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“When We Get Assembly Again?”

“When We Get Assembly Again?”

E GET wetin happen for Mexico City for November 1932. E pass one million people wey dey stay there. The place really busy. The first traffic light wey dem put for the city, make people happy. But now, na another thing come dey make dem happy. People wey dey write news don go stand with their camera for where train dey stop. Dem dey wait for one special visitor. The visitor na Joseph F. Rutherford. Na im be the president of the Watch Tower Society that time. Jehovah Witness people for the area still dey there to welcome am. E dey come follow dem go their three days national convention.

The Golden Age magazine (wey dem dey call Awake! now) talk sey: “E clear sey this convention na something wey dem no go ever forget. The convention dey special because e go make people preach well well for Mexico.” Na about 150 people go this convention. Even though sey dem no many, wetin make am dey special?

Before that convention, the place wey dem don preach for Mexico no plenty. Since 1919, na only small assembly dem dey do. But after some years, the number of congregation for the area come reduce. For 1929 when dem build Bethel for Mexico City, e come be like sey things go better. But things no too easy that time. Organization come tell colporteur (wey we dey call pioneer now) sey make dem stop to do business when dem dey preaching. This one come make one colporteur vex comot for the organization go start im own Bible study group. And that time, the overseer for the branch office come dey do bad. So dem come comot am put another person. E get other Jehovah Witness people for Mexico wey no leave Jehovah. Dem need something wey go encourage dem.

When Brother Rutherford come, e give two talk for the convention wey really encourage dem. E still give five talk wey dem play for radio station. This na the first time wey dem use radio take preach the good news for Mexico. After the convention, the brother wey dem put as the new branch overseer come dey direct the preaching work for Mexico. The brothers and sisters for there come ready to go preach. Dem really put body for the preaching work. And dem know sey Jehovah go bless dem.

Convention wey dem do for Mexico City for 1941

For 1933, dem do two convention for the country. One for Veracruz the other one for Mexico City. The brothers come dey do well for preaching, and better thing come out. For example, for 1931, na only 82 publishers dem get. But after ten years, dem come many pass before times ten! E reach about 1,000 people wey come Mexico City for the 1941 Theocratic Assembly.


For 1943, Jehovah Witness come start to invite people come their “Free Nation’s” Theocratic Assembly. Dem do am for 12 city for Mexico. * Brothers  and sisters use paper wey dem write something put take advertise the Assembly. The paper dey their front and back. Na since 1936 Jehovah Witness people start to use this style.

One newspaper for 1944 wey show the picture of brothers as dem dey advertise the assembly for Mexico City. Paper wey dem write something put dey their body

E get one newspaper wey dem dey call La Nación. E talk about the better thing wey come out from the work wey the brothers do for Mexico City. E talk sey: “The first day for assembly, dem tell dem sey make dem invite more people come. The next day, the people wey come, many well well sotey the place no reach dem.” Because many people come the assembly, Catholic people come dey vex. Dem start to trouble Jehovah Witness people. But even with all this wahala Jehovah Witness people no shake. The newspaper still talk sey: “Everybody for the city see dem.” E still talk sey brothers and sisters start to use paper wey dem wear like cloth take dey advertise. This newspaper show picture of brothers with the paper wey dem wear, as dem dey advertise the assembly for street. Wetin dem write for under the picture na: “Dem full everywhere for street.”


That time, many Jehovah Witness people for Mexico dey do everything wey dem fit do to go convention. Many people dey come from village wey far well well. Road no even dey for train or motor to pass reach some of the village. One congregation write sey, ‘Train no dey fit reach this place.’ So, people wey dey go convention, go use horse or leg take waka for some days before dem fit reach where train dey. Na the train go come carry dem go the convention.

Many of dem no get money. And e no easy for dem to fit pay transport go the convention. When dem reach there, many of dem dey stay with other brothers for the area. And the brothers take care of dem well. Other people sleep for Kingdom Hall. E get one time wey about 90 people stay for Bethel wey dey Mexico. Dem sleep ontop 20 carton of book wey dem arrange, and dem like am. The brothers talk for one Yearbook sey the carton wey dem sleep put “soft and warm pass ground wey dem cement.”

The brothers and sisters wey go the assembly happy well well no be small. Dem no regret am at all even though sey e no easy for dem to come. Jehovah Witness for Mexico today, almost reach one million. Dem still dey show sey dem like wetin people do for dem. * Our Yearbook for 1949 talk sey, even though sey things no easy for the brothers at all, that one no dey stop dem to go assembly. Anytime wey dem go assembly come back, na about the assembly dem go dey talk about, even though sey e don tey wey dem go. The question wey the brothers dey always ask na, “When We Get Assembly Again?” Wetin the yearbook talk na true. The way e be that time, na so e still be today.​—⁠Better story about us for Central America.

^ par. 9 The Yearbook for 1944 talk something about this assembly. E sey this assembly make dem know Jehovah Witness people for Mexico.

^ par. 14 For 2016, na 2,262,646 people go Memorial for Mexico.