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Wetin Go Comot When God Kingdom Come?

Wetin Go Comot When God Kingdom Come?

‘The world and the things wey e like, dey comot. But the person wey do wetin God want go remain forever.’​—1 JOHN 2:17.

SONG: 134, 24

1, 2. (a) How this world take be like thief wey dem want go kill? (Check the first picture.) (b) How people go feel when God destroy this world?

AS POLICE for prison dey carry one thief go where dem go kill am, dem come dey shout sey: ‘Na dead body dey waka so!’ Why this police dem dey talk this kind thing? The man body strong; e no be like person wey sickness want kill. The truth be sey, the police dem dey carry am go where dem go kill am for the bad thing wey e do. So for their eye the thief don already die. *

2 We fit talk sey this world just be like that man wey go soon die. How? E don tey wey Jehovah promise sey e go destroy this world and now the time don near well well. Bible even talk sey: ‘The world dey comot.’ (1 John 2:17) So this one show sey, true true, this world go soon end. But the way this world go take end really different from that thief own. When dem want kill the thief, some people fit talk sey dem no judge the matter well, make dem no kill am, or make dem wait small before dem kill am. But for this world own, Jehovah wey  judge am no dey make mistake or do partial. (Deut. 32:4) E no go let this world stay pass when e want, and nobody go fit talk sey e no judge the matter well. When God don destroy this wicked world, everybody wey dey heaven and earth go gree sey God no do partial for the matter. All of us go come free like person wey dem comot heavy load for im head!

3. Which four things we go talk about wey God Kingdom go comot?

3 Wetin be the ‘world’ wey Bible talk sey ‘dey comot’? Many things wey people today dey feel sey no go fit comot, go comot when the Kingdom come. Na bad news be this? For where! The truth be sey, e dey among the ‘good news about God Kingdom’ wey we dey preach. (Matt. 24:14) Make we come talk about four things wey go comot when the Kingdom come. (1) Wicked people, (2) bad religion, bad government and bad business, (3) bad things wey people dey do, and (4) bad condition. We go learn how this things take dey affect us now, wetin Jehovah go do and how e go take change dem to better one.


4. How wicked people take dey affect us now?

4 How wicked people take dey affect us now? After apostle Paul don talk sey ‘things go hard well well’ for our time, e still talk sey ‘wicked people and people wey dey pretend, go bad more more.’ (2 Tim. 3:1-5, 13) Wetin e talk dey happen? We know sey e dey happen. Many of us fit don suffer for armed robber or bad boys hand before. And some people fit hate us because we no come from their place. Some wicked people fit dey pretend to be better people, the way 419 dey do. Even if no be we dem come meet, we still dey suffer because of their bad work. E dey pain us when we hear the kind thing wey dem dey do; how dem take dey oppress small pikin, old people and people wey no get who fit help dem. Wicked people dey behave like wicked animal and their character just be like Devil own. (Jas. 3:15) But e sweet us sey Bible get better news for us.

5. (a) Which chance wicked people still get? (b) Wetin go happen to wicked people wey no gree change?

5 Wetin Jehovah go do? Jehovah dey give wicked people chance to change now. (Isa. 55:7) Even if Bible talk sey God go soon destroy this world, God never judge wicked people sey dem no fit repent. But what of the ones wey no gree repent till great tribulation start? Bible talk sey small time, bad people no go dey again. (Read Psalm 37:10.) Wicked people fit dey think sey nothing go happen to dem. Many of dem don sabi how to hide the bad things wey dem dey do. And many times because of how this world be, nobody dey punish dem for wetin dem do. (Job 21:7, 9) But make we no forget wetin Bible talk. E sey: ‘God dey see how person take dey live im life, and E dey see everything wey e dey do. E no get place wey dark or secret place wey bad people fit hide.’ (Job 34:21, 22) So, dem no fit hide from Jehovah at all! No pretender fit deceive am, no place too dark wey God no go see. Na im make, after Armageddon we go look where dem dey stay but we no go see dem. Yes, we no go ever see dem again!—Ps. 37:12-15.

6. Which people go remain when wicked people no dey again, and why that one be better news?

6 Which people go remain when  wicked people no dey again? Wetin Jehovah promise go touch you. E sey: ‘Na people wey dey carry body down go stay for this earth. Dem go happy well well because peace dey everywhere.’ Bible still talk sey: ‘Na good people God go give this earth, and dem go stay there forever.’ (Ps. 37:11, 29) This ‘people wey dey carry body down,’ na people wey ready to learn and follow wetin Jehovah talk. And the ‘good people’ na people wey e dey sweet dem to do wetin Jehovah like. Today, wicked people plenty pass good people. But for the new world wey dey come, we no go talk sey na good people plenty or small pass because na only dem go remain. True true, na this kind people go make this earth be paradise!


7. How bad religion, government and business take dey affect us today?

7 How bad religion, government and business take dey affect us today? Many problem wey we get today na from religion, government and business. For example, think about the religion dem wey dey teach people lie lie about who God be, about Bible, this earth, how our tomorrow go be and many other lie. Or what of government wey dey make people fight war and kill theirself, wey dey oppress poor people, people wey no get who go help dem, and wey dey like do partial and collect bribe? What of big big company wey sabi only theirself? E no concern dem whether their business dey spoil people property, water, air or even this earth. Dem ready to play people wayo so that dem go get plenty money. E clear sey bad religion, government and business dey make many people suffer today.

8. Wetin Bible talk sey go happen to bad religion, government and business?

8 Wetin Jehovah go do? Great tribulation go start when government go attack all the fake religion wey Bible call Babylon the Great. (Rev. 17:1, 2, 16; 18:1-4) Dem go make sure sey fake religion no dey again. What of bad government and business, wetin go happen to dem? Bible talk sey dem be like mountain and island wey people dey feel sey nothing fit scatter. (Read Revelation 6:14.) But, Bible talk sey God go pull dem comot from ground. Great tribulation go end when God don destroy all the government for this world and the people wey dey support dem. (Jer. 25:31-33) After that one, bad religion, government and business no go dey again!

9. Wetin give us mind sey dem go arrange the new earth well?

9 Wetin go remain when bad religion, government and business no dey again? After Armageddon, anything like government go still dey this earth? See wetin Bible talk: ‘We dey wait for new heaven and new earth as God promise us and na people wey dey do wetin God talk go dey there.’ (2 Pet. 3:13) The old heaven and old earth wey be bad government and the bad people wey dey support dem, go comot. Wetin go come remain? Na ‘new heaven and new earth.’ ‘New heaven’ na the new government or God Kingdom wey go rule this earth and the ‘new earth’ na the good people wey that government go dey rule. Na Jesus go be King for that Kingdom and e go do like Jehovah, the God wey dey arrange things well. (1 Cor. 14:33) That one mean sey Jesus go arrange the ‘new  earth’ well. Better people wey go take care of things go dey there. (Ps. 45:16) Na Jesus and the 144,000 wey go join am rule, go dey direct dem. Think about how life go be when bad government, bad religion, and bad business no dey. That time, na God Kingdom go be the only government. People wey go rule and people wey dem go rule go get one mind, and the Kingdom no go ever bad!


10. Which kind bad things dey happen for where you dey live, and how e dey affect you and your family?

10 How the bad things wey people dey do today take dey affect us? Na so so bad things people dey do for this world today. Dem dey put hand for sex matter wey no clean for God eye, dey lie, dey play wayo and dey like to fight and kill. E no easy for papa and mama to protect their children and theirself from this bad things. The film and music wey people dey watch today dey make bad things be like good things. And dem want make people feel sey the law wey dey Bible na old school. (Isa. 5:20) Make we no let this one affect us. Instead, make we show sey na wetin Jehovah want we go do. Make we live the kind life wey go make people respect Jehovah law.

11. Wetin we learn from wetin Jehovah do Sodom and Gomorrah?

11 Wetin Jehovah go do about the bad things wey people dey do today? Think about wetin Jehovah do when the bad things wey people for Sodom and Gomorrah dey do come too much. (Read 2 Peter 2:6-8.) Lot na better person and the bad things wey people do that time really worry im and im family. Jehovah come destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. The bad things wey people dey do for there come stop. True true, wetin Jehovah do dey show us ‘wetin go happen to bad people’ for our time. As Jehovah take end the bad things wey people dey do that time, na so e go still be when e go destroy this world.

12. Which work you go like do for the new earth wey Jehovah go soon bring?

12 Wetin go remain when the bad things wey people dey do don stop? For the new earth wey God go soon bring, people go do better things wey go make dem happy. Just think about the work wey we go do to make this earth paradise. How e go be when we go build our own house and other people own? Or when we go welcome many people wey don die come back to life again and teach dem about Jehovah and the things wey e don do? (Isa. 65:21, 22; Acts 24:15) That time, we go dey do the kind work wey go make us happy well well and make us praise Jehovah!


13. How condition be today because of wetin Satan, Adam and Eve do?

13 How bad condition take dey affect us today? Wicked people, bad government, religion and business plus the bad things wey people dey do, don make condition for this world bad well well. Who fit talk sey war, poverty, sickness, or death never affect am before? Or sey e never see people wey dey oppress who no come from their place? All of us dey suffer this bad condition because of Satan, Adam, and Eve. Dem no want make God rule dem again. And nobody go fit run comot from the wahala wey dem cause.

14. Give example of wetin Jehovah go do about the bad condition wey we dey face today?

 14 Wetin Jehovah go do about bad condition? Bible talk sey Jehovah go end war forever. (Read Psalm 46:8, 9.) What of sickness? Jehovah go comot am. (Isa. 33:24) People go die again? Bible talk sey death no go dey again! Jehovah go comot am. (Isa. 25:8) You think sey poverty go still dey? For where! E no go dey again. (Ps. 72:12-16) Jehovah go remove everything wey dey make condition bad for us today. E go even comot Satan and im demons wey dey make people do bad things.—Eph. 2:2.

How you think sey life go be when war, sickness and death no dey again? (Check paragraph 15)

15. Wetin be some things wey we no go see again after Armageddon?

15 How you think sey this world go be when war, sickness and death no dey? When army, navy or air force no dey? You no go see gun, bomb and other things wey dem take dey fight war. Hospital, doctor, nurse, mortuary and grave no go dey again! You think sey we go need key, padlock, alarm or even police when thief or bad people no dey again? When all this things don comot, nothing go worry or disturb us again!

16, 17. (a) How people wey no go die for Armageddon go feel, and why? (b) Wetin we go do so that we go remain when God destroy this wicked world?

16 How life go be when bad condition no dey again? E hard to really know how life go sweet reach that time. Why? We don too see bad condition for life sotey e no come be anything for many people. Na so e be for people wey their house near where train dey pass, the noise fit no be anything for dem again. Even people wey their house near where dem dey trowey dirty, their nose fit don master the smell. But, how you think sey dem go feel if Jehovah comot all this bad condition? You no think sey dem go happy?

17 Wetin go come remain when all our wahala don comot? Psalm 37:11 talk sey: ‘Dem go happy well well because peace go dey everywhere.’ You go happy to know sey na that kind life Jehovah dey arrange wait for us! So, make you do everything wey you fit do so that you no go leave Jehovah and im organization even as condition bad so! No forget wetin Jehovah don promise, dey think about am, feel am like sey Jehovah don already do am and make you still dey tell other people. (1 Tim. 4:15, 16; 1 Pet. 3:15) If you do this things, get am for mind sey you no go dey among the bad people wey go comot with this wicked world. But you go remain, you go dey alive and you go happy forever!

^ par. 1 This paragraph dey talk wetin dey happen before before for prison wey dey some area for United States.