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Life and Preaching Meeting Book  |  September 2017


Train Dem So That Nothing Go Make Dem Stop to Serve Jehovah

Train Dem So That Nothing Go Make Dem Stop to Serve Jehovah

E good to train new publishers to dey use all their mind preach, and to dey preach every time. Many example don show sey this one dey help dem sabi preach well well. (Pr 22:6; Php 3:16) Make we talk about some things wey you fit do to help your Bible student sabi how to preach well.

  • Start to train your student to fit preach as soon as dem make am publisher. (km 8/15 1) Help am know why e good make e dey try preach every week. (Php 1:10) No dey talk bad things about the place or the people wey una dey preach to. (Php 4:8) Still help am know sey e good make e dey follow una group overseer and other people waka for preaching. This one go help am learn many things.​—Pr 1:5; km 10/12 6 ¶3

  • Even after your student baptize, no stop to help am. Continue to train am for preaching, especially if e never study “God’s Love” book finish.​—km 12/13 7

  • If you dey preach with new publisher, use simple style preach. After e don preach for the first time, thank am well well. Still tell am other things wey fit make im preaching better.​km 5/10 7