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Wetin You Go Do If You Want Dey Give Better Answer

Wetin You Go Do If You Want Dey Give Better Answer

Better answer wey we dey give dey help congregation grow. (Ro 14:19) E still dey help the person wey dey talk am. (Pr 15:23, 28) Na im make e good make we dey try answer at least one question everytime wey we come meeting. Na true sey no be everytime wey we raise our hand dem go call us. So e better make we ready ourself to answer different different question.

Better answer . . .

  • dey simple, e clear and e dey short. Many times, you fit talk am finish for 30 seconds or e fit no even reach

  • dey sweet well well when you talk am as you take understand am

  • no be to dey talk wetin another person don talk before

If na you dem first call . . .

  • answer the question direct and make e dey simple

If dem don answer the question, you fit still . . .

  • show how the Bible verse wey dem write for the paragraph take match the point wey we dey talk about

  • talk how the matter take concern our life

  • explain how we go fit use wetin we don learn

  • talk one short life story wey get better point