‘Mek endurance finish im work, so that una go complete and una go mature for everything, nothing go comot.’​—JAMES 1:4.

SONG: 135, 139

1, 2. (a) Wetin we fit learn from the way Gideon and im 300 soldier take endure? (Check the first picture.) (b) With wetin Jesus talk for Luke 21:19, why e dey good make we endure?

JUDGE GIDEON and Israel soldier wey dey with am, pursue Midian people and all their soldier. Gideon and im soldier pursue dem till day break reach like 32 kilometers (20 miles)! Bible tell us wetin come happen: ‘As Gideon come reach Jordan, e cross am. Gideon and the 300 soldier wey dey with am don tire.’ But dem never win the fight, and dem go still fight 15,000 soldier. You think sey e go dey easy for Gideon and the 300 soldier wey dey with am to win the fight? E don tey wey this people don dey suffer Israel people, na im mek dem no want stop to pursue dem. So, Gideon and im soldier no stop to pursue Midian people till dem catch dem, come win the fight!—Judges 7:22; 8:4, 10, 28.

2 Today, we self dey fight the kind fight wey no easy. The enemy dem wey we dey fight na Satan, im wicked world,  and the sin wey dey our body. E don tey wey some of us don dey fight this our enemy. Jehovah don help us win many of our fight. But we never win finish. Sometimes, we fit tire to fight or we fit tire to wait mek this wicked world end. Jesus don already talk sey for this last days, plenty problem wey pass us go dey, and people go suffer us well well. But e still talk sey if we endure the problem, we go win. (Read Luke 21:19.) Wetin endurance mean? Wetin go help us endure problem? Wetin we fit learn from people wey don endure? How we fit let ‘endurance finish im work’?—James 1:4.


3. Wetin endurance mean?

3 For inside Bible, endurance no be only to just manage bear problem wey pass us. We still suppose get better mind and still dey happy even if the problem pass us. Endurance go help us get strong mind to do good things, e go help us get strong faith and we go dey patient. One book talk sey if we get endurance, our hope go dey strong and we no go stop to serve God when problem dey. Even when problem big well well we no go shake and we no go fall, if we get endurance. The book still talk sey, when we dey endure, we no go dey think of wetin we don suffer but we go continue to put eye for where our mind dey.

4. Why we fit talk sey na love dey mek us endure?

4 Love dey mek us endure. (Read 1 Corinthians 13:4, 7.) How? The love wey we get for Jehovah go mek us bear any problem wey e allow. (Luke 22:41, 42) The love wey we get for our brothers go help us fit bear anything wey dem do us, wey pain us. (1 Peter 4:8) Husband and wife wey love theirself well well dey get problem sometimes. But the love wey we get for the person wey we marry go help us bear any problem wey dey the marriage and the marriage go even come strong pass as e dey before.—1 Corinthians 7:28.


5. Why e be sey na only Jehovah fit help us endure?

5 Beg Jehovah mek e give you power. Jehovah na the God wey dey help us endure. (Romans 15:5) Na only Jehovah really sabi us well. So e know wetin go really help us endure. Bible talk sey: ‘E dey give people wey dey fear am wetin dem want; e dey hear as dem dey beg am mek e help dem, and e go help dem.’ (Psalm 145:19) But how God go take hear us if we pray mek e give us power to take endure?

Jehovah wey sabi us well know wetin go help us fit endure

6. As Jehovah promise for Bible, how e fit help us if we get problem?

6 Jehovah don promise us sey e go help us endure, if we beg am mek e help us. (Read 1 Corinthians 10:13.) How e go take help us? Sometimes e fit comot the problem. But many times, e go give us power mek we fit dey patient and dey happy, as we dey endure. (Colossians 1: 11) And because Jehovah really sabi us well, e no go let us get problem wey pass our power, sotey we come do wetin Jehovah no like.

7. If we want endure, which example show why e good to learn wetin dey Bible?

7 Mek wetin you dey learn from Bible mek your faith strong. Why e good to learn wetin dey Bible? For example: Person wey want climb mountain wey high well well, suppose take one day chop three or four days food. Na so e be with Christian. We need to study Bible well well so that we go fit bear any wahala and mek we fit reach where we dey go. Mek sure sey you get time to dey study Bible and no miss any of our meeting. Na all this things go mek our faith strong.—John 6:27.

8, 9. (a) Wetin dey Job 2:​4, 5 wey go help us endure problem? (b) If you get problem, which thing you fit think for your mind sey dey happen?

8 Remember sey na God side you dey. Problem dey mek us suffer. But no be only that one. Problem go still mek us show which person side we dey. How we dey behave when we get problem, go show whether Jehovah na really our King. Why we talk like that? Satan na God enemy. E no like as God be King. Na im mek am talk sey people dey serve Jehovah because of wetin dem dey gain from Jehovah. Satan talk this kind thing to spoil God name. Satan talk sey: ‘Na everything wey person get e go give to take save im life.’ Satan come talk about Job, sey: ‘But to change things for am, take your hand touch am for im body and im bone, and you go see sey e go curse you for your front.’ (Job 2:4, 5) Satan don change since e talk this thing? For where! After many years wey Jesus don comot Satan from heaven, e still dey talk lie about people wey dey serve God. (Revelation 12:10) Today, Satan still dey talk sey people dey serve God because of wetin dem want gain from God. E go happy to see sey we don stop to serve God and sey we no want mek God be our King.

9 When you get problem, think am for your mind sey this thing dey happen: Satan and im demons stand for one side. Dem dey look you to see wetin you go do because dem talk sey you go stop to serve God because of the problem wey you get. For the other side, Jehovah, Jesus Christ our King and the people wey dey follow am rule, plus many many angel stand dey look you. Dem dey see sey you dey try and you dey hear as dem dey tell you sey mek you continue! Dem happy to see sey you dey try endure and sey you still dey Jehovah side. Na im you come hear as Jehovah dey tell you sey: ‘My pikin, show sey you get sense and my mind go sweet, so that I go know wetin I go tell the person wey dey insult me.’—Proverbs 27:11.

Jesus put mind for the better things wey dey front, if e endure

10. Like Jesus, how you fit dey put mind for the good things wey you fit get if you endure?

10 Put your mind for wetin you go gain. Think am for your mind sey, you dey travel with motor for night. As you dey drive dey go, the motor come off  for where bush dey. You start am, e no start and mechanic no dey for where the motor for spoil. But you get friend wey be mechanic for the next village and you know sey, if you try push the motor reach there, the mechanic go repair am. Life fit be like that sometimes. Things fit no easy for you sometimes and you fit think sey the problem don pass your power. E fit be sey even Jesus think like that. When dem nail am for the pole, the disgrace wey dem disgrace am no be small and body pain am well well. This one fit be the time wey life hard am pass! Wetin help am endure? Bible talk sey e put mind for ‘the better things wey go happen for front.’ (Hebrews 12:2, 3) One better thing wey Jesus put mind for, na how e go join people wey go mek God name dey holy and how e go take do wetin go show sey na God be King. Na this one dey important for Jesus pass anything. Jesus know sey the problem go end one day and sey the good thing wey God go give am for heaven no go end. Today, things fit no easy for you and e fit be like sey the problem don pass your power. But no forget sey, the problem go end one day.


11. Why e good mek we learn about the story of ‘people wey don endure’?

11 No be only us dey endure. Wetin apostle Peter write go help Christian fit bear the plenty problem wey Satan dey cause. Peter talk sey: ‘But no gree for am, mek you strong for faith, as you get am for mind sey na this kind thing your brothers wey dey everywhere for this world dey suffer.’ (1 Peter 5:9) The story of ‘people wey don endure’ dey teach us how we fit dey do wetin God want. Their story still teach us sey we fit bear any problem and sey God go bless us if we dey im side. (James 5:11) Mek we talk about some of dem. [1]​—Check endnote.

12. Wetin we fit learn from how the cherub take do their work for Eden?

12 Cherubs na angels wey their level high. After Adam and Eve don sin, Jehovah give some of the cherub new work to do for this earth. This work no be the same with the one wey dem dey do for heaven. We fit learn from dem how we go take endure, if our work no easy for us. Bible tell us sey Jehovah ‘come put angels wey be cherub and sword wey get fire wey dey turn round, mek nobody fit go where the tree of life dey.’ [2] (Check endnote.) (Genesis 3:24) Bible no talk sey the cherub vex or complain for this work or sey dem think sey dem too big to do this kind work.  Dem no tire or stop to do the work. But dem do the work go reach the end. This one fit be the time wey that heavy rain fall for Noah time. E mean sey the time wey dem take do the work pass 1,600 years!

13. Wetin help Job fit endure all im problem?

13 Job na man wey get faith. Sometimes your friend or your family person fit talk wetin go pain you wey fit mek you no happy again. Or you fit dey sick or life fit tire you because person wey you love well well die. But no matter how e be, you fit learn from Job example. (Job 1:18, 19; 2:7, 9; 19:1-3) Job no know wetin mek e just come dey get plenty problem, but e no stop to serve God. Wetin help am endure? The first thing be sey, e love Jehovah well well and e no want do anything wey go mek Jehovah vex. (Job 1:1) Job want do wetin go mek Jehovah happy whether things good or things bad. Another thing be sey, Jehovah show Job the kind power wey E get when E dey tell am about the better better things wey E make. This one come mek Job dey sure sey Jehovah go end im problem when the time reach. (Job 42:1, 2) And na wetin happen be that. Jehovah come end Job problem and e give am double of wetin e first get. Job come live long life wey e really enjoy.—Job 42:10, 17.

14. As 2 Corinthians 1:6 talk, how Paul example take help other people endure?

14 Apostle Paul. People dey suffer you or no want mek you dey serve Jehovah? You be elder for congregation or circuit overseer and you feel sey your work don too much for you? If na so, Paul example go fit help you. Paul suffer for people hand well well and wetin dey always dey im mind na how e go take help the brothers for congregation. (2 Corinthians 11:23-29) But that one no mek  Paul stop, im example mek other people strong. (Read 2 Corinthians 1:6.) Like Paul, your example fit help other people endure.


15, 16. (a) How endurance fit finish im ‘work’ for our life? (b) Give example wey go show how we fit let ‘endurance finish im work’ for our life.

15 James write for Bible sey: ‘Mek endurance finish im work, so that una go complete and una go mature for everything, nothing go comot.’ (James 1:4) How endurance fit finish im ‘work’ for our life? When we get problem, we fit see am sey we need to dey patient or we need to dey show love pass before. E fit still be sey we need to dey show our brothers and sisters sey we happy with them pass before, for the better things wey dem dey do. As we dey endure the problem, we go dey learn how we go take dey show all this better character more more. This one go help us be better Christian.

To bear problem dey mek us be better Christian (Check paragraph 15, 16)

16 Because we know sey if we endure, we go be better Christian, we no go want do wetin Jehovah no like just to end the problem. For example, if to sleep with person wey no be your husband or wife dey always come your mind, no do am! Beg Jehovah mek e help you comot am for your mind. You get person for your family wey no want mek you serve Jehovah? No let am stop you! Tell yourself sey you no go stop to serve Jehovah. Na this one go help you trust Jehovah pass before. Remember sey: If we want mek God bless us, mek we dey endure.—Romans 5:3-5; James 1:12.

17, 18. (a) Give example wey show why we suppose endure go reach the end. (b) Wetin we dey sure of, as the end of this world dey near?

17 Mek we no endure for only small time but mek we endure go reach the end. Think am sey one boat dey sink. Any passenger wey dey the boat wey no want die, must swim go reach land. But anybody wey no get power to swim, go drink water till e die. Na so e go still be for person wey stop to swim before e reach where land dey. If we want live for Paradise, we go continue to endure. Mek we get the kind mind wey apostle Paul get, when e talk sey: ‘We no go stop.’—2 Corinthians 4:1, 16.

18 We dey sure like Paul sey, Jehovah go help us mek we fit endure go reach the end. Paul write sey: ‘We don win finish for all this things because of the person wey love us. Because I dey sure sey nothing, whether na die or life, angel or government, things wey dey now or the one wey go come, or spirit or something wey high or something wey deep or any other thing, fit comot us from the love wey God get for us, wey dey the body of our Oga, Christ Jesus.’ (Romans 8:37-39) Na true sey we dey tire sometimes. But mek we dey do like Gideon and im soldier. Dem tire, but dem no stop. ‘Dem continue to pursue their enemy’!—Judges 8:4.

^ [1] (paragraph 11) E go still help you, if you go read the story about how some of our brothers and sisters take endure for our time. For example, the story of our brothers for Ethiopia, Malawi, and Russia dey inside 1992, 1999, and 2008 Yearbook. Their story fit help you endure.

^ [2] (paragraph 12) Bible no talk how many cherub God send come do this work for Eden.