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Around 1920, when Johannes Rauthe dey preach


“I Thank Jehovah Sey I Dey Help People Learn About Am”

“I Thank Jehovah Sey I Dey Help People Learn About Am”

“ALL the war wey don happen before be like nothing when you look am with the kind serious suffer wey dey Europe now.” Na so The Watch Tower for September 1, 1915 take write about wetin happen for world war one wey about 30 country join fight. The Watch Tower still talk sey because of this war, the Bible Student dem no come fit dey preach like before, especially for Germany and France.

Other country come dey join the war. Even some of the Bible Student dem come dey put hand for the war because dem never too understand wetin Bible talk about war matter. But, dem get am for mind sey dem must preach the good news about God Kingdom. For example, Wilhelm Hildebrandt order plenty The Bible Students Monthly book, for French language. No be ‘colporteur’ (pioneer) work carry am go France but, na soldier work Germany send am go do for France. As e dey preach, people wey dey pass dey surprise because im suppose be their enemy since e wear army uniform but instead, e dey preach about peace.

Some letter wey dey inside The Watch Tower show sey, even if some Bible Student dem for Germany join army, dem still want preach. Brother Lemke wey work for navy talk about five people wey dey work with am for ship wey like the good news. E write sey: “Even inside this ship, I thank Jehovah sey I dey help people learn about am.”

Georg Kayser go fight war as soldier but e come back as Jehovah servant. How that one take happen? E manage get one of the book wey Bible Student print, e really like the truth wey e learn, and e come stop to fight as soldier. E start to do work wey no go make am fight. When the war end, e do pioneer work for many years.

Even though the Bible Student no really sabi why dem no suppose put hand for war matter, their character different well well from other people  own. As politician and people wey dey lead for church dey support different different country for the war, the Bible Student dem dey support the ‘Prince of Peace.’ (Isa. 9:6) Even some of dem wey no too see why dem no suppose put hand for the war, still believe wetin one Bible Student Konrad Mörtter talk. E sey: ‘E clear from wetin dey Bible sey Christian no suppose kill.’—Ex. 20:13. *

Hans Hölterhoff use this counter dey show people The Golden Age

E pass 20 Bible Student for Germany wey no gree join army. Germany no get law wey go let dem do another work apart from army work. Dem come talk sey something dey worry some of the Bible Student for head. Dem carry Gustav Kujath go where craze people dey stay, come give am medicine wey no good for im body. Dem still put Hans Hölterhoff for prison because e no gree join army. For there, e no gree do any work wey concern the war. The soldier dem tie am with wetin dem take dey tie mad person until blood no come dey flow for im leg. When this one no work, dem come arrange things like sey dem want kill am. But Hans no still gree join the war till the war end.

Other brothers wey dem choose to join army, no gree carry gun. Dem talk sey dem want work wey no go make dem fight. * Johannes Rauthe na one of dem; dem send am make e go work for railway. Dem put Konrad Mörtter for hospital make e dey work and dem give Reinhold Weber nurse work. August Krafzig self happy sey the work wey dem give am no let am join the fight. Wetin give dem and other Bible Student mind to serve Jehovah well, na the strong love wey dem get for Jehovah.

Because the Bible Student dem no gree join army when war dey, the government for Germany come dey monitor dem. After the war, na plenty plenty times dem carry the Bible Student dem go court because dem dey preach. To fit help the Bible Student dem, the branch office for Germany come get legal department for Bethel wey dey Magdeburg.

As time dey go, Jehovah Witness people come dey understand wetin Bible talk about war and politics well. When second world war start, dem no put hand at all. Germany come dey suffer dem well well because dem see Jehovah people like their enemy. We go talk about that one for another “Better Story About Us Wey Don Happen.”—Better story about us for Central Europe (From our archives in Central Europe.)

^ par. 7 Go check the topic “From Our Archives—They Stood Firm in an ‘Hour of Test’” wey dey May 15, 2013, Watchtower. You go see wetin happen for World War I to all the Bible Student for Britain.

^ par. 9 Wetin dem do dey Volume VI for Millennial Dawn (1904) and e still dey August 1906, Zion’s Watch Tower for German language. For inside The Watch Tower, September 1915, wetin we believe change, and e sey make the Bible Student dem no dey join army. But this topic no dey the one for German language.