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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  August 2017

The Peace Wey God Dey Give Pass Wetin Person Fit Understand

The Peace Wey God Dey Give Pass Wetin Person Fit Understand

‘The peace wey God dey give wey pass anything wey person fit understand, go protect how una dey feel.’​—PHIL. 4:7.

SONG: 76, 141

1, 2. Wetin happen to Paul and Silas for Philippi? (Check the first picture.)

DAY don dark well well. Dem put Paul and Silas inside prison for Philippi. The prison dark no be small. Dem no fit move their leg because dem lock their leg for wood. Their back still dey pain dem because dem just beat dem finish. (Acts 16:23, 24) Wetin happen just be like film for their eye! Some group of people drag dem go market. Before dem know wetin dey happen, dem don arrange court to judge their matter. Dem tear their cloth, and dem use cane flog dem well well. (Acts 16:16-22) Wetin dem do dem no good o! Paul get the right wey Rome person get. So, dem no suppose treat am like that. *

2 As Paul dey prison, e dey think about wetin happen to am that day. E dey think about the people for Philippi. Like other city wey e don go, dem no get place where dem dey gather worship  (synagogue) for the city. So dem dey gather near river for outside the city dey worship. (Acts 16:13, 14) That time, the number of men wey fit form where Jew people dey worship na ten. E fit be sey na this one make dem never fit form synagogue. The people for Philippi dey happy sey dem get the right wey Rome people get. (Acts 16:21) Dem know sey Paul and Silas na Jew people. Na this one make dem think sey Paul and Silas no fit get the right wey Rome people get? We no really know. But wetin we know be sey, e no make sense at all as dem put Paul and Silas for prison like that.

3. Wetin fit make Paul surprise as dem put am for prison, but wetin e no do?

3 E fit be sey Paul still think about wetin don happen to am before. E get wetin happen when Paul dey near Aegean Sea, for Asia Minor. When e dey there, e get some place wey holy spirit no gree make e enter go preach. E come be like sey the holy spirit dey push am go another place go preach. (Acts 16:6, 7) Where e want make e go? When Paul dey for Troas, e see one vision. For the vision, dem tell Paul sey: ‘Come Macedonia come help us.’ Paul know sey na Jehovah want make e go Macedonia. So because of that one, e no waste time go there. (Read Acts 16:8-10.) Wetin come happen after that one? E never tey wey Paul reach Macedonia, when dem put am for prison! Wetin make Jehovah let this kind thing happen to am? E go tey for prison? Even though sey all this question dey Paul mind, im faith still strong. E no stop to happy. Paul and Silas come start to ‘dey pray and dem come dey sing dey praise God.’ (Acts 16:25) Na the peace wey God dey give, na im make their mind come down.

4, 5. (a) How our condition fit be like Paul own? (b) How things take change for Paul?

4 Paul allow God holy spirit direct am. Sometimes, God fit still use im spirit direct us too. But things fit no happen the way we think sey e go happen. You fit see yourself for serious wahala. Or something wey you no plan for fit just happen. (Eccl. 9:11) When you dey think about wetin don happen to you, you fit come dey ask why Jehovah let am happen. Wetin fit help you continue to bear the wahala, and still trust Jehovah? Make we talk more about the story of Paul and Silas. This one go help us answer that question.

5 As Paul and Silas dey sing praise to Jehovah, wetin dem no think sey go happen, begin happen. One strong earthquake happen wey shake everywhere. The prison door just open. The chain wey dem take chain all the prisoners come loose. Because of wetin happen, the officer wey dey guide the prison come want kill imself. But Paul quick stop am. This one make the officer and im whole family be Christian and dem come baptize. When day break, the people wey dey rule the city come send people go release Paul and Silas. The people wey dem send come tell Paul and Silas sey make dem sofri comot from the city. Na later dem come know sey Paul and Silas get the right wey Rome people get. Because of that one, dem come see am sey na big mistake dem do as dem take suffer dem like that. So the people wey dey rule the city, escort Paul and Silas comot from the city by theirself. But before dem comot, dem first go tell Lydia bye bye. That time, e never tey wey Lydia baptize. Dem still go meet other brothers to make their faith for God strong pass before. (Acts 16:26-40) Na  once everything just take change for Paul and Silas!


6. Wetin we go learn for this topic?

6 Wetin we learn from the things wey happen to Paul and Silas when dem dey prison? We learn sey, Jehovah go fit do wetin we no even think sey go happen. So when we dey face wahala, make we no dey worry. Wetin happen to Paul and Silas, teach Paul one lesson wey e no forget. We know this one because of the letter wey e write go give the brothers for Philippi. E talk about worry worry and the peace wey God dey give. For this topic, we go talk about wetin Paul write for Philippians 4:6, 7. (Read.) After, we go learn about other people example and how Jehovah take surprise dem. We go still learn how ‘the peace wey God dey give’ fit help us bear problem when we trust Jehovah.

7. Wetin Paul tell the brothers for Philippi, and wetin we fit learn from am?

7 When the brothers for Philippi read Paul letter, wetin come dey their mind? Dem remember wetin happen to am, and how dem no take put mind sey Jehovah go do wetin e do. But wetin Paul tell dem for the letter? E tell dem sey, make dem no dey worry. E still talk sey make dem pray, and God go give dem peace. Paul come talk sey, ‘the peace wey God dey give pass anything wey person fit understand.’ Wetin this one mean? Other people translate this place as ‘e pass anything wey we fit think.’ Or ‘e pass anything wey fit dey human being mind.’ Wetin Paul dey talk be sey, ‘the peace wey God dey give’ make sense pass wetin we think. Sometimes when we dey face problem, we fit no know how we go take comot from inside. But get am for mind sey, Jehovah know. And Jehovah go do wetin we no even put mind sey e go do.​—Read 2 Peter 2:9.

8, 9.(a) Which better thing come out from the suffer wey Paul suffer for Philippi? (b) Wetin make the brothers for Philippi believe wetin Paul write?

8 The letter wey Paul write really encourage the brothers for Philippi. E make dem think about all the things wey Jehovah don dey do for dem. Wetin Paul write na true. Na true sey Jehovah allow those bad things happen to Paul. But this one give am chance to preach the good news. (Phil. 1:7) Fear no go make the people wey dey rule the city do anything to the brothers for the new congregation. After, Paul and Silas comot for Philippi. But Luke wey be doctor, and wey dey preach with Paul, no comot. Paul don first talk sey e get the right wey Rome people get. Maybe na this one make Luke get the mind to stay. This one still give am chance to help the congregation for Philippi.

9 When the brothers for Philippi read Paul letter, dem know sey Paul no just sitdown begin write wetin dey im mind. Paul don face many serious wahala. Even with that one, e show sey e get ‘the peace wey God dey give.’ When Paul write the letter, dem arrest am for house for Rome. But e still dey show sey e get ‘the peace wey God dey give.’​—Phil. 1:12-14; 4:7, 11, 22.


10, 11. When we dey worry too much about our problem, wetin we go do? Wetin e good make we get for mind?

10 Wetin go help you stop to dey worry about anything? And wetin go help you get ‘the peace wey God dey give’? Wetin Paul tell the brothers for Philippi help us know sey worry worry get cure. The cure na prayer. So when something dey worry  you for mind, make you tell Jehovah for prayer. (Read 1 Peter 5:6, 7.) Make you get faith for Jehovah sey e go answer your prayer. Still get am for mind sey Jehovah dey care for you. When you pray, make you ‘dey thank Jehovah for everything’ wey e don do for you. Make you no forget sey God ‘fit do over surplus of everything wey we beg am or think about.’ This one go help us use all our mind trust am.​—Eph. 3:20.

11 Like Paul and Silas, the way Jehovah go take help us fit surprise us. E fit no be wetin big, but Jehovah dey always give us wetin we need. (1 Cor. 10:13) This one no mean sey we go sitdown fold our hand dey wait make Jehovah solve the problem. Make we do wetin go show sey we want make our prayer work. (Rom. 12:11) Wetin we dey do go show sey our prayer really come from our mind. This one go make Jehovah bless wetin we dey do. But make we no forget sey, Jehovah fit do times hundred of wetin we dey ask am to do for us. Sometimes, e get some things wey we no even get for mind, but Jehovah go just do am for us. Make we talk about some people example for Bible wey show sey Jehovah go fit do wetin we no put for mind. This one go help us use all our mind take trust Jehovah.


12. (a) When King Hezekiah hear sey Assyria people want come attack dem, wetin e do? (b) Wetin we learn from the way Jehovah take help im people?

12 Story of many people wey Jehovah surprise dey Bible. Make we talk about Hezekiah. Hezekiah na king of Judah. Sennacherib wey be Assyria king come attack Judah. E destroy all the city for Judah. Na only Jerusalem come remain. (2 Ki. 18:1-3, 13) Later, Sennacherib come face Jerusalem. Wetin King Hezekiah do? E come pray to Jehovah, and e go meet prophet Isaiah to advise am. (2 Ki. 19:5, 15-20) Hezekiah come use im sense. E pay wetin Sennacherib sey make e pay. (2 Ki. 18:14, 15) Hezekiah come prepare wait for dem. (2 Chron. 32:2-4) But Assyria people fit attack Jerusalem? For where! Na only one angel Jehovah send wey destroy 185,000 Assyria soldier. Na only one night the angel take finish dem. Hezekiah no believe im eye when e see wetin Jehovah do for dem!​—2 Ki. 19:35.

Wetin we learn from wetin happen to Joseph?​—Gen. 41:42 (Check paragraph 13)

13. (a) Wetin we learn from Joseph? (b) Wetin happen to Sarah wey surprise am?

13 Another person wey we go talk about na Joseph. Joseph na Jacob pikin. When e dey prison for Egypt, e no think am sey e go be the second oga after Pharaoh. Or sey na im Jehovah go use take save im family from hunger. (Gen. 40:15, ftn.; 41:39-43; 50:20) E clear sey wetin Jehovah do pass wetin Joseph get for mind. What about Sarah? Sarah na Joseph great-grandmama.  Because of how Sarah old reach, you think sey e know sey Jehovah go let am born im own pikin? But Sarah no fit believe im eye when e get belle come born Isaac.​—Gen. 21:1-3, 6, 7.

14. Wetin we know sey Jehovah go do?

14 Make we no think sey Jehovah go do miracle now wey go just comot all our problem before im Kingdom come. And make we no think sey big thing go just happen for our life like that. But we know sey na Jehovah help im servant for Bible time. Jehovah na correct God. (Read Isaiah 43:10-13.) This one dey make our faith for Jehovah strong more more. We get the mind sey e go give us the power wey we need to do wetin e want. (2 Cor. 4:7-9) Wetin we learn from wetin happen to Hezekiah, Joseph, and Sarah? We learn sey when we dey face serious problem, Jehovah go fit help us. Our own be sey make we continue to hold am tight.

If we no leave Jehovah, e go help us face wahala wey we think sey we no fit face

15. Even when we dey face problem, wetin go help us get the ‘peace wey God dey give’? Wetin go make we and Jehovah be tight friend?

15 Even when we dey face wahala, how we fit get the ‘peace wey God dey give’? Na when we dey do things wey go make we and Jehovah be tight friend. We and Jehovah fit be tight friend because of wetin Jesus do. E die for us make we get life wey no go end. This na one of the better thing wey Jehovah don do for us. Because Jesus die for us, we fit be God friend. E still dey make God dey forgive our sin and help us serve am with clean mind.​—John 14:6; Jas. 4:8; 1 Pet. 3:21.


16. Wetin go happen if we get ‘the peace wey God dey give’? Give example.

16 Wetin go happen when we get ‘the peace wey God dey give wey pass anything wey person fit understand’? Bible talk sey e ‘go protect our mind and how we dey feel through Jesus Christ.’ (Phil. 4:7) The word wey dem translate as ‘protect’ (or, “guard”) na word wey soldier dey use for Bible time. Dem dey use am talk about group of soldier wey dem send go protect place. Na so Philippi just be. Because soldiers dey protect the city, the people dey close two eye sleep for night. Na so our mind still dey come down when we get ‘the peace wey God dey give.’ We know sey Jehovah love us, and e want make our life sweet. (1 Pet. 5:10) If we get this one for mind, e go make us no dey worry too much and we no go tire.

17. Wetin go help us trust Jehovah even for great tribulaton?

17 Small time, great tribulation go start. (Matt. 24:21, 22) Nobody know wetin go happen to am that time. But we no need to worry too much. Even though sey we no know everything wey Jehovah go do, we know the kind God wey we dey serve. The story of how e take help people wey serve am dey Bible. We know sey Jehovah go do wetin e get for mind no matter wetin happen. Jehovah fit even do wetin go surprise us. So anytime when Jehovah help us like that, make we see am as new way wey Jehovah take dey give us ‘the peace wey pass wetin human being fit understand.’

^ par. 1 E fit be sey Silas self get the right wey Rome person get.​—Acts 16:37.