• Song 143 and Prayer

  • Wetin Meeting Chairman Go Talk to Start the Meeting (No pass 3 min.)


  • Una Sons and Una Daughters Go Carry God Message”: (10 min.)

    • [Play this video: Wetin Dey the Book of Joel.]

    • Joe 2:28, 29​—Anointed Christians preach God message (w02 8/1 15 ¶4-5; jd 167 ¶4)

    • Joe 2:30-32​—Na only people wey call Jehovah name go save when e come destroy wicked people (w07 10/1 13 ¶2)

  • Better Things Wey Dey Inside Bible​—Find Am Well: (8 min.)

    • Joe 2:12, 13​—From wetin this verse talk, wetin e mean for person to repent with all im mind? (w07 10/1 13 ¶5)

    • Joe 3:14​—Wetin be ‘the valley of decision’? (w07 10/1 13 ¶3)

    • Wetin you learn about Jehovah from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

    • Which other better thing you don see from the place wey we read for Bible this week?

  • Bible Reading: (No pass 4 min.) Joe 2:28–3:8


  • First Time: (No pass 2 min.) JW card

  • Return Visit: (No pass 4 min.) JW card​—Last time, you give am JW card. Continue from where you stop and before you go, tell am small thing about one video wey dey jw.org.

  • Bible Study: (No pass 6 min.) lv 196-197 ¶3-5


  • Song 91

  • Na Jehovah Dey Help Us Fit Bear Wahala: (9 min.) Play this video: Jehovah Be Like Strong House for Me. Ask brothers and sisters this question: Which wahala Brother Henschel family face? If papa and mama hold Jehovah tight and dey serve am well, how e go take help their children? How Jehovah fit take give you power as e give Brother Henschel?

  • Make You Be Jehovah Friend​—Jehovah Name: (6 min.) Play this video: Make You Be Jehovah Friend​—Jehovah Name. Call some children wey you don select come platform, and ask dem this question: Wetin God name, Jehovah mean? Which things Jehovah make? How Jehovah fit help you?

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) kr chap. 20 ¶17-19; and the box dem “It Shaped the Course of His Life” and “Volunteers Around the World Bring Relief”; question wey go help us remember wetin we don learn “How Real Is the Kingdom to You?”

  • Wetin We Learn and Wetin We Go Learn Next Week? (3 min.)

  • Song 72 and Prayer