• Song 134 and Prayer

  • Wetin Meeting Chairman Go Talk to Start the Meeting (No pass 3 min.)


  • Jehovah Dey Great and Na Im We Suppose Dey Praise Pass”: (10 min.)

    • Ps 145:1-9—Jehovah greatness no get where e end (w04 1/15 10 ¶3-4; 11 ¶7-8; 14 ¶20-21; 15 ¶2)

    • Ps 145:10-13—People wey hold Jehovah tight dey praise am (w04 1/15 16 ¶3-6)

    • Ps 145:14-16—Jehovah dey support people wey no leave am and e dey help dem (w04 1/15 17-18 ¶10-14)

  • Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible—Find Am Well: (8 min.)

    • Ps 143:8—How wetin dey this Bible verse go take help us to fit dey use our life praise God everyday? (w10 1/15 21 ¶1-2)

    • Ps 150:6—Wetin be the thing wey the last verse for the book of Psalms talk sey we must do? (it-2 448)

    • Wetin I learn about Jehovah from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

    • Wetin I learn from the place wey we read for Bible this week wey I fit use for preaching?

  • Bible Reading: (No pass 4 min.) Ps 145:1-21


  • First Time: (No pass 2 min.) 1Pe 5:7—Teach the Truth.

  • Return Visit: (No pass 4 min.) Ps 37:9-11—Teach the Truth.

  • Bible Study: (No pass 6 min.) fg lesson 9 ¶3—Help the student so that e go fit practice wetin e learn.


  • Song 99

  • Wetin We Go Do to Make How We Dey Preach Better —Encourage People Wey Like Wetin We Dey Preach to Dey Come Meeting”: (15 min.) Talk am together. Share the meeting invitation give everybody, make una talk about wetin dey for page 2. Play the video wey show one publisher wey dey invite person come meeting. The person na one of the people wey e dey always give magazine. To end this part, make una talk about wetin dey inside this box “Book Wey We Go Give People for October: Meeting Invitation.”

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) kr chap. 1 ¶11-20, the chart “The Wheat and the Weeds” and the chart “Generation

  • Wetin We Learn and Wetin We Go Learn Next Week? (3 min.)

  • Song 145 and Prayer

    Reminder: First play the song, after make everybody sing the new song.