Bible na God Word. Jehovah make sure sey story of many men and women wey serve am well dey inside Bible so that we go learn from dem. (Ro 15:4) Wetin you learn from the book of Jonah? Watch the video, Family Worship: Jonah​—Learn as Jehovah Show Mercy, and answer all this question:

  • Which problem the three publisher wey dey this video face?

  • How the book of Jonah fit help us if elders for congregation correct us, or dem collect some work wey we dey do for congregation? (1Sa 16:7; Jon 3:1, 2)

  • How Jonah example go take help us to dey use better eye look people for our territory? (Jon 4:11; Mt 5:7)

  • How Jonah example go take encourage us when sickness dey trouble us? (Jon 2:1, 2, 7, 9)

  • Wetin this video teach you about Bible reading, and why e good to dey think about wetin you learn?