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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  August 2016

You No Think Sey You Need to Train People?

You No Think Sey You Need to Train People?

‘I go teach una wetin good.’PROV. 4:2.

SONG: 93, 96

1, 2. Why we suppose train people wey go dey handle things for congregation?

NA PREACHING be the main work wey Jesus do. But e still take time train people wey go sabi teach and wey go be overseer for congregation. (Matt. 10:5-7) Even though people know Philip as person wey dey preach well well, e still train the four girls wey im born to sabi how to preach well. (Acts 21:8, 9) Why e good make we dey train people like that today?

2 Today, the people for this world wey dey enter Jehovah organization dey plenty well well. Na im make we need to dey help new ones wey never baptize. Dem need to know sey e good make dem dey do their personal Bible study. We suppose teach dem how to preach and teach wetin dey inside Bible. We need to talk to brothers for our congregation so that dem go get the character wey go make dem fit be ministerial servant and elder. Dem go do well if we ‘teach dem wetin good.’—Prov. 4:2.


3, 4. (a) How Paul take explain sey Bible study fit make person do well for preaching? (b) Before we go fit help our Bible student dey do personal Bible study, wetin we go first dey do?

3 Why e good make we dey do personal Bible study? The answer dey the letter wey apostle Paul write go give the brothers and sisters wey dey Colossae. E write sey: ‘We never stop to pray for una and to dey beg sey make una sabi the correct truth well about wetin [God] want, with all the good sense and the things wey God spirit dey make us sabi, make una fit dey waka the way wey Jehovah want so that una go do wetin e like well, as una dey produce fruit for every good thing and as una dey sabi the correct truth about God more more.’ (Col. 1:9, 10) The correct truth go help the brothers and sisters wey dey Colossae to ‘fit dey waka the way wey Jehovah want’ so that dem go do wetin Jehovah like well. This one go make dem ‘dey produce fruit wey go show for all the good work,’ especially for their preaching work. If any of Jehovah servant want really do Jehovah work well, e go need to arrange im time well so that e fit dey do personal Bible study. E good make we let our Bible student carry this one for mind.

4 We go first see the gain wey dey for personal Bible study before we fit help another person see the gain wey dey. Make we get time to dey read and study Bible, and make we try no miss am. So we fit ask ourself sey: ‘When person talk wetin no dey inside Bible or ask me question wey hard for preaching, I fit use Bible answer the question well? When I dey read about Jesus, Paul and other people wey no tire to preach, I dey think about wetin I suppose learn from dem wey go help me dey serve Jehovah well?’ E no get who no need advice wey dey inside Bible. So if we don gain well well from our personal Bible study, then we go know how to help other people make dem still gain from their personal Bible study.

5. How you think sey we fit help our Bible student to arrange their time well for personal Bible study?

5 You fit come ask sey, ‘How I fit train my student to dey do personal Bible study? You fit use the book wey you dey study with am show am how to prepare for una study. You fit tell am make e read some part for the appendix wey dey the back of What Does the Bible Really Teach? book; and make e still  check the Bible verse dem. Help am learn how to prepare for meeting make e fit answer question. Tell am make e try dey read Watchtower and Awake! as dem dey come out. If im language get Watchtower Library or Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY, you fit show am how to use am answer question about Bible. Because of how you take help am, your Bible student fit come dey enjoy im personal Bible study.

6. (a) Wetin you fit do to help your student like Bible well well? (b) How your student go feel if e don like Bible well well?

6 No be sey we go force people read and study Bible. But, make our student dey enjoy im personal study and make the study help am sabi Jehovah well well. Make we use the things wey Jehovah organization don give us take help am to like Bible well well. As time dey go, the student go feel like the person wey sing for Bible sey: ‘To near you na im better for me. Na you Jehovah my King, I don take as the place wey I fit run hide when wahala dey.’ (Ps. 73:28) Jehovah no go leave that kind student wey get better mind; im spirit go help am.


7. How Jesus take train people to sabi preach and teach? (Go check the first picture.)

7 Matthew chapter 10 tell us wetin and wetin Jesus tell im 12 apostle to do. E tell dem the main things wey e want make dem do. [1] Dem listen to Jesus as e dey teach dem how to preach well. Na im all of dem come go preaching. Before you know, dem come sabi how to teach because dem don learn from Jesus. (Matt. 11:1) We fit train our Bible student to sabi preach and teach well. Make we talk about two way to train dem.

8, 9. (a) How Jesus take talk to people wey e dey preach to? (b) Wetin we fit do to help new publishers to sabi talk with people like Jesus?

8 Sabi talk well. Many times, Jesus talk to people about God Kingdom. For example, for Jacob well wey near the city of Sychar, Jesus get better result from the fine way wey e take talk to one woman. (John 4:5-30) E still talk to one tax collector wey im name na Matthew Levi. Bible no tell us plenty things about wetin dem talk but when Jesus tell am make e follow am, e agree. Matthew and other people wey dey the party wey dem do for Matthew house, hear Jesus as e dey talk.—Matt. 9:9; Luke 5:27-39.

9 Another time, Jesus talk to Nathanael like sey dem be friend before, even if Nathanael no like people wey come from Nazareth. But, Nathanael come change. E come learn many things from wetin Jesus dey teach, even though sey Jesus come from Nazareth. (John 1:46-51) So e good make we train new publishers to sabi talk with people well. [2] When dem don sabi, body go sweet dem to see sey people dey listen to dem because dem sabi talk with person well.

10-12. (a) How Jesus take show sey e ready to help people wey want learn Bible? (b) Wetin we fit do to help new publishers to know how to teach and preach wetin dey Bible?

10 Go back go check people wey want learn. Na true sey the time wey Jesus get to take preach small, but e still go back go check people wey want learn. For example, na inside boat Jesus dey when e teach plenty people. Na that time e do miracle wey make Peter catch plenty fish. And e come tell Peter sey: ‘From now, na people you go dey catch alive.’ Which better thing come  out from wetin Jesus talk and wetin e do? Peter and people wey dey with am ‘come carry the boat go back go drop for land and dem leave everything follow [Jesus].’—Luke 5:1-11.

11 One Sanhedrin member wey im name na Nicodemus, come dey like wetin Jesus dey teach. E want learn more from Jesus but e no know wetin other people go talk if dem see am go meet Jesus. So e dodge go meet Jesus for night. Jesus no drive am. Jesus dey always use im time talk to people about God. (John 3:1, 2) Wetin this story teach us? Jesus dey always get time for people so that e fit tell dem wetin go make their faith strong. So, e good make we always get time to go check and study Bible with people wey want learn.

12 If we dey follow new publishers waka for preaching, dem go sabi dey preach and teach wetin dey Bible. Make we tell dem sey, make dem still go back go check people wey no too listen to dem. Make dem follow us go check our return visit and Bible student. If we dey advise and train dem like that, dem go ready to go back go check people wey want learn and dem go fit study person even if you no follow dem. Dem go still learn sey dem need to dey patient and dem no need to tire to go check people for preaching.—Gal. 5:22; check the box “ No Tire to Check the Person!


13, 14. (a) Wetin you learn from people for Bible wey do everything wey dem fit do to help other people? (b) How we fit help new publisher and our pikin dem know why e good to help people for congregation?

13 Bible tell us why e good to help our brothers and sisters and to show sey we love dem. (Read 1 Peter 1:22; Luke 22:24-27.) Jesus do everything to help other people, sotey e die for dem. (Matt. 20:28) Dorcas ‘dey always do good and e like to help people wey no get.’ (Acts 9:36, 39) Bible talk about one sister for Rome wey im name na Mary; e ‘do plenty work’ for people wey dey congregation. (Rom. 16:6) How we fit help new publishers know why e good to help their brothers and sisters?

Help new publisher know why e good to help brothers and sisters for congregation (Check paragraphs 13, 14)

14 We fit tell dem sey make dem follow us go visit brother or sister wey no well or wey don old. Sometimes, papa and mama fit carry their pikin follow body for this kind visit. Elders fit arrange am with other publishers to make sure sey brothers and sisters wey don old dey stay for clean house and dey see better food chop. Na so our pikin dem and new publisher go take learn how to help other people. One elder wey im territory dey one village, dey use small time take check brothers and sisters when e dey preach. So, one young brother wey dey always follow am come learn sey we suppose love everybody for congregation.—Rom. 12:10.

15. Why e good make elders help the brothers wey dey congregation?

15 Because na brothers Jehovah dey use teach us for congregation, e good make dem sabi give talk well. If you be elder, which ministerial servant you don help to sabi give talk? If you help am, e fit come dey teach Bible well for congregation.—Neh. 8:8. [3]

16, 17. (a) Wetin Paul do to make sure sey e train Timothy well? (b) Wetin elders fit do to train brothers wey go be overseer for congregation?

16 We need plenty overseer for congregation and we need to dey train  brothers wey go be overseer tomorrow. We fit learn how we go train dem from wetin Paul tell Timothy, e sey: ‘You, my pikin, continue to dey get power from God favor wey dey inside Jesus Christ; and the things wey you hear from my mouth, wey many people support, carry this things give men wey you fit trust, wey really fit teach other people.’ (2 Tim. 2:1, 2) Timothy learn many things from apostle Paul, wey be elder. E come dey use wetin e learn from Paul for im preaching and as e dey serve Jehovah.—2 Tim. 3:10-12.

17 Paul make sure sey e train Timothy well. E carry Timothy follow body. (Acts 16:1-5) Elders fit do like Paul. Sometimes, make dem dey carry ministerial servant follow body, if dem go shepherding call. The ministerial servant go come get chance to see by imself wetin e mean for overseer to sabi teach, to dey patient, to get faith and love. Dem go learn how to take care of ‘God sheep.’—1 Pet. 5:2.


18. Why e good make we train people to do Jehovah work?

18 Why e good to train people? Because as we dey near the end of this world, different different chance to preach go dey. Another thing be sey, many people dey enter Jehovah organization and dem need to train dem to do Jehovah work. Make we do like Jesus and Paul. Jehovah want make we train im servant dem well, so that dem fit work for am. Make we no take am play.

19. Why we get the mind sey people wey we train go do well?

19 Na true sey to train people no easy and e dey chop time. But Jehovah and Jesus go help us and give us the sense wey we need to take train dem. We go happy to see sey the people wey we help dey ‘work well well’ and dem dey try for Jehovah work. (1 Tim. 4:10) And make we self no stop to do well for congregation as we dey serve Jehovah.

^ [1] (paragraph 7) Jesus tell dem sey (1) Make dem preach the correct message. (2) Make wetin God give dem reach dem. (3) Make dem no dey argue with people. (4) Make dem trust God when people give dem trouble. (5) Make dem no let fear make dem stop to do wetin God want.

^ [2] (paragraph 9) For inside Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, pp. 62-64, we go see better way wey we fit talk to people when we dey preach to dem.

^ [3] (paragraph 15) For inside Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education, pp. 52-61, we go see how we fit sabi give talk well for congregation.