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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  April 2017

Jehovah ‘Wey Dey Judge the Whole World’ Go Always Do the Correct Thing

Jehovah ‘Wey Dey Judge the Whole World’ Go Always Do the Correct Thing

‘Na im be the Rock. Mistake no dey wetin e dey do because e dey always do the correct thing.’​—DEUT. 32:4.

SONG: 112, 89

1. How Abraham take show sey e trust Jehovah to judge well? (Check the first picture.)

WHEN Jehovah want destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham ask am sey: ‘You wey dey judge the whole world, no be the correct thing you go do?’ (Gen. 18:25) Why Abraham ask this question? Na because e believe sey Jehovah go judge the matter well. Abraham dey sure sey Jehovah no go ever ‘kill good person join wicked person.’ After about 400 years, Jehovah talk something about imself wey Moses write. E write sey: ‘Na im be the Rock. Mistake no dey wetin e dey do because e dey always do the correct thing. Im na God wey no dey fail person, wey no dey ever do partial. E dey do the correct thing and im way straight.’—Deut. 31:19; 32:4.

2. Why we dey sure sey Jehovah go always judge matter well?

2 Wetin make Abraham dey sure sey Jehovah go always judge well? Because to do the correct thing dey Jehovah  character. The truth be sey, for Hebrew language, ‘to judge well’ and to ‘do the correct thing’ mean the same thing. So, e make sense to talk sey since e dey Jehovah character to do the correct thing, we believe sey e go always judge any matter well. Bible still let us know sey e dey sweet Jehovah to judge well and to do wetin correct.—Ps. 33:5.

3. Give example of the kind partial wey dey happen for this world today?

3 Our mind dey come down to know sey Jehovah dey always judge matter well. But, many people dey suffer today because na so so partial full this world. For example, some people don dey prison for many years for wetin dem no do. But na when police start to use science test different things from people body, dem come know sey na people wey their hand clean dem put for prison. All this things dey make people vex and even tire for life. Jehovah servant fit bear this kind suffer, whether e happen to dem or to another person. But if this kind thing happen for congregation, e fit hard dem to bear.


4. Wetin fit make Jehovah servant stop to use better mind serve Jehovah?

4 E fit no pain Jehovah servant if person wey no dey serve Jehovah no treat am well. But, if person for congregation no treat us or another person well, e fit make us stop to use better mind serve Jehovah. So, if you feel sey congregation no treat you well, wetin you go do? You go stop to serve Jehovah because of wetin happen to you?

5. Why e no go surprise us if person for congregation no treat us or another person well?

5 All of us dey do mistake. So e good make we know sey brothers and sisters for congregation fit no treat us well sometimes and we self fit no treat dem well. (1 John 1:8) Even if this kind thing no too dey happen, make e no surprise us or make us stop to serve Jehovah if e happen. No wonder Jehovah give us better advice for Bible wey go help us continue to do wetin correct if brother or sister for congregation no treat us well.—Ps. 55:12-14.

6, 7. How some brothers take treat Brother Diehl? Wetin help am leave the matter for Jehovah hand?

6 Make we talk about wetin happen to Brother Willi Diehl. From 1931, Brother Diehl start to work for Bethel wey dey where dem dey call Bern, for Switzerland. For 1946, e graduate from the eighth class of Gilead School for New York, U.S.A. Dem come send am go circuit work for Switzerland. When e talk story about im life, e sey: ‘For May 1949, I tell branch office for Bern sey I want marry.’ Wetin dem come tell am? Dem tell am sey e no go do any work for Jehovah organization again apart from regular pioneer. Brother Diehl still talk other things wey happen, e sey: ‘Dem no let me give talk again. Many brothers no come dey greet me and my wife. We come be like people wey dem disfellowship.’

7 Wetin Brother Diehl do about this matter? E sey: ‘But, me and my wife know sey Bible no talk sey make person no marry. Na prayer and the trust wey we get for Jehovah help us.’ Na true sey some brothers that time no understand everything about marriage wey concern person for special full time. But as time dey go, dem come dey understand. Dem later allow Brother Diehl do the  work wey im dey do before for Jehovah organization. Because e no leave Jehovah, Jehovah bless am. * So make we ask ourself: ‘I go fit do like Brother Diehl wey wait make Jehovah handle the matter? Or, I want correct the matter by myself?’—Prov. 11:2; read Micah 7:7.

8. Wetin fit make you dey think sey person for congregation no treat you or another person well?

8 No still forget sey you fit make mistake think sey person for congregation no treat you or another person well. We fit think like that because of the sin wey dey our body or because we no know everything about the matter. Whether wetin we think correct or e no correct, make we pray to Jehovah, make we trust am and hold am tight. This one go help us make we no ‘come dey vex for Jehovah.’—Read Proverbs 19:3.

9. Which people example we go talk about for this topic and the next topic?

9 Make we come see wetin we fit learn from three people wey serve Jehovah for Bible time wey dem no treat well. For this topic, we go talk about Joseph wey be Abraham great grandpikin and wetin im brothers do am. For the next topic, we go talk about how Jehovah treat King Ahab for Israel and wetin happen to apostle Peter for Syrian Antioch. This example dem go help you know how to leave matter for Jehovah hand. E go still help you see how to continue to do wetin Jehovah like, even when you feel sey people no treat you well.


10, 11. (a) Wetin Joseph suffer? (b) Which chance Joseph get when e dey prison?

10 Joseph na person wey serve Jehovah well. Even though people wey no dey serve Jehovah treat am anyhow, na wetin im own brothers do am na im pain am pass. Joseph dey 17 years when im brothers kidnap am, come sell am as slave. E come go be slave for Egypt, even if no be wetin e want. (Gen. 37:23-28; 42:21) When e dey Egypt, dem come lie sey e want rape one woman. Dem no judge the matter before dem put am for prison. (Gen. 39:17-20) Joseph suffer as slave and prisoner for 13 years. Wetin we fit learn from Joseph example wey go help us if brothers or sisters for congregation no treat us well?

11 For the prison, Joseph see chance talk to another prisoner about wetin dem do am. Before dem put this person for prison, na im be the oga of people wey dey serve the king wine. When im and Joseph dey prison, e come dream. Jehovah help Joseph tell am the meaning of the dream. Im dream mean sey Pharaoh go release am from prison and put am for the position wey e dey before. After Joseph explain give am finish, Joseph come tell am about wetin happen to am. We fit learn better thing from wetin Joseph talk and wetin e no talk.—Gen. 40:5-13.

12, 13. (a) Wetin Joseph talk wey show sey e want do something about im condition? (b) Wetin Joseph no tell the oga of the people wey dey serve Pharaoh wine?

12 Read Genesis 40:14, 15. Joseph talk for Bible sey dem ‘kidnap’ am. E clear sey dem no treat Joseph well. Joseph still talk sey dem put am for prison for wetin e no do. Na im make e  tell the oga of the people wey dey give Pharaoh wine sey make e tell Pharaoh about wetin happen. Wetin Joseph want? E talk sey: ‘So that I fit comot for this place.’

13 E clear sey Joseph want do something about im condition, no be so? E know wetin e don suffer for people hand. Na im make e tell that man for prison about wetin happen so that the man fit help am. But, Bible no tell us for anywhere sey Joseph tell anybody sey na im brothers kidnap am. E no even tell Pharaoh! No wonder, after Joseph forgive im brothers when dem come Egypt, Pharaoh welcome dem and tell dem sey make dem come dey stay Egypt. Pharaoh still promise dem sey dem go enjoy ‘the better things wey dey Egypt.’—Gen. 45:16-20.

Amebo or aproko be like fuel wey dem add join fire (Check paragraph 14)

14. Wetin go help us no do amebo or aproko if we feel sey dem no treat us well for congregation?

14 If person wey dey serve Jehovah think sey dem no treat am well for congregation, make e sofri so that e no go start to use the matter do amebo or aproko. Na true sey we fit ask elders make dem help us when problem dey and when we know about the bad thing wey person for congregation do. (Lev. 5:1) But many times when the matter no too serious, we fit settle am with the person. We fit no need another person or even elders to help us settle am. (Read Matthew 5:23, 24; 18:15.) Make we put Jehovah for mind and follow wetin Bible talk when we dey settle the matter. Sometimes, we fit come even see sey the matter no be as we think am. We go happy if we no start to use person name do amebo, like person wey dey add fuel join fire. No forget sey whether dem treat you well or dem no treat you well, aproko no go change anything. If we get am for mind to stand for Jehovah and our brothers side, we no  go begin do amebo. Bible talk sey: ‘Person wey im way pure no dey use im mouth spoil person name, e no dey do im neighbor bad, and e no dey talk bad thing about im friend.’—Ps. 15:2, 3; Jas. 3:5.


15. How Jehovah take bless Joseph because e do wetin E like?

15 We still learn another better thing from Joseph. E do wetin Jehovah like all the 13 years wey e take suffer. (Gen. 45:5-8) E no ever talk sey na Jehovah cause im problem. Even though sey e no forget wetin e suffer, that one no make am use bad mind serve Jehovah. The one wey better pass be sey, e no let other people mistake and the bad thing wey dem do am, make am leave Jehovah. Because Joseph no leave Jehovah, e see how Jehovah take correct the matter and how e take bless am with im family.

16. Like Joseph, wetin we go do if dem no treat us well for congregation?

16 Like Joseph, make we no do anything wey go spoil our friendship with Jehovah. Make we no ever let our brothers mistake make us leave Jehovah, the God wey we love and dey serve. (Rom. 8:38, 39) When brother or sister for congregation no treat us well, make we see am as chance to take near Jehovah more more. And make we look the matter the way Jehovah go look am. After we don do wetin we fit do to follow wetin Bible talk, make we leave the matter for Jehovah hand. Make we get the mind sey when Jehovah time reach, e go judge the matter well.


17. How we go take show sey we trust Jehovah to always do the correct thing?

17 Because we still dey this wicked world, make we get am for mind sey people go treat us anyhow. Sometimes, you fit think sey dem no treat you well or dem no treat person wey you know for congregation well. No let that one make you leave Jehovah. (Ps. 119:165) Instead, make we pray make Jehovah help us, make we trust am, and make we hold am tight. E still good make we remember sey we fit no know everything about the matter. And make we no think sey we understand everything about the matter because we fit no correct finish. Like Joseph, make we no spoil people name because that one go make the matter worse. Instead of us to think sey we fit handle the matter by ourself, make we ready to wait until Jehovah go judge the matter well. This one go make Jehovah happy with us and bless us as e take bless Joseph. True true, we dey sure sey Jehovah the Person ‘wey dey judge the whole world,’ go always do the correct thing because ‘mistake no dey wetin e dey do.’—Gen. 18:25; Deut. 32:4.

18. Wetin we go learn for our next topic?

18 For the next topic, we go talk about another two example of Jehovah people wey dem no treat well for Bible time. Wetin we go learn go help us see why e good to carry body down and why we suppose dey forgive. When we get this two character, we go fit copy how Jehovah take dey judge matter.

^ par. 7 Brother Willi Diehl story dey November 1, 1991, Watchtower for the topic “Jehovah Is My God, in Whom I Will Trust.”