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Watchtower (The One Wey We Dey Study)  |  April 2016

Why E Good Mek We Dey Go Meeting?

Why E Good Mek We Dey Go Meeting?

Dem no stop to dey use all their time take . . . dey gather together.’—ACTS 2:42.

SONG: 20, 119

1-3. (a) Wetin Christian dem don do to show sey dem like to dey gather together? (Check the first picture.) (b) Wetin we go learn for this topic?

THE time when Corinna dey 17 years, dem arrest im mama, come put am for prison wey far. After, dem come still arrest Corinna, carry am go Siberia. Siberia far well well from where Corinna dey stay. Na one farm for Siberia dem put am mek e dey work, and dem come dey treat am like slave. E get sometimes wey dem go force am mek e work when weather cold well well and dem no go give am better cloth wey go mek cold no catch am. Upon that one, Corinna and another sister still talk sey dem go do everything wey dem fit do to comot for the farm go meeting.

2 Corinna talk sey: “We comot for where we dey work for evening come trek go where people dey enter train wey be 25 kilometer (15 miles) from where the farm dey. Na two o’clock for midnight the train take comot and we dey inside for six hours before we come down. From there we come trek another ten kilometers (six miles) go reach where we dey do  the meeting.” Corinna happy well well sey e fit go the meeting. E talk sey: “For the meeting, we do Watchtower study and we sing Kingdom song. Wetin we learn for the meeting really make us happy and e make our faith strong.” The two sister come later go the farm back after three days, but the farmer no even know sey dem comot.

3 Jehovah people dey always want dey together. For example, the Christian dem for the apostle time dey always want gather together to worship Jehovah and learn about am. (Acts 2:42) Na true sey, you self dey always want go meeting. But as e be for all your brothers and sisters, e fit dey hard you sometimes to go meeting. E fit be sey work dey hold you or you get plenty things to do or body dey always tire you. So, wetin go fit help us to do everything wey we fit do to dey go our meeting? [1] (Check endnote.) How we fit take help our Bible student dem and other people to dey always come meeting? For this topic, we go talk about why to go meeting (1) good for us, (2) fit help other people, and (3) dey mek Jehovah happy. [2]—Check endnote.


4. How our meeting take dey help us learn about Jehovah?

4 We dey learn for our meeting. All our meeting dey help us learn about Jehovah more more. For example, e never tey wey many congregation study the Draw Close to Jehovah book, for Congregation Bible Study. How e do you for body when we talk about the kind person wey Jehovah be and when you come dey hear how brothers and sisters for your congregation dey talk about am? True true, this kind thing mek you come love Jehovah pass as you love am before. For meeting, we still dey learn other things about Bible when we dey hear different different talk wey brothers dey give, different different demonstration wey brothers and sisters dey do, and the Bible wey dem dey read. (Nehemiah 8:8) Think about the many things wey we dey learn from our Bible reading every week if we prepare, and the ones wey we dey hear from our brothers and sisters when dem dey talk wetin dem don learn from the Bible reading.

5. How our meeting don take teach you how to do wetin Bible talk and how to fit preach well?

5 Our meeting dey help us sabi how we go take do wetin we don learn from Bible. (1 Thessalonians 4:9, 10) For example, you don hear something for Watchtower Study before, wey mek you come dey work more more for Jehovah pass before? What about the one wey mek you come fit pray well pass as you dey pray before, or the one wey mek you fit forgive that brother or sister wey do wetin make you vex? Our meeting wey be Life Wey We Dey Live as Christian and How We Dey Preach dey teach us how to preach and how we go take help other people learn the truth wey dey Bible.—Matthew 28:19, 20.

6. How our meeting take dey help us and dey make us dey strong?

 6 Our meeting dey help us. Satan dey try use this world to mek our faith weak. E fit even mek us lazy or tire to serve Jehovah. But our meeting dey help us because e dey give us power to continue to serve Jehovah. (Read Acts 15:30-32.) Many times, we dey learn how the things wey Jehovah don talk sey go happen dey happen. This one dey mek our mind strong sey wetin Jehovah promise go happen for future. No be only when our brothers and sisters dey handle part or when dem answer question for meeting dem fit help us dey strong. The way dem dey happy dey sing our song still dey help us dey strong. (1 Corinthians 14:26) E dey make us happy when we dey talk with our brothers and sisters, before meeting start and after meeting close. This na because our brothers and sisters na our friend and dem really love us.1 Corinthians 16:17, 18.

Our meeting dey help us because e dey give us power to continue to serve Jehovah

7. Why e dey good mek we no dey miss our meeting?

7 Jehovah dey give us holy spirit when we dey meeting. Jesus dey use this holy spirit dey control congregation. Jesus tell us sey mek we ‘hear wetin the spirit dey tell different different congregation.’ (Revelation 2:7) Holy spirit fit help us comot hand for bad thing and e fit give us the mind to preach. E fit still help us choose good thing wey we go use our life do. That na why e good mek we try no miss our meeting so that God fit use im holy spirit help us.


8. How e be sey if we dey go meeting, dey answer question and we dey sing for our meeting fit help our brothers and sisters? (Still check wetin dey the box “ Na After Meeting George Dey Happy Pass.”)

8 For meeting, we dey get chance to show our brothers and sisters sey we love dem. Things no easy for many people for our congregation. Apostle Paul write sey: ‘And mek we dey think about how we go take help ourself.’ (Hebrews 10:24, 25; footnote) If we dey go meeting with our brothers and sisters we go fit help dem dey strong. How we go fit do this  one na if we dey follow dem talk for meeting and we dey show sey their matter concern us. The way we take dey answer question and how we take dey sing fit still help dem.—Colossians 3:16.

9, 10. (a) Explain how the thing wey Jesus talk for John 10:16 fit help us dey go meeting. (b) How we fit take help our brothers and sisters wey their family people don pursue comot for house, if we dey go meeting every time?

9 If we dey go meeting for congregation, we dey help people for congregation to dey together. (Read John 10:16.) Jesus talk sey e be like shepherd and Christians be like sheep wey dey one group. Think am sey you see this kind thing: Two sheep dey on top mountain, another two come dey for ground for bottom of the mountain, and another one dey another place. You go fit talk sey all the five sheep dey one group? No, because sheep wey dey one group dey always dey together and dem dey follow the shepherd waka. Na so e still be for us today. If we dey come meeting, e go show sey we want mek all of us dey together. This one go help us be part of that ‘one group’ of sheep wey dey follow ‘one shepherd.’

10 Our meeting dey help us get one mind like one family—family wey really love theirself. (Psalm 133:1) Some of our brother and sister family people don pursue dem comot for house. E fit be sey na their papa, mama, brother or sister pursue dem. But Jesus don promise dem sey e go give dem family wey go love dem and wey go care for dem. (Mark 10:29, 30) So, if you no dey miss meeting, you go fit be papa, mama, brother, or sister to one of this our brother dem. If we get this one for mind, e go mek us do everything wey we fit do to mek sure sey we no miss meeting.


11. Why we fit talk sey we dey give Jehovah wetin we suppose give am when we go meeting?

11 When we go meeting, we dey give Jehovah wetin we suppose give am. Because na im make us, we suppose dey thank am, worship am and praise am. (Read Revelation 7:12.) We fit do this one when we dey pray, when we dey sing and when we dey talk about am for meeting. We dey happy sey we really get this better chance to take worship Jehovah for our meeting every week!

Jehovah dey see am sey we really want go meeting and e no go forget all the things wey we dey do to fit go meeting

12. How e dey do Jehovah for body, if we dey go meeting, as e tell us?

12 Na Jehovah make us, so mek we dey do wetin e tell us. E don tell us sey mek we dey gather together, especially as we dey near the end of this world. So if we do wetin Jehovah tell us, e go happy with us. (1 John 3:22) E dey see am sey we really want go meeting and e no go forget all the things wey we dey do to fit go meeting.—Hebrews 6:10.

13, 14. How our meeting take dey help us near Jehovah and Jesus?

13 When we dey go meeting, we dey show sey we want near Jehovah and im Pikin. We dey study Bible for meeting and Jehovah dey teach us wetin we go do and how we go take live our life. (Isaiah 30:20, 21) Even when some people wey no be Jehovah Witness come our meeting, dem dey see sey God dey with us. (1 Corinthians 14:23-25) Jehovah dey use im holy spirit dey direct our meeting and na Jehovah dey teach us the things wey we dey learn for there. So any time wey we go meeting, we dey hear wetin.Jehovah dey talk, we dey see how e love us reach, and we dey near am more more.

14 Jesus na the Head of the congregation. E talk sey: ‘Where two or three people gather because of me, I dey there with dem.’ (Matthew 18:20) Bible still talk sey Jesus dey waka for inside the different different congregaton. (Revelation 1:20–2:1) E clear sey, when we dey for meeting, Jehovah and Jesus dey with us and dem dey mek us strong. You no think sey Jehovah go happy when e see sey we dey do everything wey we fit do to near am and im Pikin?

15. How we go show sey we dey do wetin Jehovah talk about our meeting?

15 When we dey go meeting, we dey show Jehovah sey we want do wetin e tell us. Jehovah no dey force us do wetin e talk. (Isaiah 43:23) So any time when we go meeting as e talk, we dey let am know sey we love am. This one still show sey na im suppose tell us wetin we go dey do. (Romans 6:17) For example, wetin we go do if the person wey we dey work for tell us mek we work pass the time wey we suppose close, sotey we come dey miss meeting? What if government talk sey dem no want dey see anybody dey go our meeting, if not the person go pay money, dem go put the person for prison, or dem fit even punish am pass like that? Or some times we fit like to do another thing instead of to go meeting? For any of this thing wey  we just talk so, na we go choose wetin we go do. (Acts 5:29) But remember sey, any time wey we do wetin Jehovah talk, we dey make am happy.—Proverbs 27:11.


16, 17. (a) How Christians for apostle time take show sey to dey use their time meet together dey good for dem? (b) Wetin Brother George Gangas talk about our meeting?

16 After the meeting wey Christians do for Pentecost time for the year 33, dem no stop to dey do meeting. Dem use the meeting time take dey worship Jehovah. ‘Dem no stop to dey use all their time take dey learn wetin the apostles dey teach, to dey gather together.’ (Acts 2:42) And even when the government for Rome and the people wey dey teach for the temple wey dey Jerusalem dey suffer dem, dem no still stop to do meeting. E no easy for dem, but dem do everything wey dem fit do so that dem go dey do their meeting.

17 Na so e still be today. Jehovah people dey show sey dem like their meeting and dem dey always happy to gather for there. George Gangas, na Governing Body member before. E pass 22 years wey e take serve. E talk sey: “Our meeting na one thing wey dey make me happy pass for life and e dey make me strong. I dey like to dey among people wey first come Kingdom Hall and people wey comot last, anytime wey I fit. E dey sweet me for mind anytime I dey follow brothers and sisters talk. My mind dey always come down when I dey with dem and e dey be like sey I don already dey paradise.” E come still talk sey: “The thing wey dey always dey my mind and the thing wey I want, na to dey for meeting with brothers and sisters.”

18. Wetin you think about our meeting, and wetin you don put for mind sey you must do?

18 You gree with wetin Brother George Gangas talk? If you gree, then mek you dey do everything wey you fit do to dey for meeting, even when e no easy for you. Show Jehovah sey you agree with wetin King David talk, when e talk sey: ‘Jehovah, I like the house wey you dey stay.’—Psalm 26:8.

^ [1] (paragraph 3) E get some brothers and sisters wey no dey fit dey come meeting everytime because of how their condition be. For example, e fit be sey strong sickness hold dem. Mek dem get am for mind sey Jehovah know wetin dey happen to dem and e no go ever forget all the things wey dem dey do to fit serve am. Elders fit help this kind brothers and sisters hear the things wey dem learn for meeting. The elders fit record the different different part for the meeting or dem fit use telephone take connect dem.

^ [2] (paragraph 3) Check wetin dey the box “ Why E Good Mek We No Dey Miss Our Meeting.”