‘Make una still dey patient.’​—JAS. 5:8.

SONG: 78, 139

1, 2. (a) Wetin fit make us ask the question: ‘Which time’? (b) Wetin e good make we remember?

PROPHET Isaiah and Habakkuk ask Jehovah sey, ‘Which time?’ (Isa. 6:11; Hab. 1:2) When King David dey write Psalm 13, e reach four times wey e ask Jehovah the same question. (Ps. 13:1, 2) For Jesus time, some people show sey dem no get faith. Jesus come still ask dem that same question. (Matt. 17:17) So, if we see ourself dey ask the same question sometimes, make we no let am surprise us.

2 Wetin fit make us ask: ‘Which time’? We fit ask this question when person dey do us wetin no good, when we dey sick, when we don old, or when the wahala for this world dey hard us to bear. (2 Tim. 3:1) E fit still be because people get bad character and wetin dem dey think no good. This one fit make us tire. We get many reason wey fit make us ask this question. But no matter the reason wey we get, remember sey Jehovah no vex for the people wey ask am this question for Bible time. This one fit make our mind come down.

3. Wetin go help us if we dey face serious wahala?

 3 If we dey face serious wahala wey dey hard us to bear, wetin fit help us? God use James wey be Jesus brother take write for Bible sey: ‘My brothers, make una dey patient, until the time wey the Lord go dey around.’ (Jas. 5:7) Na true, all of us need to dey patient. But wetin e really mean to get this better character?


4, 5. (a) Wetin e mean to dey patient? (b) How James take explain wetin e mean to dey patient? (Go check the first picture.)

4 Na God holy spirit dey help us dey patient. So, if God no help us, we no go fit dey patient when we dey face serious wahala. This character na gift from God. If we dey patient, e go show sey we love Jehovah and other people. If we no dey patient, our love for people no go strong like before. But if we dey patient, our love for people go strong. (1 Cor. 13:4; Gal. 5:22) If we dey patient, we go get other better character. For example, we go fit bear serious problem, with the hope sey things go better. (Col. 1:11; Jas. 1:3, 4) When we dey patient, we no go dey do ‘do me I do you.’ E go help us stand well for Jehovah side no matter the problem wey we dey face. Bible tell us sey make we ready to use our mind wait for Jehovah. E still tell us other things about this better character for James 5:7, 8. (Read.)

5 Why e good make we use our mind wait for Jehovah to do something? James talk sey our condition just be like farmer wey plant something. E no fit make rain fall or make sun shine for wetin e plant. And e no fit make wetin e plant grow. E need to sofri wait make ‘the better things wey e plant grow.’ Na so e still be, e get many things wey we no fit control. So we need to wait for Jehovah to do wetin e don promise. (Mark 13:32, 33; Acts 1:7) Like that farmer, make we learn to dey patient.

6. Wetin we fit learn from prophet Micah example?

6 The wahala wey we dey face today just be like wetin happen for prophet Micah time. Micah dey when King Ahaz dey rule. Ahaz na wicked king and things bad well well for im time. E bad sotey Bible talk sey, the people ‘sabi use their hand do bad thing, and dem be oga for inside.’ (Read Micah 7:1-3.) Micah know sey e no fit change wetin dey happen by imself. So, wetin e do? E sey: ‘I go continue to dey look and dey wait for Jehovah. I go use better mind wait for the God wey dey save me. My God go hear me.’ (Mic. 7:7) Like Micah, make e come from our mind or make we ‘use better mind wait’ for Jehovah.

7. Which other thing we go do as we dey wait for Jehovah?

7 If we get faith like Micah, we go let am come from our mind to wait for Jehovah. Our own no be like prisoner wey know sey dem go kill am one day. Even if e dey prison dey wait, e no dey pray make that day come. We ready to use our mind wait for the better things wey Jehovah don promise. E promise to give us life wey no go end. Jehovah go do am when time reach, no be sey go come! So, make we ‘dey patient and dey happy as we dey endure.’ (Col. 1:11, 12) As we dey wait, we go dey careful, so that we no go start to complain sey Jehovah too slow. Because if we do like that, Jehovah no go happy with us at all.​—Col. 3:12.


8. Wetin e good make we think about?

8 Bible tell us about people wey use their mind wait for wetin Jehovah promise dem. If we dey think about their better example, e go help us use our mind wait for Jehovah. (Rom. 15:4) E good make we think about how dem wait reach, why dem ready to use their mind wait, and how Jehovah take bless dem.

Abraham still wait for many years before dem born im grandpikin, Esau and Jacob (Check paragraph 9, 10)

9, 10. When Abraham and Sarah wait for Jehovah reach?

9 Make we talk about Abraham and Sarah example. Dem dey among the people wey get the things wey God promise dem. Wetin make dem get am? Na because dem get faith for God and dem dey patient. Bible talk sey, ‘na after Abraham don show sey e dey patient, God promise am’ sey e go bless am and e go make im children plenty well well. (Heb. 6:12, 15) But Abraham need to dey patient even after Jehovah don promise am. Why? Na because, before wetin Jehovah promise am go happen, e go tey. Wetin Jehovah promise Abraham start to happen for Nisan 14, 1943 B.C.E. Na that day, Abraham and Sarah and all the people wey dey im house cross Euphrates River, and dem enter the Land wey God promise dem. Abraham wait for 25 years before dem born Isaac for 1918 B.C.E. Abraham still wait for another 60 years before dem born im grandpikin, Esau and Jacob for 1858 B.C.E.​—Heb. 11:9.

10 Abraham get any land for the Promise Land? Bible talk sey: ‘Jehovah no give Abraham any land to stay for inside. E no give am anything, e no even give am small land wey e go put im leg. But e promise am sey e go give am the land to be im own,  and im children own. That time e never get any pikin.’ (Acts 7:5) Na 430 years after Abraham don cross Euphrates River, im children children come be people wey go later stay the Promise Land.​—Ex. 12:40-42; Gal. 3:17.

11. Wetin make Abraham use im mind wait? And wetin e go gain?

11 Abraham get strong faith for Jehovah. Na this one help am use im mind wait for am. (Read Hebrews 11:8-12.) Abraham no see everything wey Jehovah promise am before e die. Even with that one, Abraham happy as e wait for Jehovah. But make you think am. How you think sey e go do Abraham for body when Jehovah bring am come life again for paradise? You no think sey e go happy well well? What of when e see how many times Bible talk about im story and im children children own? You no think sey e go surprise am well well? * Abraham go happy to know the better thing wey e do to make wetin Jehovah talk about the Messiah happen! You think sey for paradise, Abraham go talk sey all the time wey e take wait na waste of time?

12, 13. Why Joseph need to wait for Jehovah, and which better character e get?

12 Joseph wey be Abraham great-grand pikin still show sey e ready to wait for Jehovah. Joseph suffer well well for people hand. Im brothers sell am give people as slave when e dey around 17 years. No be only that one, when e dey Egypt, im oga wife come lie for im head. E lie sey Joseph try to rape am. Na that one come make dem put am for prison. (Gen. 39:11-20; Ps. 105:17, 18) Joseph do wetin good for Jehovah eye. So, e come be like sey instead of the blessing wey e suppose get, na suffer dem suffer am. But after 13 years, everything come change. Dem comot am from prison. And dem come make am be second oga after Pharaoh for Egypt.​—Gen. 41:14, 37-43; Acts 7:9, 10.

13 Even though sey Joseph suffer for people hand, e no get bad belle for dem. E no come dey think sey Jehovah don leave am. Joseph sofri wait for Jehovah. But wetin help am wait reach like that? Na because of im faith for Jehovah. E see sey Jehovah no dey sleep. We know this one from wetin e tell im brothers. E tell dem sey: ‘Make una no fear. I no be God. Na bad thing una get for mind for me before. But God change the bad thing to good thing. E do am to save many people life, as e dey do now.’ (Gen. 50:19, 20) Joseph know sey na better thing e do as e wait for Jehovah to bless am.

14, 15. (a) Wetin you like about how David take wait? (b) Wetin help am to wait reach like that?

14 King David self still suffer many things for people hand. David still dey young when Jehovah choose am sey e go be king for Israel. But David wait for about 15 years before dem make am King for Judah. (2 Sam. 2:3, 4) That time wey David dey wait, King Saul come dey pursue am to kill am. * David come dey run up and down because Saul want kill am. Sometimes e go run go another country, or e go run go hide for inside cave for wilderness. Saul later die for war. Even with that one, David still wait for about seven years before dem make am king for the whole Israel.​—2 Sam. 5:4, 5.

 15 Wetin make David ready to use im mind wait for Jehovah? E tell us the answer for inside the same Psalm 13, where e for ask: ‘Which time?’ E talk sey: ‘But for me, I know sey your love no dey fail. I go happy well well as you dey save me. I go sing to Jehovah, because e don bless me no be small.’ (Ps. 13:5, 6) David know sey the love wey Jehovah get for am no go ever fail. David think about all the time wey Jehovah don take bless am. E dey happy as e dey wait for the time when Jehovah go end im wahala. True true, David see am sey all the time wey e use take wait for Jehovah, no be waste.

If to sey Jehovah no dey patient, e for no tell us make we dey patient

16, 17. Which correct example Jehovah and Jesus don put for ground for us to copy?

16 If to sey Jehovah no dey patient, e for no tell us make we dey patient. Jehovah na the number one example of Person wey dey patient. (Read 2 Peter 3:9.) E don tey wey Jehovah dey wait. For example, Satan lie for garden of Eden sey Jehovah no dey rule well. But Jehovah dey sofri wait for the correct time wey e go settle the matter comot for ground. Bible talk sey: ‘Jehovah dey patient and e dey sofri wait.’ E dey wait for the time when e go finally clean the dirty wey Satan don put for im name. When that time come, Jehovah go really bless the ‘people wey dey use their mind wait for am.’​—Isa. 30:18; ftn.

17 Even Jesus self show sey e ready to wait. When Jesus dey this earth, e no leave Jehovah till e die. Even though sey e come back to life for 33 C.E., e wait until 1914 before e start to rule as King. (Acts 2:33-35; Heb. 10:12, 13) No be only that one. Even after e don rule for One Thousand Years finish, e go still wait before dem destroy all im enemy. (1 Cor. 15:25) Na true sey Jesus go really wait, but we dey sure sey e no go wait for nothing.


18, 19. Wetin go help us use our mind wait?

18 Jehovah want make we dey patient and make e come from our mind to wait for am. But wetin go help us fit do am? We go pray make God give us im spirit. Remember sey God spirit dey help us dey patient. (Eph. 3:16; 6:18; 1 Thess. 5:17-19) So dey beg Jehovah to help you dey patient, as you dey bear wahala.

19 Abraham, Joseph, and David get strong faith for Jehovah and dem trust am. Na this things help dem dey patient. And e still help dem use their mind wait for wetin Jehovah promise dem. Dem no just think about only theirself and wetin dem want. Make we dey think about how things take better for dem. This one go help us use better mind wait for Jehovah.

20. Wetin you don tell yourself sey you go do?

20 We dey face wahala sometimes. But even with that one, make we tell ourself sey we go ‘use better mind wait.’ We trust Jehovah sey e go use im holy spirit help us. Na true sey sometimes, we fit ask Jehovah sey, ‘Which time?’ (Isa. 6:11) But, make we be like Jeremiah wey talk sey: ‘Jehovah na my share. That na why I go show sey I dey use better mind wait for am.’​—Lam. 3:21, 24.

^ par. 11 E reach about 15 chapter for Genesis wey talk about Abraham. Another thing be sey, e pass 70 times wey the people wey write the second part for Bible wey dem dey call Greek Scriptures, talk something about Abraham.

^ par. 14 Saul don rule pass two years, before Jehovah stop to support am. But Jehovah still allow am rule for 38 years before e die.​—1 Sam. 13:1; Acts 13:21.