shoulder up.’ (1 Cor. 13:4) E good make we dey patient, make we get good mind, and make we no dey raise shoulder. This things go help us continue to dey preach. (Matt. 28:19) E go still make am easy for us to show love to all our brothers and sisters for congregation. Wetin we go gain if we dey show this kind love? E dey make congregation do things with one mind. When other people see the one mind wey we get for congregation, e go make dem come learn about Jehovah. So, Bible come advise us sey: ‘Apart from all this one, make una wear love like cloth, because na im dey join everything together, to make am complete.’​—Col. 3:14.


20. (a) Which question e good make we ask ourself, and why? (b) Wetin go happen for God Kingdom?

20 Make we ask ourself sey, ‘Which other thing I go do to pull the old character trowey?’ E good make we always dey pray make Jehovah help us. E still good make we do everything wey we fit do to stop all the things wey fit make us no enter God Kingdom. (Gal. 5:19-21) Make we still ask ourself sey, ‘I dey change the way I dey think so that I go fit make Jehovah happy?’ (Eph. 4:23, 24) We get sin for body. Na im make we need to continue to wear the new character. Make we no pull am comot. For God Kingdom, we no go get sin for body again. We go fit copy Jehovah character well that time. That kind life go really make sense!

^ par. 3 For Bible time, dem dey look Scythian people as villagers, and dem no like dem.