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Support Only God Kingdom

Support Only God Kingdom

‘Give . . . God the things wey be God own.’MATTHEW 22:21.

SONG: 33, 137

1. How we go do wetin God talk and still do wetin government talk?

NA TRUE sey Bible tell us sey mek we dey do wetin government talk. But e still tell us sey mek we always dey do wetin God talk. (Acts 5:29; Titus 3:1) How we fit do this one? Jesus talk something wey fit help us sabi wetin we go do. E talk sey mek we ‘give Caesar the things wey be Caesar own, but give God the things wey be God own.’ [1] (Check endnote.) (Matthew 22:21) We dey give ‘Caesar the things wey be Caesar own’ if we dey do wetin government talk, if we dey respect people wey dey government, and if we dey pay tax. (Romans 13:7) But if government tell us sey mek we do something wey God no like, we go tell dem with respect sey we no go do am.

2. Wetin we go dey do to show sey we no join for politics?

2 One way wey we take dey show sey we dey give ‘God the things wey be God own’, na when we no dey support any side for politics or war. Na only God Kingdom we dey support. (Isaiah 2:4) As e be sey Jehovah don give government chance to rule, e no good mek we fight dem. We no go still talk or do anything wey go be like sey we ready to die for our  country or sey our country better pass another country. (Romans 13:1, 2) We no dey join people wey want fight mek another government come. And we no go tell politicians or show dem how dem go take do their politics. We no go still come out mek people vote for us or go vote for person.

3. Why we no suppose join any side for war or politics?

3 E get many things wey mek God tell us sey mek we no dey do things wey people for this world dey do. One reason be sey, we dey do like Jesus. Jesus ‘no join the world.’ E no ever support any side for politics or war. (John 6:15; 17:16) Another reason be sey na God Kingdom we dey support. Because we no dey support all this government, our mind no dey judge us when we dey preach sey na only God Kingdom go fit comot all the problem for this world. Fake religion dey join different different side for politics, and this kind thing dey mek people dey hate theirself. But because we no dey any side for politics, we and our brothers and sisters wey dey everywhere for this world get one mind and we love ourself.—1 Peter 2:17.

4. (a) How we take know sey e go hard for us more more mek we no join politics? (b) Why we need to ready our mind now, sey we no go put hand for politics or war?

4 E fit be sey you dey live for area wey people don already know sey we no dey put hand for politics. But as we dey near the end of this wicked world, e go dey hard more more for us to separate ourself from politics. Today we don already dey see am sey people ‘no dey do wetin dem talk sey dem go do’ and ‘dem stubborn.’ People go even come dey hate each other pass before. (2 Timothy 3:3, 4) E get some of our brothers wey don dey suffer already because government for their country don make law wey no let dem serve Jehovah well. Na im mek we need to ready our mind now sey we no go put hand for politics or war, even if the condition hard. Mek we come learn four things wey go fit help us ready.


5. How Jehovah dey see the different different government wey dey this world?

5 If we no want put hand for politics or war, one thing wey go help us ready our mind na to see government the way Jehovah see dem. Jehovah no make us to rule ourself. (Jeremiah 10:23) E dey see everybody as one family. But the different different government today don mek people hate theirself because dem dey talk sey na their country better pass. Even if e be like sey the government good, e no fit comot all the problem wey dey this world. Another thing be sey, dem don be enemy to God Kingdom wey start to rule for 1914. Small time, this Kingdom go comot all the government wey dey this world.—Read Psalm 2:2, 7-9.

Mek we ready ourself now so that we no go join for politics and war matter even when e no easy

6. Which kind mind we go take follow the government wey dey this world?

 6 God allow government wey dey this world mek dem still dey rule because dem fit help mek peace dey, sometimes. This one dey help us fit preach about the better things wey God Kingdom go do. (Romans 13:3, 4) God even tell us sey mek we dey pray for the people wey dey government so that we fit worship am without wahala. (1 Timothy 2:1, 2) When person oppress us, we fit go report give people wey dey government mek dem help us. Na wetin Paul do be that. (Acts 25:11) Na true sey Bible talk sey na Satan dey control the government wey dey this world. But e no talk sey na Satan dey control everybody wey dey there. (Luke 4:5, 6) So mek we no tell anybody sey e get one person wey Devil dey control for government. Bible talk sey mek we dey respect people.—Titus 3:1, 2.

7. Which kind thing e no good mek we dey think?

7 We dey do wetin God want if we no dey support anybody wey dey do politics or any of their group. Even if e be like sey we dey gain from the work wey dem dey do for our area, we no go still support dem. Sometimes, this one fit no easy for us. For example, think am sey people dey fight government wey don cause plenty problem for people and even for Jehovah Witness. Na true sey you no go join dem do that kind thing. But, how e go be if, for your mind, you come dey think sey wetin dem dey do good and you dey pray sey mek dem win? (Ephesians 2:2) If we want show sey we no support dem, mek we no dey think sey one side better pass the other side. How we dey behave and how we dey talk go show if we dey support any side or we no dey support.


8. Even if.condition hard for us because we no support politics, how we go show sey we get ‘sense’ and sey our hand ‘clean’?

8 The second thing wey we suppose do to show sey we no get hand for politics matter na to get ‘sense like snake and dey clean like dove.’ (Read Matthew 10:16, 17.) If we dey think about problem before dem happen, e show sey we get ‘sense.’ And we dey show sey our hand ‘clean’, if we no join politics even if the condition hard for us. Mek we see some of the condition, and how we go fit show sey our hand no dey for politics matter.

9. How we go take show sey we get sense, when we dey talk with people?

9 When we dey talk. Mek we mind wetin we go talk if people start to dey talk about politics matter for where we dey. For example, if we and person dey talk about God Kingdom, mek we no talk sey we support or sey we no support wetin one politician or their group talk. Instead of us to dey talk about how government go take comot our problem, mek we show the person from Bible how God Kingdom go comot our problem. If people want come dey argue about whether e good for man to marry man or for woman to marry woman, or sey e good to comot belle, show dem wetin Bible talk. Still tell dem how you take dey do wetin Bible talk. If some people talk sey some law wey government put no good or sey mek dem change am, we no go join any side and we no go try force the person mek e change im mind.

Mek you dey use ‘all the example of better word’ wey dey Bible dey check wetin you dey hear for news

10. If we no want mek wetin we dey read or hear for news spoil the way we dey think, wetin we go do?

10 News. Sometimes na only one side  news dey support for some matter. Na so e dey be for some kind country wey e be sey na the government dey control the news people. If e be sey the person wey give the news come start to dey support one side, mek we sofri so that we no go come dey think the way dem dey think. For example, mek you ask yourself, ‘I dey enjoy news about politics matter just because sey the person dey talk wetin I like?’ If you no want put hand for politics matter, e go good mek you no dey watch or read any news wey dey support one side for politics. But mek you dey look for the one wey no dey support any side. Mek you dey use ‘all the example of better word’ wey dey Bible dey check wetin you dey hear for news.—2 Timothy 1:13.

11. How e be sey money and property fit mek us join politics?

11 Money and property. If we too like money and property, e fit hard us sey we no go join politics. After 1970, many of our brothers for Malawi lose all their property because dem no ‘gree join any group for politics. But some of dem no gree leave the jolly jolly life wey dem dey enjoy. One sister wey im name na Ruth remember wetin happen. E talk sey: “Some of the brothers wey follow us that time come later put hand for politics. Dem come go back where dem dey stay before, because dem no fit bear the kind suffer suffer wey dey the camp wey we dey stay.” But many of God people no be like that. Dem no go join politics, even if e mean sey dem go lose everything wey dem get or sey na only small money dem go get.—Hebrews 10:34.

12, 13. (a) How Jehovah take dey see all of us? (b) How we go take show sey we no dey think sey where we come from better pass another person own?

12 No dey think sey you better pass other people. No be new thing to see people wey dey carry shoulder up and people wey dey mek mouth about their tribe, country, village, or where dem come from. But for Jehovah eye, no body or country better pass another one. For God eye, all of us na the same. Na true sey the way Jehovah take mek all of us different, na ‘im mek we fit dey enjoy and we like as we different. God no want mek we change where we come from. But e no still want sey mek we come dey think sey na where we come from better pass where other people come from.—Romans 10:12.

13 Mek we no come dey carry our country for head, dey think sey our country better pass other people own. If we dey think like that, we fit come dey put hand for politics and war. This kind thing happen for the apostle time. E get some sisters wey be Greek and wey their husband don die. So, some brothers wey be Hebrew no come dey treat this sisters well. (Acts 6:1) How we go take know sey we self don dey get that kind character? If brother or sister wey come from another place give you advice, wetin dey first come your mind? You dey quick think sey,  ‘Our people better pass una people,’ and you no go come do wetin the person talk? If you dey do like that, remember this better advice: ‘Carry yourself down when you dey do things, with the mind sey other people better pass you.’—Philippians 2:3.


14. How prayer fit help us, and which example for Bible show sey this one na true?

14 The third thing wey we go do to show sey we no dey support politics or war, na if we believe sey Jehovah go fit help us. Pray mek Jehovah give you holy spirit because holy spirit go help you dey patient and help you to fit dey control yourself. So if government no gree do wetin dem talk or dey treat people anyhow, that one no go disturb you because you dey patient and you dey control yourself. Beg Jehovah sey, mek e give you sense to fit know any condition wey fit mek am hard for you to support only im Kingdom. Beg am mek e help you sabi wetin you suppose do for that kind condition. (James 1:5) You fit go prison or suffer other things because of sey you dey Jehovah side. If that one happen, mek you pray sey mek Jehovah help you so that you no go fear to tell other people why you no dey support politics or war. Get am for mind sey Jehovah go help you mek you fit endure.—Read Acts 4:27-31.

Mek you sabi some verse for Bible wey go help you no put hand for politics matter or war and mek you still sabi Bible verse wey talk about paradise

15. How Bible fit help us support only God Kingdom, even if wahala dey? (Still go check the box “ Na Bible Help Andriy and Wilmer No Fight War.”)

15 Jehovah don give us Bible wey go fit help us to dey strong. Dey think about some of the verse wey go help you mek you no put hand for politics or war. Try mek you learn all this verse and mek you remember dem, because e go help you if you no dey with Bible. Bible fit still help you for another way. E fit mek your hope strong well well for wetin God don promise. This hope go help us endure any wahala. (Romans 8:25) Mek you choose verse for Bible wey dey talk about the kind things wey you go want enjoy for paradise, and dey think am sey you don already dey there.


16, 17. Wetin we fit learn from some of God servant wey no gree go war or put hand for politics? (Go check the first picture.)

16 The fourth thing wey go help us no support any side for politics, na to dey think about the example of Jehovah servant. Many people for Bible no fear, dem do the kind things wey show sey dem no get any business with politics. Think about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, wey no gree serve the image wey the government for Babylon that time keep sey mek people serve. (Read Daniel 3:16-18.) This thing wey dem do, na im dey help many of us today mek we no fear and mek we no join people wey dey worship flag for our country. Jesus self no put hand for politics or for any matter wey fit mek people hate each other. E know sey im disciples go do as e do. Na im mek e come talk sey: ‘Mek una no fear! I don win the world.’—John 16:33.

17 Many of our brothers and sisters today no dey join any side for politics or war. Because of this one, some of dem dey receive beating, dey go prison, and some don even die self. Their example fit help us mek we no fear. One brother wey come from Turkey talk sey: “One young brother wey im name na Franz Rieter die because e no gree join Hitler army. The letter wey Franz Rieter write give im mama, the night before dem kill am, show sey the brother faith strong well well and sey e put all im hope for Jehovah. And I want be like am if that kind wahala come my side.” [2]—Check endnote.

18, 19. (a) How people wey dey your congregation fit help you do wetin God talk about politics and war? (b) Wetin you go get for mind sey you no go do?

18 The brothers and sisters wey dey your congregation fit help you do wetin God talk about politics and war. Anytime wey you get that kind matter and you no know wetin you go do, mek you tell the elders. Dem go fit use Bible give you better advice. Another thing be sey, if you tell the brothers and sisters wey dey your congregation, dem go fit still help you. Tell dem mek dem remember you for their prayer. But mek we self no forget to dey remember dem for our own prayer and mek we dey help dem. (Matthew 7:12) If you go NEWSROOM for jw.org, press LEGAL DEVELOPMENT, you go see where we write all the different different name of brothers wey dey prison, for the part wey be “Jehovah’s Witnesses Imprisoned for Their Faith—By Location.” Select some name for inside, come beg Jehovah when you dey pray sey mek e help dem mek dem no fear and mek dem still dey im side.—Ephesians 6:19, 20.

19 As we dey near the end of this world, mek we get am for mind sey government fit begin dey force us sey mek we join politics or war. Na im mek e good mek we ready ourself now, sey we no go join for this matter wey dey mek people hate each other today!

^ [1] (paragraph 1) Na government be the Caesar wey Jesus talk about for Matthew 22:21. Caesar na the person wey dey rule and wey dey control everything wey dey happen that time.

^ [2] (paragraph 17) Go check page 662 for Jehovah’s Witnesses—Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom book, and the box “He Died for God’s Honor” wey dey page 150 inside God’s Kingdom Rules! book.