Jump go wetin dey inside

Jump go wetin dey inside this book

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You Dey Use JW Card Well?

You Dey Use JW Card Well?

As great tribulation don dey near, e dey important well well make we dey preach. (Pr 24:11, 12, 20) We fit use our JW card take help people to see wetin dey inside Bible and our website. One code dey inside the card wey fit carry person go where this video dey: Why E Good Make We Learn Bible? and invitation still dey there wey the person go fit use if e want learn more or if e want make person come dey study Bible with am. Some people no dey like to collect our book, but dem go like check our website. No waste time, give dem our JW card. But no give person wey no listen at all at all.

As you dey do your normal work, you fit start to dey follow person talk, you fit tell am sey: “E get something wey I go like give you. This card go show you one website where you go fit learn many things for free, you go still see many video for there.” (Joh 4:7) As e be sey the JW card small, you fit dey carry some follow body everytime so that you go fit give people wey you meet.