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‘Do Wetin You Promise’

‘Do Wetin You Promise’

‘Make you do the things wey you don promise Jehovah sey you go do.’—MATT. 5:33.

SONG: 63, 59

1. (a) How Judge Jephthah and Hannah take be like each other? (Check the first picture.) (b) Which question dem we go talk about for this topic?

JUDGE JEPHTHAH na leader wey no dey fear and na strong soldier. Hannah wey be Elkanah wife na better housewife wey get respect well well. Two of dem na people wey serve Jehovah. Apart from that one, dem promise God something and dem do am. Dem show us better example wey we go follow if we promise Jehovah something. For this topic, we go talk about this question dem. (1) Why e no good to play with wetin we promise God? (2) Wetin Jephthah and Hannah example teach us?

2, 3. (a) Wetin Bible talk about promise wey people make? (b) How we take know sey e no good to play with wetin we promise God?

2 Bible talk about promise wey people promise God. The promise fit be about wetin the person go do, gift wey e want give God, special work wey e want do for God or about things wey e go comot hand from. Na person dey use im mind promise, nobody dey force am. Even with that one, who promise must do wetin e promise. Why? Because for Bible, promise be like swear. Person fit swear sey e go do something or sey e no go do am. (Gen. 14:22, 23; Heb. 6:16, 17) E no good to play with wetin we don promise God. How we take know?

3 The Law wey Jehovah give Moses sey: ‘If anybody promise  Jehovah something or swear, make e no change mouth. Make e do everything wey e don talk sey e go do.’ (Num. 30:2) Solomon write for Bible sey: ‘Anytime wey you promise God something, no waste time do am, because e no dey happy with people wey no get sense. Do wetin you promise.’ (Eccl. 5:4) Jesus still make us know sey e no good to play with wetin we promise God. E sey: ‘Dem tell people for olden days sey, “Make you no swear when you know sey you no go do am, but make you do the things wey you don promise Jehovah sey you go do.”’—Matt. 5:33.

4. (a) Wetin go happen if we take wetin we promise play? (b) Wetin we want learn about Jephthah and Hannah?

4 E clear sey to promise God something, na serious matter. If we no do wetin we promise Jehovah, e fit make am vex for us. Na wetin make David write for Bible sey: ‘Who fit climb Jehovah mountain, and who fit stand for im holy place? Anybody wey never use Jehovah swear wetin e no go do, and wey no take wayo mind swear.’ (Ps. 24:3, 4; ftn.) Wetin Jephthah and Hannah promise Jehovah? E easy for dem to do wetin dem promise?


5. Wetin Jephthah promise Jehovah, and wetin come happen?

5 Jephthah promise Jehovah something before e go fight war with Ammon people and e do wetin e promise. Ammon people don too suffer Israel people and e dey Jephthah mind to really win dem for this war. (Judg. 10:7-9) So, e come promise Jehovah sey: ‘If you help me make I win Ammon people and I no die for their hand, I go make sure sey anybody wey come out from my house come greet me when I come back, go be your own.’ Wetin come happen? Jehovah make Jephthah win Ammon people. But na the only pikin wey Jephthah get na im come meet am when e come back from the war. This pikin go be ‘Jehovah own.’ (Judg. 11:30-34) Wetin that one mean for Jephthah pikin?

6. (a) E easy for Jephthah and im pikin to do wetin e promise? (b) Wetin you learn from Deuteronomy 23:21, 23 and Psalm 15:4 about anything wey you promise God?

6 For Jephthah pikin to fit do wetin im papa promise Jehovah, e go use all im life do only Jehovah work for tabernacle. You think sey Jephthah no think the matter before e promise Jehovah? E go don think am. E fit know sey im pikin fit be the person wey go come meet am when e come back. But e really pain am when e see im pikin. Bible talk sey as Jephthah see im pikin, ‘e come tear im cloth, come sey: “Eeeh! My pikin! You don finish me.”’ What of the pikin, you think sey e pain am? Bible still show sey e pain am well well. Why e pain dem like this? Na because na the only pikin wey Jephthah get be this. E no go marry or born. So Jephthah no go get grandpikin wey go answer im name. But na wetin e promise Jehovah dey im mind pass. Na im make am talk sey: ‘I don already tell Jehovah wetin I go do, and I no fit change am.’ Im pikin self come talk sey: ‘Do wetin you promise.’ (Judg. 11:35-39) Two of dem show sey dem no go ever leave Jehovah. Even if e no easy for dem, e no ever come their mind sey make dem no do wetin Jephthah promise Jehovah.—Read Deuteronomy 23:21, 23; Psalm 15:4.

7. (a) Wetin Hannah promise Jehovah, why e promise am, and wetin come happen? (b) Wetin this promise mean? (Check footnote.)

 7 Hannah na another person wey do wetin e promise. Life no easy for am because e no fit born pikin and im husband second wife dey laugh am well well. Na that one make Hannah promise Jehovah something. (1 Sam. 1:4-7, 10, 16) Hannah tell Jehovah everything wey dey im mind. E come promise Jehovah sey: ‘O Jehovah wey get army, if you pity your servant condition and remember me, come give me pikin, pikin wey be boy, I go carry am give you make e dey your house until e die, and I no go let any razor touch im head.’ * (1 Sam. 1:11) Jehovah answer Hannah prayer. E come born im first pikin wey be boy. This one sweet Hannah well well! But e no forget wetin e promise Jehovah. When e born the pikin, e talk sey: ‘Na Jehovah give me.’—1 Sam. 1:20.

8. (a) E easy for Hannah to do wetin e promise Jehovah? Explain (b) How Psalm 61 wey David write take help you see sey na fine thing Hannah do?

8 Hannah no waste time do wetin e promise God. When Samuel dey around three years, e carry am go meet Eli wey be High Priest for tabernacle wey dey Shiloh. E no even think am two times! Hannah tell Eli sey: ‘Na because of this pikin I pray, and Jehovah give me wetin I beg am. Now, I dey give am to Jehovah. Till e die, e go dey with Jehovah.’ (1 Sam. 1:24-28) From that time, Samuel come dey stay for Jehovah house and na there e grow. (1 Sam. 2:21) But how Hannah feel? E love im pikin. But now, Hannah no go fit dey see am everyday as e dey grow. E for like to dey carry am, play with am, and dey take care of am. The truth be sey, Hannah for like to enjoy wetin mama dey enjoy when e dey take care of im pikin as e dey grow. Even with all this one, Hannah no regret sey e do wetin e promise God. Instead, e happy for wetin Jehovah do for am.—1 Sam. 2:1, 2; read Psalm 61:1, 5, 8.

You dey do wetin you promise Jehovah?

9. Which question dem we go still talk about?

9 Now wey we don see sey e no good to play with wetin we promise God, make we talk about this two question: Which kind promise we fit promise today? And, why e good make we try do wetin we promise Jehovah?


Wetin you promise Jehovah before you baptize (Check paragraph 10)

10. For person wey dey serve Jehovah which promise big pass, and wetin this promise really mean?

10 Before we baptize, we promise Jehovah for prayer sey we go use our life serve am. For the prayer, we tell Jehovah sey we go serve am forever no matter how things be. Na this promise big pass other promise. Jesus talk sey person wey talk this prayer no go ‘think about imself.’ This one mean sey, the person no go dey do wetin e want. Instead, e go use im life dey do wetin God want and na this one go be number one thing for im life. (Matt. 16:24) From that day, the person don be ‘Jehovah own.’ (Rom. 14:8) Make the person no play with this kind promise at all. Instead, make e get the kind mind wey Bible talk about for Psalm, sey: ‘Wetin I go give Jehovah for all the good thing wey e don do for me? I go do wetin I promise Jehovah for where all im people dey.’—Ps. 116:12, 14.

11. The day wey you baptize, which question dem ask you?

 11 You don promise Jehovah for prayer sey you go use your life serve am? To show sey you don promise Jehovah, you don baptize? If your answer na yes, we give you hand! Remember sey the day wey you want baptize, dem ask you this question: “You sabi sey as you don give Jehovah your life and you want baptize, e show sey you go be one of Jehovah Witness people wey dey the organization wey God spirit dey control?” Your answer show everybody sey you don give Jehovah your life and you come baptize as Jehovah Witness. Wetin you do really sweet Jehovah!

12. (a) Which question we go ask ourself? (b) Which things wey Peter talk about go fit help us?

12 Person wey baptize just dey start. Na im make we suppose dey do wetin we promise Jehovah even after we baptize. So, we fit ask ourself sey: ‘Since I baptize come reach now, the way I dey serve Jehovah dey better? I still dey use all my mind serve Jehovah? (Col. 3:23) I dey always pray, read Bible, and preach? And I dey try make I no miss meeting? Or I no dey too get time for this things again?’ Apostle Peter talk sey we fit continue to do well for Jehovah work. Wetin fit help us? E sey make we get faith, dey learn about God, dey endure, and make we use all our mind serve God.—Read 2 Peter 1:5-8.

13. Wetin person wey don give Jehovah im life and wey don baptize, suppose know?

 13 We no go fit change wetin we promise Jehovah before we baptize. If person wey don baptize sey e want stop to serve Jehovah, e no fit talk sey e no promise Jehovah or sey e no know wetin im baptism mean. * From wetin we know, e talk sey e want baptize because e don already promise Jehovah to use im life serve Am. If e do any serious bad thing, Jehovah go judge am because e no do wetin e promise. (Rom. 14:12) Make ear no hear sey ‘we don forget the love wey we first get’ for Jehovah. Instead, we want make Jesus tell us sey: ‘I know wetin you dey do, the love wey you get, the faith wey you get, how you dey preach and how you dey endure. I still know sey the things wey you dey do now, better pass wetin you don do before.’ (Rev. 2:4, 19) Make we use all our mind and power do wetin we promise Jehovah for prayer before we baptize. Jehovah go happy with us well well.


Wetin you promise for your wedding day (Check paragraph 14)

14. Which other promise person no suppose take play, and why?

14 Another promise wey person no suppose take play na the one wey e make for im wedding day. Why? Because na God start marriage. Na for God front and front of people the man and woman promise theirself sey dem no go leave each other. Dem promise sey dem go love, care for and respect each other, and sey dem go do this one as husband and wife all their life because na wetin Jehovah want from people wey marry. E fit no be all of dem wey talk am as e be for here, but dem still promise each other for Jehovah front. After this promise dem go come be husband and wife. Dem go stay with each other until dem die. (Gen. 2:24; 1 Cor. 7:39) Na im make Jesus talk sey, ‘wetin God don join together, make nobody separate am,’ whether na the husband, wife, or any other person. So make people wey want marry remember sey to end their marriage no suppose come their mind at all.—Mark 10:9.

15. Why e no good make Jehovah people take their marriage play like people for this world?

15 The truth be sey e no get any marriage wey problem no dey. Why? Because the two people wey marry get sin and dey make mistake. Na im make Bible talk sey ‘people wey marry go get problem’ sometimes. (1 Cor. 7:28) The bad thing be sey, many people for this world dey take their marriage play. When problem dey, dem go leave the marriage. But no be so Jehovah people dey do. If we no do wetin we promise for our wedding day, we don turn to person wey dey lie and God hate people wey dey lie. (Lev. 19:12; Prov. 6:16-19) Apostle Paul write sey: ‘If you don get wife, no think of how to leave your wife.’ (1 Cor. 7:27) Paul talk this one because e know sey Jehovah hate am when person use wayo end im marriage.—Mal. 2:13-16.

16. Wetin Bible talk sey be the only thing wey fit end marriage? And wetin e talk about husband or wife wey want go stay im own?

16 Jesus talk sey the only thing wey fit end marriage na when husband or wife go sleep with another person and who e marry no gree forgive am. (Matt. 19:9; Heb. 13:4) What if person want leave im husband or wife go stay im own? Bible still tell us wetin to do. (Read 1 Corinthians  7:10, 11.) Bible no tell us wetin fit make person leave who e marry go stay im own. But some of Jehovah servant fit look am sey dem no go fit stay again with who dem marry. E fit be because who dem marry want use beating kill dem or dey tell dem lie about Jehovah organization wey fit make dem leave Jehovah. *

17. Wetin go help people wey don marry make their marriage last?

17 When people wey get problem for their marriage come meet elders, make elders ask dem whether dem don read the brochure wey be You Fit Mek Your Famili Hapi and watch the video What Is True Love? Why e good to ask dem? Na because wetin dey this brochure and video don help many people for their marriage. One husband and wife talk sey: ‘Since we start to read this brochure, we don dey enjoy our marriage pass before.’ One sister wey im marriage nearly scatter, even though sey the marriage don reach 22 years, talk sey: ‘Even though me and my husband dey serve Jehovah, we no come dey agree with each other and the way we dey see life come different. The video come when we really need am! Now, our marriage don better.’ You don marry? Abeg, follow wetin Bible talk for your marriage. Na that one go help you fit do wetin you promise for your wedding day and you go happy as you dey do am.


18, 19. (a) Wetin many papa and mama don advise their pikin to do? (b) Wetin you know about brothers and sisters wey dey do special full-time work?

18 You still remember wetin make Jephthah and Hannah be like each other? Wetin two of dem promise Jehovah come make their children use their life do special work for Jehovah tabernacle. Na better life be that. Today, many papa and mama don advise their children make dem pioneer and make dem put all their body for God work. We want tell all of una sey, una do well!—Judg. 11:40; Ps. 110:3.

Special full-time servant promise (Check paragraph 19)

19 Today, na around 67,000 Jehovah Witness dey the Worldwide Order of Special Full-Time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some of dem dey Bethel, some dey construction work, some na circuit overseer, some dey teach for the different different school wey Jehovah organization get, some na special pioneer, missionary, Assembly Hall servant, and Bible school facility servant. All of dem agree to follow the “Vow of Obedience and Poverty.” Dem sey dem go do any work wey dem give dem to support the preaching work, dem no go pursue money or gather property, and dem no go do any other work apart from God work unless dem allow dem. Because dem be special full-time servant, e no mean sey dem special; na their work special. Dem ready to do wetin dem promise so far dem still be special full-time servant.

20. Wetin we go make sure sey we dey do, and why?

20 We don talk about three different promise wey Jehovah servant fit promise am. Which one you don promise? We don see sey e no good to play with wetin we don promise God. (Prov. 20:25) If we no do wetin we promise Jehovah, e no go happy with us. (Eccl. 5:6) So, make we do like David wey sey: ‘I go sing to praise Jehovah name forever. And every day I go make sure sey I do wetin I promise.’—Ps. 61:8.

^ par. 7 Hannah promise Jehovah sey the pikin wey e go born go be Nazirite all im life. This one mean sey the pikin go use all im life do only Jehovah work till e die.—Num. 6:2, 5, 8.

^ par. 13 Elders dey check some things to make sure sey person wey sey e want baptize, don reach to baptize. So, e hard to see person wey sey e no understand wetin im baptism mean.

^ par. 16 Check page 219-221 for the book “Keep Yourselves in God’s Love.”